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The Official Report Of Torino 2006

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Finding the Athens 2004 Official Report was a Nightmare: ATHOC didn`t produce enough and it was mainly sold within Greece and it wsn`t shipped abroad.

Now I found out that TOROC wont put its final Report for sale. they will only produce the Report for the IOC Members, NOCs and some main sponsors....

Usually we find these Reports on the AAFLA Homepage after a while, but they do only have the permission to put all the Reports until 2002 online.

Since 1992 it became common that all the Host Cities offered their Reports for public Sale as well. I dont know why Torino breaks up with this tradition...

Has anyone an idea, how to get a Report from the Torino Games???

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I told ya. It's only a limited no. of editions they print. So, your choices:

1. Write one of the poorer IOC members and offer an incredible sum.

2. Break into IOC headquarters or JAS' home and steal it.

good choices!

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