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Response of the IOC and International Sport Federations to Russia/Belarus Invasion of Ukraine

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Reading through this thread really hammers home the unprecedented nature of the sporting response to the events of the past week. As Rob mentioned in another thread, apartheid South Africa is the precedent in this area. But the boycott of that nation was established over a period of years and frequently undermined in certain strategically important spheres, principally cricket and rugby union. Russia and Belarus have become pariah states in days and their fate is a richly deserved one.

I note that Russia is seeking to challenge its football ban and its expulsion from the Winter Paralympics at CAS and I suspect there will be cases, as happened with South Africa, where individuals are still able to compete on the global stage. But that should not deflect us from the truly seismic nature of what has occurred.

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FIBA suspends Russia (Russian Basketball Union) and "its national teams and officials--including delegates, supervisors, referees, etc.--at all levels will not be allowed to participate in FIBA Basketball and 3x3 Basketball competitions until further notice." This means the Russian women will not participate in the upcoming World Women's Basketball Championship in Sydney and the men are kicked out of the FIBA European Basketball Qualifications, among other things. Even took away its opportunity to host the 2025 Eurobasket as a candidate and excluded Russian teams from FIBA Europe club comps--both men and women. Ukrainian teams meanwhile will no longer be able to play in the Ukraine but will still and must compete within Europe:



EuroLeague Basketball suspends its three Russian-based basketball teams (CSKA Moscow, UNICS Kazan, Zenit St Petersburg) and the 7DAYS EuroCup (Lokomotiv Kuban Krasnodar) from its schedule until further notice. The ELPA strongly supports this:


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Thanks for collating all this info.   Still some organisations who need to up their games - FINA yet to withdraw the World Shortcourse Champs due to take place in Russia later in the year.    Also FISU were slow to move on excluding Russian and Belarusan athletes from this years Universiade which saw at least three nations as of yesterday (Britain, New Zealand, Canada), pull out of this years event, citing concerns over that and covid protocols too.   They have now today banned the athletes from this year but are yet to withdraw next years summer games from Russia.



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