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1 hour ago, iceman530 said:

my knees have already reminded me.  No more jumps for this guy, and maybe the most timid of rails.  It hurts too much when I fall now, lol.  Dont got those Wolverine healing powers anymore.  The Old Man Logan transformation has started.

Same here when I'm skiing at Nakiska. Getting old sucks.

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Just now, iceman530 said:

Really?  Mind bottling!

Things must be getting so crazy that it feels like your mind is in a bottle.

The teams race is on right now. Lots of slowdowns due to the new snow. Teams not getting their wax right.

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Rivals swarm Iwabuchi after her attempt at making history

Ignoring her fractured left hand and the odds against making history on the sport's biggest stage, Reira Iwabuchi went for broke and soared high into the air at the Beijing Olympics.

She attempted to become the first woman to land a triple cork, called a “frontside triple under flip,” in a competition in the women’s snowboarding big air final round on Feb. 15. 

Iwabuchi's gravity-defying rotating flips mesmerized the onlookers, but her landing was slightly off and she fell. 

“It was really just a little bit, but I could not stop spinning,” she said.

She remained in fourth and off the medal podium.

“So many people have cheered me along, and I feel disappointed that I could not achieve the results,” she said.

But a touching scene ensued immediately following her final run. 

Fellow competitors from all countries ran toward a smiling Iwabuchi and swarmed her in admiration. She was hugged by her rivals one after another.

They praised her for her courage in taking on the historic challenge even though she was injured.

“Even though I fell, everybody complimented me very much. I am very happy that I have such rivals around me,” Iwabuchi said.

After her second run in the finals, she needed to make up ground. 

Iwabuchi counted on pulling off a show-stopping jump in her third--and last--run to win a medal.

But bandages could be seen under her sleeves and her injury looked painful.

She fell in her third run of the previous day’s qualification round and broke a bone in her left hand. She bandaged the injury and prepared for the final round on Feb. 15.

Iwabuchi's strength is that she never becomes defensive.

She said she did not care so much about the injury. Rather she “wanted to try.”

She said successfully landing the triple cork is not easy and not a jump that she would normally attempt. 

But major occasions like the Olympics make Iwabuchi think, “I must do it.”

She persevered through and overcame the fear caused by her broken hand. 

The injury actually helped her focus more on “making a big jump,” she said.

“I think I did it well,” Iwabuchi said.

Previously, she also finished in fourth at the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics when she was 16. 

“I wanted to show my gratitude by winning a (medal) after all,” she said about her second Olympics.

Still, Iwabuchi said, “I feel good that I could take on a challenge at the end.”

Despite not winning a medal, she will leave Beijing with another piece of special hardware.

She received a wristwatch from International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach through a person related to the team after the competition.

“I didn’t know he was watching me. I don’t know because this is the first time, but I am happy. Thank you very much,” Iwabuchi said with a bashful smile.


News source:The Asahi Shimbun

Link to this article:https://www.asahi.com/ajw/articles/14550087

President Bach sent her OMEGA's wristwatch.Is this a scandal?:wacko::ph34r:

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