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Gamesbids World Cup Competition 2018

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What about a compromise? For the first round, everyone votes for their top three in order (first place gets five points, second gets three, third gets two). After that, the short list is made up by the top five bids.

sounds good to me

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After 2 and a half an hour i will post my bid totally.

But still don't know how to publish it online.

I have a freewebs. I will try to do my best to figure it out.

I somebody meanwhile can tell me how to do it.

I know i will publish my bid just over midnight CET,

hope it won't bring problems, because it is than 9 august 2006.

I'm working for the deadline

' One football world in diversity ! ' in just a couple of hours .

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Okay, just under six hours to go.

I'm taking the following as being in for the vote:

USA _ thatsnotmypuppy

Scandinavia _ Faster

Turkey _ Fatixx

Scotland/Wales _ Arwebb

England _ Rob/Arwebb

Spain _ Fox334

Russia _ Burrito

China _ Ryan04

Portugal _ Aaronaugi1

Argentina _ Mo Rush

Please inform if there's any more to come.

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I'll release my bid book before 12 pm East Time. I have not been able to do so because this is my first week at school and I'm already busy, so I can't upload the file earlier.

I'm about to start the voting thread and haven't seen your bid book. Considering that you have started a thread for your bid, realeased a venue list and a logo etc, I'll assume it is a live bid for that round.

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