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2026 Evaluation Report leaked!

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The early report scores have again been leaked and in an exclusive we can share the IOC Evaluation Committee’s thoughts on the three confirmed finalists for the 2026 Games.

The big upset is that Montreux has been rated far and beyond the better of the three bids, with serious doubts hanging over the Swedish and Chilean candidacies.  

Montreux has been applauded for a solid accommodation and transport plan – with a solid legacy envisioned for its various venues.  The compact bid plan has been applauded – while there was some consternation about utilising the St Moritz bob run (over 200kms away) – the attempts at ecological sustainability has won over the committee.

Stockholm has been rated extremely high in the venue stakes – mainly because all venues are currently in existence with only minor upgrades needed.  Criticism has been levelled at the bid over the distances between the 7 venue clusters.  The committee criticised the inclusion of southern cities Göteborg and Malmö – which are earmarked as Ice Hockey venues – when there are available venues in Stockholm.  Points have been scored with the transport plan, while environment and accommodation plans have also won plaudits.  Multiple Olympic villages have also been frowned upon.

Santiago has been noted as being by far the most expensive Games plan – with the highest construction plan.  The committee also has noted the planned Games period is likely to overlap the 2026 FIFA World Cup finals – with the Chilean organisers planning a Northern Summer period.  There have been numerous comments made about the scale of certain venues – while the overall legacy is sound, the capacities of a number of venues has been marked as excessive for the planned Olympic and Paralympic use.  Finances have also been called into question, as has the distances between the alpine and ice events.

While official rankings will not be released, the leaked report indicates at this point Montreux is in first position, with Stockholm and Santiago behind by a considerable margin.  A rumoured fourth bid from Leipzig has yet to materialise, however the IOC has allocated an extra week in March to visit any further candidates before the publishing of the report in May.

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Did Sofia drop out?

Yeah, because I don't have the time for it - and moreover, Sofia is in the race for 2014 and that makes it even more complicated, becase I don't have anything new to add to the project - and also Belgrade 2028 is in the works for some time now

Good luck to the other bids!

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