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15th GamesBids Summer Olympic Logo Comp - Ceremonie D'Annonce/Announcement Ceremony

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Everyone always knew that Kiss Kiss by Holly Valance sounded quite Turkish...there's a good reason. It's literally a cover of an actual Turkish song!

We're in one of Istanbul's greatest buildings, the ancient centre of Ottoman power - so big you can only picture it all from the other side of the water, Topkapi Palace!

Topkapı - 01.jpg

Yes, the time has come to crown the sultan of the 15th summer logo comp. To do the honours, there's only one choice - mainly because he's put any other choices in jail just to make sure - it's the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan!

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan 2021.jpg

Good evening Olympic family. Welcome to Constantinople. (yoshi: It's Istanbul, not Constantinople). It is my pleasure as Sultan (President, no?) to welcome you to Ottoman Turkey. (close). I hope that this will help towards my goal of killing bribing persuading that Vlad guy to give up his 2036 dream so the Istanbul 2036 games can happen! (yay, you got it right). If they do, this will be a worthy logo. The sultan of the competition is:



Yoshi: Thank you Mr President..not Sultan, President. Yes, after another vote going all the way to a final, Glacib wins another coveted logo comp title. The final results are:

A: 9 B: 6

Another decisive win, no need for me to face the horror of making a decision. And on the eve of Xi's entry into the 2022 sportswashing world championships, the 15th GB logo comp is over! Thank you to all entrants and voters for a comp that was far bigger than I ever expected - in particular thank you to @Anthony and @munichfan for doing the grids for us - you saved the comp, and to the starter of polls, advisor on disputes, and general purpose guru @Sir Rols of course. And lastly, congrats to our champions, @JDCLauron and @Glacib!

Until a possible 16th edition, from the 15th GB Olympic logo competition, thank you and goodnight! :) 

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4 hours ago, Sir Rols said:

It’s taken me a while, but I finally got some image editing working again (good news for you @yoshi, you able to start polls now but I may be able to help with the grids).

Aside from that, it also means I can update the Winners’ Roll. There a bit too unwieldy now for a signature, but definitely worth having up in the comps. Ladies and Gentlemen, here’s the Logo Comp Roll of Honour:

wowwww rols.. its the logo-comps red carpet..

nice decent and exhaustive work.. 

again congratukayions ;)

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