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Welcome To The New Boards!

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As you can now see, we have upgraded to the Invision Power Board system, sponsored in part by our Premium Members.

There are many new features, too many to list here. For example...

- You can IGNORE other users

- You can choose how topic screens are displayed

- You have greater control over your profile

- better post editor

- faster

Premium Members get additional features too, they can now...

- open and close their own topics

- keep up to 30 messages in their mailboxes

- change their on-screen names (a limit applies)

- post multiple polls per topic

- rate topics

We will be making changes to the Premium Member program in the next few days, stay tuned.

Things to check...

- You may want to re-add your birthdate. They didn't make the migration.

- You can correct your time zone if you go into "my controls" and change the board options

- Go through the "My controls" section to set up other features

In the meantime if there are any difficulties or challenges in the new forums, please go to the "Ask the moderator" section and let us know. Please bear with us, this is a major change and there will certainly be some new challenges.


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