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RIP Pelé

Sir Rols

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Pelé, Brazilian World Cup winner and football great, dies aged 82

Well, this will be sad news to Brazilians sand football fans. Younger than I thought actually, but I guess he was incredibly young when he first burst onto the scene.

Personal story - my Dad was there when he burst onto the scene - he’d managed to snag tickets to the World Cup final in Stockholm in 1958, and his saw Pelé start his legend when he ripped apart the Swedes in that game.

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The news of Pele's passing was, frankly, not unexpected when it broke this evening (UK time), particularly given the concerns that were raised for his health during the World Cup. But that does not lessen the sense of loss that will be felt, not simply by his family and the people of Brazil more broadly, but right around the world. In an age when global impact can be almost instantaneous, he was probably the first global superstar of sport and his impact on the world was based not simply on his ability and his achievements but also enhanced by a style that few, if any, could have matched.

When his great rival for the accolade of greatest player of all time, Diego Maradona, died a couple of years ago, Pele wrote that the two of them would one day play soccer in the sky. That day has now come. But as we mourn his passing and offer condolences to our Brazilian friends, we should celebrate a legacy the kind of which very few people can leave behind when they depart this world. Farewell legend.

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4 hours ago, baron-pierreIV said:

I don't know how Ms. Westwood became such an icon in the fashion world.  I find her designs so trashy and NOTHING distinguished about them or memorable at all. 

Not that I feel designers play a large role in my life normally, but Vivienne was instrumental in the punk and post-punk aesthetics I aspired to and identified most with in my youthful times. And I’d argue, those aesthetics have gone on to influence much in modern theatrical and performance stylings, including the Oly OCs, so I would say she’s made a mark on fashion and popular culture more than most of her milieu.

it all comes down to taste, but personally give me Westwood over vulgar Versace or logo-obsessed Louis Vuitton or Gucci any day.

Meanwhile, I wonder what Pelé wore?

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