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1 minute ago, TorchbearerSydney said:

So let me get this straight, Thomas Bach is the Champion Fencing 1976?

Please don't forget that he also is the president of the International Olympic Committee. And Olympic Champion in fencing, 1976.

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1 minute ago, AustralianFan said:

Here’s a daylight view of the stadium and we can what’s up on the stadium roof more clearly now …        what is it ?


That's been answered before. A small reminder:

File:Bundesarchiv Bild 183-1982-1130-502, Nürnberg, Reichsparteitag, Lichtdom.jpg

Source: German Federal Archive via Wikimedia

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1 minute ago, TorchbearerSydney said:

Q: If we're supposed to be done in half an hour, there's not much of an artistic segment coming up, is there?

Yes, I dont get how far apart the teams are...and how spread out the team members are.....

Maybe the time wasn’t inclusive of the parade? 

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