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JACA 2007 and EXPO ZARAGOZA 2008


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Today is the day that thousands of "Zaragozanos" have been waiting for a long time!!!

It has been needed more than 3 years of works to make the dream a reality, but finally the moment has arrived! Zaragoza has changed a lot, yesterday we were nearly a "town", today we are a great city!

I encourage you to visit us in Zaragoza during the EXPO, it is going to be a unique experience!

Welcome to the biggest Water Party in the Earth, Welcome to Zaragoza!


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Today the Expo could close the doors due to the huge amount of people, at 13.00 more than 70.000 people had already entered in the expo site. The expo it is being a visitants' success and until the 14th of september it wil be open.

BTW, has any of you heard anything about Expo Zaragoza in your countries???

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Sadly, today Expo Zaragoza 2008 closes it doors... :(

It has been 3 unforgettable moths, full of spectacles and with near 6 millions of visitants.

Tonight will take place the Closing Ceremony along all the Ebro River. It has been said that there will be a huge fireworks show, the biggest that the city has ever seen in its history. I will be able to see it, it is going to be great!!

There are many projects waiting for Zaragoza after the Expo, it is so exciting! ;):lol:



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Expo Zaragoza 2008 has finished! What a closing ceremony! with a spectacular fireworks show!!

well, i supose this is the end of this thread... it has been a pleasure keeping you informed about Expo Zaragoza 2008 and JACA 2007. :)


The Spanish Royal Family


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