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Montenegrian Referendum for Independence

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Mikel you still don't understand the difference between nation and country in the English language. Just because Euskal Herria has never existed as a seperate country or kingdom, does not mean that it is not a nation. Nation is in reference to a group of people that share a common ethnic orgin, ancestory, language and culture, wheras a country is a political region based on a governmental system.

Yeah, and the supposed Basques where from Euskal Herria?  ??? The original Basques were in Navarre, the original Basque language is and was from Navarre... :rolleyes: They're stealing us our ancient history and changing it...

Why do you think they say Navarre is the most important piece?: BECAUSE NAVARRE IS THE ORIGIN OF EVERYTHING, and surprise surprise who rules in Navarre? The Popular Party. Who was against the Basque-Navarran Statute of 1931? The Navarrans.

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