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The Trans Issue - FINA to rule on transgender participation

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6 hours ago, Sir Rols said:
3 hours ago, ulu said:

Bad argument which is trotted out every time there's a discussion of trans inclusion in women's sports. It's bad because sports aren't segregated based on these other attributes but they are segregated based on sex. These exact same arguments could be used to argue for the abolition sex segregation in sports which I don't think anyone wants.

We've heard the unfair advantage comment about Phelps before, so that's hardly anything new.  Surprised that article didn't bring up Caster Semenya, speaking of an athlete who actually did have to neutralize her biological advantage in order to compete.

I don't think there's ever going to be a solution to this issue that satisfies both sides, especially in a charged up political environment.  I graduated from Penn (hence the "Quaker"), so I've heard plenty about Lia Thomas and all the rumblings from teammates who were essentially told to stay quiet or face consequences.  We will continue to hear more about this as time goes on, to be sure.  And as it creeps closer to high level competitions and Olympic sports, people on all sides will likely just get louder about it

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