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Looks like Toronto 36 already had its chance.

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Funny thing is that the Olympic-sized OC was produced by Paddy Sampson who produced the Calgary 88 Ceremonies.  And again there is a parallelism to US events.  David Wolper produced LA 1984 and then went on to top it with the Re-unveiling of Lady Liberty in NY Harbor in 1986.  Sampson made a mark with Calgary 88; and then staged the Skydome Opening a year later.  Weird parallels, huh?  

This clip is even better.  


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1 hour ago, BigVic said:

Had Toronto got 2008 over Beijing we would've been criticising the Opening Ceremony. 

Had toronto got 2008 then london nor rio would have hosted the games. Beijing surely would have hosted on 2012 and moscow would've had a shot for 2016 (russia hosted 2014 winter olympics because europe was hosting 2012), maybe we could be on the countdown for tokyo 2024 and in the aftermath of a USA 2020 olympics (rio wouldnt have bid again in 2013), then paris 2028 and brisbane 2032. Talking about a toronto 2008 games I don't think it would've been that different to vancouver ceremonies, and I suppose beijing's ceremony would've been similar to that of 2008 (without the 08/08/08 thing). Moscow to that of sochi 2014, just in a renewed luzhniki stadium and US 2020 would have depended on the city, if LA hosted it was set to be a games similar to actual tokyo 2020 and if NYC or chicago it'd been similar to that of the euro 2020. Tokyo would've finally gone with mikiko's plan but without the spectacular handover, and paris similar to 2024 seine thing with an in stadium handover in tokyo.

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Not sure the Chinese would have come right back after another lose. They didn't come back right after losing 2000. 2008 would have been a major slap in the face. Beijing would have probably slid into 2016 and Rio would never have happened because Brazil went down the toilet from 2009 to 2013. It would have likely left 2012 for Europe and 2020 would have probably gone to Europe as well.

A Toronto 2008 would have changed some of the bombast of the 2008-2014 cycle. Salzburg would have likely won 2010 and Pyeongchang probably 4 years earlier in 2014. By 2011 Russia was already becoming a global pariah. 

2008 Toronto, 2010 Salzburg, 2012 London, 2014 Pyeongchang, 2016 Beijing, 2018 Munich, 2020 Madrid? 2022 Oslo? Stockholm? Zurich?.

Shifting Beijing and cutting out Sochi and Rio likely would have put the Olympics on far firmer ground. 

Incidently 2036 is around the time a new major stadium will be needed in Toronto. So who knows if the COC will put together a bid. That will ultimately lose.

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