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America's Cup 2024

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On 11/18/2021 at 6:26 AM, baron-pierreIV said:

Funny that they decided to run it in an Olympic year.  

Venue for 37th America's Cup expected to be announced in March (insidethegames.biz) 

If it were up to me, Barcelona would be the logical choice.  Cork and Jeddah are such non-starters.  

As of this week add Malaga to the list.

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Malaga came close but ran out of time.

Same for Cork...well not really.

Jeddah...F*** Off!:angry: (Apparently Dubai and Abu Dhabi weren't considered due to the wind being all wrong)


Barcelona! I could see the logic in that amazing beautiful city in hosting AC2024. I have very fond memories of that amazing 1992 Olympic games and were my favourite until London 2012 usurped it.

After the initial whinging and crying from so called "serious" monied Auckland "land yachtie" types saying the NZ Govt should have done more...I believe an absolutely brilliant opportunity for Trade NZ and Tourism NZ to build a temporary pavilion near by would be a coup to cash in on Europeans wanting to check it out.

NZ has been trying to get a Trade deal with the EU, more so since Brexit. Spain is currently building a large fleet of modern locomotives for Kiwirail along with more EMU's for the expanding Auckland commuter rail network.  

:) I see the positives in this!...and a holiday coming!


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