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Keane Confident Crowds Will Lift Bid To New Heights

Glasgow, Scotland

Influential Glasgow Celtic and Manchester United star Roy Keane has outlined why Scotland and Wales would make the best host for the 2018 Football World Cup. Talking while on a morning jog promoting the bid, the former Celtic striker said that “Scotland ranks within the top8 in terms of gross crowd numbers for Europe, ranking higher then larger nations like Sweden, Czech Republic, Poland, Ireland, Turkey and Russia”

“That is support right there”

“Combined with Wales, the two nations draw crowds bigger than that of the Netherlands and just less the football “giant” France”.

“If crowd numbers are anything to go by, Scotland and Wales should have hosted many times before and would sit in the top 6 for the highest crowd grossing nations in Europe”

“All the countries that have drawn larger crowds in Europe have all held the World Cup at least once before, now it is Scotland and Wales turn”

Keane was later inducted as an official patron of the bid.


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