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Paris 2024 Media updates


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Eurosport 1 Germany, aside from Fabian Hambuchen previously announced Summer Olympic return, made its free TV preliminary broadcast plans known at the 100-day mark focusing on Germany's national athletes and top international stars. From the first live event of the day–usually around 9:00 am CET–the “Medal Zone” is always there as a real Olympic conference, where decisions and medals are at stake. Antonia Wisgickl and Wolfgang Nadvornik anchor from the Eurosport Munich studio and, from midday, Birgit Nössing will appear and takes over from the rooftop studio in Paris accompany the spectators through the Olympic day, organize the events, provide the first voices and reactions and jump from the top event to top event, so that the fans are always involved in the important moments.

Following the Medal Zone and Nossing midday, Eurosport 1 Germany will broadcast two exclusive live shows from the roof-top location in Paris with host Thomas Wagner at around 6:30 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. (depending on the live sport). The show moderator welcomes different conversation partners and switches to where the mood and atmosphere is: the German House. With Fabian Hambüchen, Eurosport offers special closeness to the Olympians and conveys all the emotions and stories in order to put the spotlight on those who sport is all about: the athletes. Eurosport 2 on the subscription side will tackle young, new and up-and-coming sports on pay-TV apart from the classic Olympic sports and perfectly complement to Eurosport 1's Paris 2024 program:


CJ Kirwan from San Diego lands NBC's Paris 2024 surfing correspondent gig after a 3-part callback process and going through broadcasting bootcamp, as announced on Today NBC on Wednesday. He got selected because NBC prefers one with an everyperson touch and positive attitude to entice new viewers to the sports there as opposed to what gets called on the WSL circuit, where the audience is hardcore and the sportscasters offer more insights:


When the CBC/SRC-Radio-Canada announced its preliminary and detailed Paris 2024 plans on Tuesday, you surely noticed the very bright background colors schemes, graphics, and presentations for the publicity stills proclaiming the participants. Colors like a light yellow and light pink to rep the summer sun and Olympic gold and then green, blue, brown, and purple. Thanks to Newscast Studio, we'll go behind the scenes with the CBC's in-house creative team for this edition of the Summer Olympics for the CBC's Paris 2024 coverage and what it's inspired by twist on a timeless favorite, modern art deco and Parisian culture, distinctive illustrative style and geometric accents to reflect the blending of Canadian, usually Aboriginal/First Nations fonts, and French athletes in motion, cultures, and motifs that's used both in animated and illustrated formats. Looks great. Contains an accompanying CBC Paris 2024 Olympics promo with a Jamaican-Canadian narrating showcasing this look.

By the way, we have yet to hear what the Paris version of the CBC/SRC's famed Olympic theme music will sound like, even when worked on, although that's been recorded: 


Nine Network's head honcho Mike Sneesby intimates Nine will of course has its own state-of-the-art studio located near iconic Paris landmarks in the heart of Paris. Today's Karl Stefanovic, present as one of 9's London 2012 public faces, the last time Nine last broadcasted a Summer Olympics, will return as part of the Paris 2024 coverage. Nine plans "to take Australians on a journey with our athletes, with unprecedented behind-the-scenes access, also getting a better sense than ever for the remarkable athletic feats that are being achieved in front of your eyes, with augmented reality used in our studio analysis to put you in the pool with Ariarne Titmus or on the field with Mary Fowler and our Matildas. Stan will have an ad free proposition which will include 4k streams where they're delivered out from the IOC, complimenting along with 9Now's 40 dedicated and different live streams featuring a catch-up option as Olympic media consumption and technology rapidly evolves from the traditional TV and radio realm with so many moving parts from even over a decade ago. Along with a slogan for the project: Australia Belongs Here 

Nine will live stream onto its publishing platforms as well as Nine.com.au and have our journalists covering the Olympics around the clock. A dedicated digital radio channel available will also be covering the Games alongside coverage from Nine Network Radio network. Doesn't say anything about podcasts as of yet, but surely they are coming in the leadup:


9Now's Paris 2024 Summer Olympics and Paralympic-inspired revamp paves the way for marketing sponsorship ad space for all budgets and invite all companies in, regardless of budget size, with customized specific segments in desired prices for a guaranteed reach: 


Some Danish Paris 2024 Summer Olympic broadcasting news: DR (Danmark Radio) announces that its DR's OL studio is to be located on a roof terrace in Montmartre in Paris with Josefine Høgh, Tina Müller (who will later also co-host DR's Paralympics coverage in the studio along with Sarah Fisker), and Tobias Hansen acting as studio hosts. They will tie the Olympic days together from the Paris studio from early morning until late at night, when the last disciplines close the Olympic day that'll be shown DR1 and DR2. 

Among other things, DR will follow cycling at the Olympics particularly closely. All cycling is broadcast live on DR with big Danish medal dreams on the road, and an expectation that the track cycling disciplines will be where the Danish athletes can take home the most medals.

Well-known Danish sports commentators such as Andreas Kraul, Frederik Lindved, Henrik Liniger, and Morten Hausborg are ready to comment on DR's various channels and platforms. But reinforcements have also been sourced elsewhere at DR. Among others, Kim Bildsøe Lassen from TVA and Jonas Madsen, who viewers know from 'Ultra Nyt' and soon also 'Versus', are also part of the Olympic coverage. While Stéphanie Surrugue, with her in-depth knowledge of the host nation, will help tell stories with a particularly French angle, and Surrugue will also commentate on the opening ceremony together with Henrik Liniger.

On the expert side, Sara Slott will become part of DR's athletics coverage, while Camilla Andersen and Lars Krogh Jeppesen will take on the expert roles in DR's handball studio. With a view to the largest team of Danish athletes at the Paralympic Games in recent times, DR Sporten gears up and covers the events more closely than ever before.

With Tina Müller and Sarah Fisker at the helm as hosts, DR's team will provide the most extensive TV coverage of PL to date, and viewers can look forward to getting to know the fantastic world of para-sport even better through reports and passionate live- coverage. In the Danish camp, you go to Paris with the hope of doubling the medal haul from the PL in Tokyo, and over 12 days, DR follows the battle of more than 30 Danish para-athletes for the ultimate triumph, and to that extent plans are made to a historic late summer for Danish para-sport in Paris.

Olympic disciplines live on DR

Track cycling

Road cycling







Beach volleyball

Table tennis

Synchronized swimming



Women's soccer


Rhythmic gymnastics



Water polo


Modern pentathlon


RAI2, as in past editions of the Games, will serve as "the Olympic network" for Italy, with live coverage from 7.30am to midnight, including the evening program "The Circle of Rings" that daily ends the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics coverage. Not only that: this year and for the first time, RAI2 will also be "the Paralympic network", with live commentary of all twelve days of the competition, from Wednesday August 28 to Sunday September 8. Also, RAI Radio 1 and RAI Radio Sport. No details yet there:


For WBD's HBO Max European launch, it will have 3600 hours of its Paris 2024 Summer Olympics coverage (at least in France) and up to 62 concurrent feeds, as JB Perrette says. But :     


Fresh off the heels of its major Paris 2024 broadcasting announcement with Trinidad & Tobago's Trinidad & Tobago Television days ago, IMC's SportsMax later strikes a first ever groundbreaking and exclusive Jamaican radio Paris 2024 broadcasting deal with Nationwide News Network that operates on the 90FM band:  


TVR Sport in Romania made its debut March 30 in its attempt to compete against Digi Sport and Orange Sport and will act as the anchor for TVR's Romanian Paris 2024 TV coverage. But prior to that, TVR Sport will have Olympic-themed features and programming like broadcasting a series of podcasts and special shows, with excerpts from the stories of legendary champions. Gabriela Szabo, Marian Drăgulescu, Maricica Puică, Leon Rotman are just a few of those who will tell TVR SPORT viewers about their performances. The TVR SPORT offer also includes championships and international competitions in football, volleyball, swimming, polo, gymnastics, boxing, snooker, chess, tennis, etc., moments from the brilliant history of Romanian sports with and about great champions, from Nadia Comăneci to Sandra Izbașa, from Ivan Patzaichin to Cătălin Chirilă or from Ilie Năstase to Simona Halep.

TVR Sport also is airing Olympic Hour, an Olympic sports news program that offers the latest news about competitions, qualifications, Romanian athletes, events - everything that is relevant for viewers in anticipation of the Olympic Games in Paris 2024:  


Earlier that March, right as the month began, in a related story, Golden Olympics premiered on TVR Info as a series focuses on Romania's Olympic history and Romanian athletes' evolution since 1992 every Sunday, from 10:00 p.m. Romania time, between March and April 2024. Starting Sunday, March 3, starting at 10:00 p.m., on TVR INFO, viewers can watch, under the banner INFO SPORT, a new episode "Golden Olympics" that brings to the fore fascinating narratives from the golden history of Romanian athletes at the Olympic Games. Legendary names of Romanian sports such as: Laura Badea, Mihai Covaliu, Simona Amânar and Elisabeta Lipă will appear in a series of episodes that bring back memories of golden moments of Romanian Olympism:


TV Bandeirantes and Band Sports, although they do not help carry the Brazilian Olympic TV rights this time, hopes to raise 80 million reals for sending its reporters on location to Paris and offering Olympic-related sports and news reports during these Summer Olympics:  


If you noticed from the CMG Paris 2024 press conference, you certainly would notice the CCTV Paris 2024 studio set on the screen. It announced earlier this year, that its Paris 2024 coverage will be presented in 4K and 8K for the first time in China with those CCTV-4K and CCTV-8K channels. To that point if you know CCTV's roster, we can expect CCTV-5, its flagship sports channel, CCTV-5+, and CCTV-16 Olympic Channel for the first time in the Summer Olympics along with CCTV-4K and CCTV-8K, although it's still determining what sports on those first three channels will cover. Maybe CCTV-1 can pop in for the ceremonies. On CCTV's pay TV channels, we might see CCTV-Storm Football and CCTV-Golf and Tennis get involved. China National Radio, or CNR, will also be involved, although its Paris 2024 Olympic coverage plans are still ironed out.       

TVB Hong Kong releases a statement praising the Hong Kong government's acquisition of Hong Kong's Paris 2024 broadcasting rights in the “firm commitment to promoting the spirit of sports and supporting the development of local sports” and also allowed Hong Kong to watch the event for free. TVB executive chairman, Thomas Hui, promised all the “ necessary manpower and production resources to ensure the most comprehensive and exciting coverage of The Paris 2024 Olympic Games for our audience” as broadcasting details are currently worked on:


Panasonic will supply 150 cameras and 31 switchers, including Kairos ones that perform at three Olympic venues, for Paris 2024 to celebrate 40 Olympic years as an Olympic partner. It will also deploy PTZ cameras in 29 press rooms across the Games, and the OBS will use virtual outside broadcasting at three venues including Roland Garros, where eleven of the courts will be 100 per cent produced using VOB running on COTS: 


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Two of Canada's most notable and award-winning pop stars, Michael J. Fox and Celine Dion, both of whom are currently dealing with some serious personal adversity, are keen to be involved with and narrate a promotional campaign presented by the CBC and the Canadian Olympic Committee involving 9 Canadian elite athletes from across the nation and diverse backgrounds who also must overcome their own personal challenges to achieve greatness and compete ahead of the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics. This CBC/SRC-COC 2024 partnership campaign is entitled Brave Is Unbeateable (L'Invincible Courage in French) that got launched Friday. Fox provides the English version while Dion does the French version. Basically, it's the stories behind the glory many of us see. 

The campaign, also a slogan for the 2024 Canadian Olympic and Paralympic teams, also features six supplementary shorts, as well as out-of-home, digital, experiential, social media and print executions, which will be rolled out over the coming months in the lead up to and during the Games. All part of the CBC/Radio-Canada's commitment to tell the stories and journeys of Canada's hopefuls to Canada's audiences. The campaign, produced by The Hive agency, is led by the 60-second film "What We Don't See," directed by Hubert Davis, an Academy Award-nominated Canadian filmmaker known for his work on the documentaries Black Ice and Giants of Africa: 




SRF from the Swiss German realm produced this new Paris 2024-themed documentary series called Unsere Traum Olympische Spiele-Paris Wir Kommen! (Our Dream Olympic Games--Paris Here We Come!) on SF2 focusing on some of Switzerland's Paris 2024 Olympic hopefuls with SRF accompanying the Swiss athletes, both the lives of well-known and lesser-known, charismatic and strong-willed, on their journeys to not only participate in Paris but also seek to win as the Swiss audience receives exciting and personal insights into the protagonists' everyday training and competition life--and also into their private lives. The Swiss athletes involved in this film project are Switzerland's Women's 4x100 meter relay sprinters Salomé Kora and Ajla del Ponte, fencer Max Heinzer and Dominic Stricker, the beach volleyball duo Anouk Vergé Dépré/Joana Mäder, Dimitri Marx, breaker Moa Bomolo, sailer Maud Jayet, swimmer Noè Ponti, springboard diver Michelle Heimberg, triathlete Max Studer, and BMX biker Nikita Ducarroz.

Lucky Film on behalf of SRF and with the support of Swiss Olympic produced this. The six 30-minute episodes of the first season was broadcast in double episodes on SF2 from December 1-3 from 8:30 p.m. on Friday and 9:20 pm the following Saturday/Sunday. From Friday evening at 9 pm all episodes will also be available on-demand on Play SRF. Part two of this series on SF2 will be shown shortly before the Olympic Games next summer: 


Greece's ERT sports team will be in Paris, to convey the pulse of the top sports event. More than 700 hours of programming on 5 channels (ERT1, ERT2, ERT3, ERTSports1, ERTSports2) and of course on ERTSport and ertsports.gr. Six mobile workshops will be located in the mixed zones, in the Olympic Village, in training rooms and Champions Park, close to our Greek athletes, as all announced in January but in the face of significant planned changes ahead to ERT Sports. Further details will come on the next post like ERT News' daily Paris 2024 segment on the latest news, results, and profiles and goings-on with Team Greece athletes on the way to qualification:


Another one of those most recent dropped Globo Paris 2024 promos. This here profiles past torch relays over the decades interspersed with Time Brasil Tokyo 2020 footage:


Some of France Televisions' Paris 2024 broadcasting team is already named at this point. Already mentioned here on this thread have been Stephane Diagana and the possibility of Tony Parker joining. In addition to 15 reporters France TV will assign, there will be a pool of 30 journalists in a mix of longtime familiar faces like Nelson Monfort (in his 16th overall Olympics including winter ones and likely his last) and Laurent Luyat with the new generation, where women are well represented like Cécile Grès and Inès Lagdiri-Nastasi and will comment on the events and ensure “on-air continuity”.

An incredible armada of more than 80 consultants will also arrive at the microphone for France Televisions' Paris 2024 project with 18 of them are medalists--as France Televisions sports director Laurent-Eric Le Lay likes to emphasize. The casting is almost finalized to offer the French the opportunity to experience the competition with experts who are most often former athletes. The Gala photo above grants a taste: swimmer Camille Lacourt, tennis player Justine Hénin, the aforementioned 400m hurdles specialist Stéphane Diagana, boxer Brahim Asloum, high jump champion Maryse Ewanjé-Epée, rugby player Vincent Clerc, equestrian rider Virginie Coupérie, cyclist Marion Rousse, and without forgetting the fencer Astrid Guyart, a team silver medalist in Tokyo. This already impressive pack will be reinforced occasionally by 2x 400m champion Marie-José Pérec. Matthieu Lartot will also be there after having his right leg amputated due to knee cancer but will not comment on rugby sevens, which is very popular with the presence of Antoine Dupont. Instead he will host a live segment and will also later work on the Paralympic Games in Paris. When meeting up with his sports friends for the Gala photo session, his radiant smile spoke volumes about his happiness at participating in the event. Note also the presence in the commentary, as in Tokyo 3 years ago, of in-house journalists who have a high-level sporting background: Nathanaël de Rincquesen in fencing and Jean-Baptiste Marteau in equestrian. Also says that France Televisions' third digital channel will focus on the "youth" sports like surfing, BMX, and climbing:


Former figure skater and now France Televisions figure skating analyst Philippe Candeloro won't be among those involved in Paris because France TV sees him as from that realm. Although I could envision him doing some breakdancing expertise since that entails some artistry and judging. Also he adds his partnership with Monfort will end come December 2024 at the required retirement age of 71 as does Candeloro's current contract but hopes to stay on if there's a sportscasting partner he enjoys and has fun being with:   


One of Claro Sports promos for its upcoming Paris 2024 coverage that just now hit online presenting preliminary details. We now have an idea what those four planned Claro Sports Olympic linear TV channels are going to be that will be up to 19 hours daily from the French capital from their own production with narration of 10 events simultaneously through 17 Latin American nations. Claro Sports will handle the top events. Claro Sports 2 will act as the Olympic news channel with reports, analysis, interviews, awards, and press conferences. Claro Sports 3 will focus on Mexican and Central American athletes. Claro Sports 4 will handle the non-Brazil and Spanish-speaking South American ones. We'll see 3 new documentary series like Mas Grande Que Del Ouro (Bigger Than Gold) coming in May, Paris Es Tuyo (Paris, It's Yours) coming in June, and Soy Olimpico (I Am Olympic) in July. NewsCenter will be offered Claro Sports will also have a couple of multiplatform studios sets with latest technology on location in Paris. The countdown already kicked with lots of Olympic information and history on TV, online, tablet, smartphones, and maybe streaming:       

NHK and NHK+ aired the All-Japan Gymnastics All-Around Championships 2024 live but never showing the multihour women's and men's qualifications on April 11 and April 12, respectively. NHK is also airing a new series called Olympic Legends Stories Now. One of which profiles Manuela Di Centa:


According to the following Namu Wiki entry about the South Korean Paris 2024 Summer Olympics broadcasting plans from SBS, KBS, and MBC, considering the time difference between South Korea and France, most games in Paris are likely to be broadcast at relatively flexible times, from afternoon to early morning to late night to early morning, similar to the London Olympics 12 years ago. Accordingly, South Koreans can watch all the games at home, but for people who cannot stay up from late at night until dawn on weekdays, unfortunately, they may have to watch highlights or regular news from each broadcasting station. 

In the case of broadcasters, it is highly likely that all of them will broadcast direct from Paris, except for the Seoul studio hosting team(s). However, it is unclear whether SBS will dispatch a local broadcasting team to Paris due to the current situation of its parent company, Taeyoung Construction. Depending on the situation, there is a possibility that all events will be broadcast via Obtube from a Seoul studio, as was the case at the previous Tokyo Olympics. So far, only SBS has released its Paris 2024 Olympic broadcaster slogan with Hot Again. Only KBS has its Paris 2024 programs named for 2024 Paris Olympics (1TV) and This is Paris (2TV)

As viewership ratings are strong in the summer, it is expected to rank first in viewership ratings. And as there is a generational change due to the retirement age and retirement of some broadcasters, the performance of new face casters is expected to attract attention. If broadcasting rights cannot be secured for the next Summer Olympics, there is a high possibility that this event will be announcer Choi Seung-don's last broadcast:

https://namu.wiki/w/2024 파리 올림픽/중계

When RTVE presents its upcoming 400-hour Paris 2024 Olympics coverage this summer from Spain, there will be a new theme music throughout its coverage and promos entitled Paris Connection performed by the RTVE Orchestra and Choir with 18 instrumentalists (including 4 horns, 4 trumpets, a bass trombone, a tuba and 5 percussions) and 45 singers (12 sopranos, 12 alto, 12 tenors and 12 bass) composed and directed by renowned jazz trumpeter David Pastor, who got inspired by John Williams. Check it out for yourself!



“Isang Daang Taon Laban Para sa Bayan: Celebrating 100 Years of Filipino Excellence in the Olympics” is the campaign slogan for Cignal TV's upcoming Filipino Paris 2024 coverage in partnership with the Philippines Olympic Committee while celebrating 100 years of The Philippines participating in the Summer Olympics. Especially right after the heels of Hildiyn Diaz's historic first ever gold medal for The Philippines in women's weightlifting as boxers Petecio also took home silver and Eumier Marcial and Carlo Paalam bagging bronze medals.

From the buildup in their preparations and training, their respective campaigns, and the aftermath of their performance, Cignal TV will be there chronicling the journey of the Filipino athlete through our comprehensive news coverage which will be aired and featured on the various MediaQuest platforms, primarily on Cignal TV platforms including Free-to-Air and Pay TV, and on digital and social media through One Sports, One News, and News5 with significant promotion on the Philippines athletes' drive will be prominent. Also included is a 13-part miniseries produced with reporters on the scene on the Filipino athletes' journey, perhaps seeing a June 21 athletes sendoff planned, and a one-month training camp in Metz, France as the broadcast plans are still finalized with priority still focused on the Philippines athletes Cignal TV's Paris 2024 broadcasting objective is put as many games, particularly the games where Filipinos are competing in all available platforms.  Dedicated sports channel RPTV and One Sports and digital free to air and of course Cignal TV with plans at looking as many as 18 channels bringing the most comprehensive coverage of the Paris 2024 Summer Olympic Games:





Karen Stupples, Morgan Pressel and Tom Abbott will broadcast Paris 2024 Olympic women's golf for NBC Sports in August. Stuppels and Abbott previously called in Rio De Janerio and the postponed Tokyo Summer Olympics. Pressel arrived later in 2022:


Haven't seen any news for what the Central American broadcasters may do and who nab the rights to them in that region, outside of Costa Rica's Repretel channels and Panama's TVMAX. My guess is that the Miami-based Grupo Albavision, of which Repretel is a part of, will once again take the rights on the free-to-air side with Nicaragua's Canal 10 Honduras' VTV, El Salvador's Canal 12, and Guatemala's Chapin TV all getting them. 

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Something that passed under the radar here; in addition to Globo and CazéTV, it seems that the IOC themselves will also put online livestreaming for Brazil through their official app and website, announced at the 100 days to go mark. No news if there is going to be portuguese commentary or if it is just the english cast that is going to be available. No news about charging anything as well, so we might just assume there won't be any, neither if it's going to be separated in channels or every event will have a separeted stream. This also might be a sign for any country without broadcasting rights for where they might get to see anything.

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Just now, Guilga said:


Something that passed under the radar here; in addition to Globo and CazéTV, it seems that the IOC themselves will also put online livestreaming for Brazil through their official app and website, announced at the 100 days to go mark. No news if there is going to be portuguese commentary or if it is just the english cast that is going to be available. No news about charging anything as well, so we might just assume there won't be any, neither if it's going to be separated in channels or every event will have a separeted stream. This also might be a sign for any country without broadcasting rights for where they might get to see anything.

Argh, i renembered after posting that they did said there will be replays of the events, so that may be a sign. Sorry about the double here.

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Back on February 22, the Japan Federation of Commercial Broadcasters, TBS, Fuji TV, Nippon TV, TV Tokyo, and TV Asahi, the ones who make up the commercial TV partners of the Japanese Olympic Consortium with public channel NHK, announced the main events that will be broadcast by the commercial affiliates for Paris 2024. The first known events slated for broadcast. And there's some big events here, at least with Japanese interest and audiences. Many will prominently and expect to have Japanese Olympians as serious contenders involved and featured here. 

First TBS, the Tokyo Broadcasting System not the Turner version in the USA/Canada/and now UK, will be in charge of the men's 100m semi-finals and finals (August 4th), one of the crown jewels of the Summer Olympics, and the men's marathon (August 10th). TBS is also scheduled to broadcast the men's 10,000m final (August 2nd), men's 3,000m hurdles, and women's 5,000m (August 5th) and will also handle the women's singles table tennis third-place deciding match and final, the women's 48kg judo and men's 60kg class preliminaries and finals.

Fuji TV is scheduled to broadcast the women's table tennis team semi-finals, where participants will aim to win medals during Fuji TV's fourth consecutive Summer Olympic broadcast of this tournament, the women's park preliminary and final skateboarding events, and the men's breaking final, which will be featured in the Olympics for the first time. 

TV Tokyo will show the table tennis women's singles and men's singles semi-finals, which will secure a medal if the TV Tokyo series wins, the badminton women's and men's singles third-place matches and finals, and the track and field mixed race walking relay.

Nippon Television Network will broadcast the women's table tennis team third-place match and final, which has shown these medals events at the London, Rio, and Tokyo Games there, and also it will have the men's individual all-around gymnastics final, and the men's boulder lead final in sport climbing. 

TV Asahi got in its Paris 2024 broadcasting pocket the men's 66kg and women's 52kg judo preliminaries, the skateboarding women's street finals, and the table tennis mixed doubles semifinals which will hopefully feature Hifumi and Uta Abe, the first brother and sister to win gold medals on the same day.  

Commercial BS broadcasters plan to broadcast some competitions live on BS4K. Regarding digital distribution, starting from this tournament, TVer will be broadcasting almost all competitions live, and highlight videos will also be distributed every day during the tournament. In addition, some events will be streamed live on the TVer TV app, and even events that are not broadcast on terrestrial TV can be enjoyed on a big TV screen.

NHK will of course broadcast the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and also the women's marathon as part of its lion's share of the Japanese TV Paris 2024 Summer Olympic broadcast. In addition, NHK is also planning to provide simultaneous and missed broadcasts on its streaming video distribution service NHK Plus: 



Confirmed: Sir Steven Redgrave, Team GB rowing legend, won't be involved in the BBC's Paris 2024 coverage. Because the BBC says it felt and decided not to have three rowing commentators with Matt Pinsent and Katherine Grainger despite all three having previously worked together well. Already sparking social media backlash in Britain. Hopefully, he'll join Eurosport UK/Ireland for this:



Been thinking about Canada's TeleLatino may return again to supplement the Canadian Paris 2024 Summer Olympic coverage. Maybe it might get more soccer games and a few more events this time. Nothing's official yet, although we could get an announcement sometime in May/June. Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese will all be used for this. However, with the Brazilian U23 men shockingly failed to qualify to Paris but the women did, would there be much interest on the use of Portuguese language there? I say it should.  

ORF showed the Austrian men's national handball team quest for Olympic qualification with all of their games versus Croatia (March 14th), Algeria (March 16th) and Germany (March 17th) all live in Hannover, Germany:  


Lisa Hofmann and Daniel Eckl will co-host an exclusive daily 4-hour streaming Discovery+ Germany program called Stream D, "thriving on flexibility and spontaneity" especially when the German athletes show up live from the the Stade Jean Bouin, the Germany House (Deutsche Haus) intended to attract a younger audience attracted to digital and social platforms and not the traditional TV and radio. Made in association with DSM and the DOSB:


Former Colombian soccer player Isabella Echeverri from Medellin made such a delightful impression during the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup with Telemundo thanks to "her expertise, insights and passion for the game". She was formally brought into "Telemundo family" and we can expect her to bring those same aspects to Telemundo's Paris 2024 Olympic soccer coverage: 


Sportbladet reveals who will serve as SVT's daily evening Paris 2024 Olympic magazine summary show hosts or presenters over in Sweden: Dusan Umiceveic and Yvette Hermundstad, neither worked with each other before but like each other, and will host the show every other night during the Games. They plan to have fun with this show. Umicevic, however, is more looking forward to doing this starting in Milan in 2026 because that's when SVT gets greater coverage:  


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I must admit I was expecting something to come out of the BBC with the 100 days to go mark. I guess they're waiting for the Euros to at least start. I'm wondering when they'll launch the intro sequence & with it the main coverage details, it's normally during another major sporting event but the Euro final is only 12 days before the opening...the FA Cup final is probably too early. Maybe half time of an England group game?

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On 4/24/2024 at 2:13 PM, yoshi said:

I must admit I was expecting something to come out of the BBC with the 100 days to go mark. I guess they're waiting for the Euros to at least start. I'm wondering when they'll launch the intro sequence & with it the main coverage details, it's normally during another major sporting event but the Euro final is only 12 days before the opening...the FA Cup final is probably too early. Maybe half time of an England group game?

Being one of the major European nations with a very influential BBC, you would safely think the BBC would at least release some preliminary broadcast coverage plans at the 100-day mark already; smaller Euro nations broadcasters like in Sweden, Norway, and even Greece already have. I too thought the BBC would have the Paris intro sequence preview but would really and currently work on it by now at its post-production

Lots of European nations' rights broadcasters, especially the smaller ones, tend to release their overall Summer Olympics coverage info when its closer to the Euros, I seen to notice over the years. Hope to see this change in the future. The bigger ones from Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Greece, and Britain permit the info publicly released in increments.       

Speaking of Italy, RAI will have Paris 2024 Summer Olympic radio coverage exclusively on RAI Radio 1, RAI Radio Sport 1, and actually RAIPlay Sound. RAI Radio 1 and RAI Radio Sport 1 will share a simulcast . RAI Radio's Paris 2024 live radio coverage will appear on 10-13:00, 15-18/19:00, and 21-23:30 Monday through Friday and on Saturdays and Sundays 10-12:00 and 14-23:00. All Italy/CET time with breaks for news. RAI Radio 1 will be based over at the Casa Italia and at Paris' IBC for its coverage plus hosted overall by Filippo Corsini.

On RAI's TV side with RAI2 acting as RAI's Olympic Channel, it will be almost 24 hours a day including 15 hours of live coverage. RAI2's Paris 2024 Summer Olympics broadcast day begins at 7am with a 90-minute morning program and then the continuous live coverage from 8:45am-11:30 under RAI's Parigi 2024 banner with breaks for TG2 news at 13-13:30 and 20:30-21:15. RAI Sport and RAI Play will somewhere between 5-8 hours daily of live events concurrently but also going such from 8:45am-11:30pm--and coming in to air the events when RAI 2 pauses for TG2 news. RAI Sport/RAI Play's Paris 2024 coverage also involves insight, analysis, films/documentaries, previews, reviews, and highlights. At the end of the live broadcasts, the scene shifts to for its 90-minute review show The Circle of the Rings at the Casa Italia where interviews, guests, hosts, commentators, news, thoughts, summaries, highlights, and other services take place:


In a related story from Italy, this time from Eurosport and Discovery Italia, it was announced at the 100-day mark Italians will produce a multipart preview and interview show Road To Paris centering on Paris 2024 Italian Olympic and Paralympic hopefuls like fencer Tammaso Marini, world taekwondo champion Simone Alessio, European 50m and 100m breaststroke champion Niccolo Martinenghi, Euro boxing champion Abbes Mouhiidine, modern pentathlon champion Eleni Micheli, and Paralympian champion and current 100m world record holder Antonio Fantin. All on eurosport.it

Also adds there will another original programming coming in May onwards to the Opening Ceremony showcasing the arrival of breakdancing and its sporting evolution and other new disciplines, young French basketball star Victor Wembanyama from the San Antonio Spurs and Mets92, the Refugee Olympic Team, and French swimmer Leon Marchand, who aims to break Michael Phelps 8 swimming golds in Beijing:


As part of the Summer Olympic-themed original content Eurosport is producing, there's a new series currently on air on Eurosport 1 Italia every Wednesday, started April 17 and going for 5 straight weeks during prime time, called Hall of Fame Italia recalling the great Olympic feats of some of Italy's greatest Olympians told by the Italian athletes themselves recalling the moments, emotions, and secrets to relive and discover. Like gymnastic rings master Yuri Chechi, diver Tania Cognotto, Roberto Cammarelle, the late Pietro Mennea, the Italian men's basketball team, Italian men's and women's volleyball teams, Igor Cassina, Stefano Baldini, the women's fencing foil team, Antonio Rossi and Daniella Scarpa:  


Sports journalist and studio host Carina Olset Hovda will lead TV Norge's and MAX's Paris 2024 evening studio segment up until midnight for Norway in her first time appearing for TV Norge, after previously being at NRK and as a PR consultant in making her comeback to being in front of the camera picking up her old skills. Olset Hovda will share the evening presenting hosting duties with veteran Carsten Skjelbreid. Together, they'll look at the Olympic day from a Norwegian perspective with experts and guests in the studio. Since the games this time are in Europe, the evening broadcasts will also be devoted to following closely all the exercises that take place in the evening until around midnight. Skjelbreid is a fan of Olset Hovda:


Poland's main home of Paris 2024 for Warner Bros Discovery Poland will be MAX (absolutely everything will be shown there live and on demand) along with the 2 Eurosport channels in addition with the 8 extra Eurosport Olympic channels, as is frequently the case throughout Europe within Eurosport's reach, devoted to various sports disciplines, like volleyball and men's and women's basketball. Eurosport production director Maciej Słomczyński, presenting the broadcast plan from the Olympic Games in the TVN24 studio in Warsaw: 


Czech Television, or Ceska Televize, will have its headquarters, including its studio, located at the just-unveiled Czech House at Paris' La Villette park. Adding to its atmosphere:


ERTNEWS in Greece has a daily show called Paris 2024: The Countdown, presented by Tasos Kollintzas at 17:20 Greek time ready to put Greek viewers in the mood for the upcoming Paris 2024 Summer Olympics.  Greek viewers have the opportunity to watch reports, interviews and news related to the Olympic Games in Paris. The preparation of Greek athletes, their dreams, their goals are presented through the 24-hour informative television channel of ERT:


That TV Azteca/Claro Sports collab actually also involves apparently sharing portions of that content with FOX Sports, Infobae, El Pais, ADN 40, and As being sublicensers. Need to check on that:


After 19 years with Globo and SporTV in the sports journalism realm, Milton Leite announces he's leaving following the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics to spend more time with his family:


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Found the full TV Asahi portion of the Japanese Paris 2024 upcoming TV schedule. Will also air a 2-hour Saturday morning Opening Ceremony highlight show (along with what was just mentioned here from TV Asahi), fencing with women's epee and men's sabre individual semis, bronze, and finals, multiple men's and women's swimming semifinals and finals including relays, women's 57kg and men's 73kg judo preliminaries--all in July in the first several days of competition--before returning on August 4 and 8 with gymnastics event finals/badminton singles men's and women's semifinals and finals and ending with men's table tennis team semifinals, respectively. Most of these events will be aired as early as from mid/late afternoon but usually well during the nighttime and early morning Japan time: 


Did spot the NHK Paris 2024 TV programming schedule. Problem is, it's under a PDF format and can't be translatable... 

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Gonna focus on the Spanish portions of the Eurosport Paris 2024 coverage for Spain as opposed to its upcoming continent-wide broadcast standard here. The WBD House will have three points for live connections for Spain, Finland, and Denmark, and the main WBD news channel, CNN. All connecting to media centers in Atlanta and Europe. Specific coverage around the Spanish Olympic Team will be enjoyed for viewers in Spain thanks to the TV studio that will be installed at Casa España in Paris, thanks to a collaboration agreement with the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE). Not unlike what we are seeing planned with Eurosport Deutschland, RAI 2, and Ceske Televize in theirs. Spanish Olympic canoeing medalist Saúl Craviotto is one of the protagonists featured in Eurosport's The Olympians series shown on Eurosport 1 Spain starting at the 100-day mark. Also Eurosport Spain is producing an original 6-part documentary series, each lasting 1 hour, Heading To Paris premiering soon and hosted by Miguel Ángel Méndez.  Heading To Paris offers unique access to the daily life of the two-time world walking champion, María Pérez; the teammates on Spain's women's handball team Paula Arcos, Shandy Barbosa and Mireya González; Tokyo 2020 Olympic artistic gymnastics medalist Ray Zapata ; Tokyo 2020 Olympic taekwondo medalist Adriana Cerezo; Tokyo 2020 Olympic tennis medalist Pablo Carreño; swimmer Mireia Belmonte, multiple Olympic medalist and flag bearer of the Tokyo 2020 Spanish Olympic team along with Saúl Craviotto. The canoeist, a Spanish athlete with the most Olympic medals, stars in another installment of the series along with several members of the Spanish Olympic canoeing team that will compete in Paris: Teresa Portela, Marcus Cooper, Paco Cubelos, Tano García, Pablo Martínez, Antía Jacome and María Corbera. Throughout six one-hour episodes, 'Heading To Paris' reveals the successes and failures, the victories and falls, the support and sacrifice experienced by a group of elite Spanish athletes on their way to the Olympic Games in Paris:


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Latest and biggest news out of Eurosport right now is addition of 2016 Refugee Olympic Team swimmer Yusra Mardini, an inspiration to many worldwide from Syria and UNHCR Goodwill ambassador, making her debut as a reporter and as an on-site live coverage presenter in Paris and one of her objectives there is detailing and connect with audiences the Refugee Olympic Team-centric stories. Her story was turned into a film with her sister called The Swimmers.

And that's not all centering on Eurosport's relationship with the Refugee Olympic Team as that the 36 athletes got named for Paris 2024 competition. It officially renewed and kicked off its Home Crowd campaign for them as they will compete in front of Paris' iconic Olympic venues and supportive cheerful crowds for the first time in 8 years since its Rio De Janeiro debut starting with a powerful short film launched on May 3 with Kimia Alizadeh, Dorian Keletela, and Farida Abaroge training in empty venues. There in Paris and worldwide in building a new community around them in competing. Plus in building these audiences for the Refugee Team...


In addition, WBD will also leverage the full scale of its international channels, platforms and digital sites to tell these stories while providing a space where refugees’ voices can be heard. This includes new first-person Refugees’ Voice features on Eurosport.com as well as showing on-demand documentaries via Max, discovery+ and the Eurosport App such as We Dare to Dream directed by Oscar nominated Waad Al-Kateab, which stories the dramatic challenges faced by refugee athletes competing for a place at Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.



RTP Portugal releases its electronic Paris 2024 commercial advertiser press kit that you can download from this URL below. Major takeaway from this here, aside from the potential sponsorships like Forca Portugal and potential revenue, ad space, and breaks slated on TV and digital throughout RTP's coverage, is RTP plans to air at least 200 hours overall with RTP1 having both ceremonies at 19-22:15 Portugal time, the men's and women's soccer gold medal finals (17-19 and 16-18, respectively), and a daily 30-minute nighttime review show at 23 running from 7/26-8/11--all live. RTP2 will carry the bulk of the RTP Paris 2024 live TV coverage from July 27-August 11 with 13 hours of coverage from 8-21h with RTP Play carrying all those from those two channels and more: 


Multiple Olympic Japanese table tennis medalist Kasumi Ishikawa has been appointed by Fuji TV as a special Paris 2024 sportscaster from a special studio and on-site competition venues. Ishikawa has already covered multiple sports since her retirement this past May including the Summer Olympic sports  swimming, badminton, skateboarding, and even breaking. She even took part on April 7 airing of Sport! there to assess her thoughts on the upcoming Olympics:


Following is NHK's Paris 2024 TV schedule for its mainstream channel, known as NHK-G. Does include both the opening and closing ceremonies with numerous swimming, track and field, gymnastics, skateboarding, table tennis, sport climbing, judo, and wrestling events--the traditionally appealing and successful Olympic sports for Japanese audiences. Should be noted though as you see this and go along, that it's not complete and will get filled with other sports, especially after when Japanese athletes continue to qualify leading up to the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics. Also, that NHK's other channels like ETV and BS will get added. Those, and NHK's commercial partners are carrying several of these sports themselves. So keep looking to it:


With one year left until the Paris 2024 Games, the theme for this year's event is "Believe In The Power of Dreams." The conductor will be Nobuaki Nakata, and the performance was by THE ORCHESTRA JAPAN. The navigator was Olympian and actor Takahiro Fujimoto (swimming/competitive swimmer, participated in the Seoul 1988 Olympics and Barcelona 1992 Olympics) for the 12th consecutive year:


For Colombia, RCN doesn't offer a lot in its general details for its upcoming Paris 2024 presentation. Caracol Television plans for a wide range of sports televised. Senal Colombia, for its part in the Colombian TV coverage, "gives priority to sports that have the participation of Colombian athletes in the different disciplines". Claro Sports, transmitted across 17 Spanish-speaking Latin America nation, goes for very much everything of course with a YouTube alliance: 


Tokyo 2020 men's high jump co-gold medalist Gianmarco Tamberi becomes a Warner Bros. Discovery/ Eurosport Paris 2024 ambassador. Also states in this article that Italian biathlete icon Dorothea Wierer joins Eurosport's Paris 2024 Olympic correspondent team:  


TVR Romania offers multiple Paris 2024 Olympic-centric TV preview series since April 22 like #Heroes (portraits on the Romanian athletes who already qualified for Paris), #Sperante (focusing on the young future Romanian Olympic hopefuls in judo, fencing, swimming, gymnastics or athletics aiming for Los Angeles and Brisbane while reconciling sports with school in their daily schedules), "#Invingătorii" (#Victors), alternatively with the one dedicated to "Hopes"  (starting from Monday, April 29, at 11:55 p.m., on TVR 1, meeting again with the legends of Romanian sports who have won, over time, medals at the Olympic Games. Maricica Puică, Marius Urzică, Camelia Potec, Laura Badea, Ana Maria Brânza, Marian Drăgulescu or Mihai Covaliu will recall the most emotional moments from the Olympic Games and how they experienced the trials that brought them a place on the podium). All on TVR 1 and also later on TVR SPORT.

Just started airing on TVR is "#Vis la Paris", in which athletes qualified for the Paris 2024 Olympics and their coaches will participate. The first edition will be hosted by Irina Păcurariu and Costin Deşliu, and the following ones by former fencing champ Ana Maria Brânza and Costin Deşliu:



France 2 and France 3 and France Info decamps to Marseille to provide a combined more than 20 hours on May 8 for the official start of the Games with the welcoming of the Olympic Flame's arrival at Marseille's Belem Old Port and the start of France's relay. A streaming channel France Televisions provides will be devoted to the Torch Relay!



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Just a couple of quickies for now in this thread...

TVC in Ecuador shares the official Paris 2024 Summer Olympics coverage with RTS. We don't know exactly what its general coverage plans are with its confirmation. But this promo showcases Ecuador's greatest and golden moments in its Summer Olympic history like walker Jefferson Perez, cyclist Richard Carapaz, and weightlifter Neisi Dahomes

Warner Bros. Discovery Sweden announces its own 3800 hours of Paris 2024 coverage for Swedes with their on-location Paris studios near the Eiffel Tower fronted by Karin Frick, Jonas Karlsson, and Jessica Almenäs all guiding Swedish viewers from early morning to late evening. Special emphasis will get placed on track and field/athletics, swimming, and team handball. 11 reporters will be on hand to follow every Swedish athlete as part of a total of 43 people actually in Paris conveying every big event involving the Swedish athletes as part of that may involve three people in every Summer Olympic event. More will follow on this: 


Steve Kornacki likely with his big board and "his deft on-the-fly analysis" will join his NBC News journalists  Willie Geist, Sam Brock, Gadi Schwartz, and Anne Thompson in participating in the massive NBC Paris 2024 coverage offering analysis from the USA, and their colleagues on the ground in France:


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Little more on Hong Kong's TV broadcasters' Paris 2024 coverage plans. Following article very much says the same stuff when it was officially announced on Hong Kong's government paying the fee. But "adds that the channels--TVB, Hoy TV, ViuTV, and RTHK--will be asked to broadcast a set number of hours of Olympic events, including games featuring Hong Kong athletes. They will also need to air more events involving the national team." All the HK Paris 2024 Summer Olympics broadcaster rights holders "welcomed the move to better allow Hong Kongers to immerse themselves better with the Olympic atmosphere". Certainly it will it be at least a combined 200 hours among them as it's required as the minimum Summer Olympics TV broadcasting hours with TVB, Hoy TV, and RTHK but very likely even more with at least one or two of them each going at least 200 hours:


No announcement has been made with nearby Macau officially yet. But TDM is going to get them with TDM Sport and Canal Macau showing them.

NBC's Paris 2024 daytime segment hosts are Rebecca Lowe, Craig Melvin (both of them morning to mid-afternoon), Ahmed Fareed (late afternoon and will co-host with Lowe when Melvin is on assignment), Damon Hack (daily late afternoon coverage for NBC West Coast stations), and Mike Tirico "pulling double duty along with his prime-time hosting duties." NBC also announces that Cara Banks, Laura Britt, Trenni Casey (CNBC/E!), Lindsay Czarniak, Carolyn Manno, and Kathryn Tappen (USA Network) will serve as Olympic hosts on USA Network, CNBC and E!.

Already mentioned here but worth reminding: "NBC will feature at least nine hours of daytime Olympic coverage from Paris including live finals coverage of swimming, gymnastics and track & field. The network said programming on NBC will air from 8 am-5 pm USA/Canada/Mexico CT and MT every weekday, with the 11 a.m.-5 p.m. CT window live across the country. On weekends, NBC programming expands, beginning as early as 4 a.m. CT, with extended hours live across the country": 




In related pieces, in addition to NBC News' Steve Kornacki, Will Geist, Sam Brock, Ann Thompson, and Gadi Schwarz all veterans to NBC Olympic programming with 3-4 of them under their belt the latter four all returning as on-site reporters, the NBC reporter roster will also include Kira K. Dixon from NBC Sports/GOLF Channel making her Olympics debut and Naoko Funayama of Boston's WCVB-TV in her third. Telemundo welcomes Al Rojo Vivo anchor Jessica Carrillo as a cohost for the Games of the XXXIII Olympiad in Paris this summer alongside Emmy award-winning sports anchor Miguel Gurwitz. Both will be involved with  Telemundo's Spanish-language Paris 2024 Olympic programming in not only starting with the Paris 2024 Olympic pre-OC soccer and later with co-hosting the first ever US Spanish live presentation of the Opening Ceremony. Carrillo and Gurwitz "will immerse the Hispanic audience in the heart of Paris, bringing our viewers up to speed on the latest Olympic news, events, culture, cuisine, entertainment, people, and more". Lastly, Leslie Jones is back into the NBC Summer Olympics fold once again as Team USA chief superfan commentator across all NBCUniversal platforms on location across Paris:


Gonna be cautious with this one. Mediacorp will broadcast Singapore's coverage of the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics. Says it will have 14 channels involved to provide the programming with Channel 5 and MeWatch acting as the hub. Unsurprisingly, it will prioritize Team SG athletes wherever and whenever competing like in swimming, table tennis, and badminton. Yet we have to see an official announcement on exactly how Mediacorp will tackle it but will soon. Take it with a grain of salt. But its info on some other nations' VPN broadcasting is inaccurate. Made sense three years ago but not now. Just perhaps not getting the latest info. Seven is no longer broadcasting the Olympics in Australia (Nine is). TVNZ is not involved at all with Paris but SKY NZ with SKY Open (formerly PRIME) is currently doing it in New Zealand: 



XD Motion was utilized to capture the arrival of the 2024 Olympic Flame and start of France's torch relay in Marseille, France on France Television involving two pilots flying the drone over water for more than 15 hours with four directors working in shifts:


Just yesterday Warner Bros Discovery struck an agreement with DAZN to offer the former's additional Eurosport Olympic-specific channels on DAZN's streaming platform in Italy with the arrival of the 6 new thematic and dedicated channels active 24/24 for a total of 700 additional hours of live broadcast included in the DAZN subscription to go along with Eurosport 1 HD and Eurosport 2 HD already present there. These 6 Eurosport dedicated channels will present individual disciplines added like golf, tennis and table tennis, gymnastics and diving; soccer, basketball, combat sports  such as  boxing, judo, taekwondo, and volleyball. Furthermore, on-demand content such as highlights and insights will also be available:



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Warner Bros. Discovery Suomi announces its first analysts and experts for the Finnish broadcast in the Paris 2024 coverage. Actually two of them are returnees from the previous Tokyo 2021 broadcast. Finnish swimming star Jani Sievinen and former basketball player Shawn Huff return to produce expert analysis in swimming and basketball, respectively, on Eurosport Finland, TV5, HBO Max, Kutonen and the Eurosport 1 and 2 pay channels with their exclusive coverage on both. Fellow swimmer Hanna-Maria Seppala won't return with them this time from Tokyo. Oona Talppanen, normally from WBD's hockey broadcasting realm, joins them as the swimming studio host. More personnel will be announced later on:


Ceska Televize presents its Paris 2024 advertising press kit devoted in 9 pages to the price listings, sales rules and rates, sponsorship, ad times and lengths, and online/social media offers for its upcoming Paris 2024 Summer Olympics programming. Too bad these PDFs aren't translatable. Anyway, what we do know as far as CT's coverage is there will be 310 hours on CT1 and CT Sport with some web coverage to Czechs. CT Sport will transmit, starting July 27-August 11, both ceremonies along with handling the bulk of the coverage daily all 24 hours under three 8-hour segments 8-16:00, 16-24:00, and 24-8:00. CT1 comes in with its 5-hour primetime segment at 18-23:00 and its own off prime timeframe 23-18:00:         


This is TVP Polska's version of its Paris 2024 comprehensive advertising guide. That these Games will be shown on TVP1, TVP2, TVP Sport, tvpsport.pl and its mobile app, and TVP VOD. Bulk of the TV hours will come from TVP Sport instead of TVP1 and TVP2 on an average of nearly 24 hours a day out of 350 hours. Shows how the TVP channels far outdrew Eurosport1 with key events, particularly when Poland is involved, in viewership among the most watched Tokyo 2020 events with the Poland-France men's volleyball match being tops on the list. TVP is preparing a number of dedicated programs, which are an excellent tool for expanding the reach of the campaign in a multiscreen environment. The offer includes, among others: formats: "Events of the Day", "Olympic Studio", "Olympic Evening", or "Paris After Hours". It likes to promote its top Polish Olympic stars and get to see them in volleyball, tennis, swimming, and track and field:



Following just came up from Belgium's VRT website on its 2024 summer of sports plans with its first info on the Flemish/Dutch side regarding the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics


The unprecedented summer of sports reaches a peak at the end of July with the start of the Olympic Games. From July 26 to August 11, you can visit VRT all day long to follow all the sporting highlights live. From athletics to judo to gymnastics, from Nafi Thiam to Matthias Casse to Nina Derwael. Our reporters are on duty from early morning to late evening in and around Paris and of course also in Brussels to cover all the Olympic news. 

Adding that come late June, VRT will announce its general and "rich offering" for the Olympic and Paralympic Games through Sporza. During this time and more later on, there will be some Olympic-related programming with Well Played! hosted by Siska Schoeters and Restricted Flemish as every weekday on VRT1 four sporting duos compete against each other in their four different sports. VRT MAX has former cyclist Bert De Backer and Sporza face Bavo Mortier take on a series of crash courses with Belgian top players on Bert and Bavo Go To The Olympics. On VRT CANVAS, the documentary series Horsemen gallops through the international arena of equestrian sports every Monday. The global focal point of this age-old sport sets in Belgium:


VRT's Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic promos emphasizes the "unbelievable" strength, power, determination, and focus that we will see in Paris with footage of the Belgian Cats women's basketball team, gymnast Nina Derwael, heptathlete Nafi Thiam, and the Belgian men's field hockey team. Second one is more all-encompassing exclusive sports summer including the UEFA Euro 2024, men's and women's Tour De Frances, and World Cycling Championships:  



Our Dream Olympics--Paris Here We come! is also available in French on Switzerland's Schweizer Fernsehen's sister channels on RTS:  


Last Summer Olympic Games that Warner Bros Discovery Denmark showed back in Tokyo, it was a comedic duo in Line Baun Danielsen, Simon Egeskov, Kian Fonoudi that aired on Discovery+ streaming. Neither are here now; I think Danielsen has since retired. This time it's Peter Falktoft, making his eight Summer and Winter combined appearance, and Esben Bjerre, who's making his Olympic debut, as the hosting faces for the Eurosport/HBO Max/WBD Paris 2024 broadcast as the mix expertise and humor that will be unique and culturally relevant to the Danish as we await for what they, TV2, and DR will do in continuing their broadcasting plans getting released. Falktoft was formerly a roving on-site reporter last time. Bjerre is excited for Viktor Axelsen, Rindom, and Skjelmose. Not only that, their Danish plans to draw into to reflect the digital age "with a culturally relevant approach. The coverage must draw a portrait of a city, a people and a country as much as documenting the sporting events themselves". More coverage plans and presenter are forthcoming with likely Kanal 5 joining with Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2 as WBD shows everything: 


Nippon TV's Paris 2024 TV schedule. Expect to see lots of swimming, judo, gymnastics (men's individual all-around final only from them), BMX biking, track and field/athletics, table tennis, sport climbing, and breaking on July 28, 30-31 and August 6-7, 9-10:


And Nippon TV's Paris 2024 athlete sportscaster is former swimmer and gold medalist Kosuke Hagino. Appointed in January:


Fuji TV's Paris 2024 Olympics subsite. Kasumi Ishikawa joins Daijiro Enami, Minami Sakuma, and Takaki Imaminato as Fuji TV's sportscasters: 







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 NINE to screen most comprehensive coverage of PARALYMPICS ever seen in Australia



With tomorrow marking 100 days to go until the Opening Ceremony of the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games, the 9Network today reveals its full hosting and commentary line-up that will lead the most comprehensive broadcast of a Paralympic Games ever screened in Australia. 

Utilising the globally-renowned Wide World of Sports production team, the 9Network will screen the Paralympics across two curated linear channels – Channel 9 and 9Gem – and feature more than 20 dedicated high definition live streams on 9Now. Stan Sport will also screen the Paralympics.   

Across the 9Network, there will be more than 300 hours of Paralympics coverage, with 14 hours a day of live coverage across Channel 9 and 9Gem from the Opening Ceremony on August 28 to the Closing Ceremony on September 8. With 20 streams in full high definition, 9Now will screen every event as well as replays, highlights and behind the scenes.

YourHomeOfTheOlympics_4-1024x498.webp Channel 9 is the home of the Olympics and Paralympics (image – Nine)

Viewers will be guided through the competition by some of Australia’s most celebrated Paralympians and Olympians and Nine’s accomplished television hosting team. As Paris wakes up and competition begins, prime time coverage (5.00pm – 10.30pm AEST) will be helmed by Australia’s most decorated female Paralympian Ellie Cole alongside James Bracey and one of the world’s greatest Para-athletes Kurt Fearnley

They will then pass the baton to Paralympic gold medallist and former Australian of the Year Dylan Alcott and Nine’s Sylvia Jeffreys live at the Mob Hotel in Paris – which will be the home away from home for the Australian Paralympic Team – who will take viewers from 10.30pm – 2.30am AEST. 

The day’s action will be rounded out with Paralympic gold medal swimmer Blake Cochrane alongside Nine’s Roz Kelly from 2.30am – 6.00am AEST.  

Roz Kelly and James Bracey (image - Channel 9) Roz Kelly and James Bracey will both be part of Nine’s Paralympics coverage (image – Nine)

Our superstar line up of commentators and experts will reveal what it takes to excel on the world’s biggest sporting stage. The lineup includes Paralympian gold medalists Annabelle Williams, Ryan Scott, Troy Sachs, Kelly Cartwright, Katrina Webb and Tim Matthews; silver medalist John Maclean and Para-triathlete Kate Naess

Alongside them will be Olympic champions Sam Willoughby, who acquired tetraplegia after suffering a career-ending injury in 2016; Cate Campbell – commentating on the swimming – and Jess Fox, who will commentate during canoe events. 

Nine’s Director of Sport, Brent Williams, said:

“The Paris 2024 Paralympic Games has the ability to captivate the world and unite a sports loving nation.”

“It provides a powerful platform to showcase our elite athletes competing on a global stage and to share their journeys with all of Australia.”

“Nine and Wide World of Sports are proud to be the exclusive home of this incredible event and look forward to providing the most comprehensive Paralympic Games coverage ever seen in this country.”

A total of 22 para-sports are scheduled, with a total of 4400 athletes competing across 549 medal events. Viewers will not miss any event featuring an Australian, with 9Now providing 24/7 coverage.

On the path to Paris 2024, the Beyond The Dream documentary series continues in the lead up to the Paralympic Games, going beyond the headlines with unprecedented access to discover the untold stories of some of the world’s greatest Para-athletes. 

Australian Paralympian and three-time gold medallist Curtis McGrath opens his door to cameras to share his personal story in the lead up to the Paralympic Games. 

We also have full access to the inspirational Australian wheelchair rugby team, the Steelers, as we take a look into the back stories that make this team and Paralympic sport so compelling to watch. 

Director of Programming and 9Now, Hamish Turner, said:

“As one of the world’s greatest unifying events, we are proud to screen every moment of every event of the Paralympic Games across 9Now’s 20-plus streams and our free to air channels.”

“With our Beyond The Dream documentary series giving viewers a front row seat into the stories of some of the world’s greatest Paralympians in the lead up to the Opening Ceremony, the 9Network’s Paris 2024 Paralympic Games coverage will set the bar for future Paralympics.”

“We cannot wait to cheer on the Australian Paralympic Team as they make our nation proud.”  

The Paris 2024 Paralympic Games will screen on the 9Network and 9Now live and free, and on Stan Sport, from August 28 – September 8.

Nine has announced its coverage plans for the 2024 Paralympics 

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Some brewing tensions coming from down under as Nine apparently granted preferential and "bloated" salary treatment to several of its former star Aussie athletes like Stephanie Rice, Ian Thorpe, Andrew Gaze, Grant Hackett, Kerri Pottharst, Tamysn Lewis-Manou, and Cadel Evans offered A$10,000/day, fly business class, and remain right where the action is to help cover the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics on 9's Stan coverage as the rest of the commentary crew "who would no doubt be doing the hard yards" get paid peanuts in comparison and "miles away" from the competition in Paris, according to an insider there. But 9's programmer Hammish Turner would perhaps defend this practice in the name of enhancing the "ultimate and seemless Australian Olympic viewer experience" like with 40 individual streams. Right when much of Nine's staff endured some payday delays during the Easter holidays and are reportedly angry over the above.

Stan’s coverage of the Paris Games with its talent list is reportedly set to include Thorpe, Gaze, Cadel Evans,  Lewis-Manou, Ellie Cole, Dylan Alcott, Phil Liggett, Pottharst, James Tomkins, Kate Bates and David Culbert:



More than 70 people across all Spanish-speaking Latin America from all of those nations will be involved in Claro Sports coverage transmitted through its 4 linear channels with 18 hours daily in real time covered in Spanish. Even with the transporting of personnel and equipment being expensive:


Globo/SporTV announces the first wave--49 in all--of its Paris 2024 journalists, hosts, producers, and coverage and reporter chiefs like Barbara Coelho, Luiz Teixeira, Carol Barcellos, Marcelo Courrege, Carlos Gil, and Karine Alves:


Former Brazilian volleyball player Paula Pequeno joins Fabi Alvim, Nalbert, Marco Freitas, and William Arjona as part of Globo/SporTV's Paris 2024 volleyball commentary team:


One of the latest in a wave of Globo's Paris 2024 promo. This one has several Brazilian Olympians like soccer player Tamires, gymnast Rebecca Andrade, canoeist Ana Satila, judoka Daniel Cargnin discuss dealing with the doubts from people and themselves in their minds when they tell them they can't do it and how that motivates them to success towards making their way towards Paris in July--all saying "I am my podium". Interspersed with Brazilian athletes in various Olympic sports, often from Tokyo 2020 footage, doing their things: 

Globo/SporTV is now a media partner for the Brazilian Olympic Committee's Parque Time Brazil Olympic Festival at Sao Paulo's Parque Villa-Lobos from July 20 to August 8, open for 12 hours daily with fun, games, multiple videos screens, and athletes, ex-athletes, and other personalities, and will based itself there during its coverage from Paris:


YLE's Finnish coverage of Paris 2024 will be provided by Yle TV2, Yle Areena, Yle Radio Suomi, Yle.fi/eruhili and the Yle app. Finland's track and field stars, where a good chunk of the 2024 Finnish Olympic Team will be followed tirelessly on Yle's channels, and well-known commentators Johannes Oikarinen and Kimmo Porttila (Yle Areena and Yle TV2) and Mikko Hannula and Aaro Linnalaakso (Yle Radio Suomi) pacify race days from the commentaries. Also in athletics, Laura Arffman and Petra Manner take care of the interviews, reports, and backgrounds. Riku Salminen and other professionals from Yle Urheilu guide you to the competition venues and their atmospheres also elsewhere in Paris, at the wonderful competition venues of different sports and their surroundings. More information about Yle's Olympic broadcasts is coming in week 21. No word on the Swedish coverage yet. It'll get everything except Warner Bros Discovery-exclusively airing basketball and the aquatic sports (swimming, diving, water polo, and artistic swimming):


Voadora customers will be able to get access to Globo/SporTV's Paris 2024 Summer Olympics broadcast coverage aboard the aircraft with access to Live TV, offered in partnership with Claro this July:


ELTA TV over in Taiwan will broadcast the Summer Olympics for the fifth consecutive time with Paris this year, teaming up with Chunghwa Telecommunications. ELTA TV rides on the wave of this time using 5G and AI for the first time in Taiwanese sports broadcasting to once again join hands with longtime partner Chunghwa Telecom to connect the world with digital audio and video, creating a win-win situation for shareholders, employees, partners and audiences. From July 27th to August 12th, viewers can easily watch the unprecedented Paris Olympics by turning on the TV (Chunghwa Telecom MOD) and picking up their mobile phones/mobile devices (Hami Video, Alda TV) with very likely expanded ELTA TV's Olympic-themed channels beyond the ELTA Sports Channels 1-3 (Ch200-202) that's professional and complete. 

Expect table tennis, shooting, swimming, track and field, boxing, canoeing, archery, badminton, and taekwondo to be prominent in ELTA's coverage for the Taiwanese consumers. In addition, badminton stars Tai Tzu Ying, Zhou Tiancheng, Li Yang/Wang Qilin are currently actively participating in the BWF World Badminton Tour to accumulate Olympic points, and are expected to represent the Chinese Taipei team in the Olympics again, including judo, weightlifting, tennis, golf and other events that will get shown along with other ones where Taiwan will not participate in: 


Sportsmax taking you with this promo through the 100 years of some of the best Summer Olympic moments and athletes during this span since Paris last hosted back in 1924. Needless to say, so much has changed since 1924:


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One of France Televisions' latest Paris 2024 Summer Olympic promos. Here, France TV announces the May debut of its brand new all-digital 24/7 designated Olympic and Paralympic Channel that will showcase and emphasizes urban and board sports skateboarding, 3x3 basketball, sport climbing, surfing, and BMX biking along with other sports while focusing on French athletes as well as the Olympic flame's current journey through 80 days and reliving past Olympic highlights from the previous 40 years. In between the Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games, the channel will offer reports, magazines and portraits highlighting the future para-athletes of the French team and also highlights from the Sydney Paralympic Games in 2000 to those in Tokyo in 2021. Promo is interspersed with past Olympic action mostly centering on France's greatest Summer Olympic moments and athletes:

Austria's ORF just released its general info on its upcoming Paris 2024 coverage to Austrians this July right on the heels of ORF's massive UEFA EURO 2024 coverage in Germany. The Paris 2024 Summer Olympics on ORF won't be just 24 hours a  day but try over 29 hours. ORF1 becomes the Olympic Channel every day from 9 am to midnight CET, ORF SPORT+ from 9 am to 11 pm. All for a total of 490 hours. ORF's correspondent office in Paris is involved in the editorial and production technology. Together with the radio live entries, the accompanying Olympic channel on sport.ORF.at, the comprehensive streaming offering on ORF ON (with usual expected material of livestreams, video-on-demand, highlights) and the “behind the scenes” insights via ORF social media offerings, Austrian sports fans won’t miss anything with ORF's own special channel, which clearly shows the course of the competitions in dozens of sports. Daily multimedia live blogs with all the latest information, previews and follow-up reports or analyzes of what is happening in the individual sports venues as well as an extensive statistics and table section with all the results at a glance along with on-site stories and reports from ORF sports reporters. To ensure that local athletes are in the picture, ORF will be represent in Paris with around 40 employees and eight “flying” camera teams--in collaboration with the ÖOC. The ORF follows the Olympic motto “Being there is everything”: the competitions of all local Austrian Olympic starters should be shown live, and all top sports will also be shown live, such as the athletics and swimming competitions. There's plenty of medal opportunities that Austria's Olympic athletes could be involved in over at Paris ORF would cover. ORF1 will also air the Opening Ceremony.  

Under the overall leadership of Hans Hengst and the team leader in Paris, Gerhard Lackner, Oliver Polzer, Karoline Rath-Zobernig, Bernhard Stöhr and Alina Zellhofer will lead the daily Olympia Studio broadcasts. Rainer Pariasek, Lukas Schweighofer, Caroline Plantl, Daniel Warmuth, Veronika Kratochwil, and Paul Passler collect current interviews in Paris, especially with Austrian athletes.

ORF's commentators for the Olympic competitions are Dietmar Wolff and Thomas König (athletics), Dieter Helbig (sailing), Andreas Barth (basketball, 3x3), Norbert Belina (climbing), Michael Berger (golf), Peter Brunner (road cycling, track cycling). and judo), Alina Eberstaller (breaking), Michael Guttmann (diving, synchronized swimming, basketball, water polo), Johannes Hahn (swimming, ball sports, marathon swimming), Mathias Haiden (weightlifting), Thomas Hölzl (wrestling, taekwondo), Boris Kastner -Jirka (opening, mountain bike, triathlon, rugby, ball sports), Johannes Karner (shooting, archery, boxing, ball sports), Megan Leybourne (gymnastics, trampoline), Michael Mangge (surfing, skateboard, BMX), Gerfried Nagel (ball sports), Toni Oberndorfer (table tennis), Lukas Osztovics (rowing, canoe slalom & sprint), Michael Pinter (badminton), Oliver Polzer (tennis, closing ceremony), Karoline Rath-Zobernig (rhythmic gymnastics), Thomas Rathgeb (fencing, modern pentathlon), Michael Roscher (equestrian sports) and Uli Schwarz (hockey, handball, water polo).

The Hitradio Ö3 sports editorial team also takes Ö3 listeners to the Summer Olympic Games in Paris with live radio feeds! The Ö3 sports reporters Veronika Kratochwil, who competed as a diver at the 2008 Olympic Games, Wolfgang Eichinger and Gerhard Prohaska report on the medal contentions with Austrian participation. They report from the sports venues, from the medal parties in the Austria House and from the side events to provide mood reports and background information. “The Parisian bouquinists” are the focus of the “Soundtracks” on Tuesday, June 25th, from 4:05 p.m. on Ö1. About a haven of peace made of books in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city with the Parisian bouquinists along the Seine have been around for centuries, surviving censorship, the French Revolution and even the corona pandemic. Around 200 bouquinists still keep thousands upon thousands of used books, prints, engravings and historical postcards in around 900 lockable boxes. It has remained an open-air shop to this day, for which you have to apply to the city administration for a - free - stand before you can set up your “boîtes”, the dark green lacquered stalls, with a maximum length of 8.60 meters. The bouquinists are now part of France's intangible world heritage.

All part of a seriously massive "ORF Summer of Sport" that includes of course the upcoming eagerly anticipated UEFA EURO 2024 IN Germany that Austria with its OFB is participating--and a brand new ORF multimedia, high-tech Sport Studio with its state-of-the-art technology and adaptable studio design. This is made possible by a high proportion of LEDs, a complex camera system, augmented reality elements, virtual elements, video, graphics, sound, manipulative display management, and much more with an updated control center where the Zeit Im Bild (ZIB) news program was broadcasting until February 2023. And ORF's Paris 2024 Summer Olympics is going to be barrier free: 


TV channels Kanal 2, Duo 5 and Kanal 7, Raadio Kuku radio station and Postimees are official Estonia broadcast partners for the Paris 2024 Summer Olympic Games. In total, 250 hours of live coverage will be brought to TV and radio audiences in Estonia from the venues and elsewhere that's also from the Postimees media website. 

A 18-strong delegation from Duo Media and Postimees will travel to Paris to report on the ground, both at the venues and elsewhere in what's to be the largest Estonian Summer Olympic broadcasting undertaking ever. Roald Johannson, master of global reportage, will take TV viewers to discover many of the still underexposed facets of Paris, the capital of fashion, art and culture, offering a unique inside look at what is happening in the Olympic city. 

In addition to live coverage of sports, Kanal 2, along with showing the July 26 Opening Ceremony, will produce a special program dedicated to the global sporting celebration, called “Olumpiastuudio” (“Olympic Studio”), which will reach viewers throughout the day in between the competition events and will end each evening with an entertaining daily recap. Starting from the 100-day countdown mark that started on Wednesday, April 17, the TV channels Kanal 2, Duo 5 and Kanal 7 started counting down the days remaining until the big event, and the logos of the channels are Olympic-themed:


NHK announces today its Paris 2024 slogan and visual presentation not unlike what the CBC/SRC Radio-Canada is doing. Using former star champion gymnast Kohei Uchimura, NHK's Paris Olympics 2024 Athlete Navigator, with his arms wide open, surrounded by athletes colored in the theme colors of the Summer Olympic Games. Using NHK's own coverage slogan, "Flower Bloom, Dreams Bloom", the image is based and inspired on the Paris 2024 Olympics slogan of a "Games Wide Open" that is open to many people and taking gender balance into consideration. NHK also announced its ceremony broadcasting hosts in Keita Ito and Kana Nakayama for the opening, and the closing ceremony will be handled by announcers Yasuhiko Matsuno and Anna Nakagawa along with the Paralympics' Masato Ikema and Maki Matsumoto will be announcers at the opening ceremony of the Paralympic Games, while Chudai Seta teaming with Matsumoto for the closing:



Also Yaosobi was appointed to produce the NHK Sports Theme 2024 that will be used for its Paris 2024 Summer Olympics presentation:  


Did I mention there's going to be three, each multipart, IOC-commissioned documentary series in conjunction with Nextflix and the IOC on gymnast Simone Biles, Olympic Men's Basketball, and Sprint season two featuring Sha’Carri Richardson, Noah Lyles, and Shericka Jackson?


Over in Greece, ERT announced this January the creation of the Olympic Channel as part of ERT's upcoming Paris 2024 coverage that will endure only during the Olympics and Paralympics as a popup that will exclusively join its streaming service ERTFlix and TV channels ERT1, ERT2, ERT3, ERTSports1, ERTSports2:


Caracol Television will air 200 hours, the IOC-mandated minimum of TV hours for the Summer Olympics, for its transmission in the studio with about 40 people involved including narrators, journalists and guests by disciplines that will include Paris-bound Ricardo Orrego, Jhonson Rojas, and Marcela Monsalve:


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Starting with some breaking news this morning coming out of NBC...




Also this from NBC about some returning personalities...


From down under in Australia, Stan Sport, Nine Network's sister digital channel, makes its Olympic launch at the famed Sydney Opera House inside its Bennalong Restaurant for Paris 2024 complimenting the latter for its most comprehensive Olympic coverage in Australian TV history that starts July 24--"the only place [in Australia] to watch every event from, all 329 events, Paris ad free, live and on demand with the biggest moments in 4K Ultra HD and 5.1 stereo surround sound for the first time in Australia!" with 40 different individual sports channels, 4 featured channels, and a 24/7 Olympic News Channel including highlights, full events, and minis. Showed off Stan Sport's Paris 2024 sportscasting team starring Stephanie Rice (swimming), Shane Heal (basketball), Elise Kellond-Knight (soccer), Grant Hackett (swimming), Alicia Lucas (women's rugby), Tilly Kearns (water polo), Michael Hooper, Chris Stubbs and Michael Atkinson (Paris reporter), Nova Peris (field hockey and track and field), John Steffenson (track and field/athletics), Craig "Fozzie" Foster and Mark Bosnich (soccer), Michael Hooper and Morgan Turinui (men's rugby, assuming the former won't make the Paris roster), Jaime Dwyer (men's field hockey) Ash Barty (tennis--making her broadcasting debut), Stuart O'Grady (cycling), and Nick Green (rowing). And I think we're seeing the optic presentation for it too like its intro.

What makes this Stan Sport Paris 2024 coverage reveal really interesting is it's taking a page from SBS' FIFA World Cup coverage in alligning itself with curated official international coverage from the UK, Spain, France, Germany, Greece and Italy (Eurosport), India (Viacom 18) and New Zealand (Sky New Zealand), with world class international experts and extensive daily shows, making it multilingual for Australian viewers with 8 live international channels to watch this Summer Olympics will reach and become accessible to more communities in Australia than ever before, in languages they are familiar with, thanks to the support from the IOC and the great partners of Eurosport, TV18 and Sky New Zealand, a world first. Makes you and me wonder if those aforementioned Eurosports, Viacom18, and SKY New Zealand would conduct likewise within each other, particularly with the last one since it only announced just a few of its broadcasters, and the former with multiple languages across Europe and HBO MAX now available. Making it "a rich and effortless Olympics viewing experience for Stan's subscribers"

Also, sports journalists Tara Rushton and Adam Peacock "will also host the Stan-exclusive Olympics Daily and Paris Preview shows, which will contain opinions and analysis from some of Australia’s most iconic atheletes, including Ash Barty, Grant Hackett, Stephanie Rice, Nova Peris and John Steffensen" that act as "exclusive morning review and evening preview shows bookending each day and airing at 7am and 2pm AEST throughout all 16 days of competition" while also revealing a new and upgraded Stan Sport platform including enhanced features like an enhanced seamless in-player viewing experience. Improved live switching functionality across TVs, set-top boxes, a built-in schedule and dedicated and curated feeds including Gold Medal Moments, Aussies in Action, Daily Top 10, will also be available to ensure viewers won’t miss the biggest moments from Paris 2024, and for the first time, mobile and web, will enable easy navigation between live Olympic sports.

Stan releases a series of planned docs like the Stan Original Documentary Trailblazers starring Sam Kerr (who will actually not be playing this summer due to her torn ACL), Steph Catley, and Mary Fowler which captures the incredible rise of women’s soccer in Australia, as the Matildas strive to win gold. Other sports documentaries will also be available on Stan in the lead-up to Paris 2024, including Freeman, exploring Cathy Freeman's iconic gold medal win at Sydney 2000, Kipchoge: The Last Milestone, I Am Bolt, I Am Ali and Foreman: 





The CBC is starting to upload it Paris 2024 TV schedule for the English language Canadian presentation (and would likely be similar for the SRC/Radio-Canada's French version). All starts with Canada vs. New Zealand women's soccer live at 9:30am Canada/USA/Mexico CT on Thursday July 25 followed by Paris 2024 at 12pm, which we will see plenty of. Will get updated frequently as we go along. Promise I will discuss and analyze the CBC's plans very soon: 


NOS plans to air 220 hours of its presentation of Paris 2024 this summer for its coverage. Or around 14 hours daily with this coverage:


Hong Kong residents will very soon watch some Olympic TV programming, a series of Olympic-related shows, produced by RTHK, Guangdong Radio and Television on Monday, and another with Beijing Radio and Television Station (BRTV) on Tuesday, and the China Media Group with some coming from mainland China to jointly deliver news related to the Paris Olympics and Paralympics 2024 in Cantonese, English, and Putonghua along with sign language and audio description also available Subjects will involve green efforts, local culture, and behind the scenes stories from Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and individual athletes' preparations for Paris 2024:


With that from HK, here's the first RTHK Paris 2024 promo featuring Hong Kong's top Olympic medal contenders fencer Cheung Ka Long, swimmer Siobhan Haughey, and mixed badminton players Tang Chung Man and Tse Ying Suet. All showing what they're entering Paris 2024 in too. Can't speak or understand Cantonese and no translation yet, so I can't say what they're speaking. But they were at the Hong Kong Sports Stars Awards. RTHK's portion will come on RTHK TV32:   

DR Girls Choir will travel from Denmark to Paris in the early days of the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics July 25-27 to help open the Denmark House near the Champs-Elysee and also be a part of DR Sporten's live broadcast coverage of the Paris 2024 Opening Ceremony and a Paris church concert:


In related stories, DR follows a number of Danish athletes' paths to get ready for Paris in a coming soon program series that premieres in late June leading into the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics and Paralympics. There viewers can meet, among others, badminton player Anders Antonsen, track cyclist Julie Leth, team handball player Sandra Toft, and Sofie Skoubo, who plays wheelchair rugby, all showing what it takes to make those teams.

Danmark Radio will feature well-known sports commentators such as Andreas Kraul, Frederik Lindved, Henrik Liniger and Morten Hausborg preparing and readying to comment on DR's various channels and platforms. But reinforcements have also been sourced elsewhere at DR. Among others, Kim Bildsøe Lassen from TVA and Jonas Madsen, who Danish viewers know from 'Ultra Nyt' and soon also 'Versus', are part of DR's Paris 2024 Olympic coverage. Stéphanie Surrugue, with her in-depth knowledge of the host nation, will help tell stories with a particularly French angle. Stéphanie Surrugue will also comment on the opening ceremony together with Henrik Liniger.

On the expert side, Sara Slott will become part of DR's track and field/athletics coverage, while Camilla Andersen and Lars Krogh Jeppesen will take on the expert roles in DR's handball studio. DR's Olympic studio is going to be located on a roof terrace in Montmartre in Paris with Josefine Høgh, Tina Müller and Tobias Hansen serving as DR's Paris 2024 studio hosts. They'll tie the Olympic days together from the studio in Paris, from early morning until late at night, when the last disciplines close the Olympic day.

Among other things, DR will follow seriously cycling at the Olympics particularly closely. All cycling is broadcast live on DR with big Danish medal contenders and dreams on the road, and an expectation that the track cycling disciplines will be where the Danish athletes can take home the most medals from Paris

DR's P4 Radio will once again be involved in the Olympic action, also from the roof terrace in Paris that Louise Deruginsky and Thomas Loft will describe the Olympic atmosphere directly to Danish listeners in the morning. For the rest of the day, P4's well-known hosts take over from Denmark, where P4 listeners can listen in as reporters and commentators in Paris are replaced throughout the day. At the same time, DR's news podcast 'Tyvstart' broadcasts seven days a week with the latest news from the Olympics. All announced at Aarhus' Dokk1 in a late March press conference:




RTBF Sports head editor Benoit Delhauteur says RTBF has been the operation planning for Paris 2024 for approxiamtely two and a half years under a budget unlike that of a private broadcaster and manage it. RTBF is "committed to 50/50 broadcasting of the men's and women's competitions" with Summer Olympics like previously with Tokyo. Along with linear TV and radio media's still-large audience, RTBF has a rapidly "growing audience which follows us on our digital platforms. RTBF Actus and RTBF Auvio will be our two essential platforms for coverage this summer" along with other major sports summer events like EURO 2024 and Tour De France for free in Belgian French. Social media networks will be used a lot on every major event to provide content and interact with the public: 


Both RTBF's TV and radio arms will have its studios installed in the heart of the Belgium House in Paris. Two daily shows are scheduled: “A nous Paris”, on mornings, and “Complètement Jeux” on Vivacité:


TelevisaUnivision in Mexico will broadcast 200 hours of the competitions on its open television channels, Canal 5 and El Nu9ve, and will provide 24/7 coverage through TUDN, its pay television channel. In addition, it will broadcast these channels simultaneously on ViX, its streaming service. Ready to provide the most complete coverage of Mexican athletes in "delivering a unique experience to our viewers and users in all our screens". With involvement through TelevisaUnivision's studios in Chapultepec and San Ángel:


Speaking of Viacom18, first known details of its overall Paris 2024 plans start, first off, with an enhanced viewing experience of the Olympics games like never before, with thousands of hours of live and on demand action across JioCinema and the Sports18 Network starting July 26, 2024." Viacom18’s comprehensive coverage of Paris 2024 will include content around must-watch events for India fans, although it's not officially yet clear what languages will be in the offering outside of English and Hindi. 

India’s exclusive Paris 2024 broadcaster, announces its first Olympic-themed series called "Get Set Gold" hosted by Indian wicket-keeper and eloquent broadcaster Dinesh Karthik, showcasing elite Olympics athletes unveiling their dedication for success. Across four gripping episodes available on JioCinema May 23-29, Dinesh will host current Olympics and World Javelin Throw champion Neeraj Chopra, reigning Commonwealth Games Champion Boxer Nikhat Zareen, Olympics Bronze Medal-winning Hockey Goalkeeper PR Sreejesh, and World #1 Badminton Men’s Doubles pair of Chirag Shetty, and Satwiksairaj Rankireddy under a typical preview format showcasing their interviews, dedication, intense training, practices, sacrifices in seeking success and glory. Now also showing India's Glorious Golden Moments:


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Still nothing from the BBC? I get that July is gonna be seriously busy with the Euros conclusion, Wimbledon & now a general election, but I'd have thought we'd be getting something by now. Especially since they can't really do a big launch during the Euros final with it only being 10 days before the Olympic football starts... the 4th might be a good time to launch the trailer though if they can somehow pull off an Olympics/election crossover :lol:

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58 minutes ago, Durban Sandshark said:


Yeah, I got my Stan email about it yesterday - great timing for my streaming subscription rotation. Might even peek into the BBC coverage (if the Beeb gets around to it).

And no ads! But that means I can’t log into here to complain about the ads!!!

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20 hours ago, Sir Rols said:

Yeah, I got my Stan email about it yesterday - great timing for my streaming subscription rotation. Might even peek into the BBC coverage (if the Beeb gets around to it).

And no ads! But that means I can’t log into here to complain about the ads!!!

Good for you, Sir Rols! You can happily talk all about Stan Sports along with Nine here! I'm sure we'll upload some Stan Sport Paris 2024 promos with 9's very soon along the way.

Based on what we got announced at the Sydney Opera House from Stan, the languages offered for the multilingual Olympic coverage partnership are English (Eurosport UK & Ireland and SKY Sport NZ), German (Eurosport Deutschland), Italian (Eurosport Italia), French (Eurosport France), Spanish (Eurosport Espana), and Hindi (Viacom18).

Nine's Paris 2024 Summer Olympic and Paralympic branding general overview:


We're starting to gradually get further info regarding the South Korean Paris 2024 Summer Olympic broadcasters. According to the Namu Wiki, and let's be aware that there will be further updating and additions with the following, KBS has London 2012 bronze medal winning fencer Choi Byeong-cheol and Atlanta 1996 silver medalist in the men's gymnastics vault Yeo Hong-cheol as experts. SBS will have Tae Hwan Park, the 2008 gold medalist and London 2012 silver medalist in the men's 400m and 2x silver medalist in the men's 200m at both, as the swimming analyst, and Yongdae Lee will help cover badminton being a 2008 Beijing mixed doubles gold medal and 2012 London men's doubles bronze medal winner. MBC got right now just 2016 Rio individual and team gold medalist Hyejin Jang acting as an archery expert with Hyunhee Nam, a silver medal winner at the 2008 Beijing individual and bronze medal at the 2012 London group exhibitions, breaking it down with fencing. 

It looks as though SBS, KBS, and MBC will cover the same Summer Olympics sports, some with major South Korean appeal--archery, fencing, badminton, gymnastics, table tennis, golf, taekwondo, swimming, track and field, weightlifting, team handball, judo, diving, breaking, and shooting. Given that, as of this writing, South Korea also has Olympians in wrestling, sailing, cycling, modern pentathlon, and artistic swimming that are bound for Paris, those broadcasters, wanting to cover as many South Korean athletes as they can, will have sportscasters on them too. Soccer was a major blow with the South Korean U23 men failing to qualify out of Asia for the first time in 40 years, and this may mean Bae Seong-jae's main specialty, soccer, was in danger of virtually disappearing. If the financial situation is tight for SBS and there is no need to broadcast soccer, there is no justification for spending a lot of money to hire Bae Seong-jae as a sportscaster and is highly unlikely to participate. Furthermore, will SBS send a broadcasting team on location to Paris at all given its parent company's, Taeyoung Construction, financial crisis situation? 

Neither did South Korea qualified in both men's and women's volleyball (indoor), and there apparently wouldn't be much interest to cover that without them involved with both outside the top 20 in the FIVB rankings, as the women's team having collapsed and depth rapidly weakened following Kim Yeon-kyung's retirement from the national team. To say nothing about baseball's omission in France. SBS could consequently hire more freelance broadcasters going along. Depending on the financial situation, there is a possibility that all events will be broadcast via Obtube from a Seoul studio, as was the case at the previous Tokyo Olympics.

Over at MBC, since London 2012 whenever South Korea wins a gold medal in the Olympics or Asian Games, Kim Yeon-woo 's 'Ola There ' is played, so some people watch the MBC broadcast just to hear that. If broadcasting rights cannot be secured for the next Summer Olympics (2028 LA, 2032 Brisbane) from JTBC, there is a high possibility that announcer Kim Sang-ho will broadcast this event as his last broadcast. Meanwhile at KBS, fighting for the ratings with MBC to remain first in viewership, is currently undergoing a major generational transition as it's due to the retirement age and retirement impacting some of KBS' broadcasters, so the performance of new faces of sportscasters is expected to attract attention. If broadcasting rights cannot be secured for the next Summer Olympics ahead with 2028 LA and 2032 in Brisbane from JTBC, sportscaster Choi Seung-don will likely broadcast this Summer Olympics for the last time.

https://namu.wiki/w/2024 파리 올림픽/중계

YLE Finland announces its Paris 2024 broadcasting coverage plans. Apparently, no Swedish language coverage in Finland again to have on YLE FEM (formerly FST5). Thinking this may have as much to do with Eurosport holding exclusive Swedish language coverage inside Sweden and perhaps allowing HBO MAX getting access across Europe after negotiations. As a reminder, basketball and all the aquatics sports are exclusively again with Warner Bros. Discovery--Eurosport 1 & 2, TV5, and Kutonen. Track and field/athletics will undoubtably serve as a YLE Paris 2024 coverage centerpiece with a large Finnish contingent ready to take on Paris. 


Yle Urheilu broadcasts the games daily from nine in the morning until midnight on YLE TV2 and YLE Areena Finland time. On YLE Radio Suomen Olympiaradio, broadcasts are heard every day from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and from 7:00 p.m. until late at night Finland time. On YLE Urheilu's website and in the YLE app, the Olympians are followed almost 24 hours a day.

"The Olympic Games are the world's biggest sporting event. It is the most diverse and equal sports event, which gathers together different virtuosos of their own sport from all over the world. In Finland, the Olympic Games are still the most watched sports event and the cornerstone of Yle's sports offering. We offer the delicacies of the Olympic Games, tailored from a Finnish perspective. Highlights, stories and drama can be followed on a wide range of different media," says Joose Palonen, chief producer of the Olympic Games.

Finnish performances and the most important sports for Finns are at the center of the live broadcasts, without forgetting the tasters and topics of conversation about other interesting and fast-paced Olympic sports. YLE has the rights to show three different sports simultaneously on television and in Areena, excluding water sports and basketball, which are currently the property of Warner Bros. Discovery. Basketball and swimming reports are heard on Yle Radio Finland.

The YLE team along the whole way

In YLE's broadcasts, the atmosphere of the Olympics is interpreted by a whole host of top professionals. In athletics, the commentators are Kimmo Porttila and Johannes Oikarinen (Yle TV2, Yle Areena), and Mikko Hannula and Aaro Linnalaakso (Yle Radio Suomi). Tuomas Raja and Jaakko Ojaniemi are experts in athletics. Laura Arffman and Petra Manner will be seen as reporters at the Stade de France. The unique atmosphere of Paris, the events at the competition venues and the presence in the competition city can be seen versatilely in Yle's broadcasts and other content. 

Riku Salminen, experienced Paris correspondent Annastiina Heikkilä, shooting couple Nina Vanhatalo and golf Simo Leinonen report from the race venues and the street noise to the home stands, among others. In Marseille, Riikka Smolander-Slotte conveys the mood of the sailing team together with Yle Urheilu's recent expert, London 2012 Olympic silver medalist Tuuli Petäjä-Siren. There will be plenty of top professionals as commentators, with whom you can jump into the Olympic sports. On Yle TV2 and Yle Areena you can hear, for example, Juha Valvio (golf), Eero Lehti (sailing), Marko Björs (school riding) and Matti Härkö (women's football). On the radio side, the voices include Jari Haapala (swimming), Toni Lönnroos and Pasi Roimela (several sports).

In Pasila's studio, YLE's presenters are Inka Henelius, Sami Laine and Antti-Jussi Sipilä, who keep viewers engaged on the most important events during the busy competition days. On Radio Suomen's frequency, among others, Henri Pitkänen, Markus Turunen, and Sanna Pirkkalainen front Olympiaradio.

Shared experiences and moment-to-moment follow-up

By following Yle Urheilu's website and the Yle app, you stay on the map of all the events of the Games. On Yle Urheilu's website , you can find comprehensive result tracking, the most interesting race news, and the best video clips in the "Hetki ekkellta" tracking on Yle Urheilu's website. In the Yle app and Yle Urheilu's website, personal stories and phenomenal stories that delve deeper than the surface of the Games are published. You can test your knowledge in the sports-themed Kisanujat game, where you can win prizes.

You can get excited about the games together with other Olympic spectators in the chat both in Yle Areena and in the Yle service. The Olympic atmosphere also takes over Yle Urheilu's social media channels, where you can find the most memorable moments of the race both on the fields and behind the scenes.

Athletics and a wide variety of different sports

Athletics, one of the most anticipated games of the Olympics, will be contested at the Stade de France from August 1 to 11. The athletics tournament is shown live in its entirety on Yle TV2 and Yle Areena, and it is also closely followed by Yle Radio Finland, Yle Urheilu's website and social media channels.

Yle's opening broadcast at the Opening Ceremony will be narrated by Mika Saarelainen, who is familiar with figure skating broadcasts and Yle Radio Suomi, and Jouko Vuolle, experienced over in Yle Urheilu. The atmosphere of the evening from the banks of the Seine and the streets of Paris is also conveyed by Yle's reporters. Viewers can get into the mood of the live Opening Ceremony broadcast on Friday, July 26. from 8 pm on Yle TV2 and Yle Areena.


20 hours ago, yoshi said:

Still nothing from the BBC? I get that July is gonna be seriously busy with the Euros conclusion, Wimbledon & now a general election, but I'd have thought we'd be getting something by now. Especially since they can't really do a big launch during the Euros final with it only being 10 days before the Olympic football starts... the 4th might be a good time to launch the trailer though if they can somehow pull off an Olympics/election crossover :lol:

Yoshi, I'm gonna link the Digital Spy forum thread centering the upcoming BBC Paris broadcasting coverage to help give you some ideas to discuss over. I realize we haven't talked much about the BBC here, but let's get that discussion going even further. Definitely July is gonna be "seriously busy" for the Beeb with the Euros, Wimbeldon, Paris 2024, and the now-announced July 4 general election all stuffed in. You would expect the BBC track and field contingent to be on location in Paris like Michael Johnson, Denise Lewis, Jessica Ennis-Hill, and Colin Jackson and not calling the action in Salford. So would perhaps swimming. Being aware of reported costs concerns with the Daily Mail supposedly slamming it for increasing costs and spending too much and their full BBC personnel has yet to be formalized. Can't expect major surprises there as Clare Balding, Hazel Irvine, Gabby Logan, Jason Mohammed (last two not really involved in the BBC's recent major soccer coverage), Jason and JJ Chalmers, and Alex Scott all reprising their roles--all among the best in the British biz. Balding herself announced recently on BBC Radio 1 that she's heading to Paris and will handle swimming, track cycling, as well as both ceremonies. We already mentioned Sir Steven Redgrave getting axed. Can't expect anything different. Don't really know regarding Gary Lineker and his potential role. Maybe Mark Chapman might head to BBC Radio 5 Live, perhaps on evenings, and could still appear on TV. BBC Paris 2024 press release should coming up very soon. 

As we may know, the BBC will be restricted to just one TV channel in BBC1, one stream, and one radio station in BBC Radio 5 Live. Maybe even either Kelly Cates or Steve Crossman. We'll touch more as we continue to delve into this more--did just read that rugby union correspondent Chris Jones will handle rowing commentary: 


BBC’s chief content officer, Charlotte Moore says the BBC’s TV ­coverage of the Olympics will run every day from 8am to 10pm GMT, prior to an ­evening highlights show. She added that ­Britain’s most successful female Olympian, Laura Kenny, and the long jumper Jazmin Sawyers, who sadly misses Paris with an achilles injury, would join the BBC’s long standing team of pundits, which includes Michael Johnson, Sir Chris Hoy, Jessica Ennis-Hill, and others:


HOY TV, an I-Cable subsidiary, is part of the HK consortium and "will fully broadcast the 2024 Paris Olympic Games across its three TV channels in Hong Kong along with RTHK TV32, TVB, and ViuTV. A star-studded line-up of Olympic commentators and hosts has been announced and a series of pre-event programmes will provide the updates both inside and outside the Olympic venues, encouraging the entire city to support Hong Kong" through its three TV channels: HOY International Finance Channel (Channel 76), HOY TV (Channel 77), and HOY Information Channel (Channel 78) will fully broadcast the Olympics and its mobile applications, and social media platforms will also fully broadcast the exciting Olympic events. As always, a HOY TV team of seasoned sports programme hosts, project experts, and former or current athletes will provide commentary, continuing to offer the audience the most professional and comprehensive Olympic TV programmes. HOY TV will broadcast over 13 hours of live or recorded Olympic events daily from 3 PM Hong Kong time, capturing the athletes’ performances and the exhilarating atmosphere of this international sports event. The group will also produce highlights and reports on various Olympic events to meet the audience’s needs.

In addition to veteran athletes such as Wong Kam Po (cycling), Lee Wai Sze (cycling), and Yip Pui Yin (badminton), current athletes including Cheung Ka Long (fencing), Chang Hiu Fung (fencing), Angus Ng Ka Long (badminton), and Yiu Kam Shing (rugby sevens) will be making their debut as HOY TV Olympic commentators.

HOY TV will premiere various international events from during May, including the FIVB Women’s Volleyball Nations League, the FIVB Men’s Volleyball Nations League, Copa América, and the 2024 Paris Olympic Men’s Basketball Qualifying Tournament from 7 July.

A series of pre-Olympic programs will immerse viewers in the Paris Olympic atmosphere. HOY TV has produced several pre-event programs, including updates on the preparations of national and Hong Kong teams. From 27 May, HOY Information Channel (Channel 78) will air “The Olympics are Coming,” introducing the preparations for the Paris Olympics. From 28 May, HOY TV (Channel 77) will broadcast other pre-event programs: “Destination Paris” (starting 28 May, 60 episodes), “HOY Olympic Action” (starting 15 June, 12 episodes), “Hong Kong Takes Off” (starting 7 July, 4 episodes), and “Paris Frontline” (starting 16 July, 7 episodes). HOY International Finance Channel (Channel 76) will also broadcast “Countdown to Paris” from 17 June, fully preparing for the Olympic event!

To stay updated with the latest Olympic news, HOY International Finance Channel (Channel 76) and HOY TV (Channel 77) will broadcast over 13 hours of live or recorded events daily from 3 PM; HOY Information Channel (Channel 78) will provide daily highlights and event reports from the morning, delivering the latest results to the audience. Additionally, the HOY mobile app will feature three live channels broadcasting various exciting events, with push notifications to inform the public of the latest results. The group is expected to invest over ten million in the entire Olympic broadcast and production, maintaining an objective, professional, and serious attitude in analyzing and commenting on the events, and joining the audience in supporting the athletes.


Minami Sukama, Fuji TV's Sports! host, will be among the Fuji TV Paris 2024 sportscasters: 


China Media Group with help from the IOC announces its new Morning Sports sports program devoted to CCTV's Paris 2024 coverage. CMG plans to utilize accelerating technological innovation, developing Esports events, application of artificial intelligence, immersive audio and other technologies, and on other fronts with cooperation with IOC. Of course, CMG will send "a top team to provide first-class broadcasting content for the Games" after CMG’s production trucks left Beijing on Saturday for Ningbo, east China’s Zhejiang Province, where they will depart for Paris. They are expected to arrive in the French capital in late July. CMG will provide the first 8K ultra high-definition broadcasting signal of the Olympic Games in history in Paris via these production trucks. Also sported the CMG's Paris 2024 logo:



Allow me to amend what I said about Viacom18 yesterday, sure India has the biggest viewership market by far and the programming tends to be India-centric, sports and languages and all. But the rights with Sports18 and JioCinema apply extending along throughout the Indian South Asian subcontinent--India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Maldives, Nepal, and Bhutan.

Ukraine's Suspilne Broadcasting announced it will be the Ukrainian carrier of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Ukraine. Viewers there will be able to watch those events on the Suspilne Sport Channel and on local Suspilne channels (such as Suspilne Kyiv and Suspilne Chernihiv).

Broadcasts of Paris 2024 will also be available on the Suspilne Sport website, and fans can listen to matches of Ukraine's national team in the Olympic football tournament, ready to inspire the world, on Radio Promin. The first Ukrainian broadcast from Paris 2024 will be the match between Ukraine's Olympic soccer team and Iraq scheduled for July 24, starting at 8:00 pm Ukrainian time:


From pages 35-41, the Mexican magazine Caras profiles the TelevisaUnivision/TUDN Mexican Paris 2024 Summer Olympic coverage plans and personalities as part of the June 2024 Paris 2024 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Mexican-themed issue. Nothing on rival TV Azteca/Claro Sports or Imagen Television:


German alpine skiing great Felix Neureuther trades the winter skis and becomes a Paris 2024 ARD Summer Olympics expert during Das Erste's Paris 2024 coverage with his new series Felix Neureuther: Slalom Through Paris on TV, ARD Mediathek online/mobile, Sportschau social media accounts, radio, and podcast sharing his views and experiences in Paris with the audience and will also appear as an opinionated guest in the TV studio, on the podcast and on the radio. Will include old acquaintences Esther Sedlaczek and Alex Bommes:



Ariana Television will exclusively present the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics to Afghanistan and Ariana News will present further news and details later on:


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Yeah I know the BBC is limited to what it had in Tokyo isn't it...as it turned out that wasn't too bad because of the time zone, the afternoon highlights show with Jason Mohammed was very good & really did everything needed. I know the main coverage is on Discovery plus, & I must say I'm very not impressed with how it's handling the French Open - not keen on its interface anyway but mainly it has a tendency to completely freeze, which can only be escaped by turning the entire box off & on again...I really hope they've done their sums regarding server capacity for the unprecedented demand they're gonna get for the Olympics. 

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