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Paris 2024 Media updates


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Latest news just breaking outta NBC. Maria Taylor will serve as NBC/Peacock's late night coverage segment host from various Paris venues "to make the city a central character" with major guests--and will be along the Team USA boat with the American athletes along the 5-mile Seine River journey during the Opening Ceremony! Was progessively expecting someone would handle this duty under a very unique ceremony as soon as we learned the format. Makes me wonder if there will be a Spanish counterpart from Telemundo included during its first ever live Spanish version. Also, would other broadcasters follow suit? 


And we got some idea of what the NBC schedule will be when AMC brings forth live the NBC Paris 2024 presentation at its movie theaters. Obviously showing some of the more popular sports, all shown during the afternoon in the CT/ETs and mid-morning on the west coast--swimming, USA basketball games, gymnastics, track and field, beach volleyball, 3x3 basketball, rhythmic gymnastics, and the closing ceremony starting July 28:


North of the border, CBC/Radio-Canada President and CEO Catherine Tait says it wants all Canadians involved and engaged with its inclusive Olympic Games broadcast. We'll discuss this more a short time later, but suffice to say the CBC will offer its Paris 2024 Summer Olympics and Paralympics coverage, like with Tokyo 2020 and Beijing 2022 before it, in several Indigenous languages like Inuktitut, Cree, and Mohawk, ASL and Quebec Sign Language, closed captioning, and descriptive video along with English and French:


France Televisions Overseas channel is showing a series of surfing-themed special programming on TV, radio, and digital from June 6 in celebration of French Polynesia gets ready to host Olympic Games surfing at the legendary Teahupo'o wave. Including the Point Break cult movie:


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Eurosport France finalizes its consultants/experts/analyst roster with the play-by-play companions for every Olympic sport shown.  Among them being Christine Arron, Frederic Weis, Endy Miyem, Stephan Caristan, Alain Bernard, Emilie Le Pennec, Elisabeth Rachid, Laura Auger, Coralyne Lemaire, Maurein Nisima, Laurent Chambertin, Jelena Lozancic, Perrine Le Leuch, Shani Bru, Sheyen Gamboa, Adele Stern, Audrey Adiceom, Gauthier Klauss, Thierry Anti, Aunard Tourant, Yohann Diniz, Lea Palermo, Virginie Masse, Camille Judet-Cheret & Jean-Marc Nicolas, Franck Dumoulin, Frederic Jossinet, Marie Sempere, Amelie Gaudjo, Lionel Charbonnier, Jacky Durand, Ludovic Vo, MATTHIAS DANDOIS, JOHAN BERTHONNEAU, John Dovi, Julie Vanderchnitt, Tom Leconte, Nodjialem Myaro, Jean Michel Ciceron, and Johan Berthonneau--living up to its promise of parity in the consultants. Also showing the reporters involved in the Eurosport France preview and review shows. Mentions the 7 Eurosport Olympic channels. Commentaries for both ceremonies will be from Guillaume Di Grazia, Bertrand Milliard and accompanied by Éric Monnin and Eurosport experts. First link is the Eurosport France Paris 2024 press kit pdf indicating coverage, Eurosport 1's & 2's programming grids . Because of the full announced names in this, it's an updated version of what was previously uploaded from Canal Plus using the Europe-wide Eurosport Paris 2024 color motifs and wordmarkings starting from the 100-day mark using white red, blue, and purple colors. More later:



RMC Sports, the official and popular national French sports radio station for Paris 2024, unveils its "7-digit" system for its Paris 2024 radio coverage for France. 60 journalists, 18 consultants, and 20 hours of live broadcast per day dedicated to the Games, 3 digital radio stations in addition to traditional radio. For RMC, the Summer Olympic Games will last not 2, but 3 weeks with the implementation of special editions from the 22 July. RMC will also be relocated to the Pont Neuf during the opening ceremony before moving to Club France where a 100m2 studio awaits all the teams. Personalities there include David Douillet, Siraba Dembélé, Pierre-Ambroise Bosse, Marion Bartoli, and Boris Sanson to its “Dream Team”.

The Olympic day will begin on RMC with an “Olympic morning” before bringing to life the best moments of the disciplines, throughout the day, and a live broadcast from 8:30 p.m. The digital radio stations “100% Bleus”, “100% team sports” and “100% individual sports”, which will take place in a new studio built on the premises of the Altice group, will complete the radio offer. The Games obviously cost more when they are at home because there, we are not sending 3, 4 journalists abroad, it is a whole group that is behind the event. We will work with our cousins from BFM, BFM region, RMC Story, and RMC Découverte. Hence the 7 digit cost with commercial sales are already advanced for the Summer Olympics, EURO 2024, and later on with the Paralympics. As the official radio station for Paris 2024, RMC, like Radio France , will be entitled to use words linked to the Olympics or to display the Olympic rings in these visuals:


In a related French Olympic Games broadcast media story, Marie-Jose Perec, aka La Gazelle, Philippe Croizon, and Henri Leconte arriving as the newest RTL recruits as part of the consultant team. The M6 Group's radio station will provide an “exceptional” feature during these Games with 3 programs each day in addition to news flashes on the day's news. In “RTL Matin”, the “Olympic Mornings” section from 8:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. will provide an update on the current competitions. On “RTL Midi” from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m., journalists and consultants will be live from the sites to “bring listeners to the excitement of the Olympic Games in real time”. Finally, every evening from Club France, between 7:15 p.m. and 11 p.m., Eric Silvestro will receive medal-winning athletes to debrief and analyze the day's events.


We'll check back to France Televisions very soon.

RTVE has another Olympic preview show that's also shown on RTVE Play called Paris: Una Historie De Amor (Paris: A Love Story). Throughout eight episodes airing on Thursdays at 8pm Spain time viewers will learn about the love stories of Spain's best national athletes in their journeys with their respective sports with Ona Carbonell, Sandra Sánchez, Lydia Valentín and Eva Moral acting as hosts towards a city where the athletes' dreams, Olympic passions, love, and energy all get unleashed:


Stan Sport's Paris 2024 promo detailing its overall digital/streaming and multilingual coverage and its star-studded personnel where every Summer Olympic event is covered and with special 4K presentation. Seems as though Stan Sport attempts to be distinct from the Nine Network it terms of not just branding but coverage scope:   



Kasumi Ishikawa, a three-time table tennis Olympic medalist, gets appointed as Fuji TV's Paris 2024 sportscaster. Turns out she's got a major Chinese following hopefully looking forward to hear her commentary on Ma Long, who Ishikawa once wished she could be in mixed doubles table tennis comps with: 


Globo now publicly admits that its upcoming Paris 2024 coverage will ultimately result in a financial loss for the first time ever for them despite being proud and needing to maintain the Brazilian TV coverage of the Olympics' institutional value to Globo there with no thinking of revenue because of the state of the Brazilian economy. Remember, Globo had to make some serious changes ahead, like having to sell off some of its rights to CazeTV, due to Brazil's economic interests : 


TV 2 Denmark has officially revealed its general Paris 2024 coverage plans late last week as 120 of Denmark's best Olympians get ready to take on the world starting this July when it shares the Danish coverage with DR. But TV 2 holds the exclusive live rights to badminton, where there are many Danes who are asserting themselves right now. Other major sports for the Olympics are team handball, tennis, and track and field/athletics, all three of which are shared between TV 2 and DR. As always, there are also a number of smaller and more curious sports at the Olympics - this time, among other things, with the debut of breakdancing as well as climbing and surfing, which are three sports for which TV 2 has the live rights. TV 2, TV 2 Sport, and TV 2 Sport X will all dedicatingly cover it on the terrestrial side with serious support from TV 2 Play (more on that later)

TV 2's main studio during Paris 2024 is a large studio with a view of the Eiffel Tower, which is located right in front of the Olympic Champions Park, where the winners are continuously celebrated and where the medal presentations take place. In addition, TV 2 has smaller studios at some of the locations around Paris where the competitions in the most important sports take place. It is a huge setup, and the many hours of sports on TV 2's channels and the many different sports that are covered require a large number of people in France and at home in Odense. It is a mix of journalists, commentators and experts who together can deliver both insight and excitement.

TV 2 provides a strong and talented team to guide the Danes through the many days of top sports through their crucial personalities, professionalism, and presence who will bring the Olympic atmosphere to Danish households like Morten Ankerdal, Camilla Martin, and Stine Bjerre Mortensen will take turns hosting in the main studio at the Eiffel Tower. The sports events will also be covered by live reporters with extensive experience; Christina Schmidt, Thomas Bilde, Ulrik Jönsson, Mejse Egebjerg, Maja Laursen Bjerg, Jacob Qvirin, and Nicolai Dvinge. For commentary play-by-play there are seasoned forces such as Jonas Nyhøj, Bent Nyegaard, Peter Bruun Jørgensen, Dennis Bostrup, Michael Stærke, Henrik Fallesen and many more. 

TV 2's experts/analysts are all former elite athletes, some of whom have also participated in the Olympics themselves, and several of them have even won a medal. TV 2's experts include Tine Scheuer-Larsen (tennis), Rolf Sørensen (road running), Henriette Engel Hansen (kayak), Emili Beckmann (swimming) and Lin Ea Cenholt (sailing). Within badminton, which is a sport for which TV 2 has the sole live rights, TV 2 is extra strongly occupied with Tine Baun, Joachim Fischer, Jim Laugesen, and not least Camilla Martin.  All names mentioned will provide details of the individual sports.

With society and the rest of the world becoming more politicized than it has been for many years, like with the upcoming European Union parliament elections, and this is something we have also prepared for. It will also be part of our coverage, and here we will collaborate with TV 2 News, says Kristian Hyldgaard, Head of TV 2 Sport.

A funny thing about TV 2's coverage of Paris 2024 is that Morten Spiegelhauer, who usually works with digging journalism in 'Operation X', will comment on climbing together with the Danish champion Katrine Salling.

Paris 2024 on TV 2 Play

There really is something to look forward to for all Danish sports fans on TV 2's channels and platforms. Denmark has strong athletes in a number of disciplines, and TV 2 is ready to capture every moment. From the intense live shows to the in-depth study programs and the unforgettable highlights - TV 2 is with you all the way. The flow channels TV 2, TV 2 Sport and TV 2 Sport X are all dedicated to the Olympics, but the great Olympic experience will be on TV 2 Play, where you can watch lots of live transmissions, highlights as well as a cascade of unique content that brings The Olympic experience up close.

- The major focal point for the coverage will be TV 2 Play, which provides the best experiences from the Olympics. At TV 2 Play, we have the opportunity to deliver great moments and fantastic sports performances directly to the Danes in a special Paris 2024 universe. Here we will also give them the opportunity to see all the most important highlights from the Games, says Kristian Hyldgaard.  

TV 2 will win a medal in navigation

During Paris 2024, TV 2 has a special focus on the digital platforms and media. Here you can get the latest news and updates, watch clips from the Olympics and download analyzes and expert assessments. You will be able to follow all the big moments from Paris in 2024 on TV 2's digital platforms, both in terms of breaking news, international stars and Danish athletes. 

Tv2.dk becomes absolutely central when Danes want to follow what happens during the Olympics - and when it happens. Helping users navigate broadcast times, sports and when the Danish Olympic participants are in the fire during Paris 2024 is a focus area for TV 2.

- The digital coverage plays a decisive role in TV 2's Olympic efforts, and the key words are overview, insight and depth. Here you can follow the latest news, live events and biggest stories from the Games. And here it is our main task to help users navigate the many offers. What will be shown where? When are there Danes in battle? We must help the Danes find out, among other things via a special Dane alert on our platforms, says Kristian Hyldgaard:


Galvao Bueno will return to Globo for its Paris 2024 presentation with Central Olimpica offering his memories with Tadeu Schmidt and will be a very busy guy there with an unprecedented collab--and cohost again Globo/SporTV's Opening Ceremony presentation. This time with Luis Roberto. Not only that he headlines the Brazilian Olympic Committee's daily 8-hour programming live on the COB's website and the Time Brasil YouTube channel with Tino Marcos, Fernando Mardini, Lizandro Trinidade, and Beth Romero with former volleyball player Carol Gattaz and former swimmer Etienne Medieros from the Casa Brasil in Paris starting at 1pm Brasilia time with 25 people travelling to Paris starting with Trinidade, a former Globo personality, presenting Live Olimpica. Bueno handle will handle a 1-hour review show from 5-6pm and with a 25-minute show called Look At What He/She Did! with Marcos Uchoa and recalling his 40 years of Olympic Games experiences since 1984. All while being a Casa Brasil ambassador. Everything ends 8:30pm with a 1-hour show hosted by Nardini, Romero, and Medieros. All will interview athletes, legends, fellow journalists, celebs, events, food, social media, and other guests there and looks into the city of Paris. Rafael Vincente, a social media influencer, will offer some fun and humor: 





RAI and Allianz in production with Yam 112003 and RAI Pubblicita teamed up to present 7-part docuseries, each part profiling a single Italian Olympian and Paralympian (di Ceccon, Fantin, Ghiretti, Mouhiidine, Raffaeli, Villa, and Volpi--all happen to be Allianz ambassadors) and lasting 22 minutes, called Dreaming of Paris: 7 Athletes, One Goal that is being shown on RAI 2 and RAIPlay.  Directed by Katia Bernardi, written by Chiara Parodi and narrated by Gianfelice Facchetti, the first to air was Thomas Ceccon, with his episode entitled "Il Talento". 

The episodes, from June 2 to July 14, will be broadcast on RAI 2 at the end of the Sunday Sports News (around 6.25 pm), except for the first episode on 2 June which was broadcast at 3.40 pm and the second on 9 June which will be broadcast at 4.30pm. On Rai Sport there will be a repeat the following Monday and on RaiPlay they will be streaming from the first on-air on Sunday:



Speaking of Italian Olympic brand ambassadors, Gianmarco Tamberi, a dual high jump gold medalist from Tokyo, was just a short time ago named Eurosport Italia's brand ambassador. He's also the case with Bridgestone Tires and will also carry the Italian flag with fencer Arriana Errigo in Paris: 



Meanwhile back in Brazil, Casmiero Miguel's Caze TV announces its Paris 2024 Summer Olympics sponsors in Corona, Esportes da Sorte, Hellmann's, iFood, Visa with Banco do Brasil, Vivo, and Volkswagen. They will have special actions and presence during the game broadcast period, both with productions carried out in Paris and in activations at the CazéTV studios. The other three it acquired as support sponsors are Airbnb, Estácio, and Subway. Hopes are high CazeTV will have the same audience numbers the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics and EURO 2024 desire in the same level as the 2022 World Cup.

At CazeTV, the first group will be involved in special actions in broadcasts and productions carried out in Paris, in addition to activations carried out in the CazéTV studios, similar to what happened during the exhibition of the two World Cups shown by the channel. The group still has quotas available being negotiated for both competitions.:   



Polish media and commercial analysts believe that the Germany-hosted UEFA EURO 2024 will attract larger Polish TV audiences, advertising revenues, and budgets and be more record-breaking than the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics for TVP because the Euros are a one-off event for it's more the national soccer team to the Polish despite companies being interested in both this summer. Internet/mobile viewership also expect to be higher:


Chungwah Telecom MOD and Hami Video will exclusively broadcast the Paris 2024 Olympics with a total of 11 channels, including 2 fully 4K Chinese language channels, and innovative features augmented reality to interact with athletes in real-life settings, ultra slow motion using 60 cameras to capture athletes' movements, one-stop Olympic zones, news when Chinese Taipei medals, event reminders and updates. full event replays, highlights, customizable broadcasting schedules, and VOD services in Taiwan for the Taiwanese public cheering on the Chinese Taipei Olympians. All while making it carbon footprint friendly:


Only BNT will cover the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics in Bulgaria as that nation participates in its 22nd Summer Olympics. BNT plans to broadcast 250 hours (live and recorded) of the Olympic Games in Paris 2024 on BNT1 and BNT3, including studio programs. The Olympic sports on which BNT will emphasize are: track and field/athletics, swimming, artistic gymnastics and rhythmic gymnastics, volleyball, basketball, weightlifting, the most interesting soccer and tennis matches, shooting, rowing, Bulgarian participation and the finals in boxing, canoeing, as well and the Bulgarian participation in wrestling, badminton, judo, and fencing competitions.

This link emphasizes the advertising rates BNT offers for its transmission, which should be nearing completion by now (uploaded in February), including special preferential ad price conditions. For example, the gross price of a 30-second advertising clip on BNT1/BNT3 is from BGN 650 to BGN 2,970, depending on the time zone. Furthermore, the gross price of a 30-second advertising clip during the opening ceremony (July 26, 2024) and the closing ceremony (August 11, 2024) on BNT1 is BGN 2,950:


ATV Peru's 10-second Paris 2024 promo showing highlights from the Tokyo 2020 Opening Ceremony, Still awaiting news of Paris 2024 coverage details:   


National Gas Company of Trinidad & Tobago signs on as a commercial partner to Trinidad & Tobago Television's and Sportsmax's upcoming Paris 2024 coverage in Trinidad & Tobago:https://wired868.com/2024/06/05/ngc-partners-with-sportsmax-for-paris-2024-olympic-coverage/




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On the note with TV 2 Denmark revealing its Paris 2024 coverage plans from the previous post, it's gradually revealing its Paris 2024 TV broadcasting schedule overview like the CBC is doing simultaneously in Canada. TV 2's coverage starts Thursday, July 25 with the Denmark-Slovenia women's team handball game at 9:00:


Laurie Hernandez will be NBC's women gymnastics correspondent in Paris, "offering her deep insightful commentary and behind-the-scenes glimpses with her deep knowledge of gymnastics":


Natalie Coughlin and Zena Keita team up for a new Summer Olympic version podcast series from NBC Bay Area introducing seven relatively unknown Team USA Olympic and Paralympic athletes outside of their sports for the American public to root for called My New Favorite Olympian and Paralympian. Starting June 12:



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Further details emerged from the RTVE Sports Summer presentation in Madrid this past Thursday morning at an event at the Zarzuela Hippodrome to go along with the already-announced info of the Paris Olympic Games with 400 hours starring the world's best athletes and sports that can be seen on all RTVE channels: La 1, La 2, Teledeporte, and RTVE Play beginning on July 26, with the great Opening Ceremony, unusual and spectacular. From Paris, the headquarters of the XXXIII edition, Lara Gandarillas and Ana Ibáñez, and over from Madrid, Marcos López, will anchor the segments and present Spanish viewers the highlights of the day. This is also along with the other major widely-interesting major comp in the Euro 2024 in Germany 

Sports offered will begin live on La 1, from 9:00 a.m. until sunset in Paris, led by Ernest Riveras and Fe López and by Roi Groba with Alberto Freile. La 2 will be in charge of the offering, during the central hours of the day featuring many of the team sports, often Spain-centric. While Teledeporte will carry the major weight in terms of broadcast hours of the Games in full coverage of what happens in Paris through 24 hours a day, with Arsenio Cañada, Marc Martín, and Montse Busquets.

Great, full RTVE coverage will have a great team of more than 30 narrators and many other technical sports specialists, with names like Almudena Cid, Rafa Martínez, Eli Pinedo, Alberto Urdiales, Virginia Ruano, Marta Fernández, Dani Ballart or Marta Corredera. Great athletes who will share stories of improvement, struggle, emotion, and success. Alicia Arevalo may join the staff here fresh from EURO 2024 in Germany and analyze the World Cup-winning Spanish women's soccer team in their Olympic soccer games across France.

RNE will also focus on the Games with 22 special envoys and air more than 125 hours live. Every day through two special programs at 12:00 and 21:00. In addition, all the Spanish team sports matches, all the medal options of our athletes, and the most iconic athletics, gymnastics or swimming events will be broadcast. Luis Doreste, Javier Beirsen, Emilio Amavisca, Beatriz Espinosa and many other former athletes will accompany the listeners with their experience and analysis of the most relevant milestones. 

In events with so much volume of broadcasts, RTVE Play, its streaming platform which is completely free, provides the user to chooses which event, competition or program to watch at any given time, live or delayed, takes on special value.

The RTVE networks will have users connected to the Euro Cup and the Olympic Games, with the Teledeporte account on  X, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, which, in addition to the channels' programming, collect all the sport on RTVE. And in Sports on RTVE.es, all the news, videos, and summaries with the best of each match or moment of the day. 

RTVE has prepared the best technical coverage to offer both sporting events for the first time in Ultra High Definition: they can be seen on La 1 UHD with 96% national coverage, a superior quality by having native UHD signals (1080p in the case of European Cup and 4K in the case of the Olympics), with HDR color format and immersive 5.1.4 Dolby Atmos sound. In the IBCs of Leipzig and Paris, RTVE will have MCR controls for the technical and quality management of television signals and their routing to the Central Controls over at Torrespaña and San Cugat.

In Paris, France, TVE will be present from a studio with a large window open to Paris and also working in native UHD HDR format, and it will connect with the main competition venues. Additionally, in the Casa España space, an IP transmitter/receiver will be deployed for interviews with the Spanish protagonists. And eight ENG editors, with portable 5G IP transmitters, will bring all the news from the Olympic environment. To complete the coverage, there will be the capacity to receive up to 5 native UHD signals and 10 HD signals via Cloud Streaming.

In Madrid, the set of large-format LED screens on the Torrespaña A4 set will be connected to the new RTVE mobile unit in UHD 4K technology. This Summer Olympic Games will be the grand premiere of this modern unit, from which the creation and control of HDR high dynamic range images will be carried out. Thus, the technical production of the Games will be carried out entirely in ultra high definition UHD.

Music and sport definitely go hand in hand on RTVE, like in the Euro Cup and the Olympic Games. The Corporation has chosen two tunes that will be played in all the programs dedicated to both events. In the case of the Euro Cup, it will be 'Brillos platino' (Platininum Shine), the well-known finalist song of the Benidorm Fest 2024 performed by Almacor. For the Olympic event, the one selected is 'Conexión Paris 2024', a melody by David Pastor, a renowned jazz trumpeter, that's already mentioned here just several posts ago. A fanfare for wind, brass and choir, performed by 18 instrumentalists and 45 singers from the RTVE Orchestra and Choir:




ZDF and ARD also reveal their fuller joint Paris 2024 Summer Olympics broadcasting coverage plans along with their UEFA EURO 2024 soccer one too for Germany. Won't go into all the details made known like with their teams and the daily ZDF and ARD 2024 Olympic TV schedules (those are linked below but for ZDF right now--gonna be long with this anyway) but...there will be a combined 240 hours alternating on both channels live on their linear main programs on 16 Olympic days, with around 1500 hours of live sport online. ARD will do 17 hours a day. In order to be able to realize this comprehensive offering, ARD and ZDF share a joint Olympic studio in Paris along the Seine River with a view of the Eiffel Tower, now sporting the Olympic rings, on the Place de l'Alma that was developed jointly but still allowed to have distinguishable characteristics through individual use and their individual distinction and welcomes athletes during their coverage days. The technical, production and editorial implementation takes place in the already proven National Broadcasting Center (NBC) on the Lerchenberg in Mainz, definitely a mammoth task shared with those two in close and valuable cooperation and synergy, operating jointly like in previous Olympics which includes the TV and live streaming directorate, the newsroom, the social media editorial team and post-production. ZDF's coverage share is overseen by Anke Scholten in her 8th Olympics combined as its head. ARD's is headed by Scholten's counterpart Mirijam Bach.  

German viewers can look forward to a full Summer Olympic program at prime time - due to the participation of numerous German ball sports teams in the games in Paris, the highlight calendar is particularly full this time. On the ZDF and ARD Olympic days, it'll report from the French capital live from morning (7:20am at the earliest on August 1 but usually around 7:25-8:15am) to midnight CET. ARD will be reporting extensively from July 26 to August 11 and will be broadcasting live for up to 17 hours a day on Das Erste, alternating with ZDF, on a total of nine broadcast days and will have as usual Norddeutscher Rundfunk being in charge of the ARD broadcasts. Sports fans will also find an almost Olympic online offering around the clock in ZDFmediathek and on ZDFheute, including 10 additional web-exclusive live parallel streams, where all finals, all competitions with German participation and all international highlights with some selected Olympic ones can be watched online live and in full in addition to TV with a total of 1500 hours of live sport are added digitally. And the live streams are available on demand afterwards immediately without delay under Sport Relive on sportstudio.de and the ARD Mediathek and on sportschau.de in addition to the stream of the main ARD program. This means that the Olympics can be fully experienced at any time with just about every sport will be shown in full. "Sportschau live - The Olympic Games" will also the live event in the ARD audio library. On each day of the competition, listeners are informed with live reports, news and talks from 9 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. All important medal decisions and performances by the German athletes are also broadcast live on linear radio.

And for quick information in between, the highlights and news are prepared for the platform on our social media channels on TikTok and Instagram. Katrin Müller-Hohenstein and Jochen Breyer are ZDF's studio hosts taking turns. Esther Sedlacek and Alexander Bommes will present all Olympic broadcasts on ARD/Das Erste as studio anchors. To classify the performances shown, ZDF have a competent team of experts made up of successful athletes--including triathlete Jan Frodeno, canoeist Ronald Rauhe, and cyclist Kristina Vogel. Focus is on the athletes, whom ZDF will also accompany outside of the competitions--in portraits, interviews and appearances in the Olympic studio. During the games there will often be situations where decisions are made in several sports at the same time and aim to treat them all equal, striving to show every Summer Olympic sport while interrupting where medals are at stake in lesser-known sports like breaking, judo, and sailing. 

There is also an extensive range of videos relating to the Summer Games: whether it's "Olympia kompakt", highlights, summaries, background information or interviews - sports fans can find out everything they need to know in the ZDFmediathek, on sportstudio.de and on ZDFheute. and in full. The highlight player will also be used again at the Olympics: users of the live streams can use jump marks to navigate to the decisive scenes in selected competitions, live and relive.

The fascination of the Olympics is also conveyed with platform-appropriate content on social media: The sportstudio channels on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube as well as the sportstudio presence on WhatsApp offer compact highlight clips, news and graphics. Opinions on the competitions, the athletes and the broadcasts are also in demand there. There is also a look behind the scenes and a direct line to the ZDF team. 

ZDF starts its Olympic days on Thursday, July 25, 2024 during 6:45 p.m. to 9:45 p.m. on ZDF and ZDFmediathek starting with Sportstudio live – Olympics moderation by Katrin Müller-Hohenstein with the Germany – Australia preliminary round Group B women's soccer match on that first matchday, kicking off at 7 pm. Commentator over in Marseille will be provided by Claudia Neumann. And also with a halftime glimpse approximately at 19:50 of the women's team handball Germany–South Korea Preliminary Round Group A game followed by a summary. ARD's TV broadcasts from Paris will kick off with the official Opening Ceremony on Friday, July 26th live from 6 p.m., when the Olympians will be taken across the Seine to the Trocadero in more than 80 boats with their hosts TBA. ZDF ends the entire German terrestrial TV coverage with Nils Kaben hosting the Closing Ceremony. 

Starting July 13, ZDF will show its own Sportsstudio Olympic-themed documentaries on Who Will Be The King Of The Athletes? profiling top German decathletes Niklas Kaul and Leo Neugebauer, the aforementioned Laura and Louisa – Mission Olympia (the beach volleyball players Laura Ludwig and Louisa Lippmann on their journey that started in 2022 to the Olympics), soccer player Sarah Vogel, and the fascination with surfing like for Sebastian Steudtner.

As early as 6 a.m., people can get in the mood for Olympic Day in the ARD audio library with the "Sportschau Olympia Podcast - the morning update". The "Olympia Update" in the ARD media library, on sportschau.de and in the Sportschau app is a digital video format that grows over the course of the Olympic competition day. In the Sportschau Instagram story, you can experience Olympic Day in real time, and important news is sent to smartphones via WhatsApp Messenger. And if you can't be there live, you can watch entire competitions as well as summaries and highlights in the ARD media library. Along with 360 degrees news concept, so nobody will miss the latest developments. 

The ARD Mediathek also offers a wide range of documentaries. In an in-depth three-part Olympic series, ARD correspondent Sabine Rau looks at "The City and the Games", ARD doping expert Hajo Seppelt and his team publish a new edition of "Top Secret Doping" with "Dirty Games", and the editorial team of "Sport inside" deals with "War and Games". The mini-series "Gymnastics - 60 Seconds of Perfection" will show the fight of the best gymnasts in the world for perfection, recognition and self-determination in the most beautiful, but perhaps also the toughest sport in the world in four episodes in the ARD Mediathek in the summer 2024.

The second season of "Generation F" tells the battle for the Olympics and the Paralympics in six personal stories of female athletes. In the ARD audio library, hosts Moritz Cassalette and Kerstin Hermes take a look behind the scenes of the Paris Games in the "Sportschau Olympia Podcast" and welcome guests for in-depth discussions in the German House:



https://www.daserste.de/sport/sportschau/olympische-spiele-paralympics-paris-2024-in-der-ard100.html#:~:text=329 Wettbewerbe in 32 Sportarten,bis zu 17 Stunden live.

VRT has the Flemish/Dutch broadcasting rights for both Paris 2024 and Euro 2024, investing heavily in both, but it had to make sacrifices elsewhere: VRT will share its Paris 2024 studio space with its French sister RTBF and scrapped its European Championship village in the VRT garden:


Ceske Televize's CT Sport will produce and transmit over 320 hours live from Paris 2024 as a premier highlight for CT's Bonjour Leto (Hello Summer) programming with French movies, documentaries, cartoons, and serials when announced at a Tuesday press conference at Prague's French Institute. Thanks to an exception negotiated, CT Sport will offer simultaneous medal chances offered on its CT Sport Plus digital/streaming channel as part of "our ambition is to cover all races and matches in which Czech athletes will be featured". All devoted to the French tricolor:  



RAI's presentation of both Paris 2024 and the UEFA EURO 2024 will cost them 150 million euros in investing and operating for this Italian summer of sports:


HTV2 from Croatian Television will be entirely devoted to the Olympic Games. The complete program is broadcast from Paris, where it will equip a small studio in the IBC premises for live reports, interviews with guests and our central evening show. HTV2's program starts at 8 am and lasts all day until 1 am Croatia time. During this period, Croatian viewers will be able to see all the most important things that are happening live in Paris. The central evening show has the symbolic name "CROissant", which symbolizes the connection between Croatian and French culture. It will be broadcast at 10:30 p.m. and in it, all those viewers who could not follow the Olympic program due to various commitments will receive complete information about what happened in Paris later that day. In total, we expect about 240 hours of Olympic programming in 15 days (about 15 hours a day) on the Second Program (HRT – HTV 2), and there are also other contents (additional stream of Olympic broadcasts on HRTi and social networks).

Such a demanding project requires a large number of people--journalists, producers, directors and technical staff. HRT sports department commentators Marko Šapit, Stjepan Balog, Viki Ivanović, Bruno Kovačević, Ivan Dorian Molnar, Luka Petrinec, Robert Jelečević, Daniel Križ , Edin Mahmuljin, Mihovil Horvat, and Marija Žužak will all comment on the Olympic competitions and report live to the program at different Parisian locations. And this time the reinforcement from IMS will be colleague Zrinka Grancarić, who has already received public praise for broadcasts of sailing and other sports at the last Olympic Games in Tokyo. Zrinka will also have a special honor--she will be the first woman in Croatia to commentate on the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, together with Marko Šapit. HRT producers of the Olympic program are Gordana Tuđman and Goran Kričković, and the main director is Dražen Iričanin.

As reinforcements in our Olympic team, we highlight former HRT employees Željko Vela and Ivan Jurković , who will comment on the daily summaries and individual Olympic broadcasts from track and field/athletics and basketball. HRT is especially proud of its line-up of analytic co-commentators--former athletes and Olympians who will make the live broadcasts even better. Thus, Martina Zubčić Dušak (taekwondo), Zoran Primorac (table tennis), Robert Seligman (gymnastics), Marko Banović (rowing), Neven Šavora (judo), among others, will reveal to the viewers all the details of their sports.

And for a completely new experience in cooperation with the company OIV (Transmitters and Connections), Croatian Radio Television (HRT) brings the possibility of watching the Olympic program in UHD (ultra high definition) image transmission mode. Viewers will be able to find this new experience of the Olympic Games with the highest picture quality on the frequencies of their terrestrial digital receivers through DVB-T2 technology:


Croatian Radio's second channel will also offer daily special Olympic shows such as "Olympique" from 1 pm, led by two presenters, with one from the studio in Paris and the other from the studio in Zagreb, with all the news related to the Olympics. All Croatian athletes' performances will be followed, and all matches of Croatian handball and water polo players (and basketball players, if they qualify) will be broadcast, some of which start at 11 a.m. and at 2 p.m. Croatia time, which is "prime time" for Croatian Radio.

Of course, it will also follow the others who start earlier in the morning, from 9 o'clock, such as rowers, canoeists, judokas, tennis players, until the end of the day, when there will be a special summary of the day in another "Olyumpique" show from 23 to 24. Along with that, of course, there are statements and conversations with our athletes, but also with world sports stars, stories and exclusive reports.

Croatian Radio's first program will offer a special Olympic supplement in major news broadcasts, as well as in the case of the Euros. During the Olympic Games, every Saturday morning from 8:05 a.m., the 50-minute show "Sportski vremeplov" will be broadcast, dedicated to the Olympic Games' history and especially to the performances and successes of Croatian athletes at them, their statements, and parts of HRT-reporters' broadcasts from that time.

The manager of this radio project of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games as well as Euro 2024 is Davor Lulić, the producer is Grgo Juroš, and the reporters and editors in Paris are Davor Lulić, Srđan Fabijanac, Lovorko Magdić, Krešimir Gotlin, Marko Šivak, Dameo Ramić Kovačić and technicians Danijel Požgaj and Danijel Blagec . Editors and journalists in Zagreb are Vladimir Horvat, Sanja Žiger Frljuk, Karlo Plazina, and Matteo Novaković:


While the Duo Media channels Kanal 2 and Duo 5 will offer at least 250 hours of the Estonian TV Paris 2024 coverage, its current contract additionally offers Russian language TV broadcasting content with Kanal 7 providing it and the rights of selected social media of the Olympic Games have been added, all of which were implemented already during the Tokyo Olympic Games:


Macau's public broadcaster TDM will offer a live presentation of the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics coming from an agreement with the China Media Group in March 2023 to extend the broadcasting rights. TDM will have live coverage, although we do not yet know what the hours will be on Macau time, what sports, what languages used (Portuguese, English, Cantonese/Mandarin) and what channels involved, but it will send three reporters to Paris and produce a series of daily specials:


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france⋅tv officially confirms its coverage of the Paris 2024 Olympics. https://www.francetvpro.fr/paris2024 (Here's the replay of the press conference: https://www.france.tv/sport/les-jeux-olympiques/6121595-conference-de-presse-france-televisions-paris-2024.html)

France 2 will be live each day from 6:30am to 1am. It will start each day with Télématin, the daily morning show and ends with Quels jeux !, a magazine/talk show. Everything will be live from the roof of the Musée de l'Homme, at the Trocadéro.

France 3 will be live from 9am to midnight from Club France. It will mostly focus on team sports.

France 5 will be the "back-up channel", when the first two have to broadcast news. It's a surprise because usually, it's France 4 that has that role. France 5 never broadcasted sports, but has an higher exposure than France 4 (yeah, don't look at the numbers on channel's name)

The digital channel france⋅tv Paris 2024, that is currently broadcasting the torch relay, will also be live all day from the hall of france⋅tv's headquarters, in a more relaxed mood. The channel will focus on urban sports but it may also show anything else if the first two channels are already occupied. A live chat will be available.

franceinfo:, the 24/7 news channel, will mostly focus on the Olympics with multiple magazines, including one from 6pm to 11pm at Club France.

La 1ère, the overseas channels, will broadcast France 2's coverage with also a specific magazine.


Image made by azerty774 on Twitter


For the Paralympics, it will be close to the usual Olympics coverage when it's not hosted in France: live from 9am to 11pm, switching from France 2 to France 3 with the famous bascules. The magazine Quels jeux ! will also be broadcasted during the Paralympics.

As france⋅tv has the complete broadcasting rights for the Paralympics (instead of Eurosport for the Olympics), all events will be broadcasted live on france⋅tv's online platform.


Here is france⋅tv's Olympic and Pralympic team.



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11 hours ago, yoshi said:

Still left out :( I can't imagine the BBC coverage reveals would be affected by the election but it looks like the rest of Europe is basically firmed up now...

Getting that way. Strange that the BBC coverage isn't revealed yet. Maybe by the 30-day mark. Maybe next week as we get closer to EURO 2024.

Anyway, I got the broadcast media schedule of the 2024 Australian Swimming Trials starting on June 10 and ending on June 15 in Brisbane, Queensland at the Brisbane Aquatic Centre and currently broadcasting on the Nine Network and 9Gem, and streaming on 9Now: 


The 47-page Paris 2024 advertising and pricing guide for the Swiss TV channels--SF2 (German), RTS 2 (French), and RSI LA 2 (Italian). All these channels will air the Opening and Closing Ceremonies live on July 26 but only SF2/SRF Zwei will show a 25-minute pre-opening Ceremony show live at 19:23 CET and all will transmit the Closing Ceremony at 19:43 to end their Paris 2024 Summer Olympics broadcasting for Switzerland. All three will handle 14 hours of live TV coverage daily with realtime updates, highlights, interviews, ad-blocking or popups included. All the Swiss TV coverage in those 3 languages will start their days from 8:48 to around 23:00 with breaks for news. Comes in a slightly more detailed PDF format in the second link that I'm referencing from:  




Ziggo customers in The Netherlands will get the new NOS app, which "during the Olympic Games, NOS offers one extra channel via the NOS Live app. Viewers can go there to watch a sport that is not currently on television. In addition, viewers can easily watch highlights or other important moments from a live broadcast with the new moments function":


Globo TV has some special Olympic programming at the 50-day mark throughout the day centering on Brazilian Olympic athletes, past and present: 



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I wonder if they're maybe trying to do some last minute deal cutting with Discovery, obviously knowing that British interest in this will be far greater than anything since 2012. Maybe an extra red button or iPlayer stream?

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TVP Info reporters will be onhand to report the goings on with the Polish Olympic Team and its performances. The station will present the Polish favorites for Olympic medals and talk to witnesses of their path to the top. TVP Info reporters will visit all Olympic venues in the French capital to best present the great sports festival to viewers, which will last until August 11. As part of the TVP channels family with TVP1, TVP2,  TVP Sport, and TVP Online, TVP Info will have all starts of the Polish during the Olympic Games in Paris, as well as a number of programs related to these Summer Olympics: 


TVP Polska's Paris 2024 commentator roster list. The Opening Ceremony commentary will be provided by the duo Przemysław Babiarz and Jarosław Idzi, who will also handle the track and field at the Stade De France, while the reporter will be served by Patryk Pancewicz. Swimming will be handled by Przemysław Babiarz and Szymon Borczuch with the expertise coming from the best Polish swimmer in history--Otylia Jędrzejczak. News straight from Paris will be delivered by reporters Michał Chmielewski and Szymon Borczuch. At the track and field venue, Sebastian Chamara and Marcin Urbaś will share their expert analysis with the Babiarz-Idzi duo. Reports on the platform sidelines will be prepared by Aleksander Dzięciołowski, Michał Chmielewski and Szymon Borczuch, and also accompanied by a former athlete--Piotr Małachowski--as an analyst. Volleyball's sportscasting will come from Jacek Laskowski, Piotr Dębowski, Magdalena Śliwa (women), and Radosław Panas (men) with the latter two acting as experts. Sara Kalisz and Filip Czyszanowski will be on-court sideline reporters. The reports will also be available on the platform operated by Marcin Rams and expert Zbigniew Bartman. Tennis will be commentated by Michał Lewandowski together with former player Maciej Synówka, and Joanna Sakowicz being the sideline reporter. Additionally, Patryk Pancewicz serves as a roving reporter in Paris at all times. Rowers and kayakers will be commented by Dariusz Szpakowski and expert Marek Kolbowicz. Beata Oryl-Stroińska will serve as reporter. Fencing will be also covered by Jarosław Idzi:


Got some Dutch news, announced in late May, on the Paris 2024 broadcasting plans: The NOS will supply live sports on Olympic days starting at 9:00 AM to 10:30 PM Dutch time on NPO1 ending it with NOS Paris Live. In between the sports coverage there will be summaries, news, and highlights of the other Summer Olympics sports that have taken place, interviews and the latest news. The program is alternately presented all day by Rivkah op het Veld, Gert van't Hof, Suse van Kleef, and Sjoerd van Ramshorst as NOS studio hosts. 

Immediately afterwards NOS Studio Paris is the 1-hour daily talk show from 10:30 PM - 11:30 PM live from Parc La Villette, studio anchor Dione de Graaff returns and welcomes athletes, coaches, analysts, and guests from outside the sports world every evening. Dutch viewers can look back on the past hours and look ahead to what will happen the next day. Dafne Schippers, Epke Zonderland and Annemiek van Vleuten are the three regular analysts from the TV Gids link below. 

HBO MAX/Eurosport

On the new HBO Max they do it even more extensively. All 45 Olympic sports can be streamed live there from start to finish. The most important events are provided with Dutch commentary. In addition, there is complete programming every day with all kinds of sports shows from early in the morning to late at night. We can perhaps expect former athletes Ranomi Kromowidjojo & Jip van den Bos being involved as suggested by the companion photo on the Eurosport/HBO MAX details

Bonjour Paris - Live every morning between 8:00 AM - 8:45 AM / Presenter Herbert Cool goes through the sports day live from Paris and sees which Dutch and Belgian athletes are in action;

Live Sports - Live every day between 8:45 AM - 10:30 PM / Throughout the day you can see the best Olympic live sports with the focus on Dutch athletes and sports;

Bonne Nuit, Paris - Live every evening between 10:45 PM - 11:30 PM / Daily live show in which Neal Petersen updates you live from Paris about all the highlights of the day;

Medaille Matties - Every evening from 10:00 PM / Influencers Nesim and Fraasie.

RTL 4 does not have live sports, but it does have Humberto Tan, who will present a late night talk show every evening from July 22 called Humberto à Paris that's completely dedicated to the Games. Listeners can turn on at 9:45 PM, and Humberto will chat in a classic French café with people from the Netherlands and Paris. Frank Evenblij reports live from the TeamNL house when athletes are honored. During the day he searches for Paris and in the evening he regularly joins Humberto. Former Olympians Irene Schouten and Tess Lieder-Wester also make their TV debut as reporters, they keep an eye on the Dutch athletes. 


Dutch sports TV fans watching NOS/NPO1 would expect Henry Schut to be heavily involved with such a massive project like the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics and the UEFA EURO 2024. But he's not going to this summer because he's still dealing with his dad's sudden death in March at the age of 72 as NOS soldiers on without him. But he won't be entirely missing: Schut can be heard on Radio Tour de France on NPO Radio 1 to discuss  the latest news surrounding the Tour de France. He will be responsible hosting for the first two hours of each stage from June 29, 2024: 


Some additional details on Humberto Tan's RTL 4 late night radio talk show Humberto à Paris with Frank Evenblij, and former Olympians Irene Schouten (speed skating) and Tess Lieder-Wester (team handball). At 9:45 PM on RTL 4 from Monday, July 22 for three weeks from a French café, Tan discusses the news of the day every day and celebrates Dutch successes at the Games. Dutch people who live in the French capital regularly join us and there is live music:



The streaming service comes with several new basic subscriptions to which an extra sports subscription can be added. In addition to all the series and films, you can also enjoy tennis, cycling and golf. However, no additional subscription is required for the 2024 Olympic Games and you can already enjoy the Summer Games with the cheapest subscription of 5.99 euros per month .

Olympic Games 2024

All 45 Olympic sports can be streamed live from start to finish on the new HBO Max. The most important events are provided with Dutch commentary. In addition, there is also complete programming every day with all kinds of sports shows from early in the morning until late in the evening:


Boris Becker headlines Eurosport Germany's 30-person cadre of former athletes as they share their expertise for the Paris 2024 coverage in making his Olympics broadcasting debut. A mix of old friends and newer ones including 7 Summer Olympics champions here: Ole Bischof (2008 Olympic champion) in judo, Lisa Brennauer (2020 Olympic champion) in track cycling, Fabian Hambüchen (2016 Olympic champion) in gymnastics along with hosting his own daily show, Max Hoff (2016 Olympic champion) in flatwater canoeing, Fanny Rinne (2004 Olympic champion) in field hockey, and Sabine Spitz (2008 Olympic champion) in mountain biking. Handball world champions and Olympic silver medalists Pascal Hens and Isabell Klein, as well as Navina Omilade, who won bronze in the Olympic football tournament in Athens in 2004 with the DFB women. Alex Vogel, will accompany the games of the German basketball world champions as an expert. During the performances of the German volleyball players, Ferdinand Tille, an expert who played at the highest level himself until this summer (and still follows the DVV goings-on and knows brother and setter Johannes very well) will be at the microphone.  

As in Tokyo, Rico Freimuth in track and field/athletics and Thomas Rupprath in swimming are part of the Eurosport team in the two defining Olympic sports. Steffen Fetzner is also back in table tennis, as is Jasmin Schornberg in whitewater canoeing. Thomas Lurz will share his expert knowledge with the Eurosport Deutschland audience in open water swimming, and Patrick Hausding will be speaking about diving. Water and road are the terrain of Daniel Unger, who provides deep insights into the triathlon, while Claudia Dreher only runs on asphalt in the marathon. 

Leonie Ebert explains the finer points of fencing. Quirin Rohleder explains the runs in surfing and, in keeping with the format, a trio consisting of Malik Arrendell, Jezabel Ohanian, and national player Emma Stach take turns at the microphone in 3×3 basketball – all three can also be used in classic basketball with both the German men's and women's teams now in this Paris 2024 Olympics. More possible additions can be announced later to the Eurosport Germany team in the runup:  


Moving over to Finland, Eurosport/HBO MAX/TV5/Kutonen finalized its sportscasting roster to fill out from Jani Sievinen, Shawn Huff, and Oona Tolppanen. The studio broadcasts of TV5 and the new streaming service Max (to Europe) are hosted by WBD's favorite familiar faces: Juhani Henriksson hosts the basketball studios, and Anni Jämsä conveys the atmosphere of Olympic basketball from France. Oona Tolppanen, on the other hand, hosts the sections around the swimming broadcasts from the core of the competition city.  

WBD's base is the Hotel Raphael in the center of Paris, whose rooftop studios produce Olympic content around Europe. The day's competition events are summed up twice in the evening in the Olympic news segments anchored by Laura Ruohola. Over at WBD Finland's exclusive basketball content, Tiina Sten, chosen as the best foreign player in the Bundesliga in 2014, Anni Mäkitalo, a 10+ year player in the national team, and Petteri Koponen, who played basketball for seven times and played an extensive international career, will be able to call the action as analysts/experts. The play-by-play narrators are Kristian Palotie, Tomi Tiilikainen, and Saku Mäkynen with basketball studio host Juhani Henriksson. 3x3 basketball matches are narrated by Otto Tolonen. Alongside Sievinen, a swimming analyst for Eurosport Suomi since 2007, Tommy Rundgren, who himself has a strong swimming background, is responsible for the commentary next to Sievinen. Swimming jumps are explained by Oskari Saari. All companioned by Tolppanen at its swimming studios.

Jarkko Nieminen, who represented Finland in three Olympic Games, acts as an expert in the Olympic tennis tournaments  and also been known from Eurosport's tennis broadcasts for several years. His fellow tennis commentator is  Arne Six. Peter Selin  has been known for over a decade as the beloved voice of Eurosport road cycling. Selin is also responsible for the commentary for road cycling at the Summer Olympics. Christian Selin works as an expert in road cycling. Matti Heikkinen explains mountain biking. Hannu-Pekka Hänninen, who has been reporting on the Olympic Games since 1980,  and Julius Vauhkonen, who has been one of WBD's credit commentators for a long time, will broadcast the events from the commentary booth for track and field/athletics. Arno Seiro and Tuomo Reponen are responsible for the Finnish golf commentary at the Olympics, and professional player Antti Ahokas acts as an expert for one of WBD's Eurosport's focus sports.

Soccer will be commentated by Juhavaltteri Salminenand and Nuutti Vihtilä as play-by-play narrators. Volleyball and beach volley both will be explained by Toni Flink. Team handball will just be by Julius Vauhkonen. And boxing by Jani Rajalin. In addition, Henry Järvis, Aki Kaupp, Vesa-Matti Sav, and Velimatti Sutela will be heard as narrators and editors. 

The Paris 2024 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony will be broadcast live on TV5 on Friday, July 26 from 8 p.m. Finland time with the atmosphere of the legendary Hannu-Pekka "Hoopi" Hänninen. Hänninen gets paired in this work like with the Tokyo Games with Juhavaltteri Salminen. The same duo will also be involved with the Closing Ceremony on August 11. 

Free-to-view TV5 is a Warner Bros. Discovery Finland's official Olympic channel, which offers coverage of the Games 24/7. The live broadcasts, which start in the morning, continue throughout the day until late in the evening, with a few compilations. Live broadcasts there focus especially on the events of WBD's exclusive sports, i.e. swimming and basketball, but other ball games and golf are also offered live. A considerable number of live basketball broadcasts also include a studio. The Finnish events of the day are compiled by Laura Ruohola in the studio following the early evening basketball match at around 8:15 p.m. and after the end of the live broadcasts between 11 p.m. and midnight. 
The new streaming service Max is the only place in Finland that broadcasts every moment of the Olympics. Max has its own broadcast for each match or competition. The best local experts immerse the spectators in the atmosphere of the competition, and the most important events are narrated in Finnish. Immerse yourself in the events afterwards also as recordings. 

Another free-to-view TV channel Kutonen focuses mainly on soccer (where soccer could start on July 24), cycling and boxing during the Olympics. Live broadcasts of these sports are generally shown in the prime time of the evening between 18:00 and 24:00. Eurosport channels offer pan-European broadcasting of a wide range of Olympic events on Eurosport 1 and 2. The broadcasts are partially explained in Finnish. 


The Rumbo A Paris (Heading To Paris) press release from Eurosport Espana and synopsis of the 6 episodes that premIered yesterday on Eurosport 1 and HBO MAX each focusing on Adriana Cerezo, María Pérez; the players of the women's handball team Paula Arcos, Shandy Barbosa and Mireya González; the Olympic artistic gymnastics medalist in Tokyo 2020, Ray Zapata; tennis player Pablo Carreño and swimmer Mireia Belmonte, multiple Olympic medalist and standard bearer of the Spanish Olympic team in Tokyo 2020 along with Saúl Craviotto. The canoeist, a Spanish athlete with the most Olympic medals, stars in another installment of the series along with several members of the national canoeing team such as Teresa Portela, Marcus Cooper, Paco Cubelos, Tano García, Pablo Martínez, Antía Jácome and María Corbera. Hosted by Miguel Ángel Méndez and produced by Warner Bros. Discovery together with the COE and in collaboration with Iberdrola, Joma, Renfe, and Miravia:


TV Publica Canal 7 Argentina will transmit the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics for Argentina--and for free and carry out its own productions as opposed to TyC Sports in "whatever TV Publica Canal 7 offers will be the signal's own production. The rights include a good number of hours [at least 200 hours, the minimum TV hours for the Summer Olympics]." Here there could be a secret agreement with TyC Sports not to repeat the same events and to be able to offer as many events as possible to the public." How the defunded Argentina TV channel will finance this massive sports TV project? Advertising rates, as typical worldwide, with no expense sent over the national government and the public:


Although Viacom18, through its Sports18 and JioCinema subsidiaries, holds the broadcasting rights to Paris 2014 through the Indian subcontinent, Pakistan has ARY Digital Network acquires the exclusive live Paris 2024 TV and digital rights for ASportsHD and ARYZap. We'll get more into Sports18 and JioCinema's coverage likely next week at best--and it's Indian-centric based on what's revealed:  


My Mongolia Entertainment LLC of Mongolia, in cooperation with the National Broadcasting Corporation of the Kyrgyz Republic (KTRK), will broadcast XXXIII Summer Olympics "Paris 2024" in Kyrgyzstan. Specifically, My Mongolia Entertainment LLC will provide the live broadcast feed of the Olympics to the KTRK. It is a milestone in the history of the television industry in Mongolia because for the first time, a Mongolian broadcaster will transmit the Olympic Games live to an international television institution. My Mongolia Entertainment has attained the domestic rights in Mongolia from Dentsu as one of the first announced in Asia. We can expect KTRK show it on KTRK Sport and KTRK 1 and 2: 


Perhaps My Mongolia Entertainment likely was involved with how Central TV got the Paris 2024 TV rights in Mongolia: 


For the first time in Colombian history, the Olympics will be aired on public radio. RTVC acquired the radio rights for Paris 2024 and will cover track and field, swimming, cycling, and any other event involving Colombians that will be both live and daily recaps of the main competitions. Coverage will be available live on radio and online across the nation through 68 radio stations for Radio Nacional De Colombia. All under the leadership 8x Olympic reporter Carlos Verduz, RTVC sports director, who will lead a team of "professionals, narrators, commentators, communicators and technicians":




Turkey's TRT will broadcast the Summer Olympics for the 14th time. Paris 2024 will be watched live on TRT Spor and TRT Spor Yıldız. If you follow its TV schedules come Olympics time, you will see Golden Moments and Olympic Minute, both lasting for a few minutes shown during the daily coverage. Once we see the TRT Olympic schedule, you'll understand what I mean: 



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Is HBO Max the same thing as Discovery plus? Only I heard commentators during the French Open referring to both... does Discovery plus become HBO Max at some point before the Games or something? I hope it does, because it'll hopefully cause Discovery to change the awful interface...

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Even though it's a Sunday I wonder if we might get something out of the BBC tomorrow... England's first game at the Euros, on BBC 1, with an 8:00 kick off. Seems like a pretty obvious time to launch the trailer to me, since you can't guarantee a knockout qualification at the Euros whoever you are. 

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Doordarshan India obtained the sublicensing linear TV rights for India from Viacom18 for Paris 2024 this summer, where it'll largely be shown on DD Sports and DD India, as part of its summer of sport. Doesn't specify what details its coverage will show like how many hours, but it definitely will focus on Team India's performances wherever its athletes will participate like track and field, field hockey, shooting, badminton, boxing, tennis, golf, wrestling, and table tennis as well as both ceremonies, live and deferred live/tape delayed events, and highlights:  


Finally getting to developments of JioCinema/Sports18's Paris 2024 in India that was actually made a few weeks ago. JioCinema will now make the Paris Olympics 2024 accessible to all. The streaming platform will not be placing the sporting event behind a paywall. It expects the event to reach 150 million views. 

Speaking at ‘Hall of Flame – The Olympics Masterclass’ during Goafest 2024, Chandan Roy, AVP - Revenue Management, Viacom18 Media, said its ambition is to make this the most watched Olympics yet. He shared that until the last time it used to range around 10-15 million views. “We transformed how people access major tournaments like the Olympics, IPL, and FIFA, which were traditionally behind subscription paywalls. Now, we make these events available to every viewer, contributing to our impressive 275 million average monthly active users, even during the non-IPL period,” Chandan Roy says. 

The platform will be offering 23 feeds in total--five curated and 18 direct feeds. The five curated feeds will include two exclusive feeds for Indian participants. These will also be available in Tamil and Telugu. The third feed will be for global sports (where Indians are not participating, but there is interest in the sport. For example, football). The fourth feed will be women-centric that will focus on Indian women athletes like badminton star PV Sindhu and will be available in English and Hindi. Meanwhile, the fifth feed will be an artistic sports feed and will be available only in English--seeing it as "more of an experiment because there are certain sports that fall into a very different category, like figure skating and break dance,” said Roy.

Then there will be 18 concurrent feeds directly from the Olympics which will cover all the 45 sporting disciplines being played at that point of time. JioCinema will dynamically update the icons on the app to reflect whichever Olympic sport is live at the moment. As a viewer, when one logs in, it will appear as if the app is organized by sport, ensuring easy access to live events. 

JioCinema is offering advertisers several formats to associate with the Olympics. Advertisers can make use of split-screen ads and animated branded jackets. Apart from that, brands can also associate with certain moments through exclusively curated assets, such as ‘Goals Galore’, ‘Smashing Aces’, ‘Super Start’, ‘Super Saves’, and ‘Winning Moment’. The app will also have a dedicated tab for the Olympics, which will have all the sought-after details like the schedule, medal tally, India’s participation, etc.

The 2024 Paris Olympics are scheduled to take place from July 26 to August 11, 2024. JioCinema did the first phase of promotions for it from April 18 to May 18. Ramping up its promotions on the IPL, it raised awareness about the date and destination. The second phase started on May 19 and will continue till July 7. During this phase (still in as of this writing), it will build familiarity and affinity for the Indian contenders like, say, Tokyo 2020 javelin gold medalist Neeraj Chopra. The last phase will be from July 8 to August 11, when it will rally India to watch the Olympics to launch a mass media effort to rally people to watch and support the Olympics as much as possible. We've consistently revolutionized how sports and individual content are consumed digitally, and this initiative is part of that ongoing transformation”. 

“The Olympics need significant visibility, so we leveraged the IPL to promote the Olympics, generating close to a billion impressions. In the second phase, we're building Athlete Specific Affinity and Sports Specific Affinity. For example, there is a specific promo for Neeraj Chopra. Similarly, there will be promos for other sports, highlighting our athletes and their medal prospects,” Roy adds.

Additionally, it has created an aforementioned here show ‘Get Set Gold’ to raise awareness about the Indian athletes and sports. Since sports viewers in the country are predominantly and overwhelmingly cricket enthusiasts, Sports18/JioCinema decided to use a cricketer as a bridge to promote non-cricket sports. Hosted by cricketer Dinesh Karthik, he spends a day with some of India's top Olympic medal contenders, challenging them in various ways. It attempts to bridge the gap between cricket fans and Olympic sports, generating interest and support for the athletes:


Sports18 and JioCinema's Paris 2024 promo in Hindi provided by the narrator celebrating and discussing the passion, desire, and fire Olympic athletes beating inside them all have to aspire them to success with Indian athletes footage like Neeraj Chopra and PV Sindhu from the last Summer Olympics from Tokyo connecting with general international Olympics footage as it also goes through some historic Summer Olympic file footage:  


NOS Sportzomer 2024--catch it! With Paris 2024, UEFA Euro 2024 soccer, Tour De France, and the 2024 Summer Paralympics for all the Dutch to enjoy. From pages 13-16, NOS provides details for its upcoming Paris 2024 coverage. Actually starting in the week prior to the Paris 2024 Summer Olympic Games start with the series Andere Tijden Sport kicking around at 22.00 Dutch time on NPO 1 as the Olympic Channel with Dione de Graaff presenting. Program has coming July 22-26 Inge De Bruijn, Tinus Osendarp, Orhan Delibas, and the 2012 Dutch women's field hockey gold medal winning team. Will delve into so much more on a future post that I'll break down for TV, Internet/streaming, social media, and radio: 


From Harper's Bazaar Netherlands edition, a list of the Paris 2024 Dutch women's contingent for Team NL. Too bad there's no Dutch women's soccer team represented here this time in the Summer Olympics. But it's solid now with these participants:


Globo/SporTV's announced 49 names responsible for covering the official Brazilian Paris 2024 TV/streaming coverage. More journalists will expectedly still be joining them into this roster--and likely continue the trend from Tokyo 2102 with many calling the action back at Globo/SporTV's Brazilian studios instead of being on location:  


RTE Sports in Ireland is kicking its upcoming Paris 2024 coverage on RTE2 with a promotional campaign that just dropped 4 days ago under the slogan "Ready For The Moment".  This promo centers on Irish taekwondo Olympian Jack Woolley and him using his trademark scorpion kick move in an imagined Paris 2024 comp shown on RTE goes viral in Ireland and makes him a national sensation. Expect more:  

Directly from ancient Greece to Paris 2024, suggesting bridging the past to the modern present, RAI present its brief 15 second promo and likely intro to its upcoming Paris 2024 Summer Olympics and Paralympics coverage celebrating the "emotions and no limits". A longer one is set to be forthcoming. Looks really nice:   

Just emerged a few hours ago what Eurosport Spain/HBO Max will offer this summer for its Paris 2024 out of Madrid. Won't touch on that documentary series Rumbo A Paris (Heading To Paris) on Spain's Paris 2024 Olympic hopefuls it's airing right now--already touched on that. From July 26 to August 11, HBO Max will be the only place to follow every minute, every medal and every performance of Spanish athletes live and on demand. All Max subscribers, regardless of the contracted plan and without the need to have the Olympic sports add-on, will be able to enjoy more than 3,600 hours of Olympic content for 19 uninterrupted days of competition. The streaming platform will offer Spain's audiences the ability to configure their personalized Olympic programming by selecting favorite competitions or scheduling medal alerts, as well as enjoy highlights and most memorable moments live or on demand from wherever they want.

In addition, Eurosport will make available to its viewers an expanded offering of up to 7 new Olympic-specific thematic channels like with many other sister Eurosport channels across the continent focused on the main Olympic sports (racquet sports and golf, artistic sports, soccer, basketball, contact sports, handball, and volleyball), as well as a channel to enjoy the best events of Paris 2024 in 4K quality, which will be added to Eurosport 1 - which will offer extensive coverage of the classic Olympic disciplines - and Eurosport 2 - which will carry out special monitoring of Spanish athletes - so that fans can also enjoy their favorite Olympic competitions on television.

As a complement, the digital coverage on Eurosport.es and the social networks of Eurosport and HBO Max will offer up-to-the-minute information on all the latest news from Paris 2024, including all the news, videos of the best moments, exclusive interviews and much more. More than 10,500 athletes from nearly 200 delegations from around the world will attend the long-awaited Olympic event in Paris, who will fight to win an Olympic medal in one of the almost 50 disciplines that are part of these Olympic Games, the first to be held. in Europe since London 2012.

WBD's deployment includes a production team of more than 800 people deployed to Paris and more than 400 experts and commentators from around the world. All the Olympic action will be broadcast to nearly fifty territories in 19 languages. The broadcasts will take place in television studios in Paris and in major European markets, such as Spain.

Within their extensive coverage in Spain, Eurosport/HBO Max will sport a great team made up of more than 50 experts, commentators, and special envoys to Paris, who will help the public not miss anything that happens during the more than two weeks of competition. Eurosport Spain's personnel include Álex Corretja (tennis), Alberto Contador (cycling), José Javier Hombrados (handball), Carla Suárez-Navarro (tennis), Fran Fernández (water polo), Luis Miguel Martín Berlanas (track and field/athletics), Chus Rosa (field hockey), Dori Ruano (cycling), Cristian Toro (canoeing), Lydia Valentín (weightlifting), Virginia Torrecilla (women's soccer team matches), and Manuel 'Piti' Hurtado (basketball) make up the bulk of professionals who will commentate on the Olympic Games for Spain on Eurosport/HBO Max.

In addition, during the Olympic event in Paris, Eurosport/HBO Max will complement the live coverage of each competition with the broadcast of two daily programs: in the mornings, Conexión Paris, presented by Marta Sánchez Bellas, will offer a summary of the highlights of each day from the Eurosport studio in Madrid. At the end of each day, Miguel Ángel Méndez will be in charge of Bon Soir, Paris, a daily space live from Casa España in Paris that will review all the current events surrounding the performance of Spanish athletes and will feature special guests and interviews.

And, every day, Eurosport will connect with its network of special envoys to the different Olympic venues such as the Stade Roland-Garros , which will host the entire tennis competition in which Rafa Nadal and Carlos Alcaraz will participate, and where the tennis expert will also be tennis by Eurosport Álex Corretja to bring the best analysis and interviews with all the protagonists to the public:


Paywall alert: The Australian reports that Nine's upcoming presentation of Paris 2024, billed as its most comprehensive ever in Australia ever, has hit a snag by being stung over Olympic-sized ad decline and ad space headaches still remaining--and still desparately selling them--with profit hopes fading despite all previous confident hopes of roping in multiple sponsors. Big ones too:  


Another look at 9Now's new look in time for its upcoming Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic platform experience of 40 individual live sports channels, over 2500 on-demand highlights, all curated on a new interface featuring curated homepage content highlighting Australian athlete stories. The platform will broadcast in Full HD, 1080p, 50fps and 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound. This rollout has been completed across Android TV, Google TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, 9Now.com.au, Android and iOS apps.

This platform will also launch 'Beyond The Dream' documentaries, featuring Olympic and Paralympic themes, in June. Five documentaries are slated including a feature length look at the Matildas, Australia v The USA, The Race to Paris, (breakdancing’s Olympic debut) and the journey of Paralympic legend Curtis McGrath, The Steelers. Also how it will utilize the Wide World of Sports production team and commentators for its Paris 2024 coverage featuring Australia’s athletic talent as commentators and experts including Ian Thorpe, Tamsyn Lewis-Manou, Cadel Evans, Ellie Cole, Dylan Alcott, Phil Liggett, Andrew Gaze, Kerri Pottharst, James Tomkins OAM, Kate Bates, and David Culbert and nine.com.au featuring a comprehensive event schedule and streaming guide linking audiences through to 9Now. The platform will utilise the journalism of 9News, Today, A Current Affair and 60 Minutes for broadcast news coverage from Paris and Australia:


RCN Colombia aired the final international friendly in for the Colombian women's national soccer team, aka the Tricolor, against Venezuela June 2 prior to competing in Paris amidst a controversy backdrop centering on players Yoreli Rincon and Daniela Henao accusing against Catalina Usme causing a negative team environment and even banning them from playing: 


Some additional CBC Olympic programming has emerged in the constantly-updated CBC Paris 2024 TV/streaming schedule. Now it includes some pre-Opening Ceremony programming like La Grande Seine-A Crazy Dream, Running a Revolution, and Toyota Make Or Break. All coming on Thursday July 25 immediately after the Canada-New Zealand women's soccer match starting at 12pm with the latter two airing at 7pm and 8pm, respectively Canada/US/Mexico CT time. Friday, July 26 the CBC will have the 1-hour Paris 2024: Grande Seine-The Final Sprint program right before the 30-minute Countdown to Opening Ceremony and then onward to the live Opening Ceremony CBC presentation at 12:30 (then there's a 6-11pm primetime reairing with Paris 2024 right afterwards). On the French side, SRC/Radio-Canada, as it stands right now, only has rugby 7's competition on July 24, the Canada-New Zealand women's soccer game July 25, and the Opening Ceremony July 26. Also, Canadian residents can catch the CBC/SRC/TSN/Sportsnet/RDS Paris 2024 streaming coverage on CBC GEM for free

NHK got its Road To Paris program, discussing on Japan's Olympic team selection news, Japanese Olympic hopefuls, competitions, qualifications, the city of Paris, and more on its streaming NHK Plus streaming channel:


Indonesia's Emtek Group, owners of its subsidiary SCM Group, will exclusively broadcast live and "maximum" coverage of the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics. SCTV will broadcast live the opening ceremony of the 2024 Olympics, where SCTV will also broadcast live badminton at the 2024 Olympics. Meanwhile, SCM through its Moji will focus on volleyball matches with a total of 24 matches will be broadcast live by MOJI.

Meanwhile, SCM is also deploying Vidio to broadcast all sports at the 2024 Olympics. So Bolaneters can watch all matches from all sports on OTT services. SCM pledges to show all sports in Paris but with special emphasis naturally on Indonesian Olympians. As SCM Director David Suwarto says, "The high interest of the Indonesian audience in badminton means that we will broadcast all the matches of badminton athletes at the Paris Olympics later. We hope that Indonesian representatives can get good results not only in badminton, but also in other sports.":


Additional faces have joined Eurosport Germany with former German national basketball player Patrick Femerling, former rower Marcel Hacker, and former tennis player and brother of Tokyo 2020 gold medalist Mischa Zverev all building the roster. More additional people are expected to join later: 


Also at Eurosport, IOC president Thomas Bach conducted an exclusive interview there 6 weeks before the start of the Summer Olympics on the state of Paris 2024, gender parity, all the Summer Olympic-related issues, eSports, and his hopes for what the Olympics could do:


On April 24, Digicel announces SKY Pacific will broadcast Paris 2024 with a dedicated 24/7 channel with live and exclusive premium content for the duration of these Olympic Games and also on its DTV app for Fiji to monitor Fijian athletes in rugby sevens, track and field, swimming, boxing, and more as well as in other sports starting July 27 Fiji time with the Opening Ceremony:


Much of Claro Sports' planned exhausted Paris 2024 coverage is already mentioned here--2000+ hours on 4 HD channels with 4 additional digital channels on clarosports.com with 19 hours of live and on-demand content in each, completely free and in addition includes medal presentations, news with live broadcasts of the competitions, real-time analysis and commentary, and the most anticipated competitions. In addition, it will have special coverage of athletes and sportsmen from different disciplines. But this here takes a Dominican Republic angle from Santa Domingo: 



VTV Honduras' Paris 2024 promo announcing its presentation of those Games. No Spanish narration just footage from Tokyo 2020 with choir music accompanying the montage. Video is very small though: 


TV5Monde Afrique became one of the first to have successfully negotiated the Sub-Saharan African Paris 2024 broadcasting rights. For the Paris 2024 Summer Olympic Games, TV5Monde Afrique is setting up a very important system since the channel will broadcast live 12 or 13 hours of competition per day. The channel will offer its own programming schedule for the events taking into account the significant presence of African teams and athletes and will rely on a team of commentators and consultants created especially for the occasion in the French language. Excellent news for sports lovers in French-speaking Sub-Saharan Africa since the channel is present on CANAL+ packages and will therefore be visible in all countries without having to take out a specific subscription.

While this is always welcome for the French-speaking African viewers to finally get some French language Sub-Saharan African-wide coverage, as it's one of the major languages spoken there, just having one channel from them pales in comparison to what South African-based SuperSport, although it strives to be pan-African, usually offers like multiple TV channels and online streams devoted to the Olympic Games. I'd say 3-4 for the French realm at least from TV5Monde Afrique. Plus, no news regarding live and on demand Internet and streaming for this. You would presume, considering that this major multisports event is held at the epicenter of the Francophone world, a media entity like TV5Monde Afrique holding the Paris 2024 broadcasting rights would pull all the stops and go all out on this project. Perhaps it will hopefully announce that very soon:


Ivory Coast's RTI obtains the exclusive Ivorian Paris 2024 broadcasting rights right on the heels of its successful 2024 African Nations Cup host broadcasting earlier this year. Using all of its available media platforms--that is, including, RTI 1, RTI 2, LA 3, Radio Cote D'Ivoire, Frequence 2, and its digital support channels to bring these magical moments to millions of Ivorians of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. The RTI Group will cover both the opening and closing ceremonies. It promises around 6 hours of daily live programming, or around 300 hours including the official Summer Olympics events: 



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Well I don't know why it would be subject to any rules, but I can only assume that the BBC & Discovery launches here are being held until after the general election, because there can't be many countries in Europe still to come out with any details. I'd have thought they'd want to be nice & early given how high the interest is gonna be about an Olympics that's pretty much as close as they can be without coming to the UK again...

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4 hours ago, StefanMUC said:

I guess this is also a media update of sorts?




Couldn’t find the AFP report yet though…

It was actually picked up by several media, even in the French press (although less than 0.01% of French people, I think, know this site)


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23 minutes ago, sebastien1214 said:

It was actually picked up by several media, even in the French press (although less than 0.01% of French people, I think, know this site)


Interesting take to title with the Valieva story - creates an impression as if ITG was banned because the IOC didn't like them breaking that story and only later in the article it becomes (or tries to at least) clear that the owner changes are behind it.

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2 minutes ago, StefanMUC said:

Interesting take to title with the Valieva story - creates an impression as if ITG was banned because the IOC didn't like them breaking that story and only later in the article it becomes (or tries to at least) clear that the owner changes are behind it.

I think the reason is much more pragmatic: as no one knows ITG in France, they had to take an example of something we vaguely heard about in France and which was revealed by ITG so that people could make the connection . “Ah but yes, that thing, was it this media that revealed that? Ah well ok.”

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I was around Trocadéro earlier this week and managed to take pictures of the "TV tower" being built to house some of the broadcasters. This three-floor structure is made up of ten studios with a view of the Eiffel Tower.




Another temporary structure is being built a few hundred meters away near Pont de l'Alma. It's a two-storey wooden building with large windows. I don't have pictures but it's labeled as a "TV House" on the building permits.

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9 hours ago, StefanMUC said:

I guess this is also a media update of sorts?




Couldn’t find the AFP report yet though…

Lol! Not a peep on ITG itself. Though I expect the negative Paris reports will start ramping up even more.

4 hours ago, sebastien1214 said:

I think the reason is much more pragmatic: as no one knows ITG in France, they had to take an example of something we vaguely heard about in France and which was revealed by ITG so that people could make the connection . “Ah but yes, that thing, was it this media that revealed that? Ah well ok.”

ITG’s hardly a household name in the Anglosphere either. It’s really a specialist site that USED TO attract Olympic enthusiasts like us. The Valieva scoop was their last moment of true glory. 

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Several NBC/Telemundo Paris 2024 media press releases on the latest developments regarding its upcoming massive Paris 2024 coverage this summer with several major qualification events going on as we write this like with the US Olympic Team Trials as part of its Making Team USA campaign--including some of the more fun and sillier promotions ahead:












SRF Swiss German TV coverage on SF2, in addition to having the aforementioned live 14 hours daily, will total around 240 hours overall. Annette Fetscherin and Lukas Studer will guide the Swiss audience from Paris through the program and welcome the Swiss medal winners in the SRF studio on-site. Thanks to nine live streams, no decision will be missed in the "Olympia Player". The Olympic special on srf.ch/sport and in the SRF Sport app offers features as well as an overview of all results, background reports and analyses. No word, as far as I'm aware, has emerged yet on the overall plans revealed from their French and Italian counterparts at RTS2 and La 2, respectively. But judging from the Admedia PDF link, it's going to be the very similar but with more Olympic-related programming from the French side:    


In addition to prioritizing Czech athletes during its 340 hours on CT Sport and CT Sport Plus, it will reside In the Czech House in Paris, where it will have a studio with moderators Robert Záruba and Barbora Černošková," said the executive director of CT sport Jiří Ponikelský. He added that 57 CT employees, eight to ten crews, will be on site in Paris. Experts with Olympic experience, for example, rower Ondřej Synek, sports shooter David Kostelecký, beach volleyball player Kristýna Kolocová, and water slalom skier Tomáš Rak, will also take part in the broadcasts.

"The summer program will then end with a live broadcast from the Paralympic Games from Paris, we broadcast more than a hundred hours of live broadcasts. We will have two crews on site," Ponikelský added:


MTVA, the Hungarian public media organization that happens to carry M4 Sport, and the Hungarian Olympic Committee (MOB) signed an agreement back in November 2022 that made M4 Sport as the official home of the Hungarian Olympic Team, now an official partner. This means it will bring major news about the Hungarian athletes making the Olympic team on events and athletes fighting for quotas and continue to broadcast the events where the largest number of Olympic quotas are decided. Be it international or domestic championships. 

This partnership also coincides with the launch of a new series was also announced. Hungary's most watched sports channel presents those who are fighting for the five-ring quota in a series of portraits starting under the title " Parísi beszálló" . These short films appear several times on the channel, but they will also be found on the m4sport.hu website.

The invitation to the press conference was accepted by the Olympic champion kayaker Tamara Csipes, the water polo player Dóra Leimeter, who won a silver medal at the world championship in the summer, and the recent world championship bronze medalist wrestler Tamás Lévai, who, in tune with the Paris Games, talked about their plans and how their preparations are going, and also flashed gastronomic their knowledge. In the crossfire of cameras and cameras, they prepared Créme Brulée, the French favorite.

M4 Sport also launched a series in 2023 in the spirit of the upcoming five-ring games. The magazine show "Road to Paris"--another Road To Paris--follows the journey of some of Hungary's athletes not only to the French capital, but also to the Olympics, based on a completely revised concept:


BHRT will spend over 4 million marks for its presentation of Euro 2024 and Paris 2024 Bosnian broadcasts for all its public service money-losing woes. These funds are intended for studio and production capacities for the production of signals in HD resolution, as well as repayment of the rights to broadcast the European Football Championship and the Summer Olympic Games in 2024. But loses 90,000 marks daily:


Sorry Danish sports fans, particularly Olympic enthusiasts, DR and TV 2 have no plans to broadcast their Danish TV coverage of Paris 2024 in 4K with the Summer Olympics, UEFA EURO 2024, and Wimbeldon. Maybe HBO Max's Eurosport Paris 2024 coverage could, which it could promote. Maybe with Los Angeles and/or Milan. DR informs DIGITALT.TV that they do not broadcast either the Olympics or Wimbledon in 4K, as the price of this type of signal is considered too high in relation to the quality improvement actually experienced. DR states that it receives the signal from all three events in 1080i50, and then it is upscaled to 1080p50 on DRTV:


SuperSport announces with this brief promo proclaiming it'll be "closer to your champions" that it will offer 9 dedicated channels devoted to Paris 2024 in its unrivalled coverage and "stay connected" across Sub-Saharan Africa not just South Africa from July 24 to August 11 


90 people from RAI's staff are expected to attend Paris their Paris 2024 Summer Olympics project that will unsurprisingly focus on Italian national athletes and events. This 90 includes journalists, analysts, technical commentators, support staff and camera operators.

Ten camera operators will be fully equipped with backpacks for live broadcasts from any location they find themselves in, including any unexpected needs beyond the typical strategic locations in sports halls and stadiums. The technical team is also substantial, with around 120 people including directors and operators who will work specifically in the studios that Rai has set up in the French town of Le Bourget, where the International Broadcast Center will be located.

Rai Radio will also be on-site with 25 reporters, while around 15 other professionals will cover the needs of the various news programmes. Completing the tactical picture are three other control rooms and two recording studios, in addition to a smaller one dedicated to news programmes, which will be be ready to cover any need that may arise for RAI2, RAI Sport, and the various Rai general news programmes.

Coverage will include live broadcasts, replays and other programmes, as well as Olympic-themed interludes, utilizing Rai’s extensive resources. Interestingly, the opening ceremony is not included in RAI's Paris 2024 350-hour coverage plans on the two channels--RAI2 and RAI Sport. These two channels' coverage are also replicated on their respective streaming channels on RaiPlay. Additionally, RaiPlay will dedicate further space to replaying clips of victories, competitions, finals, and other key events that happen each day.

The majority of RAI2's programming will start at around 7:30am, with a live opening daytime morning programme that introduces and anticipates the day’s themes, leading up to 9am when the first live broadcasts of the sporting day begin. On this channel, RAI2's plan to keep everything live for as long as needed – as per schedule until 11pm, but theoretically likely even until midnight or later if necessary – since some matches, such as basketball, start very late (and maybe after when Italy qualifies and has a late game). In these cases, it plans to be able to maintain the connection on external locations even beyond midnight.

Programming continues after the end of live broadcasts with closing broadcasts, a summary from the IBC studio, with commentators, images of the competitions, interviews, guests in the studio: basically, everything the editorial team considers interesting from the day just ended, continuing until at least 12:30am. The only interruptions to this total dedication to the Olympic programme will be dictated by the TG2 news programmes, which will be maintained and, if necessary, shifted by a few minutes to avoid cutting off the end of a competition.

On Rai Sport, the Italian national broadcaster plans to broadcast at least 10 hours of live coverage per day. Rai Sport’s deputy director, Massimiliano Mascolo adds: “By offering everything on Rai 2 and also on Rai Sport, this year we will be able to overcome the problem of overlapping competitions, as happened in the past. For example in the Tokyo Olympics we had two matches featuring the Italian national teams happening at practically the same time. This will allow us to cover everything to the best of our ability.”

Another important setup is within Casa Italia, a historic villa at Bois de Boulogne where CONI – the Italian National Olympic Committee – will be based. Rai will set up a small studio in the adjacent garden in this distinguished setting to catch up with the VIPs and athletes who will come and go from the villa to comment on the victories and medals.

“We have also prepared to have one more camera following athletics because it is very possible that the international director might not be able to frame the Italian athletes in as much detail as we would like,” adds Mascolo. “It’s something we already do at major international athletics and swimming events for the same reason. We have dedicated mix zones for Rai and our regular interviews on four sports –athletics, swimming, fencing and track cycling – with a journalist ready to seize the day’s protagonists on the fly.”

“From an editorial point of view,” concludes Mascolo, “we have also created a technical and editorial plan for Paris that is not overly complicated for us. We are aware that the most important thing is to guarantee coverage of the playing fields, and from this point of view, our production structure has always been able to work very well.”:


Contrast RAI with what Eurosport Italia has planned that Eurosport Italia's Matteo Pacor, the Paris 2024 executive producer here overseeing and managing the project, brought forth some juicy info for the Paris 2024 project in granting a "lovely" interview. Typical with its many rights broadcast holders in integrate the feed with our content with therefore having their cameras, as each country has its own, and this allows us to make customizations such as interviews in Italian, to record "colour" pieces and services from Casa Italia. In this way the multiple Eurosports can integrate and overlap with the streams sent by OBS, the Olympic Broadcasting Services, which provides all the signals. All quotes are from Pacor.

Eurosport 2 Italia will be the designated Olympic channel for Team Italia--everything concerning Azzurri--from morning to night and produced and customized back over in Milan, responding to the complaints of Italian viewers of no pro-Italy channel like those made against RAI, while Eurosport 1, managed by their colleagues in Paris and London, will offer the bulk of the Olympics. Could be a challenge despite greater flexibility than RAI with channel switching to balance things out but have no interruptions to the action like news. In addition to taking advantage of the Hotel Raphael and Casa Italia views with Paris in the background for its morning and nighttime programs, Eurosport Italia would then like to try to make it live and live around the streets of Paris. There will be many Italian fans, so maybe will follow them when they go to watch the races, they go to cheer for our team, we will do a little behind the scenes of their emotions,  focusing on a side story also because, obviously, the OBS images are so beautiful that there is little to add

In addition to the "linear" channel, the true heart of the Eurosport offer for the Olympics is clearly represented by the Discovery Plus platform, which they have already learned about for Tokyo 2020. They remember that after an initial and necessary run-in (there were some small problems in managing the audio flows), the app went very well and was a real revolution in the way of following the Olympic Games. There was, it is true, a first experiment in London 2012, when Sky Italia production (Matteo Pacor was earlier involved there too) proposed 12 dedicated channels, with also a function called "medal alert" to be notified when you were about to assign a medal. That was already a rich offer, but now we are spoiled for choice.

“It's true, today the offer is very wide. The entire Olympics is available and very widely offered on Discovery Plus (later HBO Max), that is, every platform, every tatami, every match, every gymnastics apparatus. Inside the platform there will be everything! Then, obviously, they do its Eurosport channels, their study and in-depth analysis, but those who are super passionate about a single discipline will be able to step away and watch, I don't know, the badminton channel. If you want, don't waste a minute, you can even watch it again, because within the platform you can watch everything that happened this morning, yesterday, the day before yesterday, a week ago. In this sense, the way of enjoying sport on TV has changed."

Among other things, the Discovery+ platform has also proven to be a resource for coaches: “ I'll tell you an anecdote. When we were in Tokyo, a bit of a curious case, some of the federations, some of the teams, asked us how to access Discovery Plus from Japan so they could watch their opponent's matches. There were then great viewing sessions. It's an amazing tool."

In addition to Discovery+, we also know that the offer, through agreements with other platforms, has also been extended to Sky, DAZN and Timvision and, on this, Matteo is keen to point out that " among other things, on Sky, we are with the basic subscription , so we are not in the sports package, and all season ticket holders can see it . This is an aspect that we should promote better, because in fact the audience of spectators is expanding even further ."

The WB Discovery group has signed agreements for the broadcast of the Olympics also on Sky, DAZN and Timvision.

We know that Eurosport also pays great attention to the social side of promoting its events. The videos with the accompanying reactions of the Eurosport commentators have now become a regular content on the Discovery group's social networks. More and more often we find so-called " instant videos" on various profiles , i.e. 30-second videos that are published shortly after the end of the race or a particular performance. Also famous are the videos with the reactions of the Eurosport commentators , who let us peek into the various commentary closets to glean their immediate emotions.

“We have teams that do this mini-highlight job, of breaking it up, and during the Olympics this will also be a nice plus. Let's say that I think we are quite strong on this."

“Now our challenge is to study the calendars carefully , see where, moment by moment, there may be some Italians competing, and then decide where to send our journalists. The game then becomes one of trying to fit in the times, given that any final decision will then be taken on site a couple of days before or the evening before the race. On an organizational level, it essentially involves telling a journalist to go and follow, I don't know, judo in the morning and if that athlete qualifies for the finals you stay there, otherwise you move to follow another discipline. Then even in those cases, a bit of luck is needed because at the Olympics there are always unexpected medals, but we will try to be prepared.

On the Olympics website we find the complete program with all the competitions and medals up for grabs. Now we have to follow the qualifications, see where the Azzurri qualify, try to understand with our experts who the favorites are and then start at level three daily blocks (morning, afternoon and evening) where to send people.

Massimiliano Ambesi will be involved as an expert analyst in Milan, he will have the role as a bit of a free hitter. He will also help us a little to organize the schedule. Macor will almost always be in Paris, but maybe will also spend a few days in Milan. 

A heartfelt thank you to Matteo Pacor for granting us this lovely interview, in which we were able to delve a little deeper into " the machine " behind the production of a sporting event on television.

In the next appointment the second part link will be proposed, where the attention will shift to the ways of describing an Olympics, the role of talent and, finally, the evolution of technology and the different usability of sport on TV (with a final gem!). There will be a 4K presentation but under limitations.  Sport is also storytelling and images are the heart of a broadcaster's offering, but the way in which that event, that sporting achievement is told also makes the difference. The spirit of the Eurosport team is preparing to let us "listen" to the Paris 2024 competition and cultivate a suitable TV niche for them in storytelling, making Olympic television for enthusiasts, made by enthusiasts while adding "a touch of freshness, originality, maybe even a bit of healthy messing around."

some of the Eurosport commentators who are preparing to talk about the Olympic Games


“In our story, instead of using people from the entertainment industry, we use the funniest, freshest faces of former athletes , who give a way of seeing the  sporting event with completely different eyes , even from those of the journalist. It is a choice that is sometimes questioned , but which we really like. On the one hand, in fact, a bit of editorial depth is certainly lost, because a journalist is certainly much more prepared on the history of a sport, on the perhaps more technical or content aspects, on controversies or so on.

On the other hand, if you send Valentina Marchei or another ex-athlete, such as Dorothea Wierer, to do interviews in the mixed zone, you expect her story and her questions to go off these lines. They will be questions asked by a person who tends to get excited when seeing a gesture that she knows, in the sense that she knows the effort behind it , the effort, the emotions of an Olympics. Dorothea Wierer, temporarily supported by skis and rifle, will be one of the talents of the Eurosport team, sent to Paris.

Maybe the question may be a bit banal, but the quality of the answer is often surprising , because the approach that an athlete has towards another former athlete is completely different from that of an athlete towards a journalist, and this is something that we really like. We insist a lot on this aspect, taking the good sides and also accepting the less good ones. In my opinion this is a fairly big point of difference compared to other broadcasters, where the correspondent in the field is almost always a journalist ”.

In fact, there is no doubt that there is a different respect between athletes (or former ones), given precisely by having lived through common experiences, which makes the response more spontaneous, in a certainly more " intimate " atmosphere .

“I also see it in winter  sport , where I insist a lot on this thing. I'll give you the example of Tina Maze , who travels with us to the various ski world cup races and allows us to do interviews with athletes like Mikaela Shiffrin who arrive there and chat like two old men in front of tea... it then happens that one interview which should last 5-6 minutes, extends to a quarter of an hour or twenty minutes. This is because athletes talk, chat, ask each other questions , because the approach is completely different , and it wouldn't be the same even if I or my most competent journalist went. Interesting aspects would still emerge, but for what we like and what we want to tell, this is the most compliant approach”.

Furthermore, athletes with certain linguistic abilities and skills are often identified: let's think for example of Tina Maze or Dorothea Wierer herself, who know how to express themselves perfectly in multiple languages, allowing them to present themselves to spectators of different nationalities.  And then they are sports enthusiasts, they eat, watch, and do sports, they live in the open air, they have their own concept of sporting life which also serves a little to convey good values, positive values.    

Here Matteo focuses precisely on the importance of being able to convey positive values and of perhaps being able to avoid certain topics: "we are also lucky enough not to have a news channel and therefore to be able to stay away from certain more sinister topics, every now and then we maybe he talks, but it's not like we're there all the time talking about doping, betting, etc.”

See you soon, as Simone Salvador says:



RTE just announced a few hours ago a new and compelling pre-Olympic documentary series called Path To Paris set to air on RTE1 and RTE Player starting July 27 at 10:15pm Ireland time. Like past RTE Olympic documentary series it showed, it's gonna focus on the profiles of and "offers an unfiltered, raw, and honest portrayal of the dedication, sacrifice, and perseverance of Ireland’s Olympic and Paralympic hopefuls" as they look set to compete in Paris and filmed over a three-year span. This is a diverse lineup with breadth of sports and demographics involved and will be in three parts every Thursday night

Path to Paris is filmed and directed by Darragh Bambrick. This is the 4th Olympic series that Darragh Bambrick has made for RTÉ, spending the last 15 years following Ireland’s Olympic and Paralympic prospects around the world and bringing their stories to life:


Globo/SporTV revealed their fuller roster of its Paris 2024 sportscasting personnel in Rio De Janeiro this morning when Globo is engaged with the Olympics for over 5 decades now. As part of this Olympics edition and part of the desire to bring these Olympic Games to everyone in Brazil, Globo TV/SporTV will feature 400 people from Brazil, France and Tahiti -- including 100 sports specialists. According to Joana Timóteo, on sportv, the public will be able to count on a special curation of the best of the Paris Olympics. There will be four channels talking about the event, with SporTV 2 being dedicated to 4K games and "Ça Va Paris", in addition to 40 extra signals. "Qualifiers and even training sessions can be seen." Many of these broadcasters were on multiple buses promoting the Globo/SporTV Paris 2024 coverage sporting their Globo/SporTV polo shirts. Other notable highlights from there include:

"Central Olímpica" will have Fê Garay, Marcelo Adnet, Thiago Medeiros and Tadeu Schmidt, in addition to Galvão Bueno with a daily chronicle. The program will also have a mascot, the "Petit Gateau";

Galvão Bueno, Luís Roberto, Daiane dos Santos and Ítalo Ferreira will open the Paris Olympics on Globo. This will be Galvão's first event on Globo since the 2022 World Cup;

Marcelo Barreto will be on the Brazilian delegation's ship at the opening ceremony, together with the Brazilian athletes, in partnership with the Brazilian and International Olympic Committees;

24 narrators dedicated to the Olympics; 5 on Globo and 19 on sportv;

43% of broadcasts have a woman on the team;

More than 30 Olympic medals among 100 experts;

Globo will have a studio in Paris for broadcasts;

The capital of France will be created (or augmented) digitally during the broadcasts, as a form of experience for the Brazilian viewer. What is happening in the city will reflect on Brazilians;

Series about the Olympic games will be on the agenda of Hora 1, Jornal Nacional and Fantástico;

Journalists Felipe Andreolli and Felipe Fernandes will appear throughout Globo's programming, as will Alex Escobar and César Cielo, keeping the audience updated daily;

Andreolli and Felipe Fernandes entered throughout the program. Escobar and Cielo entering too

Other personalities confirmed include Karine Alves, who as a reporter will be going around Paris showing stories and interesting facts. Ca va Paris, co-hosted by Andre Rizek and Fabi Alvim, will become a daily 2-hour show during Paris 2024 made by Estudios Globo on SporTV 2. Joining them in this endeavor will be presenter Marcelo Barreto, directly from Paris. In the studio, there will always be three guests interacting with the presenting duo. 

To translate the emotions of the competitions, Natalia Lara will this time have the challenge of doing, alongside other colleagues, the narrations for TV Globo (in Tokyo, she participated in SporTV). The recently hired Paulo Andrade, who debuted in April, will be one of the voices of SporTV.

Another name that will be in Paris is presenter Barbara Coelho, who will go on air every day throughout TV Globo's programming to update the public on the latest events in the disputes. Daiane dos Santos, on the other hand, will be part of the team that will be in Paris at the Opening Ceremony, but will return to Brazil to analyze the gymnastics events that feature two exponents: American Simone Biles and Brazilian Rebeca Andrade. 

Presenter Luiz Teixeira, who arrived at Globo in 2021, will cover his first Games at the company – going live on SporTV with the hottest news directly from Paris. He will be joined by volleyball commentator Nalbert, Olympic champion in 2004. Nalbert, a 2004 gold medalist in men's volleyball, will act as an analyst/expert there.


RTS Senegal confirms it will broadcast the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics to sports-hungry Senegalese fans and viewers:


The only info right now that we can gleem from Ecuador's RTS' and TVC's Paris 2024 transmission is that they're free and public won't pay for it with RTS being Channel 4 and TVC is Channel 11. Still no Paris 2024 programming structure: 


Cuban Television, ICRT, will get the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics with TeleRebelde airing it 24 hours a day as the official Cuban Olympic Channel. The Education Channel will serve as a secondary channel for the Olympics, focusing on the Cuban Olympians when there's simultaneous important events involving Cubans. Both likely on HD. We can expect plenty of soccer, among many other Summer Olympic sports, in the Cuban Paris 2024 transmission but the coverage isn't likely going to be guaranteed to be spared from the expected rolling electricity blackout inflicting Cuba during the summer like with its EURO 2024 coverage. Yesica Garcia and Lujan Hernandez are expected to be involved.

Pavel Otero announced this during the midst of EURO 2024 and Copa America and is likely going to be one of Television Cubana's Paris 2024 sportscasters--while also blasting the IOC's and the UN Refugee Agency's (UNHCR) decision in selecting two Cubans in canoeist Fernando Dayán Jorge Enríquez, holder of Tokyo 2020 in the two-seater canoe at 1000 meters, and weightlifter Ramiro Mora Romero onto the Refugee Olympic Team:


ERT plans to set up a 4K channel on its ERTFlix streaming platform channel particularly coming from the Cosmote Sport 4K channel while the ERT Greek TV channels showing the bulk of the Greek Paris 2024 TV coverage remain on standard definition:


Kuaishou, a Tik Tok rival, secures the Chinese Paris 2024 on-demand short form sublicensing media rights that will drive commercial and viewership activities around the games by integrating fan engagement activities, advertising, and shopping promotions into its Olympic broadcasts, all things it previously did with CMG at Tokyo 2020, Beijing 2022, and the 2022 Asian Games:


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We'll get to some Paris 2024 print media very soon like with the now-released  Paris 2024 official program and talking about it. But for now, I gotta right now mention Sports Illustrated. It's back up and publishing! In time for its 2024 Olympic preview issue after Minute Media swooped in to save it and rehired everyone following The Arena Group's entire staff dismissal and sad demise. Was getting worried we weren't going to get one this year. 

The upcoming Paris 2024 Summer Olympics and Paralympics themed edition, which features Olympian Athing Mu on the cover, will be available on newsstands June 27:



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Won't go into much of the Paris 2024 media updates for this post, except for one coming up. Will expect lots of fast and furious Olympic news worldwide as we hit the 30-day mark, when we anticipate things like sportscaster commentary lineups, schedules, Olympic-related docs, and sports televised--like from smaller nations and new tech developments. Hope we cover them all.

Now for that one new development... 


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The South Korean Paris 2024 broadcasting teams are taking shape since the last time I'm writing this nearly a month ago from South Korea's Wiki. Many of the play-by-play personnel for SBS, KBS, and MBC are not really regularly with the assigned sport in covering them prior to these Summer Olympics and instead come from many news, sports, and entertainment presenting on TV and radio. Mind you, this still isn't complete yet. Starting with SBS, Dae Young Kim, from SBS Sports News and Sports Tonight, is going to be the main studio anchor, as will Joo Joo-Eun. Young Min Joo will host both the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. Jeon Seok Moon will team with Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008 gold medalists Park Kyung-mo and Seonghyeon Park in archery. Lee In-kwon and Cha Dong-min, a 2008 Beijing +80kg gold medalist and 2016 Rio +80kg bronze medal, will both cover taekwondo. Seongjae Bae will handle swimming, badminton, and weightlifting with Tae Hwan-Park, Yongdae Lee (2008 Beijing mixed doubles gold medal, 2012 London men's doubles bronze medalist), and Jinhee Yoon (2008 Beijing -53kg silver medal, 2016 Rio -53kg bronze medal), respectively. Seongho Yoon does judo with Tokyo 2020 -100kg silver medalist Jo Guham. Wooyoung Jeong and Jiyeon Kim, who won a 2012 London Saber individual gold medal and a 2020 Tokyo Saber team bronze medal. Handball, despite South Korea's absence in qualifying, will be covered by Lee Sang-eun, a silver medalist from 1996 Atlanta and 2004 Athens. Park Jong-hoon, a 1988 Seoul vault bronze medalist, will tackle gymnastics. Hyun Jeong-hwa, 1988 Seoul women's doubles gold medal and 1992 Barcelona singles, women's doubles bronze medal winner, provides info on table tennis. Kim Jae-yeol and Bomi Lee will be over at the golf links. Hyeonkyung Lee from Open TV Viewer World on Thursdays will call rhythmic gymnastics. And Barcelona 1992 50m rifle prone gold medalist Eun-Cheol Lee will analyze shooting. Commentary SBS teams for track and field/athletics, breaking, diving, soccer, basketball, and volleyball have yet to be announced as of this writing 

KBS Paris 2024 sportscasting team will consist of, starting with, Park Ji-won from KBS News 9 (1TV, weekdays), Korean Language Competition (1TV, Mondays) and Song Hae-na covering them as main studio presenters on KBS 1TV and KBS 2TV, respectively. Lee Hyeon-i will also conduct studio anchoring on 2TV as well. Jaehoo Lee outta With Departure FM (Classic FM) acts as KBS Opening and Closing Ceremonies host as well as handling archery with Ki Bo-bae, a London 2012  individual and team gold medalist and Rio 2016 Team gold medal and individual bronze medalist. Jinwoong Kim and Oh Sang-eun, holder of the bronze medal in Beijing 2008 team event and a silver medal from the London 2012 team event, get together for table tennis. Seungdon Choi from 1Radio's Live Information Radio weekends show pairs with Tokyo 2020 Saber Team gold medalists Jeonghwan Kim and Junho Kim in fencing but with team handball expert partner for Seung TBA. 20th Century Hit Song host Lee Dong-geun pairs with Jeong Yoo-in in swimming. Lee Ho-geun teams up with Wonhee Lee, a Athens 2004 -73kg gold medal in judo. Golf legend Se-Ri Park joins forces with Unification Train's Hyeonggeol Lee.  Hyunmoo Jeon from 2TV's The boss's ears are donkey ears goes for weightlifting. 3Radio's Tomorrow Is A Blue Sky's Jang Woong covers gymnastics with Yeo Hong-cheol, a vault silver medalist at Atlanta 1996, and field hockey. Geonwoo Kim gets into track and field with an expert announced later. Songmin covers surfing.

2degrees lands a NZ Olympic telecommunication partnership and SKY NZ broadcast partnership with plans for a fun way for fans to connect in sharing messages with the New Zealand Team in Paris, among the soon-to-be-released details:



YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok are all helping NBC to better engage the Olympics with the Summer Olympics:


Costa Rica's Repretel's own Paris 2024 25-page advertising packages press kit. Canals 6 and 11 will act as the official Repretel TV broadcasting channels for its exclusive Paris 2024 coverage. Canal 6 presents multiple Paris 2024-related segments that began actually back in January/February onto July 21 with Golden History or Historias Dorados (169 segments lasting 2-4:30 minutes) and Olympic Sports and Paris Curiousities (educational capsules on Paris' curiousities, oddities, and dynamics) each in 1-minute 20 capsules and later on starting at July 22 to August 11, all on Noticias Repretel, with Corazon Atle-TICO (2:30 minutes profiling Costa Rican Olympian hopefuls), Un Tico En Paris (daily reports on the 2024 Costa Rican Olympic Team/Team Tico lasting 1-1:30 minutes in 15 capsules), Jornada De Paris (1-minute daily summary reports on the goings-on in Paris), Sabores De Paris (1-1:30 minute 15 capsules on the French cuisine, recipes, ingredients, new dishes, and similar fusions with Costa Rica), and the Pura Vida Quiz (1-1:30 minutes rapid quiz on Costa Rica's athletes and Olympic history.

Channel 11, acting as the Repretel Olympic Channel, kicks things off on July 24 with a Olympic men's soccer doubleheader 7-13:00 (7am-1pm Costa Rica time, 15-21:00 France time). July 25 sees Canal 11 showing men's rugby 7s and women's team handball. Canal 6 first comes in with the Opening Ceremony and will conclude the Costa Rican Repretel Paris 2024 coverage with the Closing Ceremony. But for the first few days, they'll alternate during the day with Canal 6 doing the morning hours and Canal 11 showing the afternoon/early evening hours. Canal 6 will air on July 27 in the morning at 6-12:30 shooting, road race cycling, skateboarding, diving, and judo with Canal 11 taking over at 12:30-17:30 with swimming and water polo. July 28 sees from 6-12:00 mountain bike racing, street skateboarding, and sailing on Canal 6 and then Canal 11 comes in at 12-20 with beach volleyball, fencing, kayak slalom, and artistic gymnastics. First weekdays July 29-August 2 Canal 11 will dominate the presentation during the 6-14/15:00 daily programming blocks with diving, beach volleyball, artistic gymnastics, and swimming (July 29), sailing, shooting, BMX freestyle, and boxing (July 30), tennis, soccer, and 3x3 basketball (July 31), sailing, boxing, and BMX racing (August 1), and tennis, diving, and track and field (August 2). Canal 6 only comes in at the 0-4:00 programming blocks during this week for the men's and women's triathlons (July 30-31) and walking marathons (August 1).

August 3-11 on Canal 11 will offer swimming, basketball judo, and 3x3 basketball 12:30-21:00 on August 3 but takes a day off the next day with Canal 6 taking over August 4 with tennis, biking road, swimming, equestrian, and boxing at 4-19:00 and only returning August 6 with race walking 0-3:00. Canal 11 returns August 5 with artistic gymnastics, volleyball, artistic swimming, and wrestling 6-14:00 and following that with rowing, water polo, track and field, ada, and equestrian at 5-18:00. From 6-18:00 on August 7, it's sport climbing, beach volleyball, track and field, field hockey, and weightlifting, Canal 11 will transmit 6-17:00 on August 8 canoeing, sailing, track and field, and track cycling. August 9 5-18:00 it'll be water polo, team handball, soccer, breaking, field hockey, and taekwondo and concludes its portion on August 10 10:30-19 with track and field, basketball, and road cycling. Canal 6 got for that week with men's and women's marathon long course swimming August 3-4 both at 0-2:00 before concluding August 10 with rhythmic gymnastics, volleyball, canoeing, artistic swimming, and breaking 6-18:30 and August 11 with marathon, track cycling, team handball, volleyball, modern pentathlon, and the cc.          

Both Repretel Channels 6 and 11 offer ad space rates for the now-liberalized banners, L-space, repetition,  TV spots lasting 30 seconds-1 minute, studio sets, capsules, Instagram stories, and notes during Olympic transmission. But this does seem to be more prevalent on Latin American Olympic broadcasts 


Bolivision is the official Bolivian TV channel for the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics this summer--and is one of the several channels that's part of the Grupo Albavision family of Latin American TV channels. This link is a 2-minute promo but beyond this, there's very little details regarding their upcoming live Paris 2024 coverage right now except for Richard Pereira covering the events. However, if the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics serve as an indicator from Bolivision, it will designate several live hours on weekdays but go far more out on weekends and on its social media platforms. Like almost all day with both realms showing multiple sports.  Bolivia will not unexpectedly send many athletes to Paris while Bolivision emphasizes Bolivia's Olympic athletes competing in Paris.   


Canal 10 Nicaragua, along with Canal 11, will present the Nicaraguan TV coverage of Paris 2024 as another one of those Grupo Albavision Latin American TV channels attaining the rights. We don't know clearly what it will do with its coverage plans. Nor for Canal 11 but the latter will likely become a complimentary channel in expanding the TV hours. A Paris 2024 promo for Canal 10 Nicaragua is now up on Instagram under the "muy pronto!" ("coming soon") slogan. Instead of showing recent past Summer Olympic action and moments, this promo focuses on the Paris 2024 medals (with the steel directly taken from the Eiffel Tower), the Eiffel Tower, and the sights from Paris:      


Chunghwa Telecom and ELTA TV teams up with TBS's (that's the Taiwanese Broadcasting System, not Turner or Tokyo) Public Television and China Television to jointly provide 2500 hours of Paris 2024 Summer Olympic and Paralympic action. They hope to collect all kinds of information to allow players to show their best strength. Special thanks to Alda for broadcasting so that people who love sports can watch the competition. Come on, support Taiwan’s heroes.

Under the guidance of the Sports Development Fund of the Sports Administration of the Ministry of Education, the joint broadcasting units of the Paris Olympics and Paris Paralympic Games include Chunghwa Telecom, ELTA, TVB Public Television, China Television System and other four major platforms. The overall coverage covers Chunghwa Telecom MOD, OTT platforms and TV platform.

Chunghwa Telecom has participated in the broadcast of the Olympic Games for five consecutive years, and is also the broadcast platform that provides the most live broadcast hours in China this year. In addition to setting up Taiwan’s exclusive "Paris Olympic Zone", it also provides already-mentioned and planned innovative technologies such as AR and ultra-slow viewing angle, bringing new viewing experience also provides the functions of "Chasing Little Secretary" and "Hot Spot Replay". Viewers can receive push broadcasts on their mobile phones when the Chinese team takes the stage and quickly find the time of the key decisive point.

ELTA Sports Channels 1 to 4 will have more than 500 hours of Chinese commentary, dispatching a broadcast team of nearly 100 people and more than 50 professional anchors to provide clear commentary. Streaming audio and video OTT platform broadcasts have also been upgraded. Chunghwa Telecom Home Video and ELTA.tv will launch Elda Olympics 1, 2, and 3, with a total of 7 channels, nearly 1,000 hours of content, and commentary content.

As for the Paris Par Games, ELTA TV will use channels 1 to 4 to provide more than 75 hours of live Chinese content, and will simultaneously broadcast jointly with Public Television (PTS) and China Television (CTS), in response to the spirit of sports equality that "we all love sports, we all are the same". In order to defend copyright, ELTA TV, the general agent for broadcasting the Paris Olympic Games in Taiwan, will form a piracy detection team during the games. If there is any unauthorized illegal piracy, necessary legal actions will be taken to protect the rights and interests of the broadcasters. 


A reminder of who the hosts of Chilevision's Paris Will Be A Party


We now get to see what the innovative Central Olimpica studio set will look like in Paris. TV Globo, Central Olímpica, and sportv, 'Ça Va Paris', as well as all broadcasts of the Games shown on TV Globo will be made from this studio, which is a virtual production project that will offer a completely immersive experience to the public, making them feel like they are in the City of Lights.

The space will feature 150m² of LED, where a city developed using the same technology used in games will be displayed, in a completely synchronized and immersive studio. It also has Augmented Reality elements, interactive systems and a fully synchronized lighting system, helping to compose scenes and project elements, among other new features, making technology an ally in bringing information and telling stories. Looks great


How Globo TV's Jornal Nacional (National News) reported Globo's 200-hour and SporTV's 1000+-hour/4 channel Paris 2024 coverage presentation with 16 reporting teams in Paris and another in Tahiti (surfing)


Caze TV lands Romulo Mendonca, formerly from ESPN Brasil, and currently on Amazon Prime Video, and Caze TV will have its Paris 2024 transmission on its You Tube channel:



Canal 10 Nicaragua, along with Canal 11, will present the Nicaraguan TV coverage of Paris 2024 as another one of those Grupo Albavision Latin American TV channels attaining the rights. We don't know clearly what it will do with its coverage plans. Nor for Canal 11 but the latter will likely become a complimentary channel in expanding the TV hours. A Paris 2024 promo for Canal 10 Nicaragua is now up on Instagram under the "muy pronto!" ("coming soon") slogan. Instead of showing recent past Summer Olympic action and moments, this promo focuses on the Paris 2024 medals (with the steel directly taken from the Eiffel Tower), the Eiffel Tower, and the sights from Paris      


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Wish I could go much longer with this post like I am lately. But time constrains won't allow me to do this here today and for the next few days--gotta work in the afternoon. And I had to leave the library early when it closed at 5pm because of air conditioner issues--right as it about to rain outside and couldn't finish up some details that I wrote before uploading. But anyway, we're nearing the major 30-day mark, so that's when the announcements worldwide come out fast and furiously.

Nine Network sends an elite team of 18 journalists, producers, and photographers to cover Paris 2024. Many coming from, as planned, from the Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Brisbane Times, and WAtoday. The Nine Network's television coverage will feature exclusive Olympics footage and live streams. A special Paris 2024 hub will be available across the digital sites and apps, providing access to a full range of Olympics data, including a live medal tally, competition schedules and results. Personnel include journalists like Greg Baum, Andrew Webster, Emma Kemp, Jordan Baker, Michael Gleeson, and Michael Chammas 

The hub will feature 24/7 in-depth coverage, a daily blog, visual storytelling, breaking news, and unique insights into the Games. The team of 18 includes chief reporters, sports editors, a digital producer, a photographer, and correspondents covering various sports. The Australian Financial Review will also be sending correspondents to cover the Games:


In a related story dealing with Paris 2024 Australian broadcasting and journalism, News Corp lands Stan Sport, Harvey Norman, Woolworths, Asics, and Omega for its Paris 2024 Olympic ad partners. Asics will also outfit the 45-strong News Corp Paris 2024 journalism team like the AOC athletes:



Stan Sport 15-second promo advertising its overall general Paris 2024 coverage:


SuperSport, in its promise to get Sub-Saharan African viewers to get "closer to your champions", presents multiple subscriber packages with the biggest being Premium and Compact Plus, both with 9 Olympic channels, including dedicated Olympic news channel,  5 OTT Pop-Ups, and all gold medal events live. Lesser packages include Compact Subscriber (6 Olympic channels, 5 OTT Pop-Ups, Selected gold medal live events), Family Subscriber (3 Olympic channels and Selected gold medal events live), and Access Subscriber with just 1 Olympic channel:


Part two of SF2's Our Dream Olympic Games: Paris Here We Come! documentary series is now up and running. Also on SRF Play:


RTE Sport's Paris 2024 TV and digital sponsorship/advertising package for RTE2 and RTE Player in Ireland. Costs 27,500 euros for a minimum of 20 TV commercial spots for the duration of the Games where RTE will them with of course an Irish interest: 



But anyway in a related piece, Allianz Insurance gets named yesterday as the exclusive broadcast sponsor for RTE's comprehensive multi-platform coverage of the Paris 2024 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games, including live RTÉ TV, live RTÉ Player, and catch up on the RTÉ Player. RTÉ will broadcast 300 plus hours of Olympics and Paralympics coverage across RTÉ2, RTÉ Player and RTÉ News Channel this summer: 







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Nine is going all-in for their coverage here Down Under. It's the first Olympics without Bruce McAvaney who is Mr Olympics on the rival Seven Network for decades before Nine signed a 5-Olympic deal for 8 years from 2024-2032. Stan will have international coverage from Asia, Oceania and Europe but none from Africa or The Americas. Would be good to see coverage from all 5 continents of the Olympic Rings. No CBC, NBC or Supersport coverage 

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