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I knew the moment they said this would be innovating and never done before, we should be frightened.

The olympic ceremonies as we used to know them are never coming back, isn't it..... :(

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1 minute ago, Olympian2004 said:

I can't believe what we have just seen. They must be joking. This makes Tokyo's opening ceremony trainwreck look like the Orient Express.

No, this was more positive and more co-ordinated. But it was very lowest-common-denominator (Imagine!)

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Is that the cauldron?   I know they've been getting smaller to be greener but sticking a hand held torch in a snowflake is ridiculous.   Was expecting at least the snowflake to be lit.    Anyway, well done Atlanta - you no longer have the worst cauldron ever.


As for the ceremony - a better tone than Tokyo and you can't go far wrong relying on children in the absense of a big showcase spectacular.   The parade though goes on far too long as always and I think viewers need more than 15 minutes to warm up for it - much better to front load the artistic part and then get through to the lighting of the flame quite quickly after.

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4 minutes ago, munichfan said:

Great start, then it went down REALLY REALLY badly after the parade. Congrats Korea, you pulled off the best one of the Asian bunch!

True, Pyeongchang delivered a pretty good opening ceremony and very decent Winter Games in total. Here's hoping that the quality of Beijing's OC is not reflective of the quality of the entire Games...

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