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The 2023 Universiade is about to begin next Friday 28th. The games were originally scheduled for 2021, but the pandemic delayed them until this year (which was originally awarded to Russia but was taken away for reasons already known)





Chen Weiya (assistant director during the 2008 Olympics and also the director of the Nanjing 2014 YOG ceremonies) is set to stage the opening ceremony.  


Some videos of the fireworks during the latest rehearsals

https://www.douyin.com/video/7257513173182385462?ug_source=seo_topic_aggr&keywords_index=1&keywords_content=成都大运会开幕式首次焰火彩排,你看到了吗?#成都 #大运会 #烟花


Athletes start arriving at the village


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7 hours ago, Victorian said:

I don't like how they abandoned the 'Universiade' title to move to the 'World University Games'.

It's probably so people who hear about it actually have an idea of what the event is about

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finally got around to watching the entire ceremony - some of my thoughts (with spoilers!):


The segment with the Sichuan opera performance merging with modern / futuristic music was very cool. The music in this part low-key reminded me of music from a scene from Spider-man ATSV which was a major plus :lol:

The panda invasion and subsequent dancing was pretty fun and lighthearted. Very fitting for Chengdu, being the panda capital of the world and stuff!

Also, 31 torchbearers? Must me a record number for a single cauldron lighting. But it was nice.

Fireworks were pretty cool too, especially the ones spelling out the words (I imagine these were influenced by Beijing 2022's fireworks)

overall, it was pretty short and simple, but it got the job done.

Also - did anyone notice that they stopped branding this event as "Chengdu 2021"? The logo they're now using has dropped the year:


Many of the look of the games banners in the arenas also simply say "Chengdu FISU Games" without the year. I guess it's to reduce confusion since it's now been two years since the original date?

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On 7/28/2023 at 4:32 AM, Victorian said:

I will be despite the fact I am a little sick and tired of asian international sporting events... - China, Korea, Japan...

Seems to be Asia that keeps this going.  Baffling really how this seems to continue and be well funded where as things like the Commonwealth Games and European Games struggle.    Thought the Youth Olympics might kill this off but guess this is the step in between them.    Agree it's a shame they've ditched the Universiade brand, even if nobody knows what it means.

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Full ceremony here:


At least they had a proper cauldron for this rather than sticking a torch in a holder.   A nice cauldron too, though it being outside the stadium limits the lighting options - thought they were going to do something clever with the mirror reflecting the flame from in the stadium to the torch but no, they just used a lot of fireworks instead.

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Somali athletics official suspended after untrained runner competes in 100m sprint (nbcnews.com)

"A Somali athletics official has been suspended and will be subject to legal proceedings after an untrained and non-athlete runner was sent to a competition in China, the country's Ministry of Youth and Sports said Wednesday."

"Dahir is accused of “abuse of power, nepotism, and defaming the name of the nation” in the international arena, the ministry said in a statement posted on social media. The ministry said the woman in the race is not a runner."

"There have been allegations the woman was a relative of Dahir’s and was given the chance to compete because of it, The Associated Press reported."


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After watching the closing ceremony I have only one plea for future ceremonies teams for all sporting events:

As someone who's relatively young, I appreciate wanting to create ceremonies that will resonate with and be enjoyable for youth. However please please please reach out to actual young people. I really did not enjoy watching dancing emojis on giant LED screens for like five minutes... not to mention that I'm now low-key terrified for the Rhine Ruhr 2025 ceremonies if the handover is an indicator for things to come...

if anyone wants to watch the closing ceremony, here it is: Closing Ceremony - Chengdu FISU Games - Chengdu FISU Games - FISU.tv

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