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2023 FIBA World Basketball Championship (aka Basketball World Cup)

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This year's installment of FIBA major men's world basketball championship is co-hosted by Asian nations Japan, The Philippines, and Indonesia. But because Indonesia's men basketball team lacks a very consistent top level international basketball history even in Asia as a whole, Indonesia was granted by FIBA a conditional automatic entry that had to be fufilled if the Indonesians advanced to the Asian qualifier quarterfinal stage. Alas, they fell short with a loss to China and couldn't participate--and it has a new 16,500-seat arena in Jakarta nearing completion. Japan and The Philippines will carry on. Here are the 32 participating nations with the qualifying rounds now complete:

AMERICAS: USA, Canada, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Venezuela

AFRICA: Angola, Ivory Coast, South Sudan, Cape Verde, Egypt

ASIA/PACIFIC:  Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Lebanon, China, Iran, Jordan, Philippines

EUROPE:  Germany, France, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Spain, Finland, Greece, Serbia, Georgia, Slovenia, Montenegro

Competition is from 25 August – 10 September  Do hope the field could expand in the future to 48 teams since there's at least 60-100 competitive men's international teams around the world. Will discuss and detail more very soon.

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And these nations making their debut are:

Cape Verde (Africa) the smallest to qualify for the FIBA Basketball World Cup, Georgia (Europe) co-host of the previous FIBA EuroBasket last year, Latvia (Europe) co-host of the next FIBA EuroBasket and finally South Sudan (Africa) the youngest nation to ever take part.

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Philippines did bid to host in 2019 but lost out to China. Philippines won with help from Japan and Indonesia. The final draw is next month at the Smart Araneta Coliseum in (Quezon City) Manila.

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On 3/10/2023 at 9:08 PM, SportLightning said:

Philippines did bid to host in 2019 but lost out to China. Philippines won with help from Japan and Indonesia. The final draw is next month at the Smart Araneta Coliseum in (Quezon City) Manila.

And about that final draw. It'll take place, as SportLightning mentions at Manila/Quezon City's Smart Araneta Coliseum, this Saturday night at 19:30 local time as the 32 qualified teams are placed into 8 groups of 4. FIBA World Basketball Championship Global Ambassador Luis Scola will participate in the draw with Dirk Nowitzki, Pau Gasol, and Carmelo Anthony. Saweetie, Sarah Geronimo, and Billy Crawford will perform with local FIBA Ambassadors representing the host nations in Miss Universe 2018/actress/model Catriona Grey and former Philippines national basketball team player LA Tenorio (Philippines), former Japan national team member Takehiko Orimo (Japan), and entertainer Raffi Ahmad (Indonesia) also participating in the draw:


Should be noted that all three hosts have selected a team to host in their groups: Indonesia (which is not actually playing here) selected Canada for its Group G and H games at Jakarta's Indonesia Arena. The Philippines chose the USA for Groups A-D either for Quezon City or Pasay. And Japan took Slovenia for Okinawa-based Group E and F matches.

Argentina is one notable nation that won't be in Japan-Indonesia-Philippines, speaking of Scola. It is OUT after 9 consecutive appearances in the FIBA World Basketball Championships, the first time in 41 years, after losing a home Mar Del Plata heartbreaker to the Dominican Republic 79-75 this February right after the euphoria of Lionel Messi and Co. brilliantly winning the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Finished 4th behind Canada, Dominican Republic, and Venezuela in the final group stage, added insultingly with a Brazil-favoring tiebreaker, and ranked 4th in the FIBA World Rankings. Not to mention that this DR qualification win was orchestrated by their Argentina native head coach Nestor "Che" Garcia, who had just previously coached Argentina and Venezuela and returned to his nation for the first time since. The Dominican Republic goes into this for its third consecutive trip to the World Basketball Championship for 36 years away:






The top 40 nations around the world that failed to qualify for a trip to Japan, Philippines, and Indonesia from the second round onwards still can get a chance to qualify for the Paris 2024 men's basketball Pre-Olympic Qualification Tournaments as it makes its debut this August. Argentina has to be a serious contender. So could both Nigeria and Senegal. Russia is obviously barred from this and is replaced by Bulgaria. No great shock there. Great Britain didn't register for this event for competing, so Croatia takes Team GB's place. Which is a shame, since British basketball still has lots of growth, potential, and infrastructural development to do since London 2012; seems like British basketball has regressed since then and seriously needs to play more consistent men's and women's international competitions. Indonesia, which failed to play later this year as a co-host due to FIBA Asia-mandated qualification standards (at least to the quarterfinals) brought on by its lack of international pedigree, is in this bunch:



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FIBA 2023 World Basketball Championship Draw now revealed. We'll analyze this later on, hopefully next week: 


Catch the draw ceremony (presented by Wanda) from the Smart Araneta Coliseum here from several hours ago! Draw itself starts at 55:08 after all the entertainment, draw/seeding explanations, mascot JIP's presentation, and speeches. Co-hosted by Gretchen Ho and Ari Chambers: 

Draw seedings prior to the draw the teams were in:


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