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Every edition of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, both Summer and Winter editions, present more opportunities for athletes and organisers to create ‘forever moments’  which are etched eternally in our memories. 

We remember the anniversaries of those moments in this thread, On This Day.

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The  Race of Our Lives

On this day, September 25th 2000, Cathy Freeman won Olympic gold in front of a home crowd as she beat Lorraine Graham and Katherine Merry in the Women’s 400m Final in front of 112,000 packed into Stadium Australia, millions watching from home televisions, barbewues, backyard parties and live sites around Australia with billions watching worldwide.




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Magic Monday

Magic Monday at Sydney 2000 was the greatest night of athletics in history - Inside The Games

25 September 2000

Olympic Stadium, Sydney

110,000 spectators.

The largest crowd ever in history to watch Olympic track and field.















Also on Magic Monday, 25 September 2000, was an incredible day in a jam packed stadium with 10,000 spectators on Bondi Beach for the Womens Beach Volleyball Gold Medal Match.

Australians Natlie Cook and Kerri Pottharst versus Shelda Bede and Adriana Behar from Brazil:


Credit: Austadiums.com - Bondi Beach




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On this day, 25 September 2000, was a battle for medals in the Womens Pole Vault Final at the Sydney 2000 Olympics and during the pandemonium of the 110,000 crowd losing their minds over Cathy Freeman’s winning the Womens 400m Final. 

Competing under that pressure in the Womens Pole Vault Final was Tatiania Grigorieva from Australia.  She and commentator Bruce Macavaney talk about Magic Monday night in this clip from the Australian Olympic Committee.



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