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Brisbane 2032

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Gabba redevelopment still has bipartisan support



Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner has backed a redeveloped Gabba to be the main stadium for the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games, saying the inner-city location was unbeatable.

Speaking on The Courier-Mail and Nova’s Toward the Games podcast, Mr Schrinner said the Gabba was in need of a considerable upgrade regardless, and it lacked significantly compared to other sites around the country.



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"I'm not aware that a decision has been made on what the stadium arrangements will be for the 2032 Olympics," said Senator for Queensland, Anthony Chisholm, as reported by 7News.”

"No decision has been made on if a new stadium is needed and if so where it's going to be." 

“The proposed Gabba renovation would involve demolishing the foundations of the 41,000-seat stadium and rebuilding it with new grandstands to increase the capacity to around 50,000 and include a running track.”


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Not encouraging. Surely a new stadium as good (or even better) could be built somewhere else in South East Queensland for less than 2.5b? At least you have the luxury of a LOT of time. I can see this ending up with Carrara being levelled and rebuilt tbh. 

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47 minutes ago, yoshi said:

Not encouraging. Surely a new stadium as good (or even better) could be built somewhere else in South East Queensland for less than 2.5b? At least you have the luxury of a LOT of time. I can see this ending up with Carrara being levelled and rebuilt tbh. 

 Carrara Stadium is not an option has it does not have a train line or a light rail line.  The mass people movement for the 2018 Gold Coast CW Games was by a fleet of busses which was problematic.

The current Gabba Stadium has an underground Cross River Rail train station(under construction) and also the new Brisbane Metro long articulated buses that look like trams but are actually long buses (under construction).

The Gabba site is also in a very central scenic Brisbane location and 20 minutes walk across the Brisbane River from the Brisbane CBD via the new Kangaroo Point (under construction).

While restricted by space on it’s current site, I cannot see The Gabba demolition and rebuild not going ahead for the new 50,000 legacy stadium.

The Queensland State Government have said they are going ahead with the Gabba rebuild and its now just a question of how much the Australian Government contribution will be.


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“Queenslanders are being asked to have their say on plans to re-shape the much-loved South Bank location in time for the hosting of the Brisbane 2032 Olympics and Paralympics.”

“The Future South Bank Draft Master Plan includes proposals such as making Grey Street more pedestrian-friendly, improving the Promenade path along the Brisbane River, increasing green space, upgrading the Cultural Forecourt and creating a world-class maritime precinct.”


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“The latest plan for Ballymore will see it welcome multiple sports and host Olympic hockey games in 2032. That’s quite a rebound for a site government officials deemed unsuitable for a major stadium “either now or into the future”.

“Deputy Premier Steven Miles, who is overseeing Olympic infrastructure, said he was confident the site would meet both spectator and International Olympic Committee requirements.”

“Ballymore will be a 1.1-kilometre walk to rail services at Wilston train station and 1.3-kilometre walk to bus and future Brisbane Metro services at Herston bus station,” he said.”

“Shuttle buses will be provided between the venue and stations for those with mobility requirements. This meets the accessibility requirements of the IOC.”




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The Olympics will do for Northshore Hamilton what Expo 88 did for South Bank

“Northshore Hamilton will undergo a spectacular transformation to become the main athletes' village for the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games – further cementing its reputation as Brisbane’s future premier riverfront lifestyle precinct.”

“Construction of the village will crystalise the long-term plan for the area and rejuvenate the existing industrial land.”

“This will add to an already popular precinct, which is home to landmarks such as Portside, Eat Street Markets, and Alcyone Hotel, and some of Brisbane’s best waterfront living.”

“The athletes’ village will host more than 10,000 athletes and team officials for the Olympic Games and more than 5000 for the Paralympics.”

“The village will be constructed on Economic Development Queensland-owned land within the Northshore Hamilton Priority Development Area.”

“Northshore’s prime waterfront location, proximity to the CBD and competition and training venues, let alone transport connections, make it an ideal location – even after the Games are over.”

“Post the Games, Northshore will deliver a diverse residential offering, including aged care, retirement living social and affordable housing, key worker, hotel, build-to-rent and market accommodation.”




Credit: Brisbane 2032 Athletes Village

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“Like most stadiums, Ballymore, the spiritual home of Queensland rugby, has a lush, green grass surface. It can be pounded by studded rugby boots and almost repair itself.”

“So just how did Brisbane Olympic organisers expect the Herston stadium to host Olympic hockey, which is played on a synthetic blue surface that is expected to be smooth?”

“Queensland Rugby Union chief executive David Hanham said for the answer, one just needed to look to another famous rugby ground for inspiration.”



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Further on the Hockey venue / public transport access issue:

Perry Park

“Experts critical of Ballymore’s looming Olympic-fuelled rebirth as a major sports venue say there is a better option about two kilometres to the east at Bowen Hills.”

“Ballymore, in suburban Herston, has been nominated as the Brisbane 2032 Olympic hockey venue, with the spiritual home of Queensland rugby set to be temporarily transformed with removable synthetic pitches during the Games.”



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“British engineering and consulting firm Buro Happold have been appointed as part of a consortium along with Australian companies Urbis and Articulous to develop a legacy strategy and plan for the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Brisbane.”

“They have formed a team tasked with ensuring that Brisbane 2032 leaves a long-term social, economic and environmental benefits.”


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“A South Bank Parklands draft master plan for the 2032 Games envisages new riverside restaurants near the Cultural Forecourt and improved pedestrian, cycling and e-scooter links to the Gabba.”

“Food and beverage outlets could be tucked under a series of promontories and within coves to activate the river’s edge and make the most of the city-facing aspect,” the draft master plan says.”


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“Albanese explained that this was not an "ominous" situation, saying they wanted to hear business cases before committing to public money.”

"My Government isn't like our predecessors who decided things without any detail," said Albanese during the Labor Party conference.”

"We'll front up for our share of the investment.”

"We want it to happen, we want it to be successful."


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From Brisbane Times:

“About $70 million has been set aside for resumptions, on sites yet to be determined, near the Gabba stadium being promoted as the city’s 2032 Olympic Games centrepiece.”


“From a network point of view, having the transfer point between the two modes of travel – bus and train – is absolutely critical, especially, if it is going to be the Olympic stadium,” Schrinner said on Friday.”



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50 minutes ago, yoshi said:

Is that a tram or a very long bus? The first picture really looks like a tram but the second has rubber tyres...I assumed Metro meant a proper underground system lol. 

It is a long, articulated electric bus that looks very much like a tram.

Yes, the Brisbane Metro is not a train and i can understand the confusion as I also thought the same as you when I first heard about it.

The long Brisbane Metro vehicles drive on rubber tyres on roads and in Brisbane will run on both dedicated busways amd regular roads.  Charging stations are included at transport hubs.

So some of the public transport interchanges in Brisbane such as the Olympic Stadium Woolangabba Station at the Olympic Stadium will have both Brisbane Metro vehicles and suburban trains.

Here is an excellent Brisbane Metro vid which covers this new turn-up-and-go public transport mode and will form a vital cog in mass people movement at Brisbane 2032.


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14 minutes ago, SportLightning said:

Ok, i think it a teams.


6 minutes ago, AustralianFan said:

It is a mega-bus.

It is a new bus that runs on rubber tyres like any regular bus.  It is free-steering, has no phyisical or electronic track.

Some some stills from the video of these mega-electric buses called the Brisbane Metro:







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