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'24 could be last for Riding in Pentathlon

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Per insidethegames,biz, the horse-riding phase of the Modern Pentathlon might be eliminated after Paris 2024 and in time for Los ANgeles 2028,  

Riding discipline set to be dropped by UIPM from modern pentathlon programme (insidethegames.biz) 

Hence, here is my recommended substitute instead of boring Cycling!! 

Of course, this is NOT a Tony Estanguet-idea although he may claim credit for it! 

But, of course, to keep the name PENTATHLON, they have to retain a 5th discipline.  Instead of BORING cycling (so 1930s), how about Cake-Decorating?  They should move this up to Paris 2024 in honor of Julia Child and French cooking!! 

I never met a non-horse riding Pentathlete who could also DECORATE a beautiful cake, I DIDN'T like!!  

See the source image

See the source image

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I wish they would get rid of it entirely and replace it with a mixed format relay race that would let the general public participate. Modern pentathlon is a relic of the IOC's aristocratic past wherein they included sports that officers and the gentry would enjoy. A mixed format relay can allow hundreds of competitors to join in and allow locals to actually run, bike, etc in the games as active participants instead of simply being spectators.

For example, I really love the Ski to Sea Race in my home state. It's a relay of cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, road cycling, cyclocross, running, canoeing and sea kayaking.


Mass participation is a better strategy for winning the support of the plebs than an event like pillow fighting or e-sports.

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I think a mass participation event is a good idea, but there is not reason to switch it for the pentathlon.  It is a nod to history. Why they need to eliminate history?

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