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The official 'Ask Puppy' thread!

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Duck season, or wabbit season?

I had a duck "banquet" (if you could call the spoils of one duck a banquet) in Beijing and it was good - but not great. Never a huge rabbit fan eating wise - thus I am conflicted. So we'll just amalgamate them - turducken style. Rabbuck season.

What shall we do, when you don't reply to our urgent questions?

Masturbate. Play Sonic The Hedgehog. Write fanmail to Fefe Dobson using your own blood and semen.

ohmehgerd! Chinese officials are taking me back to China! What shall I do?! *muffled noises*

Start a Bangladeshi slavery ring. The Thais are ahead of you on this one and since China is "number 1 5000 year of culture" you could take the lead to rectify that situation.

do you think he stands at attention and bows every time he sees your signature? or a five pound note? or kate's baby bump?

Is that a reference to 'tenting'? Like when you get a hardon in your pants and it... protrudes... clothingly...? Sorry - now that is me asking questions. Silly bugger that I am.

Why did Athens leave?


OK, Pups, tell me what I wasn't planning to ask you??? ;)

Why I haven't bought your book.

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