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15th GamesBids Winter Olympic Logo Comp - Ceremonie D'Annonce/Announcement Ceremony

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We started with the Scottish national anthem, and at Rols' request, we end with the Scottish national anthem:

It's not 500 miles from Hampden to where we are - on the banks of the Clyde at the place made world-famous by the recent COP26 summit, the Scottish Exhibition and Convention Centre, known to everyone as the Armadillo!


To reveal our winner, please welcome one of the world's most famous Glaswegians, a man whose legacy is much longer than his temper, and (as an Arsenal fan this hurts but it's true) one of the greatest football managers of all time, Sir Alex Ferguson!

Alex Ferguson 02.jpg

What the **** do you call this? The least I expect at a ****ing presentation is that the trophy is for me or United - they normally were. How are those red ****ers in London doing now? (Yoshi: even worse than United). Ah, best news I've heard all day. Anyway, I've got a job to do. The winner of this ****ing thing is:



Yoshi: Thank you Sir. Meet after for a drink and to share in supporting teams that used to be good at football? Yes, after more voting than the IOC have allowed for many years, the winter title is JDC's once again - here are the final scores:

A: 4 B: 9

An emphatic victory. That is it for the winter comp, thank you to all entrants, even if most of you turned up in the wrong year, it was great and surprising to see such a large field. And thank you to all the voters as well, again it's been great to see such interest when there's so little else happening. Particular thanks to @Sir Rolsof course for starting the polls and being a sounding board as always, and to @Anthony and @munichfan for creating the voting grids for the rounds. I hope you'll be ok with doing the same for Istanbul? :) And of course congrats to @JDCLauronon the win.

We will give a couple of days and start Istanbul on Wednesday evening UK time just in case we get last minute entries, I think the format will be the same. Until then, it's almost Winter Olympic time, and we're in its homeland, so let's have a curling party!



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