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Krakow-Malopolska 2023 (Euro Games)

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2 hours ago, StefanMUC said:

No news though if the concept of the European Championships will continue. Athletics wanted to go back to doing its own thing, and has already awarded the 2026 EC to Birmingham. So that leaves a bundle of sports that may or may not trigger interest without athletics attached.

That said, European Games 2027 are also not yet allocated, so really maybe time to join forces.

100% they need to join forces. I’ve never gotten how there are basically two European Games’. I assume politics is a big reason. 

This year’s games are the biggest EG ever staged though. The EG need a big country like Germany or the UK to host. 

Trying to get a host has been a struggle though

2015 - Baku (Azerbaijan) was the sole bidder

2019 - The Netherlands were originally announced as host after being the sole bidder but withdrew due to lack of funding. After the withdrawal, Minsk (Belarus), Glasgow (UK), Poznan (Poland), Kazan/Sochi (Russia) and Istanbul (Turkey) expressed interest in hosting however Russia was announced as the second host of the EG. After their WADA sanctions, Russia were stripped of the EG and Minsk (Belarus) were announced as host. 

2023- Back in 2015, Manchester (UK) expressed interest in hosting the 2023 EG. In 2019, Katowice (Poland) and Kazan (Russia) also expressed interest. Krakow-Malopolska (Poland) were the sole official bid and were awarded the EG. 

2027- Currently, Split (Croatia) is the only city to have publicly expressed interest in hosting the 2027 EG.

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Still haven't seen any live coverage of this at all on the BBC - & I've been checking iPlayer for it too. Only the odd report on the BBC Sport website, otherwise nothing from an official broadcaster in theory. The attempt to head off the European Championships by getting the EBU in obviously hasn't worked, at least not on this side of the Channel. Munich had way way more coverage last year, and obviously if they can get Brum on board, 2026 would have more still. As for these, I'm struggling to see where their future comes from - although I accept this is a specific British perspective. Maybe elsewhere in Europe these have been a bigger deal. 

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It's been pretty much the same on the continent - largely unbroadcast on the main PSBs.   Even in Poland only the Opening Ceremony was on the main channel with the rest on a spin-off sports channel.    Not providing commentary on most sports on the world feed has been it's downfall - even the EBU produced "highlights" just cuts from highlights of one commentary free sport to another with no production around it.


No doubt to it misses having a full athletics and swimming programme especially, along with the likes of track cycling and rowing from a British point of view.   That basically provides the spine of the event to build coverage around.   Even if a station is providing coverage they'd only really need to do so in the afternoons - not much continues into the evening.


Having them in a year most sports have their World Championships doesn't help too with the scheduling - I think had they been a month or two later the BBC at least may have looked at them a bit more seriously.

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The Championships do seem to be a much bigger deal in the eyes of the broadcasters & therefore the public. What are they doing, the other sports involved in that for 2026? I know athletics has split itself off & is going to Birmingham, is there anything stopping the other sports (maybe more even) carrying on & maybe holding the combined event in Birmingham at the same time, so it keeps the 'Games' feel? I do think the concept of a Games of Europe is strong, & Birmingham could definitely handle something like Munich 2022's scale at least. Would be an obvious next step for the city after the Commonwealth Games too. 

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I agree big time. These 2 events should join together! I find it so sad that European Games is so badly supported and backed up by the media and then the Crowd. I truly believe it needs athletics and Swimming, and the best! 

And I truly believe it has to be moved to even years, and not focus on beeing af qualification games for the Olympics, but beeing a games for its own! And then it would also match the Athletics and swimming european Championschips. And ofcourse beginning august, so not clash with EURO in june/july. Birmingham 2026 is a brilliant first try for this! No doubt! Make it happen! A succesfull games there and im sure many other cities want to take there turn in 2030. 


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Well as someone in a Western European country that normally loves to host anything we can get our hands on, I can confirm that if it hadn't been for this forum, I would literally not have known that the Krakow Games even happened. The Championships, the ones that were in Munich, are a very different story - but I don't know what's happening with the next edition of those now Birmingham's gone bankrupt. Would've been an ideal next step for both the championships, and the city :(

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