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Lol, what irony & projection there.

Just because something is "true", doesn't mean that it still can't be challenged, critiqued &/or modified (especially on a 'discussion' board such as this one). It's also not about being "convinced" or convincing others, either. It's about (Olympic) discourse (again, that's the premise of this website anyway. If you're not here for that, then go teach a class somewhere, but this ain't it).

Something being "true" also doesn't mean that it needs to be shoved down people's throat on a continuous basis if they don't happen to agree word-for-word with what is being said (or in this case, dictated). That only displays, ironically enough, the bully tactic that is being described in there. 

As the saying goes; if it's not everyone else, then perhaps it's you that needs to take a good, reflecting look at yourself. On a side-note though, I can't remember who said it, but to have such a radical obsession over something that has minimal impact on one's life, such as the new-norm, is as Spock would say; 'absolutely fascinating' (in a very weird way).

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i think i must have been really drunk when i started all this drama because i just skimmed this thread and i honestly don't remember any of it. 

i'm sorry for calling australia fan autistic because that was mean and the truth is i don't care at all, so it was a mistake to write a post pretending i did. 

PS i'm doing 'dry january' which has made me so bored i've started posting on GB again.

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Hi y'all! my first thought was - "omg, it was in South Park" when i started to read this topic. so, if someone still doesn't understand what to do with trolls and who they are, just watch SP. it is totally enough) 

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