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Was wondering if a Rhine-Rhur 2036 candidature would emerge since the former  ITTF leader Weikert was elected new President of DOSB after landslide victory (Inside the Games - 4 Dec-21).

Michael Mronz, leader of the 2032 bid, is featured in this twitter post about 2036:


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Yesterday, the new conservative-green coalition was formed in North Rhine Westphalia (NRW), and in their agreement, the parties support another Rhine-Ruhr bid (but including public involvement, so likely a ref).

German govt is also in favour, with the Greens (allegedly the evil NOlympics party for some…) being the only ones in both governments.

Of course with the current situation and rising inflation, a cost debate would immediately kill it, but maybe there‘s still a few years time until decisions must be taken and not just beautiful words on a paper…

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