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Russia should be banned from ALL international sport for at least 10 years . . .

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. . . if they do not WITHDRAW from Ukraine and pay reparations to Ukraine.

So, I'd say at least a decade before they can be trusted again.

#2 - If the government doesn't behave, the IOC start to strip Russia of all its Olympic victories starting with Sochi 2014 -- and move everyone up!  

#3 - They should also pay for the revival and return of Ukraine's sporting infrastructure.  

What other sanctions do you think should be placed on RUssia AND Belarus to force them to act like human beings again??


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Indeed that's a suitable punishment for Russia, but also include Belarus.

However  there is something worrying at the moment...Pretty much half the developing world "abstained" from UN voting against Russia's removal from the Human Rights Commission this week. Not the clear united front we all thought it would be.

Russia has development monies tied up everywhere and half of it leads back to the giant in the east, China.

This could have ramifications on anything the IOC will do...(Although Russian athletes are banned anyway because of doping.)

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