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Brisbane 2032

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Broadbeach Park Stadium, Gold Coast

  • Beach Volleyball
  • temporary venue
  • Games capacity:  12,000
  • Distance: 9kms north-west of Gold Coast Athletes Village, Robina




At 12,000 capacity, the Brisbane 2032 venue will be more than double the size of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Beach Volleyball venue at Coolangatta.


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On 2/18/2023 at 1:32 AM, BigVic said:

Would've rather seen QSAC redeveloped instead of upgrading The Gabba. QSAC could be an 80,000 seat stadium and downgraded to a multi-use arena for concerts, football and athletics once the Games are over. Current capacity is 48,500 and could be reconfigured into a 60,000 seat stadium post-games. 

Organisers want the stadium to be close to the city. QSAC is too far out and has limited transport options.

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Redlands Whitewater Centre - click here

Green light Given for Stage 1 of the large Birkdale Community Precinct

With the funding now locked in from all three levels of government, community consultation completed and the local community strongly behind the project, the large Birkdale Community Precinct incorporating the Redlands Whitewater Centre for Brisbane 2032 has a green light now to proceed to commence Stage 1 construction, which is renovation and development of the state-apprived Willards Homestead restoration.  

Credit: Tick of Approval Received for Restoration of Willards Farm - 17 Nov-22 Redlands City Council

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15 minutes ago, AustralianFan said:

Redlands Whitewater Centre - click here

Green light Given for Stage 1 of the large Birkdale Community Precinct

With the funding now locked in from all three levels of government, community consultation completed and the local community strongly behind the project, the large Birkdale Community Precinct incorporating the Redlands Whitewater Centre for Brisbane 2032 has a green light now to proceed to commence Stage 1 construction, which is renovation and development of the state-apprived Willards Homestead restoration.  

Credit: Tick of Approval Received for Restoration of Willards Farm - 17 Nov-22 Redlands City Council

Brisbane 2032 - Eastern Metro Study

Through the Eastern Metro Study, Redlands City Council and the Queensland Government are contributing to this Study to:

  • investigate options for extending the existing busway from where it currently ends at Coorparoo through to the Capalaba business district.”
  • “The study will consider the option of using the fully-electric Brisbane Metro fleet, providing Redland and eastern suburbs residents with an emissions-free travel option to Brisbane CBD.”
  • “Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said delivering an Eastern Metro route was critical for the Redland and should be a priority ahead of the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games given the potential for it to also service the Redland Whitewater venue at Birkdale.”


Go East! Study to investigate taking Brisbane Metro to Capalaba - Redlands City Council



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You're not allowed to have the Olympics in November as in 1956 due to NBC owning the rights to the Games in the US. 

A Melbourne 2032 Olympics in July-August during our winter will be the worst Olympics for fans. Cold, wet and miserable for 16 days. 

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Expanded Woolloongabba PDA (Priority Development Area) - Brisbane 2032 Olympics

  • Woolloongabba Priority Development Area will be expanded
  • Further housing, shopping and dining precincts and public space included
  • Woolloongabba will include an active travel corridor to South Bank and the CBD
  • Rebuilt Gabba stadium will anchor the major urban renewal project
  • Precinct connected to both Cross River Rail and the Brisbane Metro

“The State Government has announced that the Woolloongabba Priority Development Area (PDA) will be expanded to encompass the Stanley Street precinct to South Bank and include more of Woolloongabba.”

“The original priority development area (PDA) for Woolloongabba was to help facilitate and drive the delivery of the Cross River Rail project and prior to the announcement of Brisbane hosting the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games.”

“The Cross River Rail Delivery Authority worked to provide a scheme while an interim Land Use Plan was in effect to ensure the new station remained on track.”


“The unveiled expanded Priority Development Area (PDA) for Woolloongabba will include essential connections to provide accessibility to the Gabba Stadium from Cross River Rail and the Brisbane Metro, which will be connected to South Bank and Brisbane CBD via a walkable, active travel corridor to South Bank and Brisbane CBD.”

“Expanding the existing PDA will see a more integrated and coordinated planning approach for the whole suburb and allow for resolving complex planning and development matters that unlock value for the surrounding communities. Importantly, the process will involve community consultation in preparation for a development scheme for the expanded PDA.”



“Queensland Deputy Premier, Steven Miles said the Gabba redevelopment will anchor major urban renewal and deliver more affordable housing, dining and retail.”

“The 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games will change Brisbane the way Expo 88 did.”

“We will extend the much-loved South Bank precinct to the Gabba Stadium and back to the City via the Gardens.”

“The Gabba will be more than just an events stadium. We want it to be activated 24/7 so that living near it will be exciting and fun.”

“It will be the main interchange between Cross River Rail and Brisbane Metro. You’ll be able to get around without a car and walk or scooter to the City or South Bank”.


Credit: Expanded Woolloongabba PDA – Brisbane 2032 Olympics

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Neville Bonner Pedestrian Bridge

The Neville Bonner Bridge is an important link between Southbank Olympic/Paralympiv Venues and the mega Queens Wharf development.

It has already become an important cross-river connection linking the South Bank arts precinct with the future AUD$3.6 billion (£2 billion/$2.4 billion/€2.3 billion) Queen's Wharf development, which, when it is completed later this year, is expected to be home to several five-star hotels that will house Brisbane 2032 visitors.”

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(transferred here to Brisbane 2032 thread)


On 3/6/2023 at 2:15 PM, ulu said:
On 3/6/2023 at 4:37 PM, RooBlu said:

"A $7 billion Olympics fund will turn Queensland into a "powerhouse", Prime Minister Anthony Albanese says." A powerhouse for what? 

I have to admit that it is ironic that the QLD Government bailed out the IOC in bidding for the 2032 Games and the IOC subsequently more or less announced that no Southern Hemisphere nation will be eligible to bid for the Olympics again after Brisbane. Oh well, Australian's bloody well better enjoy them and the $10-15 billion price tag that will come with holding a two-week feel-good event. The $5 billion that Anastasia initially claimed that they would cost has now been blown out of the water and we will see the costs associated with holding the Olympics steadily escalate as I predicted that they would when Brisbane was bidding.

For those old enough to remember it, I still think that Brisbane got the best bang for buck ever out of holding World Expo 88. For $180 million 1980s dollars, it transformed Brisbane, brought in hundreds of thousands of international and interstate tourists and seriously put Brisbane on the map for six months (Not just for two weeks).

On 3/6/2023 at 1:12 PM, RooBlu said:

"For the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games, the Australian Government invested A$90 million while the Victorian Government investment was A$601m." Not quite true ... The $90 mil from the Howard Government at the time was promised but never delivered because in 2002 Tony Abbott (who was Workplace Minister at the time) insisted that the $90 million promised to assist in the $450 million construction of the Ponsford/Members/Olympic Stands at the MCG was conditional that "no union labour could be used to build the stand". In the end, Premier Steve Bracks told the Federal Government that it was not possible and that was how the federal government shirked paying for the MCG upgrade. The entire MCG upgrade was jointly funded by the AFL ($105 mil), the MCC ($165 mil) and the State Government ($180 mil).

Irrespective of what @Australian Kiwi says on the matter, given that Tasmania is asking for over $330 mil to partly fund its proposed $730 million AFL/Cricket stadium in Hobart (Which they will most likely eventually get), and the $7 billion promised to Queensland to fund construction of stadiums and infrastructure for the Brisbane Olympics, I can't see Mr (I inherited a trillion-dollar debt) Chalmers doling out a further $1.3 bil.


As a postscript to the 2003-2006 MCG redevelopment, the project was finally completed for $425 million ($25 million under budget) and three months ahead of schedule ... all with union labour. :)

On 3/6/2023 at 1:48 PM, Sir Rols said:

And he does, and has said so on the forums.

Not strictly true. Arguments on whether others who’d expressed interest were caught snoozing aside, 2032 was awarded well before anyone expected they had to have their act together, and it was protested by a number of NOCs who felt they’d been blindsided. There certainly were rival bids in the works, who got caught out by a change of selection procedure in the middle of a global pandemic.


On 3/7/2023 at 9:08 PM, TorchbearerSydney said:

The Olympics are an event of national and international importance- there is nothing wrong with the Federal Govt assisting in its costs.

You may have missed it but the National Govt assists in building toilet blocks, and roads, and carparks and all number of local projects across the country.....this artificial tribalism is a bit childish.


21 hours ago, RooBlu said:

As I've said, like it or lump it, we're stuck with the 2032 Games now, so irrespective of funding arrangements or who's paying for what, we're obligated to make it work. Given that Australia will never host the Olympic Games ever again, people jolly well better make the most of it. Given the long lead time for these Games, which was 12 years from their announcement, a lot can happen globally. It's a huge financial risk. Considering the tens of billions that was spent preparing Tokyo for the 2020 (2021) Games and in the end nobody was able to attend, the Japanese lost billions in tourism, ticketing sales, visitor profile etc.

We seriously don't know where the world will be by 2032 and I am predicting that it will not be in a good place. So far the 21st Century has delivered September 11 2001, the 2004 Tsunami, the Iraq War, the 2008 GFC, the COVID pandemic, the Ukraine War, ballooning government deficits (State and Federal), and now the real possibility of a war between the US and China which would directly impact Australia through physical and cyber attacks, massive loss of revenues if all trade with China (Coal, Iron-ore, Bauxite, food stuffs, cereals and other commodities) are suspended indefinitely, and a total disruption to the supply of manufactured goods globally. :(

I don't look ahead with much confidence for Australia's future, much less enough confidence to say that the 2032 Olympics will indeed ever happen at all. :unsure:


20 hours ago, Sir Rols said:

Personally, I’m okay with Federal funds going towards the games. What I find a bit more hard to stomach is the notion that a games that was sold as a low-cost, responsible bid with the vast bulk of everything already existing suddenly has a $9.7 billion price tag - for construction alone - nine years out.

That said, being against a federal contribution isn’t a “wrong” opinion. Most of us here - on a board full of Olympic fans - are likely comfortable with it. But that’s not to say we should devalue he views of people who don’t see the benefits of huge spending on a two weeks sports festival. I’ve often said the Olympics, indeed any games, are a luxury for those who can afford it, not a necessity. Many a city, both in Oz and around the world, have abandoned nascent bids for events because they just can’t really justify or sell to the public the cost-benefits ratio. That’s not doing anything wrong. And there’s plenty of academic studies that have shown much of the so-called benefits of a games are oversold or just plain non-existent. Especially when many of the benefits touted - heightened civic spirits, increased profile, are just so intangible.

It’s fair enough to be comfortable with costs and funding splits, and to say so and defend them, but it’s just as valid to be against it and to say so.

That’s possible, but hopefully not. There’s no point in planning ahead or undertaking any project for the future if you’re pessimistic about that future. You HAVE TO look forward to a future with some degree of optimism if you want to progress, or at least strive to achieve a better future.


19 hours ago, Sir Rols said:

Fair enough - I tend to agree. But it would have been better if that cost was outlined up-front rather than only revealed when it became a fate accompli.

And while one person’s $10 billion is a good investment in region building, it’s also another person’s $10 billion that’s not going to schools or hospitals.  



6 hours ago, Australian Kiwi said:

All of that could happen without the Olympics . Its inconsequential . Remember when they said they "bidded for the Olympics to get better trains"?

They should just admit that they put themselves forward to mark up their profile and had a golden opportunity in Coates being a massive bully who was on their side. Oh, and that its warmer than Sydney or Melbourne. They got incredibly lucky, and they are even more lucky having funding from THREE levels of government. This is not a sustainable model for the Olympics moving forward. Most other potential beta level cities can't just leverage $10bn in infrastructure funding. Its wildly contradictory.  


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Brisbane 2032 Games could be first to have super-fast 6G mobile internet

“The Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games could be the first to benefit from 6G, the next generation of mobile internet after 5G, which is currently being developed.”

“Executives at some of the world’s largest telecommunications and technology firms have told CNBC that 6G is likely to launch in 2030.”

“Despite the fact that uptake of 5G globally remains low despite hundreds of billions of dollars of investment into the networks, work is still underway on 6G standards which could be completed later this decade, executives say, with roll-out expected in the early 2030s.”

“Prospects for 6G were discussed in Barcelona at last month's Mobile World Congress, the world's biggest mobile industry trade show, with global telecommunications companies giving their views on the latest tech.“

Brisbane 2032 Games could be first to have super-fast 6G mobile internet - Inside The Games

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No Olympic Infrastructure Coordination Authority for Brisbane 2032

This is indeed surprising, especially after the spectacular success of infrastructure delivery for the Sydney 2000 Olympic and Paralympic Games through the Olympic Coordination Authority (1995-2001).

“Queensland Deputy Premier Steven Miles has insisted that the State Government will be in charge of delivering infrastructure for the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games despite Brisbane's pledge to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) that this would be overseen by an Olympic Coordination Authority (OCA).”

“Brisbane had outlined plans to establish a body involving Federal, State and local Governments to manage infrastructure in bid documentation sent to the IOC before securing the hosting rights for the 2032 Games

Queensland criticised over plans to oversee infrastructure for Brisbane 2032 - Inside The Games



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Thank goodness ……

Brisbane Olympic Coordination Office Established 

“The office was established following a report by management consultants Deloitte, who recommended the structure after studying arrangements for the Sydney 2000 and London 2012 Games.”

“The Deloitte report said it "recognises the State Government’s existing expertise in delivering infrastructure and recommends the Coordination Office for its ability to cut red tape and avoid unnecessary bureaucratic double-up and costs".



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Architect of London 2012 building success warns new model to deliver Brisbane 2032 is flawed

“Sir David was managing director and chief executive of construction company Lendlease when its developments included the Olympic Park in Sydney.”

“He explained that the first body ensured the Olympics was funded by private contributions through global broadcast rights and international sponsorship deals.”

"The second body is where all the public Government money goes into from various sources," Sir David said.

"Both of those need to be arms-length governing bodies; have a clear brief and have a contractual relationship between one other."

That was the Sydney model Sir David took to London when he was appointed chief executive of the ODA. 
"In the end it was such a good governance model - even though there were a lot of changes of people - that became the IOC’s preferred model," he told The Courier Mail.

"It’s the right model to go to [for Brisbane 2032].’’


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5 hours ago, BigVic said:

The currebt Gabba is being demolished and a brand new Olympic Stadium is being built in it’s place.  The light towers are also being demolished and are not being replaced.

Demolition of both is due to begin in 2026 once the Cross River Rail and the underground Train Station at the Gabba site is completed. 

State and Federal Governments Combine to Fund $7 Billion for Brisbane 2032 Olympics - Brisbane Development

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