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Brisbane 2032

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2 hours ago, TorchbearerSydney said:

The design seems to be based on the art of Australia's most prominent recent aboriginal artist Emily Kame Kngwarreye.....a fantastic choice, and so adaptable.

I always thought the colours would be blue (sea), green (rainforest) and ochre/brown (desert/outback). That sums up Queensland so well.

Great pickup.

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Other Brisbane 2032 branding logo ideas on the internet

The appearance of Matt Web’s recent excellent brand design for Brisbane 2032 has prompted me to google what others are around or have surfaced.

@yoshi’s excellent logo design compeitions over the years on Gamesbids.com has unearthed some great creative talent and design ideas.

Here’s another from Daniel Sim.com:





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From @yoshi’s 14th Annual GamesBids Olympic Logo Design Competition - Gamesbids.com in 2020:

These were the entries and the winner below.


From @Glacib:



From @Anthony:



From @Olympian1010:




>> From @Victorian - the Winner of the Gamesbids.com competition <<


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19 hours ago, AustralianFan said:

Some more designs from online …

From Molane Hu - Jinhanhu.com:



From: u/Suber36g on reditt.com:



From DeviantArt.com:



From Reditt.com:



From u/MyckouMc - redditt.com:



From MariameDesign.wordpress.com:




You forgot about mine too. This one's my design.


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“When the world’s athletes walked into Sydney’s Olympic stadium, they were greeted by about 110,000 people in the stands. At the much smaller Gabba in 2032, organisers say, there could be millions.  Well, sort of.”

“But Lee said new technology could allow people from across the globe to feel like they were there in Woolloongabba.”


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“Brisbane has been awarded hosting rights for the Nitro World Games, which are set to take place at the Suncorp Stadium on October 22 and 23 this year, with more than 70 action sport competitors expected to take part.”

“Freestyle motocross (FMX), FMX best trick, BMX best trick, BMX triple hit, skate vert and scooter best trick competitions are all on the programme for the Games.”



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“Liveris, who was appointed to the role in April told Bloomberg that organisers had committed to "have zero neutral in terms of costs to the taxpayer and revenues we get."

"AUS4.5 billion (£2.6 billion/$3 billion/€3 billion) spend, AUS4.5 billion revenue raising target," said Liveris.

"The majority of that is from broadcasting rights, but I have to go and fundraise AUS1.7 billion (£99 million/$1.14 billion/€1.14 billion) dollars with my chief executive and team."


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“On July 23, the Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) marked 10 years until the start of Brisbane 2032, with chief executive Matt Carroll speaking in terms of a "green and gold runway", adding that his county has "incredible opportunities over the next decade".

“Carroll expressed his belief that upcoming competitions can help to showcase Australia prior to Brisbane 2032.”

"Our time starts now," he insisted.”

"That’s how we look at the incredible opportunities over the next decade.”

"We have talked about more than 30 major international sporting events coming to Australia and community infrastructure coming online in the decade ahead.“


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