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Djokovic Test Results

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12 hours ago, StefanMUC said:

Those TV news hosts alledgedly caught off air were spot on about him and his lies.

I hope (against hope) he still gets kicked out. He‘ll play the martyr role either way anyway.

Yes, it’s a sentiment held by many

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3.15pm, from ABC News Australia: The Australian Open Draw has been postponed until further notice.

This obviously is pending the visa decision expected the visa decision by the Australian Immigration Minister.

The Australian Prime Minister has just scheduled a media conference at 3.45pm AEDT.

we’re getting closer to finding out will happen with NJ …


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Congratulations Australia..... the right decision.

Too many people have had to sacrifice many things during this pandemic. 

Those who refuse to get vaccinated should not be allowed to hold those who are ransom and today's result is a win for us who want to do our part to get things back to a more pre 2020 state of affairs.

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Just waiting to hear if there will be a period now that ND cannot return to Australia or if there is any discretionary powers around this by the Australian Immigration Minister.

As mentioned, often there is a 3 year period following a visa cancellation durung which that person may not enter Australia.

I guess this will come out in the coming hours and days ….

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