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Beijing 2022 - Your verdict

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15 hours ago, TorchbearerSydney said:

There is another issue I see with Olympic ceremonies- countries hosting (in the recent past) hosting another ceremony. For example Sydney 2000 hosted a huge 'history of Australia', but now we have Brisbane already- what does it do?

I shudder to think…

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On 2/20/2022 at 10:44 PM, Guilga said:

Ok. Let´s go by parts.

Sports: They were the highlight, as you would expect. Of course, covid messed things a bit but you can´t really blame anyone but your local government and elites for that. The more radical sports (Free Ski, Snowboard) were real good, can´t forget Italy perfect mixed doubles run in curling and all the figure skating debacle, speed skating mahyem in short track, Germany really loving that sliding track with a spiral, monobob debuting, Canada steamrolling EVERYTHING in women´s ice hockey (except the USA, but not even them could stop the train), Canada and the USA failing in men´s ice hockey (hello NHL, can you get back here in the olympics?)(also, props to Finland), Norway being legends in biatlhon and Cross country, and many more. Also the steel mill power plant for big air (if i recall correctly, the organizing commitee was located there also). Special congratulations for New Zealand for getting these 2 golds, China for actually get high in the table (it would be an embarassment for the party if you all failed hard, since the whole point of this hosting was to farm that OFFICIAL WINTER COUNTRY STATUSTM) and Norway for topping the table in golds. 8/10

Global Politics: I actually expected more here, not gonna lie. For a games edition which brought so many deserved criticism against the human rights violations of the Chinese Comunist Party regime in the lead up, sadly they actually got away with everything in the end. It would be actually dangerous to do that actually, so i can´t blame anyone lest they have to go in a very suspiciousely and potentialy staged act (because we can´t get offical proof but COME ONE) like the shameful Peng Shuai is Totally Fine and Nothing Happened, our party bigwigs are totally true and kind kings Tour brought to you by Thomas Bach, olympic champion Fencing, 1976 in Beijing. I won´t count examples of logic human decency here, like the Ukranian plea for peace; this section is for things like a spokeperson of the games talking official party propaganda at a press conference or a litlle too much shots of Xi Jinping at the closing ceremony (and that one in the opening, right after Hong Kong entered the arena), JEEZ! Ah, yes! Can´t forget that they actually put a Ughyur athlete to lit the calduron... put the torch at the calduron. Given that Taiwan also had to content with CCP mess before the opening, the party got away with any criticism of the human rights violations, Xinjiang and Tibet in particular with HK, we can say the games went 10/10 for them. BUT, the real political reasoning for the hosting of the games was actually about that sports thing. But before going into that, since Putin decided to overshadow any mess that this games might had caused and the CCP got a out of jail card, have to give this a 5/10. 

Sport Politics: OH BOY, THE FUN PART! You know, that 300 million peeps at winter sports that China promised? With that in mind, let´s go back to the ceremony musical score, why was so many western songs in there? Of course, that might not be at random: perhaps, they are a form of validation? After all, the point in hosting these winter games was, in first place, in my book, actually make China a Winter Sports Country(trademark). The parade songs, kinda felt like a classical winter mega hits, right? A scottish music of farewell in the closing? The hint is in Bach closing speech; the games were about China becoming one of them...and in that, they actually succeded: they got nine golds after all. Even got world class atlhetes in some events. And if their claim is even remotely true (since anything from the CCP is debatable)... OH BOY, we might have a new power in the rise here. Socialist states always provide a amazing demographic for the olympics because of their lust for medals, and if that market is a billion people large, you just give what the kings want to just get in there. Bach was doing his job by liking their boots, actually; supporting these dubius claims means supporting a sucessful sport development program and a giant market to the olympics to dive in. Even a third of these supposed 300 million, if they exist, are going to make waters here. THIS WAS THE POINT OF THIS GAMES. Let´s see if the strategy worked in four years time. But that wasn´t the only sport politcal stuff in this games...

Sport Politics part 2, Valieva and the mean adults: This. JUST THIS CASE ALONE, make a 10/10 sport politics score. You can´t discuss Beijing 2022 without talking about the case where the best skater of all time, because of the adults in the room, broke down in the ice, giving more irreparable harm to her than any dopping suspension could. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF YOU FOR RUINING THIS GIRL DREAM: her coaches(one of them i want to get a good ban after they investigate all this crap so Sambo70 can get the boot it deserve for figure skating sake), CAS(thanks for the free meme, hope you can find solace in your conscience after the irreparable harm you helped make trying to avoid it in first place), RUSADA(for being RUSADA and give a suspension only to revoke it, and the way too late results even if it would take a while anyway since COVID and testing outside the country stuff), and the Sochi 2014 mess for making this all possible in first place. After all, it´s the culmination of this case; the light suspensions of CAS and IOC, letting they compete with a Totally-not-me flag, winding up uncovering a case of potential child abuse that messed things up so much that the team event didn´t even had their victory ceremony yet (torches as replacement, yay)and the individual women´s event had to change it´s rules just they could still have a official result later regardless if Valieva really get´s convicted (if she did gotten a medal, it would even be the same affair as the team event). Both events still going to have their results in a provisional stage until this mess is uncovered in full, hopefully. If the mess get´s too deep to not punish a extremely long list of people or hardcore messes are found...it is going to be hard to defend Russian participation next games of the olympiad. For real. AND FOR MORE DRAMA: The IOC have no fear anymore to cut apples too rotten to their taste; Boxing, Weightlifting, Modern Pentathlon — EVEN FOR THE IOC, THESE CEASED TO MAKE THE CUT, two of them for having federations too bad for the goddammed IOC! If Eteri and the gang get´s away or the light gets too much in figure skating dark sides, the IOC can actually cut it. BUT, it is a marquee event of the winter games; if they go through with it, it might kill the trobled brothers of the summer games. THAT can kill the winter olympics. No kidding. It would be like the summer without gymnastics, it´s a non-starter possibility. If the mess increases, the winter games might get´s in the deathwatch for this. The overall sport politcs score, with this case and China winter rise, it´s a actually deserved 18/10. No kidding.

Ceremonies: Actually they weren´t that bad. (The finale of the closing though? Awesome callback to 2008 with the rings, THAT rings, and bringing the snowflake song back with You and Me, all with a magic moment to bid farewell to the flame. Nice!) Granted, it´s best enjoyed with some NEEDED cultural commentary which my local broadcasters (in pay tv, sportv- part of the globo group which is the (almost)always home for all the games here in Brazil(well, way more in summer but they did fine here) on tv be at free-to-air or pay tv) thankfully had given well. Overall it´s a 8/10, but i have to talk about the calduron. Come and see, the world´s smallest flame! Have to say, i laughed when i first noticed that that was our calduron for the games but i grow found of it? A small flame of peace in a snowflake full of countries is not a bad idea. Of course, that small flame is amusingly funny but not bad, after all. The calduron actually is a 7/10, in particular the rotating outside versions with all the extra structure around.

Bonus: Thanks OBS for granting all of your bonanza for free in Brazil this time, be it on Youtube(and the figure skating chats full of fellow brazilians) or in the Olympic Video Player site. Eternally thankful for the fun ride, i sure enjoyed it all! Now, IOC; EVEN YOU ARE DOING PLAY TO EARN GAMES NOW? NFT PINS?? NFTS AT ALL? THE PEOPLE AT THE SUSTENTABILITY PROJECTS SINCE 94 WERE ALL CLOWNS? Jokes apart, Olympic Games Jam is still going to be updated post games, somehow lounching DURING the event and not before to actually get in the hype. Let´s see if the producers of the nWayPlay game will deliver any of the roadmap. Altough this somehow managed to be the one olympic video game that i have no courage to play, even after seeing gameplay, with that play to earn side irking me. But that may be just me. At least you can snatch some right-click-swags here:https://nwayplay.com/marketplace At least you can buy these with dollars. By the way, FREE PIN FOR EVERYONE!!


And a bonus cuteness for you all:


Hope you all can find joy in this panda bear who remind us that DOORS, NOT EVEN ONCE. It could even be a cool signature, maybe with a creative montage to go along.

Also, have to put my Olympic Fantasy exploits at the Olympic Fanzone:


This is my open to enter league that i created. The name, Pro-Vaccine League is a nod to a similar theming that i had going on the fantasy and bracket leagues at Tokyo 2020 Fanzones, easily this games best legacy along with moments(now spon by Visa! Also, it´s going to have a Visa Award vote for the games best moment in the site soon). Of course, Trivia is actually Lausanne 2020 YOG legacy, another of the fanzone cornerstones of fun. Love it.


These are Fantasy´s global top 4 in overall ranks. For trivia, i don´t have any points since i always missed the live trivia times, but i can show their final rankings:


Now, for this games, the IOC had the idea of badges, to show archievements. Let´s say it kinda gave me a olympic title, albait tied?


Also, the Quiz Master badge involves get a perfect score in any quiz. Since all quizzes were replayable during and after their time in the limelight for the trending quizzes and their live shows for the live quizzes, it means that you can(or could, still can by today) grind a quiz that you did well and just answer the questions that you failed before right, i found this by doing. It´s seems this was a allowed exploit, or should i say speedrun tech? Anyway, the global results. 


Tied with four other people, i am a OLYMPIC CHAMPION, FANZONE GLOBAL RANKING 2022! I can challenge Thomas Bach for the IOC crown now!!

Jokes apart, the final scores:

Sports: 8/10

Global Politics: 5/10

Sport Politics: 18/10

Ceremonies: 8/10

Final Scores: Adding up all these gives a solid 39, divided by 4 we have the score of... 9.75, which is a tad too high for this games, but you have to consider that the Valieva drama was that big of a deal to inflate the Sport Politics score that much. So 9.75/10 it is. Snowflakes, Snowflakes that´s a wrap, and to celebrate the end of the first half of the Beijing 2022 games (the paras is in March, don´t you forget!), let´s take a listen to the spiritual sucessor of You and Me...

Next time: Paralympics, Putin vs Ukraine, we still dealing with covid, Fifa and the 2022 world cup organizers along with the catari laws and elites doing their best to upset the CCP at the Human Rights Violator of the Year award. But for the olympic flame, the next destination is Paris, hopefully in 2024, celebrating the games 2800th year in existence since ancient greece. Hopefully, it will last for far longer than that. Ah, the winter games are making a centenary there too? At least the Winter YOG will take us back in Gangwon, Korea to at least make us renember to celebrate. But for now, You and Me, we are family and we bid farewell for now! Snowflakes, sonwflakes...


Time to me to update my final verdict, after the Paralympics closure:

Sports: Same as the olympics, but i cannot leave this section without talking about a eyebrow-rise of a nation that had won just a single winter paralympic medal ever before and now hoarded the medal table with 61 medals. China wanted to enter the winter sports club here, no questions asked. That was the point of this gams for them and after that colossal paralympic performance they did, even if it can rise a lot of suspicions.

18 Golds, 20 Silvers, 23 Bronzes; 61 medals, 61 times more than they have ever gotten. I personally hope it´s a legit archeivement but even if they had cheated, the rise of a new winter powerhouse alongside Ukraine and Russia in the paras is something remarkable. The real story of this games, for better or for worse. 10/10

Global Politics: "Hey Xi, can i invade Ukraine?"

"Argh, fine; just wait the Olympics be over okay?"

"But the Paras and the Truce..."

"Did you ever cared about them?"


Russia Proceeds to get shunned by the global community and make clowns out of themselves in a disastrous way.

2014/10. Also, that Taiwanese skater got punished for that photos with a Chinese uniform after all.

Sports Politics: 


Ceremonies: The paras had good shows, closing paras being a bit weaker than the opening, but still fine. 7.5/10. 

Now the round up.

Sports: 10/10

Global Politics: 2014/10

Sport Politics: 2014/10

Ceremonies: 7.5/10

This average a score of... 1011,375/10.

And now, rounding up with the olympic 9.75/10, we get the average of.....

1016,25/10 for the Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic games, thanks to all parties involved into making the world a complete mess!!

Let´s finish with Snowflakes, shall we?


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On 2/22/2022 at 3:47 PM, TorchbearerSydney said:

There is another issue I see with Olympic ceremonies- countries hosting (in the recent past) hosting another ceremony. For example Sydney 2000 hosted a huge 'history of Australia', but now we have Brisbane already- what does it do?

I think there is so much Brisbane can to avoid a feeling of a repeat of Sydney - its more whether the organisers have the courage to avoid the temptation of presenting to the world Sydney Lite. 

Australia is already a very different place from the 90s (which the 2000 Olympics were a product of). Firstly, the way we view our indigenous heritage and culture is a bit different and will hopefully be much more self-determined in 2032 and less of the 'pre-Cook, post-Cook' white man's narrative. I think avoiding a linear history entirely would be smart. Technology (such as projections we saw in Beijing) could be a huge point of difference for Brisbane. 

Some themes:  the environment, indigenous Australian astronomy / science (ancient and predates Babylons, Greeks etc), the cane fields, Queenslander houses (perhaps perched on a man made hill like in London), thunder and lightening...floods, Brisbane's multiculturalism (a good chance for them to shake off the constant comparisons to more diverse Sydney and Melbourne)

Closing ceremony themes could be focused on Australian music - maybe even with the theme of Brisbane's infamous Cloudland.

2000 and 2032 could be as different as 1984 and 1996!

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5 minutes ago, Australian Kiwi said:

Also good riddance to Beijing 2022. Next on my mind is getting Qatar 2022 off the calendar and then hopefully some sensibility for international sports for the coming decade. 


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14 hours ago, Australian Kiwi said:

2000 and 2032 could be as different as 1984 and 1996!


Only 12 short years separated the two summer games hosted by the US, while the two summer games in Australia will be 32 years apart. Looking at Sydney from 2022 doesn't seem that long ago. But looking at those games as 2032 draws nearer will be a more obvious longer stretch.

Since Brisbane isn't as internationally known as London or Paris is, I think it can play up the local angle without coming off too cloyingly provincial.

By contrast, I don't want 2028 to play up "LA/Hollywood/California/America." Besides, "Hollywood" was already done in 2012, and "America" was done in 1996. So I want 2028 to go against IOC guidebook directions and stick with an international theme.

In a way, although I didn't watch it, the winter games opening/closing in Beijing apparently toned down some of the localism/nationalism, which were played up in 2008.

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25 minutes ago, Olympics2028 said:

Since Brisbane isn't as internationally known as London or Paris is, I think it can play up the local angle without coming off too cloyingly provincial.

Brisbane isn't as internationally known as, well, since Atlanta.

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