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So, how did the 2022 Para Heritage Flame really get lit?

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Here's the clip on the supposedly "Lightring of the Heritage Flame" (as the Paras call them at the Stoke-Mandeville location.

However, the two Lighters come into the picture already with the FLAME lit!?!? :blink:  So, where and how were the original flames lit?  In the cafeteria?  In the Kitchen?  In the outhouse?  By a lighter?  By a match?  By a gas stove maybe using Russian natural gas?  Tell all, IPC!! 

With every edition of the Games, the Paras keep changing their "Lighting" method.  This time, it's wonkier than ever and seems MORE FAKE than before.  Also, they have TWO lighters come out, but only ONE "re-lights" the cauldron first -- with the second one, whose torch is ALREADY LIT, just standing by there. :blink:  Huh?  even if #2's "re-lighting: is NOT shown -- what action does it really convey?  Where is Merlin when you need him??  :wacko:

And then they flew this flame from the UK to Beijing --about 5,080 air miles?  How much did that cost?  The jet fuel on that flight (maybe $7,500 R/T) cost more than this "Lighting ceremony"?  So, where the Beijing committee saved money by NOT having a new monstrous cauldron per se, the home IPC stages this crazy charade, I imagine, "flies" this fake flame to Beijing at what cost?  The whole pseudo-pageantry really doesn't make sense.  

Not meaning to be too restrictive, but I guess that's why they will never integrate with the able-bodied Olympics if this is what they call a LIghting of the Flame.  

The IPC should just stop aping the IOC -- and if they are to keep this Flame-Lighting thing -- please do it right and sensibly.  


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