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Only watching it for the handover. Its obvious they wasted almost all of the ceremonies budget in those stupid LED panels which are just a more expensive version of floor projections. Hopefully we see actual chinese culture for the ceremonies but I doubt it and expect it mostly for the Paralympics.

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2 hours ago, Guilga said:

Isn't it a bit early for this? If it was next Friday it would be ok, but we just starting week 2 of the games.

It was the same with the opening live-chat thread, too. It was opened a full ten-days before the OC. 

It just gives credence to the stereotype of this website, that most of the members here care mostly about all the hoopla of the ceremonies, & treat the actual competition of the Games themselves as filler in-between the two ceremonies.

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Will we see a Milano-Cortina handover mostly done remotely from Italy, as with Paris 2024’s handover? 
Someone mentioned this last week and I agree this, in a pandemic, will likely be the scenario with perhaps just the Mayor(s) from Milano and Cortina in the Birds Nest to receive the Olympic Flag?

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3 hours ago, Scotguy II said:

Thanks for this @AustralianFan

After the opening, i am not expecting much for the closing, but you never know...

My expectations are lowered too, given the circumstances.  I guess it should be more upbeat with athletes who attend the CC.


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My expectations are not high, either... even they weren't for the Opening Ceremony after they said that the time was only 100 minutes... we could't expect for them to top Sochi, por instance,

The latest Closing ceremonies have been as vivid as the Opening ones (excepting Tokyo, of course... Tokyo Olympic ceremonies have ALL the exceptions imaginable) 

We are going to face a new Pandemic ceremony and for this reason, Milano-Cortina handover will be a new version of the Paris 2024 virtual segment... No expectations....

Anyway, we still have one week to enjoy the games...

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2 minutes ago, TorchbearerSydney said:

It seems to be a thing now for 2 people to hold flags...but one should be a woman! :)

Agreed.  there’s a couple more regions in northern Itsly too involved in a more minor way in 2026 besides Milano-Cortina.  Wonder if one of them has a female Mayor (?)

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