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Beijing 2022 Media Updates

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I checked RTE Ireland's TV schedule for the next several days to see what it got planned for Beijing 2022. Nothing really. Not on RTE2 or even RTE News, where Opening Ceremonies are known to appear since the past decade. Didn't even change its Olympic sub-website. Kept it at Tokyo in presentation but still provides the latest news on the 6-person strong Team Ireland in the Winter Olympics. Not listed on Wikipedia's 2022 Winter Olympics broadcasters list. Yes, the Winter Olympics don't have much currency to the Irish public like with the Summer version, but who else is interested in showing them there?

Inuktitut will be employed by the CBC in its upcoming Beijing 2022 coverage on CBC Gem and CBC's Beijing 2022 website but will be in all live play-by-play Canada men's and women's Olympic hockey games, a historic first for the CBC. Pujjuut Kusugak and David Ningeongan, both of whom with strong local hockey and broadcasting connections, will provide the play-by-play. Eastern Cree has the coverage of both the Opening and Closing Ceremonies as well as select hockey matches, just like it was in the former with Tokyo 2020. Dorothy Stewart, host of CBC North's Cree-language morning show, Winschgaoug, on CBC North Quebec, called the Eastern Cree version of the Tokyo 2020 Opening Ceremony and is back. This time for these winter games she's joined by Betsy Longchap, who was a long-time sports reporter with CBC North Cree unit and has covered the Arctic Winter Games for CBC, as well as hockey tournaments in northern Quebec. CBC's coverage will include Cree-language hockey play-by-play for the matches between Canada and United States in both men's and women's hockey, as well as the gold or bronze medal matches in both men's and women's hockey. In the descriptive Cree, there's going to--after some consultations with language experts--need some hockey jargon translations, if not keeping it in English, as Longchap admits. Longchamp will use Eastern Cree's Southern Inland dialect. Stewart will be providing coverage in the Northern coastal dialect. 

Not for the first time the CBC employed Indigenous languages. As already stated with the CBC's Tokyo 2020 Opening Ceremony with 8 languages in Eastern Cree, Inuktitut, Gwich'in, Dehcho Dene, Dënësųłinë́ Yałtı, Inuvialuktun, Sahtu Dene, and Tłı̨chǫ. If you remember from now over a decade ago, Winnipeg-based APTN utilized 8 native languages (Cree, Dene, Inuktitut, Mechif, Mi'kmaq, Mohawk, Ojibway, and Oji-Cree). In some cases the APTN network was split, with commentary in two or three different languages on the East, West, and North feeds while also airing some English and French coverage as an overflow channel all from Vancouver 2010. Hoping this will be a more permanent thing in Canada:


Went to Cyprus' CyBC for its RIK TV channels to see they got some Beijing 2022 action shown to Cypriots. Didn't expect much out of it. Just daily highlights from the Winter Olympics as opposed to the Summer, especially with only Alpine skiier Yianno Kouyoumdjian repping Cyprus here--and the TV presentation in Greek. But on its TV listings, things won't start until this coming Saturday on RIK 2 (CyBC 2) with primetime Winter Olympics highlights sometime on the 21:45-23:45 timeframe. Won't show the full Opening Ceremony, it seems. Usually sends no more than 1 or 2 Winter Olympians from Cyprus.

In the morning, Rachele Sangiuliano will host “Good Morning Beijing”, while in the afternoon the microphone will pass to former soccer player Zoran Filicic for “Beijing 360”. Like with many European areas with Discovery, up to 6 channels will be reached simultaneously to cover the 15 disciplines of this edition and every single minute of live competition, but also with the very useful on-demand service. (especially for night events) and many extra contributions. Not to be missed, in particular, the double daily appointment on the Eurosport Facebook page with the talent and journalists of Team Discovery and many guests.

Big gets for Discovery Italia for this Beijing 2022 project are former Belarussian international soccer player and ice hockey goalie (for Rossoneri Devils and UHC Barlafus) Vitali Kutuzov and Dorothea Wierer, the biathlon champion that's named Olympic Ambassador at an international level for discovery +. “Doro” (name aptly can be "of gold" with this) will therefore be the face of an articulated on-air, digital, and social promotional campaign, in which all fans will be invited and encouraged to subscribe to discovery + so as not to miss even a moment of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games. 

Not much further info on RAI except for RAI2 broadcasting the Opening Ceremony Friday at 12:45 Italy time/CET--don't even know who the commentators named for that either. This five-ring adventure will also begin for RAI TV, which will also have reporters for post-race interviews, with studios from Milan to launch and comment on the event.


To that end, RAI Sports' got that brief 15-second Beijing 2022 promo bringing the Italian-centric Pyeongchang 2018 moments like short track skater Arianna Fontana emotionally basking in her golden glory with the Italian flag and figure skater Carolina Kostner, promoting its upcoming Beijing 2022 coverage interspersed with various Pyeongchang 2018 sports footage:

As SKY’s free to air channel, it’s Prime’s privilege to bring NZers the Kiwis in action and plenty of other heart-stopping edge-of-your-seat moments from the world’s best in Figure Skating, Alpine skiing, Biathlon, Bobsleigh, Cross-country skiing, Curling, Freestyle skiing, Ice hockey, Luge, Nordic combined, Short track speed racing, Skeleton, Ski jumping, Speed skating, and Snowboarding! Extensive coverage of the marquee Winter Olympic events with all the competing Kiwis in action is promised. Because the TV channel wants everyone to enjoy the thrills and spills of the Winter Olympics, PRIME NZ TV will also offer closed captioning on Prime each day from around 1-5pm NZT (13-17:00). The Crowd Goes Wild will get involved no doubt with these Olympics.

Broadcast at PRIME TV kicks off Thursday at 19:30-23:30, very likely for the team figure skating comp and not for the mixed doubles curling, but breaking for 22:30 for PRIME News at 5:30, a program that gets bumped to later because of the Beijing 2022 highlights under its normal timeslot, for a half and hour and 23:30 for The Crowd Goes Wild before resuming at 2:30-8:55. The Opening Ceremony broadcast simulcast with the SKY Sport NZ channels is 14:45 when the Kiwis athletes and others from around the world march in to a welcome at Beijing's Bird's Nest/National Stadium and 17:45-19 is the daily highlights, usually under this 17:30-19:30 timeframe henceforth. Then it's the usual daily 19/19:30-7/8:55 Beijing 2022 programming block: 


Finally we got fuller details of what Austria's ORF got planned for its comprehensive Austrian Beijing 2022 coverage on the terrestrial side (it also gets coverage access to Eurosport Deutschland) from February 4-20 with around 250 hours of live reporting every day from 2.20 am-4.30 pm on ORF 1 and just as many on ORF SPORT+! After the live ÖOC Austrian Winter Olympic athletes farewell party in Vienna near the end of January. Austrian winter sports fans can look forward to around 500 combined hours of live Olympics and thus extensive winter Olympics reporting on ORF. Together with the Olympic Channel via sport.ORF.at, ORF shows up to 31 combined hours of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic action every day. All details, including the ORF transmission timetable, are available at presse.ORF.at. In addition to the live coverage, Olympia-Updates at 6 am, 7 am and 8 am, and twice a day Olympia-Studio comes at 11.30 am and 6.20 pm on ORF 1 bring fans up to date - after all, there are many because of the time difference. Competitions for the Austrian audience occur in the early hours of the morning.

"WELTjournal" and "WELTjournal +" are already dealing with the quite controversial Olympic host country on February 2nd with the reports "China: The Monitored Games" and "The Chinese Dream: Real Estate without End". ORF Radio also reports extensively on the Olympics, Hitradio Ö3 reports live on all important decisions. i.a. the specially designed Olympic channel within the framework of sport.ORF.at continuously delivers current stories - of course with a special focus on Austria's winter sports athletes. The ORF TELETEXT also puts all important information about Olympic events at the center of its sports reporting.

The ski disciplines at the Olympic Winter Games in Beijing will also be broadcast completely barrier-free. Live subtitles are available for deaf and hearing-impaired viewers in ORF TELETEXT on page 777 and on the ORF-TVthek. Around 150 hours of acoustic image descriptions are offered for the blind and visually impaired audience, which can be heard by switching to the second sound channel and on the ORF TV library. Audio commentators on that front are Gregor Waltl, Wolfgang Slavik, Bernd Kainz, Sebastian Aster, and Johannes Kloiber-Karner. 

Around 115 ORF employees from the editorial and technical departments, mostly from the ORF center back in Vienna for reasons of corona prevention, ensure tailor-made reporting, above all on the Austrian Olympic participants. This time, the ÖOC is not present with any Austria House at the Olympics, so the ORF “Olympic Studio” does not come from China, but also from the ORF center in Vienna-Kuniglberg. Karoline Rath-Zobernig, Lukas Schweighofer, and Bernhard Stöhr alternate as hosts of the ORF "Olympia-Studio" with many of the commentators staying put. 

(Co-)commentators for ORF's Beijing 2022 coverage are Dietmar Wolff (biathlon together with Dominik Landertinger), Michael Berger (opening ceremony and ice hockey), Boris Kastner-Jirka (closing ceremony), Daniel Warmuth (ice hockey), Didi Helbig (ice hockey), Johannes Kloiber-Karner (speed skating & short track), Gabi Jahn (figure skating), Erwin Hujecek together with Sabine Wittner, Sigi Grabner, and Luca Hämmerle (freestyle ski & snowboard cross and PGS as well as freestyle moguls and aerials), Philipp Dirnbeck and Michael Guttmann ( Curling), Anna Lallitsch and Michael Mangge together with Christian Scheidl and Toni Höllwart (Snowboard & Freestyle Ski: Big Air, Halfpipe and Slopestyle), Peter Brunner (Women's Alpine Skiing), Johannes Hahn (cross-country skiing together with Alois Stadlober and Nordic combined together with Stadlober and Andi Goldberger), Florian Prates (bobsleigh together with Christina Hengster and skeleton with Martin Rettl), Didi Derdak together with Andreas and Wolfgang Linger (tobogganing), Ernst Hausleitner (women's alpine skiing), Oliver Polzer (alpine skiing men) and Michael Roscher (ski jumping and Nordic combined with Andreas Goldberger).

As in the World Cup season, the expertise in the alpine skiing competitions comes from Alexandra Meissnitzer, Hans Knauß, and Thomas Sykora. Camera driver for the speed races is Joachim Puchner. The interviews in the media target areas are conducted by Ernst Hausleitner (alpine, bobsleigh, skeleton), Anna Lallitsch and Roland Hönig (all snowboard and snowboard and ski freestyle and cross competitions) as well as Toni Oberndorfer and Andi Blum (ski jumping, Nordic combined, biathlon and cross-country skiing). All hoping that the likes of Austrians like Anna Gasser will ski to glory.

The ORF team leader in Beijing, China is Robert Waleczka, the editor responsible for programming in Vienna is Hans Hengst, the responsible editors are Phillip König and Matthias Haiden. Big award for ORF Sport: chief director Michael Kögler, who last impressed in Kitzbühel with his drone camera, is responsible for world feed direction in the biathlon competitions in Beijing (as was the case at the 2018 Olympics).

The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, as the major winter sports event of the year, is the focus of ORF's online spot reporting in February: sport.ORF.at is creating its own Olympics channel, which also includes a new video overview page, making the streaming offer particularly prominent will present. The ORF TV library and the "ORF Ski alpin" special also focus on the Olympics. As part of the specially designed Olympic channel on sport.ORF.at, current stories - of course with special consideration of Austrian winter sports athletes -, background reports, interviews, a comprehensive tables and statistics section including the Olympic calendar are constantly updated as well as live ticker, especially for the ski competitions and ski jumping. This means that winter sports fans always have all the important information about what's happening in Beijing online and via the app.

A new video overview page will also be an important part of the English language Olympic Channel. All live streams of ORF TV broadcasts are provided. In addition, "Live Special" offers ensure that you can stay connected to individual competitions via live stream on the web and app, even if you switch between individual competitions on linear TV. The ORF video-on-demand offer also leaves nothing to be desired, because both competitions and TV broadcasts are made available completely on demand (for 24 hours after the TV broadcast) as well as VoD highlights compiled by the editors. As far as sport is concerned, everything on the ORF TVthek itself revolves around the Olympics in February: sports fans can of course also access the entire ORF streaming offer for the winter games via the video platform - proven "Im Focus" video-on -Demand priorities and an Olympic lane on the start page increase usability. And the "ORF Ski alpin" special also offers streams, stories, selected social media postings, tables, etc. on the web and via the app for the alpine ski competitions.

The ORF TELETEXT also puts all important information about Olympic events at the center of its sports reporting: In the sports top stories (pages 105 and 203 to 209) you can quickly find out about the most important news that the big Olympic Special offers also reports, tables, Olympic calendar, live ticker etc.:


Just a few additional details from ORF with this link in this Beijing 2022 project: 50 people in total ORF will send to Beijing with 8 camera teams that will be present on the spot like skiing but otherwise reliant on OBS world feed usage. Visually impaired summaries from the previous day and broadcasts from 9am on ORF1 also feature audio commentary and subtitles. The same applies to the opening and closing ceremonies. These Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics marks the debut of "Sports Screen" on the yellow page sport.ORF.at, which will also remain in place after the Games. This platform offers additional offers, better features and more background reporting for all those interested in sports


ORF Sports Director Hans-Peter Trost, interviewed on ORF2 news show A here, explains how ORF Olympic coverage will be executed and which challenges and special features have to be taken into account like a certain pandemic and China's authoritarian atmosphere:


Teleradiocorporation Kazakhstan JSC and Khabar Agency JSC became the owners of the rights to Olympic broadcast in Kazakhstan and proudly present the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics on the Kazakh TV side through KAZSport (I refuse to use the newer spelling QAZSport), Kazakhstan TV, Khabar TV, and Elarna. Kazakhs can enjoy cheering on their fellow 34 Kazakh athletes represented over in Beijing in 8 sports: biathlon, cross-country skiing, freestyle (mogul, acrobatics), short track, speed skating, alpine skiing, ski jumping, Nordic combined. 

All competitions on the Qazaqstan and Qazsport TV channels will be served by a team of experienced commentators consisting of Yesey Zhenisula, Ruslan Bakytzhan, Timur Suleimenov, Sergey Railyan, Yersin Erikula, Ualikhan Kosanbay, Samat Kanagatov, Alexander Oleinik, Didar Kadyrov, Danil Malyshev, Zhiger Azbergen , Indira Bektenova, Liliana Alzhanova, and Asem Nurlanova. Experts (athletes, coaches) will also be involved in the broadcasts that will be TBA. All sports broadcasts on the Kazakhstan TV channel will be commented in the Kazakh state language. Expert forecasts for sports competitions of each specific day and summing up will be given daily: in the morning and in the evening live on the studio program "Beizhin-2022". In addition to the TV broadcasts, fans will be able to watch the Olympics on the official websites of the TV channels, www.qazaqstan.tv, www.qazsporttv.kz, and on the mobile apps:


There seems to be special Kazakh Olympic-themed programs like My Olympics, which includes Elena Khrustaleva, Vladimir Smirnov, and Ludmila Prokasheva profiles, and a Denis Ten documentary. While checking its TV programming pages.

RÚV will follow the Icelandic competitors closely and show competition in the various disciplines through RUV and the more sports oriented for this time RUV2. In addition, the competition days will be arranged in the Olympic evenings which will be usually on Monday to Thursday programming during the games. 

The Beijing 2022 Olympics will officially begin on Friday 4 February at 12 noon when the Opening ceremony will be shown on RÚV. Immediately afterwards, at 14:10, there is a team figure skating competition. Due to time differences involving Iceland, lots of competition take place early in the morning, late in the evening, or at night, but Beijing 2022 Olympic visual material will always be available in the RÚV Player and some sports will be shown again at the best time. Will come back to Iceland: 


Of course, TV5 Mongolia isn't the only channel who's doing the Mongolian Beijing 2022 TV broadcast. ETV starts its portion of the Beijing 2022 coverage on Thursday with live men's and women's moguls freestyle skiing at 18-18:45 and 19:45-20:30. Friday will see live team figure skating competition at 10-11:15, 11:40-12:30, and 13:20-15 and returns with ETV's live presentation of the Opening Ceremony at 20:00 (8pm) Mongolia time to 22:15. Gets replayed Saturday morning at 9-11:15. Freestyle skiing returns live with women's moguls that night at 18-18:30 and 19:30-21. As you may have guessed, Sunday will be again on ETV nothing but team figure skating (9:30-11, 11:55-12:40) and big air freestyle skiing (18:-18:30, 19:30-21)--checked on the TV listings on ETV websites.

Eagle TV and TV9 will handle the co-broadcasting of live ice hockey, short track, bobsled, luge, skeleton, speed skating, and freestyle skiing. From UBS TV Mongolia's TV programming guide on its Facebook page, UBS will offer curling (starting February 2 at 19:55 with MNB and TV5 but each following different matches), ice hockey, biathlon, and alpine skiing UBS concludes the Olympic day with a 1-hour+ review program everyday at 0:05 (except for February 4 coming in at 19:30-22:05. Hope to find others broadcasters for next time.   

Kanal 5/Kanal 9/Discovery+ Sweden's Beijing 2022 Olimpiska Spelen promo that likes to remind you that this comes months after Tokyo 2020 and what we endured with that with them resuming its position as "the home of the Olympics" with all that tension-filled anticipation for the start. Hoist Group serves as the majority sponsor partner:     


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And that Discovery Sweden promo I just uploaded, by the way, doesn't really have those three Swedish Olympians in it.

Only six athletes will come from and represent Africa from five different nations when they compete in Beijing--Ghana, Morocco, Nigeria, Madagascar, and Eritrea. But South Africa isn't one of them this time, likely due to not investing significantly in a winter sports and athletes program and feeling their South African Winter Olympians are not up to snuff (neither are Zimbabwe, Kenya, Senegal, and Togo). But this has not stopped the South Africa-based SuperSport from providing ample coverage. What it likes to promote this time with the Winter Olympics as "where passion meets precision". SuperSport’s multi-channel offering will be spread across DStv on SS Variety 1-4 and SS Action plus a 24-hour news channel via streaming on the DStv app. Daily highlights will be broadcast from 7-9pm on Variety 1. Several live events (which will not be on linear television) will be available on multiple DStv app channels. 

Channel 246 is the dedicated news channel on the app with Olympic action also due on channels 247, 248, 950 and 951. All of these can also be found on Showmax PRO. Moreover, Showmax PRO will stream the action across all territories with daily highlights and 24-hour news also available. During the games, the Grandstand channel will focus on the best moments from Beijing alongside some of the other great sport available on your World of Champions. The opening ceremony is scheduled to take place on Friday (Variety 4 at 2pm) with the closing ceremony on February 20. SuperSport's coverage actually starts this Wednesday with mixed doubles curling and later added with preliminary women's ice hockey, alpine skiing training, and men's and women's moguls freestyle skiing qualification. Currently studying the SuperSport TV guide with its channels as we're going through this. Still no info from SABC Sport yet:


To be clear, Russian Beijing 2022 Olympics broadcast media partnership on the TV side--Match TV, Channel 1, Russia 1, and TeleSport--are strictly separating the sports in this Russian coverage.  Match TV received non-Russian national team ice hockey, bobsleigh, luge, skeleton, speed skating, short track, alpine skiing, freestyle skiing, snowboarding, curling, ski jumping, and Nordic Combined.  81 sets of events out of 109 will be played live on Match or its online site. But not the top Russian winter sports--figure skating, biathlon and cross-country skiing. Those sports were divided among themselves by the Perviy Kanal and Russia 1. Commentator Dmitry Guberniev, who works at the Match, in Beijing 2022 will be heard in the biathlon and cross country skiing broadcasts on Russia 1 (he is also an employee of this channel).

In the first days of the Olympics, Channel One will show the biathlon mixed relay, men's skiathlon in skiing, short programs for men, couples and dance duets in team figure skating. Russia 1 has women's skiathlon, and a women's short program plus a men's free program in a team.

The opening ceremony will be shown by "Russia 1" (February 4, 15:00 - Guberniev will comment on it, as I expected), with the closing belonging to Channel One (February 20). There is no fully detailed TV/digital schedule for the entire Olympics yet, only the first days are scheduled. On Russia 1, hockey matches will be commentated by Vladimir Stognienko and Andrey Nikolishin; figure skating is commentated by Andrey Zhurankov, Irina Slutskaya, Ekaterina Bobrova, and Maria Petrova. Channel One also promises Olympic Diaries and two regular thematic shows with experts from figure skating and ice hockey. Legends from Russia will perform on air: Igor Larionov, Maxim Trankov, Alexei Yagudin, Alina Zagitova, and Margarita Mamun, Evgenia Medvedeva, Ilya Averbukh, and Alexei Tikhonov--all heading to Beijing.

From Russia, the figure skating competition, as mentioned earlier, will be covered by Tatyana Tarasova (in remote mode of switching on by phone after the competitions and between them from Moscow), as well as Anton Shipulin and Ekaterina Yurlova-Perkht. Denis Kazansky, Alexander Grishin, Dmitry Terekhov, Andrey Arikh, and Pavel Zanozin are also on the First sportscasting team.

Live broadcasts from the Olympics will also be provided by Telesport--for the first days of the tournament, all competitions are announced there in full. Most likely, the site will be able to watch the Games in their entirety. Beijing 2022 will also be shown on Match TV, Sportbox.ru, Channel One and the Watch service websites. These sites will duplicate/simulcast broadcasts from the main TV channels. For the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Channel One launched a separate website for showing the Games - perhaps this will be the same this time. On the official website of the IOC (and the Olympic Channel) will post the best moments of the day and the stories of famous athletes.


Vladimir Stognienko will commentate on hockey for Russia 1 for at least three Team Russia games with analyst Andrey Nikolishin at the Beijing 2022. And this is not his debut. Already commented for Russia at the 2016 World Cup of Hockey on Match TV. Vladimir actually comes from a hockey family with his dad being in the CSKA system in his youth and once housed Pavel Bure: 


General overview of the Dutch TV Beijing 2022 coverage from NOS and Eurosport's two channels (also available in Belgium and Luxembourg) from Veronica Superguide with Dione De Graaf appearing on the NOS post-competition NOS OS Studio Peking talk show with Dutch athletes:


O2 TV in the Czech Republic will add three more special premium channels to the existing Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2 stations for the duration of the Beijing Olympics. Eurosport 3-5, for example, broadcasts an expanded range of broadcasts from ice hockey, figure skating, speed skating, curling and other sports. The first of these special stations, Eurosport 5 , will be launched on 2 February 2022 at 1:05 p.m. These stations will broadcast in HD quality with an English soundtrack and will be part of the O2 TV Bronzová, Stříbrná, and Zlatá tariffs, and will also appear in the Sport Plus, O2 TV Business tariffs and also in prepaid tariffs. Eurosport 3-5 channels will appear on O2 TV at EPG positions 600-602.

The main localized channels Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2 with Czech commentary will focus on outdoor sports, alpine skiing, biathlon, cross-country skiing, ski jumping or freestyle, snowboarding, skeleton, sledges and bobsleighs. Eurosport 3 (start of broadcast on February 3, 2022 at 5:00 AM Czech/Slovak time) will be home to ice hockey, almost 100 hours of live content from both men's and women's tournaments, from group game play to medal fights. Eurosport 4 (start of broadcast on 4 February 2022 at 02:55) will focus on speed skating, short track and figure skating. Brings over 80 hours of live broadcasts. Eurosport 5 (start of broadcast on February 2, 2022 at 1:05 pm) will offer all women's, men's and doubles curling tournaments. Comes with a special incentive offer:



Radiožurnál and Radiožurnál Sport offer complete Czech coverage of the Beijing 2022 Olympics headed by Marketa Davidova as the face of the coverage. With many of the Czech Olympians getting serious airtime whenever they compete. Czechs can listen to the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics highlights live from 2:00 to 15:00. Olympic special, which can be heared every day from 16:30 on Radiožurnál Sport and in rerun on Radiožurnál from 19:00. It will include interviews with our reporters in Beijing, reactions of Czech athletes, the most interesting events of the day and interviews with sports legends.

The top performances also include professional analyzes by Czech sports experts. Radiozurnal Sport will ask them in the studio about everything that interests you. Kateřina Neumannová, Martin Procházka, Šárka Strachová, and Ondřej Moravec will evaluate the performances of Czech athletes from Prague. News, interviews, and David Jaks' Olympic Notebook returns:



CT Sport celebrating the Beijing 2022 Opening Ceremony and its sports coverage broadcast exclusively on its CT Sport channel starting February 4 at 13.00 Czech time with opening and closing ceremonies from Pyeonchang and some Pyeongchang 2018 action footage. Narrators sounds like he's Chinese speaking Czech: 

For now, TDM Macau is only doing some 5-minute Olympic Introductions for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics at certain parts of the broadcast day. Until Saturday and Sunday with 9:25-12:30 segment. But is broadcasting the Beijing 2022 Opening Ceremony live at 19:55-22. It'll have coverage Saturday at 14:25-22:10 breaking only for 5-minutes Sports News at 20:50. Sunday at 14:25-18. TDM Canal Macau has it from 10-13 on Saturday and Sunday from 10-11 and 12-13:30 with Portuguese coverage. Although we don't exactly what it's going to be show for sports. More will come as I get more time. If only Macau had its own NOC like Hong Kong years ago...

Filipinos will acquire their Winter Olympics appetite from Beijing 2022 and don't want to miss that on can get ready from Feb. 4-20 on Cignal TV, One Sports+, One Sports, & Cignal Play under the hashtag campaigns #StrongerTogether #Beijing2022 in The Philippines. Cheer on apparently the lone Filipino Olympian--an alpine skiier--though attempts were made to have a few more.

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4 hours ago, munichfan said:

That was posted in the ceremonies channel. So it seems the one that's been circulationg for around a week might be the actual one.

Supposed OBS intro

It seems quite heavily inspired by Tokyo, one must say.

It 's the actual OBS Intro...

The games are been already broadcasted by Marca Claro - Caro Sports for Latin America (curling qualifying rounds competition), and  that is the OBS intro and backgroud music.

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A question for fellow canucks regarding the CBC coverage: does anyone know if CBC is doing anything special this year like the virtual reality app they did in 2018? I remember you could pickup the cardboard goggles at a CBC station, stick your phone in them and watch the feeds in 3D.

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Apologies for disappearing for several days and not continuing to contribute in this thread since the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics started. No control whatsoever with the massive snow dump as the libraries were closed for several days last week. But I also was jotting down TV and radio schedules and still looking at them from nations around the world from nation when they reopened. But I'm back.

So let's resume now!

SABC in South Africa, despite the fact that Africa's most industrialized nation and economy is not sending any Winter Olympians at a kind of Olympics that holds not much currency in all of Africa, is showing Beijing 2022 on the terrestrial TV side largely through SABC2 in its traditional daily highlight format that it does with every Winter OIympics since re-entering. Highlights come in late at night on SABC2 starting somewhere either around 11pm-12:30am (23:00-0:30) with a time run going between 90 minutes to 3 hours, both depending on the day. If it's the weekend, SABC2 Winter Olympic highlights tend to go longer. Did air live the Beijing 2022 Opening Ceremony live in the afternoon at 2-4:30 South Africa time (if I'm right) on SABC2 if not SABC1 with likely a re-airing later in the evening. Right now at this writing, SABC2 is showing the daily 90-minute format. Not on SABC Sport Channel at all if it's still around--I checked. If the channel was, it would certainly be likely SABC Sport would be more comprehensive in SABC's Winter Olympics coverage using the OBS feed and place some emphasis on African Winter Olympians. Nonetheless, it is disappointing when it comes to SABC's website or even a Internet search making any significant mention or promotion to Beijing 2022 as a domestic broadcast rights holder in South Africa.

Actually, Swedish-born South African snowboarder Anthon Bosch would've been the one, but he ran out of time thanks to omicron deferring his competitions and not getting the greenlight invite to compete by the IOC by early February--his grandfather Eddie Bosch was anti-apartheid activist who went into exile to Sweden for 35 years, and Anthon competes for SA in tribute. 

Speaking of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics highlights, SKY Pacific over in the Pacific Islands is also showing daily Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics highlights through Papua New Guinea-based TVWan Sports as part of the satelitte . But the daily highlights program, presented as evening highlights, lasts only an hour at 3-4am Fiji time. Often live and right after the end of the day's competition. Will say the Opening Ceremony was shown live back on Friday-Saturday at 12-2:15am with a very likely encore presentation on Saturday. Although SKY Pacific's reach also extends to American Samoa, Vanuatu, (Western) Samoa, and Tonga with the Olympics coverage, I selected Fiji partly because SKY Pacific is a Fiji based pay-TV service formerly owned by Fiji Television Limited and now owned and operated by Digicel Fiji.

Reveals that not just SportsMax was going to air the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics for the West Indies. But SportsMax 2 is also doing this and maybe a little more throughout the day than SportsMax. Both channels are apparently showing them in almost always in 2-hour programming blocks in the early days, based on the schedules that is filled with cricket, NBA, (English, Jamaican, Italian, German, Spanish, domestic and UEFA youth) soccer, rugby union, golf, tennis, track and field, and horse racing.Not to mention SportsMax Zone news. Lots of it live but definitely not nonstop and multi-hour. Plus times tend to vary a bit on some days, as I see from the schedule.    

Went to the non-Brazil Latin American nations Grupo Albavision-owned channels starting this Saturday after the library re-opening too see how they're doing this. Only ones out this Albavision group doing the coverage any substansial justice are Peru's ATV Group (there, it's ATV Canal 9 and Global) and Bolivia's Bolivision. The others who hold the free-to-air TV rights--Dominican Republic's Antena 7, Costa Rica's Repretel, Ecuador's RTS and TVC, Honduras' VTV, Paraguay's SNT and C9N, El Salvador's Canal 12, Nicaragua's Canal 10--almost all flat out suck with this. Not even a daily highlights program. At least have that. Maybe it's all online. Based on looking at their TV programming guides, again. Then again, we shouldn't expect them to cover a lot of the Winter Olympics because there's no to little consistent pedigree in it for many of these nations. Also they have bigger sports priorities like soccer if they hold the rights and tend to air lots of Turkish soap and drama imports, which are so popular in Latin America and other Latin American TV programming (with some US imports) that makes it extremely hard to squeeze the Winter Olympics in them.

Anyway, the ones who are doing the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics out of Albavision--ATV and Bolivision--vary in coverage. Bolivision does it the best starting at February 4 with the Opening Ceremony at 8:50-10:10am Bolivia time. Bolivision then undergoes its live daily Beijing 2022 programming block the next day from either starting somewhere from 10pm or 12am (22-0) to 8am but with, according to its TV guide, requested spaces at 12:40-1:30 (0:40...) and then 4-6 breaking it up and The Daily Magazine, Kitchen Up To Date, movies, and newsmagazine shows. What are these requested spaces? Could end up just having more Olympic footage instead of the requested spaces. Then being back for somewhere 9-10/11 depending on the day. Could only guess these are the daily highlights. Weekends are of course more extensive with longer Beijing 2022 TV blocks that extends up to 11am and likely starts at 22 (10pm).   

Grupo ATV announced that Global will telecast the Opening Ceremony live at 6:15-9:10am Peru time. Global's Beijing 2022 live coverage goes from 5-11am until this Friday starting the following Sunday. ATV Canal 9 takes over on the weekends, starting with this past Saturday live coverage at 7-14 (7am-2pm). Will definitely look at more as this goes on. Then again with Costa Rica, Repretel has them in live streaming and on TV through Channel 4 and Channel 11. Just found it out. Will check more on this after this and other Albavision Group stations in providing further details 

In some news that emerged out of The Netherlands last month, the Dutch NOC*NSF quietly made an extension of an agreement with DPG Media in making QMusic as its exclusive Dutch radio partner to go along with DPG's print partnership involving . Through QMusic Radio538, DPG is intensifying this collaboration. Video series, campaigns, interviews and podcasts appear with the various titles and QMusic DJs in attention to bring Team NL and its sports performances to Dutch fans back home..."reporting extensively on the Olympic Games in Beijing in various shows. In addition, the radio station will make content with the athletes of TeamNL throughout the year." Given how long the TV partnership has been with NOS, many would safely presume this extends to the NPO radio side. Guess not--guess the contract with NOS radio expired:


The Mauritius Broadcasting Channel's sports and youth channel, YSTV, started its Beijing 2022 coverage with the live presentation of the Opening Ceremony at 16:00 (4pm, Mauritius time) to 18:30 (6:30pm) for a cluster of islands off the coast of East Africa. Replay came Saturday evening 20:17-22:50 (6:17-8:50pm), which comes after 1 hour of daily highlights at 19 (7pm).  Beijing 2022 highlights arrive 3-5x times daily at 6:30-7, 12-12:30, 15-15:30-16, 19, and 23-0. Very likely the coverage is in English (using the world feed), although French, Hindi, and Chinese are also well spoken there.  

GTV Sports+ had its Beijing 2022 Opening Ceremony telecast at 12 noon Ghana time that started its share of the Beijing 2022 coverage at a time it was winding down its 2022 African Nations Cup coverage and then going for 1-hour highlights each day at 3-4pm during these Winter Olympics and surely will hold some focus on the African athletes in Beijing like Ghana's alpine skiier Carlos Maeder, who is Ghanaian-Swiss and is also known as Kojo Benya Brown.  

Cyprus' CyBC's RIK2 improved its Beijing 2022 coverage in the first full week. Just. Before that, that 2-hour repetition that aired both on Saturday and Sunday evenings at 21:35 Cyprus time was the Opening Ceremony with maybe some Winter Olympics highlights.  Starting on Monday, seems the focus in Cypriot broadcasting stays on the more popular Winter Olympics sports live and on the lone Cypriot athlete--skiier Yianno Kouyoumdjian. Monday had the wrapping up of team figure skating (women, pairs, and ice dance) at 19:30-22 (7:30-10pm) Cyprus time and then returning with a summary at 22:15-0:05 (11:15-12:05) after English News. Tuesday has 2.5 hours of Olympic action on 14-16:30 and repeat competition at 21:45-0/1:45, which would be the case every night for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. Wednesday sees men's doubles luge at 14:15 and women's snowboard cross at 16:15-17:50. Friday sees men's skeleton at 14:20-16:45. Saturday will be nearly 4 hours of figure skating in the rhythm dance at 13-16:40. Alpine skiing--the men's giant slalom--arrives in a 4-hour stint at 14:00 (2pm), so we might see Kouyoumdjian here shown for the Cypriots. Right now that's it until next week's TV schedule for the three RIK channels is revealed.   

Armenia? Well, it's the First TV Channel of Armenia that's doing it again. Their Beijing 2022 coverage is choppy as it usually is with the Armenian TV Olympic coverage. Tends to focus too like Cyprus on nationally popular and significant Winter Olympic sports and whenever the Armenia Team is competing. Started February 4 with the Opening Ceremony at 16-19 (4-7pm) Armenia time, although 1TV Armenia could've started early with the team figure skating competition if not curling too, given that figure skating is longtime oh so popular in the former Soviet Union. It's not nonstop because it has to break for the likes of extended 1-hour primetime News and the 10-minute program 5-Minute Art. I've written the schedule down because some TV listings worldwide tend not to stay around for a while. Gist of this is usually comes in the afternoon, when the choppiness comes in and then returns in the early morning to mid-morning. Will show the schedule so far on the next post.    

In India, the Beijing 2022 coverage there is conducted by the national state broadcaster's sports channel DD-Sports with live coverage coming every day going from 6am-3pm. But it's current done under protest because the BJP-led Indian government is infuriated to the discovery that China "regrettably" (India's national government's words, by the way) selected a PLA military commander involved in the June 2020 Galwan Valley clashes in eastern Ladakh against India named Qi Fabao as its torchbearer for the mega sporting event that saw 20 Indian soldiers and 5 Chinese laid down their lives. Consequently, DD Sports will not air both the opening and closing ceremonies live:



Back at RTVA Andorra. Tuesday started the first full Winter Olympic week as the bulk of Andorra's Winter Olympians in Beijing are competing with Alpine Skiing with men's Super-G live at 3:55-6:25am with 14:15-16:45 and 21:40-1 Andorra time on TVA re-airings as Joan Verdue Sanchez in his third Winter Olympics finished 22nd there. Just today there was the women's snowboarding cross live at 3:55-4:25 with Olympic rookie Maeva Estevez not being able to finish due to a fall that caused a knee injury. Rebroadcasts came in at 14:15-15:45 and 22-23:30. Thursday sees the women cross country skiing 10km classical live at 4-6:20am and re-airings at 15:30-17:10 and 22-23:40 starring Carol Vila trying her hand at that after her turn at the 15km skiathlon. Then it's Candela Moreno getting her turn in the women's Super G for her two turns at 4-6:20 and 8-9:45 Friday with 15:00 and 22:25-1 re-airings and a delayed (if not a rebroadcast) of men's cross country skiing at 17:20-19:10 with Irineu Esteve. ATV returns Saturday with the men's giant slalom with the first leg at 3:15-5:15 and the second leg coming at 6:45-9 with a combined rebroadcast scheduled at 14:10-18:25.

RNA handles the radio side of this but done under the weekday 30-minute program Sports Area--doesn't come on weekends. If you want more from Andorra, you can visit this website:


Tried to see if AZTV's sports channel IDMAN TV was going to telecast the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. No. No reference on IDMAN TV's listings--still showing Tokyo 2020 highlights and very likely involving Azeri Tokyo Olympians and their moments. Went up to former holder ITV. Nothing there either. Then again, I thought perhaps IDMAN is waiting for its figure skaters but it didn't even have the Opening Ceremony. So...   

Plan to get to Georgia, Iceland, Hong Kong, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Malta, Serbia, BeIN Sports, Luxembourg, Romania, Colombia, Indonesia, Ireland, Portugal, Guatemala, and more on the nations mentioned here next time. 

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RTE Ireland is indeed once again broadcasting Beijing 2022 as its third consecutive Winter Olympics; it would look odd Irish Olympic fans would have to turn to the UK with the BBC for that--and may wind up getting geoblocked. Eurosport UK would be an option. But anyway, RTE News Channel once again aired the Opening Ceremony live at 11:30am Irish time. For the duration of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games games, the RTÉ News Channel will telecast a daily highlights program at 3.00pm. The Beijing 2022 Closing Ceremony on Sunday February 20 will also be live on the RTÉ News Channel. Doesn't mention though how many livestreams, if at all, RTE will present online and mobile. Late in coming and was publicly announced last Thursday. Mirrors how small Ireland is in the Winter Olympics realm.

RTÉ Sport online as well as RTÉ News and RTÉ Radio will keep fans up to date with news of the Irish athletes in action in Beijing. If you're in Ireland reading this right now, you can see the RTÉ News Channel is available on –Saorview – Channel 21, Virgin Media – Channel 200, Sky – Channel 521, and Eir – Channel 517. First link contains the live competing Ireland times for the Irish Beijing 2022 Olympians. Several like Elsa Desmond, Tess Arbez, Jack Gower, and Thomas Maloney Westgaard have already competed at this writing:



RTHK is definitely not known for producing and broadcasting sports as Hong Kong's public broadcaster unlike many other nations worldwide. But guess what? RTHK is indeed taking the plunge with sports with its portion of the Beijing 2022 coverage that was just announced it will share with local rights holder TVB. RTHK is showing 60 hours, which includes both the opening and closing ceremonies live and up to 5 live competition hours a day on its platform.

Winter Olympics Live, as Radio Television Hong Kong calls it, comes on at 13/14-17/18:00 Hong Kong time, depending on the day, on RTHK's TV32 channel, where everything else on it is surrounded by Audio Description--Cultural Heritage. Sports reporter Atom Chung is your provider for the 10-minute Winter Olympics every weekday morning on all the news, results, and action for the duration of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics until February 20 at 9:25-9:35 on RTHK's Radio 3 AM567:



Keeping it with Hong Kong, TVB, as I mentioned earlier, has an additional 1200 hours on these 9 different channels all on its mySuperTV service. All but one of them are called Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 Live 1-8. The lone exception is the Olympic News Channel. Numbering from 801-809. All of these specific Olympic channels use the OBS world feed and are broadcast in English. Nothing in Cantonese or Mandarin. When you check out the schedule, you'll notice not just the English but numerous Olympic programming of sports that shows off multiclips and mute audio (that is, no play-by-play just venue audio). Usually starting airing 8:00-0:00 Hong Kong time with plenty of times of no programming beginning and end of the day (Program will carry later) and plenty of times during the day for just only an hour or so. Lots of curling, ice hockey, short track, alpine skiing, snowboard, bobsled, skeleton, ski jumping, figure skating, freestyle skiing, the medal ceremonies, biathlon, and Nordic combined. Schedule, if you can scroll down to it, can be seen clicked starting with this URL:


SportExpressen's Anna Friberg reported that neither Discovery Sweden/Kanal 5/Kanal 9 nor Radiosporten were heading on location to Beijing to cover these Winter Olympics after all due to the Chinese-mandated coronavirus restrictions as among the latest to do so. Just as the bags were packed and clean to the Chinese:



Radiosporten's OS 2022 studio radio hosts are Linn Nenzén, Cecilia Paulsson, Roger Burman, Dag Malmqvist, Susanna Andrén, Alexander Lundholm, Emanuel Nashed, Bengt Skött, Peter Sundkvist, Håkan Eng, and Albin Falk Hansson. Its Beijing 2022 radio coverage currently appear on Sverige Radio's P3 and P4. Some of the radio programming times vary slightly daily but generally P4 gets the morning and some afternoon segments like on Vaken P4. Afternoon, some mornings, and evenings usually belong to P3 (and sometimes on P4 Extra for 1-2 hours).  

Just visited RTL Luxembourg for any reference of Beijing 2022 earlier this afternoon. There are articles and some videos direct from RTL on the Olympashe Wanterspillen. But no TV developments on its schedule. So I presume the only local TV airings will fall under the 30-minute RTL Sport on Sundays at 20:00 (8pm) Luxembourg time. Nothing on the radio side, so there may be streams. Maybe?  

Portugal sent 3 Beijing 2022 Winter Olympians--alpine skiiers Ricardo Brancal and Vanina de Oliveira, and cross-country skiier José Cabeça--and, with that, RTP guarantees the Winter Olympics summaries and the respective Opening and Closing Ceremonies, and above all guarantees the monitoring in an open and live channel, of the participation of Portuguese athletes in the 2024 Olympic Games, through the exhibition than 200 hours of live event content between February 4-20. Under its programming as the Portuguese free-to-air broadcast rights holder, the day's best moments can be followed in the daily program, always at 8:30 pm, on RTP2 Portugal time. We bring the summary and analysis of the main results and the highlights that mark the competition, as well as everything that concerns the Portuguese participation. Also on RTP1, at the end of the night, the most remarkable moments of the day will be shown.

The Being 2022 Winter Olympics coverage kicked off on February 4th with the Opening Ceremony, broadcasted live, starting at 12:00, on RTP2. The Closing Ceremony will take place on February 20, also broadcast live on RTP2, at the same time, from the Beijing National Stadium (aka The Bird's Nest):


Georgians are enjoying the Georgian national Beijing 2022 TV coverage right now. Georgia brought to Beijing its biggest Winter Olympics delegation ever with 9 athletes in three sports (figure skating, alpineskiing, and luge) representing the former Soviet republic. I'm writing down the choppy Georgia's First TV Channel Beijing 2022 TV schedule but didn't realize until now that Telescope of Georgia is also involved. First Channel started things this past Friday, February 4 not with the Opening Ceremony as many broadcasters around the world usually did but with the team figure skating competition (men's, ice dance, and pairs) prior to that. First Channel handles all the showing of the Georgians in those aforementioned sports plus ice hockey, figure skating, speed skating, snowboarding, luge, freestyle skiing, ski jumping, some Alpine skiing, cross country skiing, bobsled, and biathlon. Telescope does speed skating, Alpine skiing, luge, some hockey, and ski jumping:


Caracol Television's main TV channel and its HD2 presents Beijing 2022 coverage to Colombians this month. Most of the coverage will come in weekday highlight form at 8-8:30am except on weekends at 6am-12:30pm. Today though on this Thursday Caracol showed live coverage from 6-10am with HD2 doing this at 6am-12:30pm that's also on caracolsports.com. Caracol Televisión's team of sports journalists, play-by-play callers, and guest analysts will continue to pay attention to the day-to-day competitions. All led by Javier Hernández Bonnet, Caracol Television's general director, and Ricardo Orrego, head of Caracol Sports. Follow Colombia's representatives to Beijing 2022 such as Laura Gómez (figure skating), Carlos Quintana (cross country skiing) and Michael Poettoz (alpine skiing) if you're there:


That emerging saga involving skiier Mikaela Shiffrin and being through with the media stemming her shocking struggles at the mountain:  


TVRI Indonesia currently has Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics on its 4 TVRI SPORT digital channels. Not unlike some countries it'll do when winter sports, as a temperate nation, lack the major and potent mainstream attention and show it on the younger platforms and not on the main TV channels.  

Am I beginning to wonder that Malta's TVM News+ may wind up showing at some highlights of Beijing on its multihour weekend show SportLive+ airing at 13:30-20? Could be the place for Maltans to see snowboarder Jenise Spiteri in the halfpipe. Couldn't see any daily sports highlights TV program and nothing on Radio Malta and Magic Malta save for Olympic news bulletins 

Just checked the TV Cubana channels. No, not even TeleRebelde, the designated sports channel, is carrying these Games out of the stable of them like Cubavision, Canal Educativo, Caribe, Cubavision Plus, Canal Educativo 2, Canal Clave, and Multivision. It has never participated in the Winter Olympics.

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Following one from me is a brief one today. Will go all out again next week.

Noticed that SuperSport has the Press "i" option for the Winter Olympics on its schedule that you can get them there for up to a 6-hour period apparently under a 9.5-hour span Monday across Sub-Saharan Africa. Don't know much about that development though.

Again, Cuba's TeleRebelde isn't showing any Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics footage. Not even highlights. Still showing Tokyo 2020 events, films, and highlights.

SKY Pacific actually is showing some Olympic action after all along with the highlights. Saturday saw freestyle skiing at 2-4 Fiji time. Tomorrow has men's speed skating at 1-3. It's also showing morning and evening highlights on the same day.


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It's ESPY Awards time tonight in Los Angeles, so it's the athletes getting nominated--and there's plenty of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympians, albeit it's very (though not entirely) US-centric here. Nathan Chen and Declan Farmer are nominated in Best Male Olympian. Freestyle skiier Alex Hall and Japanese snowboarder Ayumi Hirano are in Best Male Action Sports Athlete. Chinese-American freestyle skiing star Eileen Gu (Gu Ailun) and snowboarders Chloe Kim and NZ's first Winter Olympic gold medalist Zoi Sadowski-Synnott are all in Best Female Action Sports Athlete. 

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NBC Sports Group's coverage of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics (aka The Games of The XXIV Winter Olympiad) walked away with Outstanding Live Sports Special, Outstanding Studio Host for Mike Tirico, Outstanding Technical Team Event, Outstanding Sound/Live Event, and Outstanding Graphics Design-Event/Show out of the 10 overall noms it got last night. The Games of the XXIV Winter Olympiad tied with NFL 360 for the most nominations at 10 when they were announced on April 11. Says it won 3 but I included Mike Tirico's win since he was a major part of the massive coverage.

The categories it missed out are Outstanding Technical Team Studio, Outstanding Editing-Short Form, Outstanding Personalities-Play By Play (also for Mike Tirico), Outstanding Open/Tease, Outstanding Interactive Experience - Event Coverage, Outstanding Promotional Announcement, and Outstanding Digital Innovation.


Meanwhile down under in Australia...for its final Olympics presentation on Australian TV for the forseeable future, Seven delivered a gold medal record performance that powered it toward biggest TV rating start since 2018. No doubt helped by both the more favorable time zone differential and easily one of Australia's greatest Winter Olympics performances. Popular with younger audiences, 7's Beijing 2022's coverage delivered record-breaking digital audiences on 7plus and reached a national audience of 12.5 million viewers for its linear broadcast on Channel 7, 7mate, and 7two. Its Evening and Late sessions both dominated their timeslots, ranking #1 in total people, ages 25-54 and 16-39. The Evening session averaged a total audience of 725,000 viewers nationally on broadcast and 7plus. Seven's most-watched non-Opening Ceremony Beijing 2022 event was Jakara Anthony won gold in the women's freestyle skiing aerial finals on Valentine's Day at 1.08 million viewers. Matter of fact, the top four most watched such events peaked at least 1.04 million viewers with the 5th most-watched event, the women's 3000m speed skating live final, being at 992,000 viewers:


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Up north in Toronto's Meridian Hall last month for the 11th annual Canadian Screen Awards April 11-16, the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games On CBC won two Canadian Screen Awards in the Sports Host category for Andi Petrillo and in Sports Program Or Series. Lost out in Sports Analyst with luger Arianne Jones, Sports Play-By-Play for Brenda Irving, and Sports Opening for Tim Thompson, Chris Irwin, and Jeff Shelegy, and another nom in that category for Tim Thompson and Jeff Shelegy for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games Women's Gold Medal Hockey Game. All under the sports category.

Also more Olympic-themed Canadian-centric nominations were also present over in the digital media side. Being Black In Canada In The Olympic Games and The Extra Hour: the 2022 Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games were nominated but lost in Original Program Or Series, Non-Fiction and Live Social Media Production, respectively:


Nominations, if any, have yet to announced for the Logies in Australia regarding 7's Beijing 2022 coverage. Should get something considering Jakara Anthony's gold-medal performance and 7's overall record viewership. We'll see...

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Just checked on the nominees for Australia's Silver Logie Awards in the Most Outstanding Sports Coverage...and Seven's final Olympics broadcast, the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, didn't got a nod. Despite that Games being easily one of the best Australian Winter Olympic performances ever and top-notch national viewership. Interesting that Beijing would stop 7's Australian Olympic coverage streak when they end.

But its Birmingham Commonwealth Games coverage presentation did with also its 2022 AFL Grand Final, SBS' 2023 FIFA World Cup, Nine Network's State of Origin and Australian Open, and 10's Melbourne Cup Carnival.

With Germany's Deutscher Fernsehenpreis, only ARD/ZDF's coverage of its combined Tokyo and Beijing Paralympics got nominated in the Best Sports Show out of the three noms there. Lost out to ProSieben/Pro7 MAXX/Seven.One Sports' ranNFL, ranFootball that helped boost the German TV profile of American football (NFL, NCAA college football, CFL, and European League of Football:


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