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Barcelona 2030 - understanding the bid with expansion a/o inclusion (of an eventual) Sarajevo legacy cluster

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21 minutes ago, stryker said:

The last part from Wikipedia is not accurate. Malago did hope the track would stay open but the investments never came. This is why the track has never been used for competition. The refrigeration issue has been discussed on the boards here. What remains is essentially a skeleton of the competition track. There's a reason the track will never host competitions again. It would cost more to restore the track than it probably would to build one from scratch. Now that the track at Cortina is being rebuilt there really is no need for two competition level sliding tracks in Italy. 


best stryker i totally understand what u wrote.. but the question in my mind is in the context of "to understand the barcelona 2030 bid with inclusion of the eventual sarajevo cluster for use of the trebeviç-gliding-track and malo-polje-ski-jump-venue"


1 hour ago, fatixxx said:


>> does COE has notice of this technical default at the torino track and never went to italian officials for a cross-border venue use?


normally let us think further.. 

1// if there were NO technical problems at the torino track AND-İF the RE-USE of the track wasnt so expensive than the italian olympic committee wouldnt demolish and rebuild the very-old-giding-track (almost 3 quarter of a deccenia) in cortina.. 

2// you say that the demolishing+rebuilding of the cortina track is less expensive (actually cheaper than the torino-track?

3// the torino-track would have been closer qua distance (for out-of-border-cluster-organisation of the bobsleigh & jump venues) for the COE instead of cortina.. i think also that gamesbids has innovated a new word for this issue as @Sir Rols mentioned as (maybe a new litterature in the wog-diccionary) CROSS-BORDER venues.. it will be certainly a late debate for the ioc to solve the WHITE ELEPHANTS-thing as you also mentioned

4// but now the cortina-track is the closest one instead of the sarajevo-trebeviç-track

5// if the 2030 wog goes to sapporo or slc.. then barcelona 2034 will be the next target and in this case it will be 8 years after milano-cortina 2026 AS İT was for TORİNO 2006 + 6 years (2012) when the technical maintenance was not reachable.. the same proble could/will occur with the cortina-track.. this certainly will not be attractive for the spaniards to invest in RE-USE of any italian track..

6// the sarajevo-trebeviç-track is in this case more attractive for the spaniards as the mentioned also as the samaranch-narrative and wont cost more then build another one on spanish soil as the cortina-track has given the example of the target-cost-price of €61 million.. 

7// after the italian tracks there are 3 last tracks that could be attractive for the spaniards to solve this CROSS-BORDER-VENUE issue: la-plagne in France .. sankt-moritz in switzerland and innsbrück in austria.. these are the most used ones in the alps-region (winterberg-germany is also a far option)..

8// but we dont know but assume that the COE got the NO-ANSWER from the french and the swiss which makes a LAME DUCK of the barcelona-2030/34 bid..

9// these are spanish-efforts with no view in the horizon.. the pyeong-chang-track is used for asian competitions.. the ANOTHER STRATEGY could be that this track could be build in spain (aragon-pyrinees region) and it could be a leg in the european competitions OR a leg for the latin-american-hispano-leg.

10// whole the world bobsleigh competitions are runned in 9 countries in total BUT WİTH NO french and italşan tracks in the list.. the sarajevo-track could be 10th 

usa canada china korea germany austria switzerland norway latvia

SOURCE >> IBSF | Races & Results << click


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