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Big News For Chicago

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BIG NEWS: City Hall has now come down to 3 ideas for the stadium

1.) Building a collapsible stadium between Soldier Field and McCormick Place

2.) Retrofitting Soldier Field-Removing scoreboards for 20,000 permenant seats

3.) Demolishing McCormick Place East to make way for a permanent stadium

Remember these are NOT RUMORS, these are the 3 final proposals being decided on before the 21st deadline by the USOC

Looks like all perfect sites downtown

The article with more detail from the Sun-Times, just came out this morning


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1) A collapsible stadium when Japan and other countries would feature brand-new or fully refurbished stadiums won't sound good with the IOC.

2) I guess this would be the best option of the 3 but will still have a lot questions to answer, like how are they going to fit a track in a very compact football field area.

3) What would be the legacy for this stadium? Who will use it after the games?

Chicago's best options would be Option 2, because it won't cost that much money for Chicagoans, then 3, to satisfy the IOC's desire of a new stadium.

At least we're hearing feasible plans for a Chicago bid. Unlike previous proposals for 2 stadia.

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