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GamesBids’ Top Ten: Olympic Bid Stories Of 2021 and More


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GamesBids.com presents the fourteenth annual Top Ten list of Olympic Bid Stories for 2021. These stories impacted the course of Olympic host bids, or the Olympic bid process, and formed interesting plot lines and story arcs for the year.   It was a second year with you-know-what, and everything has been different.  But it was also […]

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What happened to the suspenseful countdown? I remember when the top-ten Olympic bid stories of the year were broken down to 3-4 days in the past. But anyway, it's funny how a lot of these stories get forgotten about as the year goes on, especially when you have an actual Olympic Games in the middle of it all.

Like the one about Quebec. I remember that little tidbit now. It was talked about briefly, & then it wasn't. What I would like to know though, is WHY did the COC tell Quebec that they would not support them? That brief explanation they gave really didn't elaborate, other than saying, "hey, look. Stop wasting your money on this futile endeavor, cause we ain't bothering with you". I actually would've preferred Quebec over another Vancouver run, especially so soon after their 2010 winter Games. But oh well.

From the top story: "I knew this, my colleagues knew this, the IOC members knew this, and other bidders knew this". Lol, yeah, sure.  Everyone knew it, except for one, lone deluded soul (& a few others, but not as extreme), riding in his canoe in that river in Egypt lol. 


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