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IOC confirms inclusion of surfing, skateboarding and sport climbing at LA 2028 Olympics


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Skateboarding, surfing and sport climbing are now officially included on the Los Angeles 2028 sport program after International Olympic Committee (IOC) members voted to accept the plans as proposed last year. In an unrecorded vote members attending the IOC Session held in Beijing Thursday and others joining remotely online approved the LA 2028 sport program […]

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All such exciting “sports”. But what about breakdancing, though?! 

For all the concern that the Games need to control costs, the IOC just keeps adding & adding to the program. Go figure.

If they’re gonna keep adding though, can they at least do it with stuff that’s worth watching. 

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Rejuvenating the Olympics is going to take a lot more than just adding some juvenile past times. Their problem goes a lot deeper than that.

I’m starting to believe, unfortunately, that the Games are starting to become less & less exciting every cycle because there’s just so much competition out there & other ways to occupy your time nowadays that don’t happen once-every-four-years.

People’s attention spans have gotten, thanks to the internet too, very, very short, that a “once-in-a-generation” event for most countries, just doesn’t do the trick anymore. They want immediate gratification & the Olympics just don’t provide that, & they never did. That one aspect that made them so special ITFP, looks to be, what is working against them these days. Times have changed, especially in the last 20 years alone.

That said, though. NBC seems to still get pretty good ratings & are willing to pay hefty sums for the U.S. broadcast rights. So *shrugs*.

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I quite liked sports climbing at Tokyo, thought skateboarding was a mixed bag (street was too technical while park was quite spectacular) and surfing was a tad marred by a boring break and murky weather - I await to see how it comes across at Teahupo’o. I had to look up what the fourth was, karate, I’d forgotten - just another martial art. I think the first three, especially skateboarding and surfing, are a natural fit for LA and deserve another shot.

Breakdancing? Well, i used to love “So You Think You Can Dance” so I’m open minded. I’ve enjoyed watching groups of kids breaking in the evenings around town.

I’m all for updating the sports but, yeah, you can’t keep padding the sports roster without cutting some deadweight. 

Modern pentathlon’s always been problematic, but has survived as the Baron’s brainchild. But I was pretty appalled by its new “viewer friendly” format at Tokyo (don’t know if that was it’s first outing or earlier). Even apart from the horse schemmozle, it just looked like one of those tacky novelty pseudo sports shows like Gladiator, complete with dinky small pool - all it needed was soap bubbles in it. And that had to be more expensive to stage than just the old procedures of staging it in the existing disciplines venues. That’s way overdue for kicking out of the games.

as to what else to go? Meh, we all have our different tastes. I’m indifferent to the combat sports like boxing, but I’m sure lots would disagree.

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24 minutes ago, stryker said:

So might baseball and softball be on the outside looking in considering the 10,500 athletes quota?

I didn’t think of that. I expected LA to offer those. Is this the final mix then? If so, that’s a surprise to me.

EDIT: Okay, just saw this in the story



The LA 2028 organizing committee has the option to propose additional sports to the program and will have until 2023 to to present further plans to the IOC.

Despite the additional sports, an athlete quota of 10,500 set forth in the Olympic Charter must still be respected, officials have said.  Disciplines could be removed from existing sports to maintain the balance.

Additionally three core sports including boxing, weightlifting and modern pentathlon are effectively on probation and must earn their spots on the LA 2028 program by addressing specific improvements ahead of the 2023 IOC Session.  Football’s spot on the program is also at risk as the IOC further examines FIFA’s proposed plans to hold its World Cup every two years instead of quadrennially.



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