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Just now, BigVic said:

Nice execution of the parade of nations. Australia comes towards the back as this will be the case for the next 2 summer games in Paris and Los Angeles.

This is only the case for summer ceremonies, so only Italy will be at the back with China

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2 minutes ago, munichfan said:

Thank god. At least they didn't show Winnie Pooh while Taiwan entered.

Yes, I ask myself whether that was the international broadcast or only the German broadcaster ZDF who chose to show Xi while talking about his intention to force Taiwan back to China... If that was the international broadcast, that sure is tasteless.

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Only 24 minutes and the ceremony, as expected of Yimou, is pretty good so far.

Countdown was very simple but elegant, I like they acknowledged the games are happening just after starting the Lunar New Year festivities. The flower part was a huge contrast to the drums of 2008, felt less militaristic and intimidating.

Entrance of the flag was....well, i'm sure a lot of people are going to complain about that. They also used a song originally composed during the Korean War when China went to help the North so I can see some south korean netizens getting pissed about it.

Really liked the idea of the Olympic rings coming out of a large block of Ice (had a hard time at first to know if the block were just projections or an actual block). I also noticed a reference to the hockey guys from the handover and the Pandas, except its the actual mascot this time.

Parade of nations is alright so far. I see they're using combined arrangements of classic music from around the world (Sarajevo did something similar for their opening). Athletes entering under the rings reminds me heavily of Torino.

The projections so far are some of the best i've seen in a sport ceremony. That's because this is an actual screen we're seeing and not projections per se.

Xi looks so weird all wrapped up with that jacket. I expected he would wear his best clothes for tonight. :lol:

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21 minutes ago, Olympian2004 said:

I am surprised how the tone of the Chinese flag segment has changed compared to Beijing 2008. Back then, it seemed much more miliaristic and "showing off"-like, now it focusses on the human segment and cooperation. But of course, that is a deeply propagandistic message still. And it contradicts how martial the current regime behaves in real life.

Look at how happy we all are together.

Definitely a different image they're trying to project.  Hopefully the world won't buy it

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