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Eurovision Song Contest 2022

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This year's Eurovision Song contest will take place in Turin, Italy after Maneskins win in Rotterdam last year.

The contest will take place between 10th and 14th May 2022 and be held at the Pala Olimpico

Presenters are  Alessandro Cattelan, singer Laura Pausini and British-Lebanese singer Mika.

41 countries will take part in the 66th edition

So far 19 countries have selected their entries.


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The last word on that one is not spoken yet. Apparently some countries are already pushing for a Russia ban. 

Remember though that Russia even hosted in 2009 shortly after the war with Georgia. Georgia wanted to send this song: https://youtu.be/5P6-7Rw4xug

„We don‘t wanna put in“ was deemed political and thus DQed/withdrawn.

And a few weeks after Crimea annexation, Russia competed with a saccharine horror which got heavily booed during voting (it came 7th, just one place behind Ukraine whose only remarkable feature was a giant hamster wheel).

Ever since, the story of Russia vs Ukraine in ESC has made headlines basically every year, including already this year as mentioned in the article.

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1 hour ago, Sir Rols said:

The EBU don’t know how to read to room

Eurovision 2022: Russia can still compete despite Ukraine invasion

I was gonna say that I wouldn’t be surprised to see Russia get null points - but I assume Belarus and Russia will trade each other their precious top votes.

Belarus isnt competing/participating in 2022 nor did in 2021 and nor wil do the following year in 2023.

> wikipedia says as follows

On 28 May 2021, six days after the 2021 final, the EBU voted to suspend BTRC's membership. BTRC was given two weeks to respond before the suspension comes into effect on 11 June, but there was no public response. The broadcaster was expelled from the EBU on 1 July, therefore losing the rights to broadcast and participate in the contest. It was subsequently stated that the expulsion would last for three years, however Belarus would have to re-apply for membership after it expires.

source: Belarus in the Eurovision Song Contest - Wikipedia

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2 hours ago, fatixxx said:

Belarus isnt competing/participating in 2022 nor did in 2021 and nor wil do the following year in 2023.

So we have hopes for a full on 0 for Russia then! ...It would be hilarious if even with that, they still manage to place higher than Great Britain, though.

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13 hours ago, Guilga said:

So we have hopes for a full on 0 for Russia then! ...It would be hilarious if even with that, they still manage to place higher than Great Britain, though.

Yes that would be hilarious.

I might struggle to raise a smile personally with all those dead bodies lining the streets of Ukraine but if you want to roll around on the floor pissing yourself laughing then go for it.

Just for your info Great Britain do not take part in Eurovision. The United Kingdom do and they have done so since 1957 scoring victories in 4 different decades with 5 wins.

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Michael Bolton, Macy Gray, Jewel and Sisqo are among the full lineup of acts competing for the title of 'Best Hit Song' when the American Song Contest launches on Monday 21 March.

The 56 artists span a wide range of performers, from undiscovered talent, up-and-coming new artists, and rising stars to established and legendary icons.

An incredible solo artist, duo, group or band will represent each location and perform a new original song, celebrating the depth and variety of different styles and genres across America.

American Song Contest 2022 – Meet The Artists:

To learn more about each act, visit the interactive map!

  • Alabama: Ni/Co

  • Alaska: Jewel

  • American Samoa: Tenelle

  • Arizona: Las Marias

  • Arkansas: Kelsey Lamb

  • California: Sweet Taboo

  • Colorado: Riker Lynch

  • Connecticut: Michael Bolton

  • Delaware: Nitro Nitra

  • Florida: Ale Zabala

  • Georgia: Stela Cole

  • Guam: Jason J.

  • Hawaii: Bronson Varde

  • Idaho: Andrew Sheppard

  • Illinois: Justin Jesso

  • Indiana: UG skywalkin

  • Iowa: Alisabeth Von Presley

  • Kansas: Broderick Jones

  • Kentucky: Jordan Smith

  • Louisiana: Brittany Pfantz

  • Maine: King Kyote

  • Maryland: Sisqó

  • Massachusetts: Jared Lee

  • Michigan: Ada LeAnn

  • Minnesota: Yam Haus

  • Mississippi: Keyone Starr

  • Missouri: Brett Seper

  • Montana: Jonah Prill

  • Nebraska: Jocelyn

  • Nevada: The Crystal Method

  • New Hampshire: MARi

  • New Jersey: Brooke Alexx

  • New Mexico: Khalisol

  • New York: ENISA

  • North Carolina: John Morgan

  • North Dakota: Chloe Fredericks

  • Northern Mariana Islands: Sabyu

  • Ohio: Macy Gray

  • Oklahoma: AleXa

  • Oregon: courtship.

  • Pennsylvania: Bri Steves

  • Puerto Rico: Christian Pagán

  • Rhode Island: Hueston

  • South Carolina: Jesse LeProtti

  • South Dakota: Judd Hoos

  • Tennessee: Tyler Braden

  • Texas: Grant Knoche

  • U.S. Virgin Islands: Cruz Rock

  • Utah: Savannah Keyes

  • Vermont: Josh Panda

  • Virginia: Almira Zaky

  • Washington: Allen Stone

  • Washington, D.C.: NËITHER

  • West Virginia: Alexis Cunningham

  • Wisconsin: Jake’O

  • Wyoming: Ryan Charles

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  • 1 month later...

Grand final on Saturday (me heading there tomorrow morning).

Just qualified from tonight’s semi, inter alia: Czechia, whose lead singer is none other than the daughter of ice hockey legend Dominik Hašek, called Dominika appropriately. So she‘ll perform in the very venue where her dad was part of the bronze medal winning team in 2006.

She won‘t do as well though.

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10 hours ago, Scotguy II said:

Hope that Chanel wins it for Spain :) 

Spain are in the running to host the 2023 edition. if Spain wins Barcelona could host.

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25 countries are still in the running.

And Spanish people tell me Valencia would be a likely host because it would not be politically loaded.

But given the Spanish song, I hope we won’t need to have that discussion after circa 1 AM CEST tonight.

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