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meetup 05

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i thought it was 04, but apparently it was 05. oh i think it was made in 04 to be accomplished in 05. no actually it was august 2003 that i was working on the page, but i think it went all the way to december before it fell apart??? anyway, geocities sent me an email today saying they'd delete my site if i didnt update it within three days. i had forgotten that i had taken out a geocities site, but i must have when me and stud did a proposal for the gb meetup. it might have been only NA, i don't remember. anyway we, obviously, did vegas, cause i was living there at the time.

WHO else remembers this and what city did you do?

i had full on plans and stuff, except i made like two errors mistaking your for you're. i couldn't imagine why i would have made that mistake in 04, but anyway OH i used an emoticon too. what a trip.

anyway if you don't (or are too new to) remember what it was, it was supposed to be the ultimate gb meetup to end all gb meetups. it was like the fantasy bid contests in that you had to make a pricing plan, bid book, venue list etc. and pitch your bid and gain support etc. and the one who had the most people willing to go was to win and then you'd have to entertain a weekend meetup.

x was doing vancouver, but i'm not sure if this was before or after he outted himself as 10. OH i think i remember troy telling me on msn once that the reason why x outted himself was because this contest thing was getting serious and some people wanted to meet over coffee or something to discuss city plans. i would have killed to be at that starbucks when an eleven year old tot came sauntering over to a table of 20 somethings with a venti-non-fat-soy-caramel-creme-latte and a few vancouver guidebooks after getting dropped off in his mom's suv.

oh i could just die from nostalgia. lets do that again.

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