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Cruise Ship Accommodations

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On 1/17/2023 at 11:23 AM, Jadeen said:

When I went to Brazil for the 2016 games, they had a cruise ship docked as a “floating hotel” type deal. It was wonderful! Has anyone heard of something similar being done for Paris?

Nope.  Why would Paris do it? 

#1 - There is no shortage of hotel rooms in the Paris metro area. 

#2 - Paris is not a seaport, so how can they enlist cruise ships as extra lodging? 

#3 - Even if you got lodging on the Seine barges, you do know that ALL extraneous craft on the Seine will be heavily restricted and monitored, if not asked to move out, because the Opening Ceremony will heavily depend on the Seine. So . . .your query is kinda puzzling and superfluous. 

I doubt if even Surfing in Tahiti will be "popular" enough to warrant enlisting a cruise ship there for extra accommodation.  

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