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15th Annual GamesBids Olympic Logo Competition

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Glasgow is closed (I know I'm not normally very strict but as you'll have seen we're dealing with three people in three continents now in terms of organising the voting rounds - I'm sure you'll understand that that means deadlines need to be stuck to more tightly than when it was only me and Rols) but I'm pleased to tell you that Istanbul - your country's big GB moment - is open, and will remain fully open for submission until the Glasgow voting is over, plus like a day for notice. Great to see you back :)

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Just to add that the voting will hopefully begin tomorrow night at 9:30 UK time - there's an issue with the grid and I also haven't done the round opening post yet, plus it has to be a time when both me and Rols are up! So that'll give everyone involved plenty of time to prepare :)

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Double PS - because I see a confused reaction - Istanbul is still open for all, and this is something I always do with the summer comp. Winter is always first, and I've always thought there's no point in closing off the summer comp to entries if we won't even be starting any polls for it for potentially up to a couple of weeks ;)

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Little information:

Direct vision: a whirling dervish designed with simple lines in red referred to the overall turkish (flag) colour & 2 black stripes forming the belt of the dervish symbolising the 2 bridges over the bosphorus.

Second vision: these simple lines stylished as the contoures of the two continents forming the city-map of istanbul whereby the used font-shapes of the digits 3 & 6 forming respectively the european/asian side of the bicontinental city.

Third vision: The papyrus-font creates the perfect style of the first & last letter of the city-name that shapes the bosphorus bridge, namely the letter 'i' and the letter 'L'.. also forming the Roman "II' that also indicates the bi-continental consciousness 

note: i drew this logo somehere after 2005 and before 2010, due to lack of time i revamped it. 

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