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JM ORAN 2022

19th Mediterranean Games

25 June 2022 >> 5 July 2022

oran = wahran in arabic pronounciation and means "2 lions"


two lions
The Moorish Andalusian traders who founded Algeria's major port city around AD 937, originally named it Wahran, which translates as "two lions" - hence the presence of two lion statues outside the city hall on Place du 1er Novembre, Oran's main square.


website: We are waiting for you ! | Mediterranean Games Oran 2022

source: 2022 Mediterranean Games - Wikipedia





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We are now 7 days further (of the 12 days) at the 2022 medgames..

turkiye is in the lead at the moment with 37 gold medals (with 6 golds) over italy

could it be the first time in history to pass-by the strong italian-team, we'll see in just a few days

turkiye came 1 time over the bench of 100 medals (126 exaxctly) on home soil in mersin 2013

source: Oran 2022 Results - Medal

see-also: Asil's all-around gold helps Turkey lead Oran 2022 medals table (insidethegames.biz)




of the in total 18 medgames till now 

- yugoslavia came 1 time on top of the medal table

- france came 4 times on top of the medal table 

- and italy came 13 times on top of the medal table 

source/all time medal table: Mediterranean Games - Wikipedia


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we have to felicitate italy for their superior gaining of medals

turkiye came second.. Oran is a beautiful city on the south scores of the beloved mediterrenean

congratulations for the algerians too.. a superb 4th place they delivered

there is so much to tell and to share but dont have time to write it all down..

i will include 2 or 3 codes of embs to give a snap of the final messages from italy, turkiye & the oran 2022 twitter pages




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