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Beijing 2022 Media Updates

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Tirico to Open NBC’s Primetime Winter Games Coverage On-Location Before Traveling 6,200 Miles to Los Angeles to Host Primetime Olympics & Super Bowl Pregame Show

Primetime Winter Olympics Coverage on NBC & Peacock Begins Thursday, Feb. 3; Super Bowl LVI is One Month from Today on Sunday, Feb. 13

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OK, the KBS Sports Bureau announced in Seoul its Beijing 2022 coverage plans and layout for this February this past Monday before the more recent Monday (January 3)--right as the new year kicks off. KBS1 TV will present both the Opening and Closing Ceremonies live with South Korean Olympian athletes' matches, and sports of global interest with KBS2 TV offering major South Korean-involved events and sports of national interest, crossing over between KBS1 and KBS2 TV, and hopefully capturing everything about the Beijing Olympics to ensure a quality and range of options.      Its sports Director Kim Ki-hyun said a team of 62 KBS Sports play-by-play and analyst sportscasters will call the events from Beijing and pledges to have the Winter Olympic coverage this time "break away from nationalism and sexual supremacy in the relay broadcasting and reporting to capture the true value of sweat and the spirit of sports that challenges the limits. KBS Sports will add youthful and lively content in a classy broadcast that fits the spirit of the times". Kim also aims for a high-quality broadcast presentation. Usage of mobile broadcasting and the return of the free myK digital channel service are also promised, not unlike France Televisions' Beijing h24 and NBC's Peacock. Major Korean matches are also reported through UHD.

KBS' Beijing 2022 slogan is "Our Winter". KBS' team of the 62 sportscasters include, as the major headline here, speed skating ice queen star Lee Sang-Hwa making her Olympic broadcasting debut and teams up with fellow former speed skater Lee Kang-Seok and Lee Kwang-Yong work together (Lee Sang-Hwa compares her Winter Olympic sportscasting debut with her Winter Olympic athlete debut back in Turin 2006). Over in the short track, a very popular winter sport for South Koreans, Jin Seon-Yu, Lee Jung-Su, and Lee Jae-Hoo team up together. Figure skating will be relayed by Kwak Min-Jeong and Nam Hyun-Jong, while skeleton, luge, and bobsleighing will be relayed by Lee Jin-Hee and Nam Hyun-Jong. Nobody for ice hockey out of KBS as of yet, interestingly. Perhaps it could recruit someone from the South Korean men's and women's national ice teams from Pyeongchang that might be announced later. Ditto for snowboarding, curling, ski cross, alpine skiing, ski jumping/Nordic combined, and freestyle skiing. Actor Song Seung-Hwan and Lee Jae-Hoo will take the presenting charge of both the opening and closing ceremonies on KBS through KBS1 and promises to be "fun and moving"--while brushing up on Chinese culture and history in order to explain to South Korean TV viewers on KBS along the way come ceremony time.  Song, by the way, has "poor eyesight", can see 30cm ahead, and even used a telescope along with assistance from Lee Jae-Hoo and the aid of a monitor in Tokyo, when he was well-acclaimed. Will do likewise in Beijing at the Bird's Nest. But due to China's coronavirus restrictions and the organization committee's mandated bubble, however, KBS will not send a large team to Beijing despite meeting viewers' demands but a little that 62:



South Korea's figure skating fairy, former national figure skater Kwak Min-Jeong, returns for her second Winter Olympics sportscasting duty for KBS. Kwak feels she improved in her skills in the four subsequent years from Pyeongchang. Also, this time she vows "to match the tension and energy well with the viewers while explaining technical words in an easy-to-understand way” in a sport that can sometimes feel inaccessible for some sports fans or those who don't follow or familiar with figure skating: 


More on KBS, the South Korean public broadcaster, committing to a gender-neutral and gender equitable Beijing 2022 coverage under the first year of that:


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New Zealand Olympic fans will be able watch all six SKY Sports NZ Beijing 2022-designated channels in multiple viewing areas along with an activity zone thanks to a NZOC-created fanzone during the Winter Olympics called NZHQ, the fanzone will be located at Après by Cardrona in Wānaka and open for the duration of the Games, scheduled to run from February 4 to 20. Doors opens at 2pm NZT on February to see the SKY Sports action sytarting with the Opening Ceremony (no team figure skating, mixed curling, or Nordic combined ski jumping beforehand?):


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The IOC releases its global Olympic TV rights broadcasters list yesterday--the only radio one we see is RFI throughout French-speaking Sub-Saharan Africa. Many of them around the world have not yet announced their Beijing 2022 transmission plans as of this writing. But will once we get closer to the start:


Worth noting here that, like with Tokyo this past summer, the CBC will have much of personnel, including the studio hosts working in Toronto at the CBC's headquarters for the English broadcast (includes TSN and Rogers SportsNet) and in Montreal for Radio-Canada Television and RDS channels for the French broadcast. Obviously due to coronavirus travel restrictions, particularly in this case with China.  

Chicago's WGN Radio has its own US Olympic Team-centric podcast series about the Olympics called Quest For Gold. For this Winter Olympics edition, WGN Radio has, as of this writing, 11 Beijing 2022 podcasts, each focusing on 2022 US Winter Olympic athlete profiles:



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30 minutes ago, Durban Sandshark said:

The IOC releases its global Olympic TV rights broadcasters list yesterday--the only radio one we see is RFI throughout French-speaking Sub-Saharan Africa. Many of them around the world have not yet announced their Beijing 2022 transmission plans as of this writing. But will once we get closer to the start:


Worth noting here that, like with Tokyo this past summer, the CBC will have much of personnel, including the studio hosts working in Toronto at the CBC's headquarters for the English broadcast (includes TSN and Rogers SportsNet) and in Montreal for Radio-Canada Television and RDS channels for the French broadcast. Obviously due to coronavirus travel restrictions, particularly in this case with China.  

Chicago's WGN Radio has its own US Olympic Team-centric podcast series about the Olympics called Quest For Gold. For this Winter Olympics edition, WGN Radio has, as of this writing, 11 Beijing 2022 podcasts, each focusing on 2022 US Winter Olympic athlete profiles:



That first link is pointing to a file on your computer.  Any chance there's an internet link somewhere?  Curious to see it

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1 hour ago, Quaker2001 said:

That first link is pointing to a file on your computer.  Any chance there's an internet link somewhere?  Curious to see it

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_2022_Winter_Olympics_broadcasters#cite_note-list-10 I found it, it's a PDF link to what looks like a Word doc, from The Olympic Channel domain. It's comprehensive though. 

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To reiterate about TVNorge, it will offer over 20 hours a daily during Beijing 2022 as the primary channel for Discovery's Norwegian coverage in whatever's the major priority to Norwegian viewers. Like having a Norwegian competing in an event and/or showing sports as cross-country skiing, Nordic combined, freestyle skiing, skiing, biathlon, ski jumping, ice hockey, snowboarding, and figure skating, take place in the morning or in the morning (Norwegian time). A seven-hour time difference between Oslo and Beijing means that the Beijing Olympic day with live sports starts around 02.00 and lasts until 16.00 (Norwegian time). Olympic Night, co-hosted by Anne Rimmen and Carsten Skjelbreid, airs at 7.30 pm and will summarize today's events in Beijing. Preceded by "highlights and repeats from today's most important exercises on TVNorge" at 16-19.30. Even before the highlights, Olympic Live will be hosted by  at 2-7.00 by Line Andersen and later at 7-16.00 by Susanne Jørstad Wergeland and Jan Ove Kjøndal. Focusing on sports with high Norwegian priority. If there's more than one major Olympic event going on simultaneously, can't fit, relocated, or delayed, the other Olympic live program will head on over to sister secondary channel Eurosport Norway. In addition, Discovery Norge/TVNorge/Eurosport Norge will send absolutely all of the exercises directly on its streaming service discovery +. Just like the two previous Olympics Games, this will be free for new customers in Norway. New this year is that, in addition to offering the Olympic broadcasts free of charge for new customers on discovery +, Discovery will also offer both TVNorge and Eurosport Norway ad-free and uninterrupted when purchasing a sports subscription.  


Beijing 2022 Norwegian TV coverage actually starts February 2 with 2 hours of Norway-Czech Republic mixed curling on Discovery+ 1 channel at 13-15.05. Five of these Discovery+ channels, also available on Eurosport Player, are getting involved as the two more of them get preliminary involved February 3 with curling, women's ice hockey (Canada-Sweden/China-Czech Republic), freestyle skiing, and curling that goes from 2-8.00. Five Discovery+ channels will showing Olympic sports on February 4 with curling, alpine skiing, team figure skating, luge, China-Czech Republic women's ice hockey repeat, ski jumping qualification, and mixed doubles curling, and it's the only day all five channels are involved. Most times, it'll be 3-4 Discovery+ channels showing the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. Most days only two Discovery+ channels will have Olympic sports programming. Interestingly, all Discovery+ Olympic channels cease their Beijing 2022 Olympic programming on February 20 with not even opportunities for multiple repeats when not airing live Beijing 2022 coverage--and it's these channels that will exclusively show the medal ceremonies. All forming the bulk of the 800 supplemental TV/streaming/online hours.  

Regarding TVNorge and Eurosport Norge, TVNorge steps in on February 4 with the Opening Ceremony at 13-15.10 with half-hour studio shows sandwiching it (12.30 and 15.30) while presenting "the Olympic party".  On many days during Beijing 2022 at 2.30 or 3.00, there's a Valkommen fra Beijing (Welcome To Beijing) half-hour show to kick off the Olympic day off on TV Norge. As stated on their press release, Beijing 2022 will be on for up to 20 hours daily and eventually ending its time on February 20 as the secondary channel with the live presentation of the closing ceremony at the Bird's Nest at 13 after the Beijing 2022 highlights at 10. Eurosport Norge bows in on the first official day of competition February 5 at 5.00 with women's ice hockey and Norway-Austria mixed curling. Eurosport N will also have a multi-hour program centering on Nordic gold medal winners. Its time ends on February 20 with 4-man bobsled and the figure skating gala from 2.30-8:


Discovery Finland shows off its "sprawling" new virtual 3D hockey-themed circular-shaped studio set over in Helsinki featuring an anchor desk, interview area and video walls, which can also be used for standups. And a giant wheel with spokes up above. Powered by Zero Density’s Reality platform with rendering from the Unreal Engine. Camera positioning was an issue to start but since overcame:


Your ZDF Beijing 2022 programming press kit and advertising price list guide. ZDF will actually show its Before the Opening Ceremony programming at 12:05pm Germany time/CET until the Opening Ceremony's live start from Beijing. As well as a post-OC review show at 3:58pm. Each ZDF Beijing 2022 broadcasting day concludes with Olympia Live: Bilder des Tages (Olympics Live: Pictures of the Day) at 4:58pm. Hopes are high for ZDF to surpass, if not equal, the Pyeongchang 2018 viewership at mostly 60% in Germany:



From the looks of this from Austria's Tele Fernsehen's TV guide, it seems as though ORF1 will handle all of the Austrian Beijing 2022 TV coverage with ORF Sport + becoming the Olympic News Channel starting at 23:40 on February 4. ORF will start on February 4 with The Studio at 12:30pm Austria time/CET before going live to the Opening Ceremony at the Bird's Nest at 12:55pm and then back to the studio at 18:20 to end the day. Don't know who'll hot ORF's presentation. Olympia Live starts February 5 on ORF1 at 3:35am with apparently hourly updates starting at 6pm, also the following Saturday:


TVP Polska unveiled its advertising pricing plans for its Beijing 2022 coverage. For a spot at the opening ceremony on TVP1 on February 4, you have to pay from 24.4 to 39.1 thousand PLN (net price, without discounts, for a 30-second spot), and for the broadcast at the closing ceremony on February 20-from 34.2 to 41 thousand zloty. BR TVP offers its clients a wide sponsorship offer. The "Skoki" package, including TVP1, TVP Sport, and online services, in which 210 sponsorship billboards will be broadcast, costs PLN 690,000 zloty. Rates for the so-called quantitative packages are: 30 thousand PLN for 40 sponsorship indications and for 280 thousand PLN for 200 sponsorship indications.

BR TVP also allows product placement during TVP's Olympic Studio--the product will be displayed for 5 seconds. This solution can be used only by the official sponsors of the Games. You have to pay PLN 500,000 for 100 placements during the broadcast throughout the entire duration of the Olympics:

The following video is Globo's promo for its exclusive upcoming Brazilian free-to-air Beijing 2022 TV coverage in February. I don't know who the female narrator is for this, but we'll pass the info along as soon as we obtain it. All starts with the anticipation beginning and quiet before the action starts and then the exhaultation with all the Pyeongchang 2018 footage in various Winter Olympic sports set to the We Are Legendary song:

RAI Italia's correspondent Marco Clementi based in Beijing discusses the preparations going on in various capacities for the start of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics--like visiting the Olympic Village, the high-speed bullet train taking the athletes to the faraway venues, the venues, the Olympic Flame--and of Team Italy's Beijing 2022 prospects:


Switzerland's SRG channels will send about 40 members from the German-language SRF to Beijing, for example, but will still report this Winter Olympics from a "necessary critical distance. In addition to the sporting events, the SRG stations also highlight political, economic and social issues relating to the Olympic host country China.". This is based from Swiss viewer on the Q&A Hallo SRF, when talking to SRF executives and expert. May have to scroll down to see the question and response:


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4 hours ago, danderson4500 said:

So USA Network is airing the night sessions of figure skating live? Opposite i assume the Today Show on NBC?

USA Network is airing the night sessions of figure skating live.  NBC largely set a precedent in Sochi by showing all of the figure skating, so they're doing that here.  2 notes for everyone.


And nbcolympics.com has their TV listings loaded, so that info is all available there

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Lest we forget at this time: Lindsay Vonn joins NBC's Beijing 2022 coverage as NBC correspondent: 



The Dutch non-NOS Beijing 2022 coverage comes of course from Eurosport/Discovery+ and, like with Tokyo 2020, it will broadcast through The Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg. It was announced last week that Eurosport/Discovery+ will show everything live with the exclusive Benelux rights to biathlon and ski jumping. Most matches will get provided with Dutch commentary by well-known Eurosport experts such as Herbert Cool in biathlon, Haya Leenards in figure skating, and Leo Oldenburger together with Ron Berteling in ice hockey. In addition to all Olympic competitions, all Eurosport studio programs can also be streamed live or on-demand via Discovery+, where and when the viewer in the Benelux nations can determine watching from the various live feeds of all sports.

On Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2, viewers can enjoy everything the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics has to offer on TV. With the daily Eurosport live programs Medal Zone and Beijing Today, studio presenters Sander Kleikers, Koen Weijland and Tessa Veldhuis, just like with Tokyo 2020 and similar to Eurosport Deutschland's Tokyo 2020 coverage structure, take the viewer on a journey through all the matches, finals, medals and ceremonies in Beijing. Medal Zone: all highlights of the Winter Olympics – 7:30 AM–4:00 PM as the Olympic linking program, so it's not quite the moment-to-moment and every athlete competing. Can be seen every day on discovery+ and Eurosport 1 from 7:30 in the morning until about 4:00 in the afternoon Netherlands/Belgium/Luxembourg time– when the last live sport of the day is over. This program focuses on action and all medals, so that means switching quickly between the different sports and moments in Beijing. This makes Medal Zone a dynamic program without long build-up or analysis. If there's sports history in the making, you'll see it on Discovery+ and at Eurosport.

After Medal Zone, it's time for Beijing Today, the Olympic update at the end of the afternoon on Discovery+ and Eurosport 1. At the end of the afternoon from 17:00 to 18:30 (5-6:30pm). All the highlights of the Dutch athletes and other important action of the day are reviewed, with commentary from analysts, former athletes, Eurosport commentators, and with daily changing guests in the studio.

Wednesday, February 2 at 13:05 (CET) kicks  off the first-ever live Beijing 2022 official programming broadcast on Discovery+ with the first rounds of curling from Beijing involving mixed couples. The following days are filled with live broadcasts of all disciplines with Dutch commentary according to the official Olympic schedule 2022. Of course, both the Opening ceremony on Friday 4 February at 9:00 PM and the Closing ceremony on Sunday 20 February can be followed live via Discovery+:


We also got that NPO Radio 1 Olympische Podcast series co-hosted by Jeroen Stekelenburg and Henry Schut talk to (mostly) Dutch Olympic athletes about their lives on the road to Beijing as we turn our Olympic focus to Beijing. Here, it is not necessarily about results for the athletes and their coaches and trainers, but about everything that is involved in reaching the top in Beijing. Now up to 7 Winter Olympic-related ones at this writing:


Hardly done, if at all, any Hong Kong Olympic TV promos in any editions of threads like this. But this is one of the promos for TVB's Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. We don't know exactly as of yet what kind of coverage it'll be. For example, TVB hasn't revealed to what extent what the coverage will be at least on the terrestrial TV side will be in Cantonese or in English. Nor do we know yet if any of the pay-TV services will have it like ViuTV in Tokyo. Will it be multichannel from either entity? Hong Kong will only send three athletes to Beijing this February (actually in late January)--two alpine skiiers (1 male, 1 female) and 1 male short tracker--but, unlike in its best-ever Summer Olympic performance overall last summer with its athletes before and after its July 1997 Chinese takeover from the 99-year British lease like swimmer Siobhan Haughey, fencer Cheung Ka Leung, karate-ka Grace Lau, and cyclist Lee Wai Sze, don't expect any medal success with the HKG Winter Olympic crop this year:     

Wanna know about what Eurosport France plans to do with its Beijing 2022 coverage? It offers more than 1000 cumulative hours of live broadcasts on its various channels and platforms during the Olympic fortnight. Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2 for all Winter Olympic sports disciplines with specific event extra Eurosport channels like for Tokyo: Eurosport 3 (ice hockey), Eurosport 4 (skating--figure, speed, short track) and Eurosport 5 (curling). Eurosport 4K offers more than 100 hours of live in Ultra High Definition for ceremonies and major events. Eurosport France will have its Chalet Club transmissioned at the end of the Olympic day. Application and platform: all competitions without advertising, available in several languages and up to ten simultaneous streams. Digital content: articles and videos 24 hours a day; lives; the daily podcast “L'Heure Olympique”; common thread on social networks; Rivenzi's Twitch lives.

This year Eurosport France has a 100% female nonstop set with Gaëlle Millon, Hayley Edmonds, and Lesly Boitrelle. Plus, in biathlon Gilles Della Posta will conduct the play-by-play by Sandrine Bailly, Loïs Habert and Florence Baverel. Guillaume Di Grazia will handle Nordic Combined and ski jumping accompanied by Sébastien Lacroix (the former) and Coline Mattel and Nicolas Jean-Prost (Nordic combined and ski jumping). Cross-country skiing will be handled by Simon Dos Santos with Robin Duvillard, Roddy Darragon and Jeff Devaux:


RAI, Italy's state broadcaster, will show the IOC-minimum of 100 free-to-air and live TV hours (really should be more but that's the negotiations) through RAI 2 and RAISport and will emphasize on the competing and representing Italian Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic athletes. Eurosport Player and Discovery+ will act as the only comprehensive Italian TV/streaming outlets for Beijing 2022. Expect specialty thematic channels like with Tokyo 2020 to better and easily follow the Winter Olympic sport of the Italian viewers' choice. Available on Amazon Prime Video but not on DAZN or TIM Vision (previously had Tokyo's coverage) over in Italy:   


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The big development story coming out of NBC right now regarding its Beijing 2022. Not a shock at all considering the COVID-19 times we're still under (and China's zero-tolerances over that). If you're paying attention for over the past two years, a growing number of Olympic broadcasters, like ARD/ZDF, surely the Seven Network, and various Eurosports across Europe, aren't traveling much to the Olympic host city but remain in their nations. In NBC's case here, the NBC announcers head over to Stamford, Connecticut--even at the last minute figure skating, alpine skiing, and snowboarding. Similar strategy employed with Tokyo 2020 involving many NBC sportscasters. Mike Tirico and many others from NBC will still travel to Beijing, just not as many as originally planned with much more based in Stamford:



Denmark's TV2's promo of its upcoming Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics coverage (also on TV2 Play) that it shares with Danmark Radio's DRTV beginning on February 4. Before it shows the action and plenty of its Danish Winter Olympians, we see several situations from various parts in the world like in Japan, Germany, Czech Republic where adults attempt to indoctrinate their kids into Winter Olympic sports like boy gets a mullet haircut like his dad's sports idol Jaromir Jagr: 

Eurosport Spain will have Eurosport 3 making a return on Movistar+ in time for Beijing 2022 just like with Tokyo 2020 and Pyeongchang 2018, complete with Spanish audio and plenty of Winter Olympics events also available on Eurosport Player: 


Eurosport UK reveals its Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic coverage sportscaster lineup: Vancouver 2010 women's skeleton gold medalist Amy Williams and Pyeongchang 2018 snowboarding Big Air bronze medalist Billy Morgan join the 107-strong Team Discovery/Eurosport with alongside experienced presenters from Tokyo 2020 Reshmin Chowdhury, Radzi Chinyanganya, Greg Rutherford, and Orla Chennaoui in an A-list team. Rutherford is also the focus of a documentary chronicling his attempt at competing in four-man bobsled called Rutherford: One Last Push, ready to air on Discovery+ in early February. Rutherford and Chowdhury will mutually deliver analytical pieces from the returning cutting-edge Cube studio with 360-degree analysis in London. She'll be fronting the live coverage as well as daily highlights program Beijing Today. Orla Chennaoui and Radzi Chinyanganya will host all the action in the People’s Republic of China. Plans are forthcoming to push even more technology boundaries with Eurosport's Beijing coverage:


For the Olympic Games in Beijing involving Polish viewers and consumers, TVN24 has prepared two special daily programs that will show what is currently happening during the competition. They will be broadcast twice a day for the duration of the Games. Report from Beijing airs at 8:35 and Studio Pekin at 17:20 Poland time/EET. Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics live on TVN24's sister media entities Eurosport and Eurosport Player. The Beijing Report will start on Friday, February 4 at 8:35 am, right after the news. Viewers will find there reports from special envoys of Eurosport and TVN24, comments from sports stars, results and all sorts of curiosities. The Report From Beijing program will be led by Paweł Kuwik from Eurosport.

On that same day, at 5:20 pm, Studio Pekin will make its debut. That will be hosted by Eurosport journalist Michał Korościel. In this program, guests will summarize what happened at the Olympics on the previous day. Newest technologies All this using the latest technologies that will enable fast, easy and attractive access to information. Eurosport/TVN24 have created a QR code dedicated to these Beijing Winter Olympic Games, thanks to which Polish Olympic fans will be able to transfer directly from the TV screen to the tvn24.pl portal using a smartphone. Viewers will find there unique articles, in-depth information, and detailed analysis of the performances of our athletes:


In related news, Justyna Kowalczyk, Poland's double cross-country skiing gold medalist, just got named as Eurosport Polska/TVN24's cross country expert analyst. Don't know yet she's the only one repping for Poland's broadcast.

SBS South Korea unveiled its Beijing 2022 sportscasting team today. On its website, there's a companion video with that. But it's geoblocked, restricted only to South Korea, and will have to wait for actual articles coming very soon about it.

TVNorge/Eurosport Norge/Discovery+'s Beijing 2022 TV Scheduling Guide 

Radiosporten's Beijing 2022 radio coverage starts on February 2 with Sweden's mixed doubles curling duo of Oskar Eriksson and Almida de Val facing Great Britain. All of its pro-Sweden Beijing 2022 Olympic focus broadcasts will come on Sverige Radio's Radiosporten channel (or station, if you prefer) P4:


And here are some Swedish Winter Olympic-themed radio podcasts if you're interested also from Radiosporten. Many are no longer than 2 minutes:


SBS and KBS rival TV network MBC also announced its Beijing 2022 sportscasting lineup a couple of days ago with Mo Tae-Beom (speed skating), Ahn Sang-Mi (short track), Kim Hae-Jin (figure skating), Kim Min-Ji (curling), Shin Mi-Seong, who previously taught about the beauty of curling, and commentator Min-ji Kim, the protagonist of the first World Championship medal in the history of curling in Korea in 2019, will participate in Team Kim's medal challenge during MBC's broadcast. Legend from 5x Olympics Huh Seung-Wook (alpine skiing) and Seong-Ryeong (luge) also joins them:

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Globo announced its Beijing 2022 sportscasters from a nation that isn't expected to medal for the first time despite a Brazilian delegation of 11 athletes strong. The most prominent name in it is Jaqueline Mourão from cross country skiing, who will go to her 8th Olympic participation between the Summer and Winter Games. Globo's face for its 70-hour, 17-day transmitted Brazilian TV coverage is TV Aberta's Everaldo Marques, who will narrate both the opening and closing ceremonies, in addition to the most popular winter sports events to Brazilians, such as curling and figure skating. Another name who will take care of the Globo's Beijing anchor desk is Daniel Pereira, known as DanDan. For almost twenty years at Grupo Globo, the announcer will have his first experience on TV Aberta at the Winter Games. The broadcaster will also send a team of ten people to China, including reporters, cameramen and producers, to cover the event.

In addition to coverage in its TV news, most Winter Olympic events will be shown in the early hours of the morning, between Jornal da Globo and Hora 1, taking advantage of the 11-hour time difference between Brazil and China. At SporTV, the two main anchors/presenters will be Natália Lara and Sergio Arenillas, responsible for presenting the most important Winter Olympic sports. The other name that will also appear frequently in the transmissions of the pay-TV sports channel will be that of Bernardo Edler. Grupo Globo-owned subscription sports broadcaster will have 160 hours of live programming dedicated to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games. In addition to the live sports, SporTV prepares a program on its secondary channel to open every competition day, as also happened at the Tokyo Olympics:


By the way, it was just announced Greg Rutherford was not named to Great Britain's 4-man bobsled team bound for Beijing. Pilot Brad Hall, Taylor Lawrence, Nick Gleeson and Greg Cackett are the chosen male quartet, with Ben Simons travelling as an alternate, while Hall and Gleeson will take on two-man duties, with Cackett in the reserve role. So it's just Eurosport UK/Ireland for Rutherford:


Although this Athletic article is subscription-only, this gives tremendous insight on what the CBC/Radio-Canada plans to do in its Beijing 2022 coverage. NBC Sports just announced it won't send any play-by-play teams at all to Beijing. By contrast, the CBC plans to send, out of similar concerns, only one play-by-play team (hockey for Radio-Canada), but the CBC may not eventually send one at all. Snowboarding and curling were planned to visit China but both got scrapped:


Sporza in Belgium announces its Flemish/Dutch Beijing 2022 coverage will arrive on VRT's Een (One) every morning for live action and summaries with the focus on the Belgians and the big and popular Winter Olympic sports. There is no set starting time, Sporza's coverage opens when it matters to them. One day it's at 6am, the next day at 9am Belgium time. Like what it was for sometimes for Tokyo 2020. Your Sporza presenting hosts: Ruben Van Gucht, Cathérine Van Eylen, and Maarten Vangramberen. 

From February 5 to 20, Imke Courtois will cover the day at the Winter Games with Sporza Beijing 2020 magazine. In it she looks back at the most important action on the basis of summaries and interviews. This daily magazine program can be seen on Een/One between 5 and 6 pm. Sporza.be fans can find the most important news from Beijing all day long that includes a daily live blog, which Sporza pushes every night from 2am. In it you can read the most important of what is happening in Beijing. Here too we focus on the Belgians and the biggest competitions.  

Livestream on Sporza.be, regarding that. Every morning Sporza will stream the very broadcast coming from Een/One's broadcast. Will a Belgian be in action outside those broadcasting hours? Or is there something you should not miss? Then it'll stream that. All that and a newsletter:  


Offremedia offers a little insight on France Televisions' Beijing H24 dedicated digital channel:


The newest France Televisions Beijing 2022 promo just uploaded at least 8 hours ago on France Televisions' YouTube channel. Showing some of the action from Pyeongchang 2018 while mentioning FranceTV's free-to-air Beijing 2022 coverage will be on France 2 and France 3:


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One person from the CBC who will certainly not be present in Beijing this February is reporter Devin Heroux, who got mild corona at Christmastime  but is now OK. But would had the deal with Beijing's very strict coronavirus testing. Staying in Canada instead. As opposed to being in Tokyo and Pyeongchang. Adds the fact the CBC would not send any staff who tested positive within the past 30 days. Overall, this will be interesting to have top-tier sports journalists covering these Games from around the world from a distance:   


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best friends,

2 days ago  (21.01.22) the olympic-app has been updated, i just subscribed to the updated app.

i (did the same with) subscribed at the app for tokyo2020, but noticed that you have to refresh/confirm again

i did that via my email whereby i got a password to finalize the subscribing.

the app opens with 'bing dwen dwen' the panda mascot ;)

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Coverage of Eurosport's presentation of Beijing 2022 will come in 19 different languages over 50 European nations (excluding Russia) with 1200 hours of action both in linear and streaming content. 107 winter sports experts and presenters will front the coverage, with 13,701 commentary sessions to take place from Eurosport. Along with the Greg Rutherford documentary, One Last Push, on his now-failed attempt to make Team GB's 4-man bobsled team for Beijing, there's a few others from Eurosport to forward in seeing:  A Brilliant Curling Story - an Olympic Channel documentary and produced by Frank Marshall and Mandalay Sports Media looking at Team GB’s unlikely attempt at a curling medal in 2018, and a 10-part docuseries going behind the scenes of the Finnish national hockey team named Leijonat kohti Pekingiä 2022, which translates to Lions Road To Beijing 2022. Look for also a feature-length documentary on France's freestyle skier Kevin Rolland following his near-fatal accident and the emotional moment he met his new-born child for the first time, and Athletes To Watch - a ten-part docuseries getting up close and personal with athletes such as Dorothea Wierer, Andre Hoeflich, and Charlotte Kalla.

The Cube is back, now reimagined and updated this Olympics, used for updated and aiding the analysts/experts and other on-air talent in storytelling and 3D actors--and increase the human presence in it and even "float" in it. Regarding the Cube, "it should feel like you’re in a James Bond lair watching the Winter Games.” Friends and families of Olympic athletes will be invited to be a central part of the coverage with the help and development of the OBS.

And, lest we forget, 3,254km of fiber optic cables used for its television production, enough to make a round trip between Beijing and Tokyo:



We haven't any recent development regarding what the Seven Network down in Australia plans to do for its upcoming Beijing 2022 coverage aside from revealing, for example, its channels having them. You would think with the Australian Open going on, Seven would have a perfect outlet to promote it right around the corner. But 7 no longer has the Australian national TV rights to it--outbid by the Nine Network that's now broadcasting it right now. Anyhoo, we now some fresh info from Seven--and unlike NBC and likely the CBC in their withdrawals, it's committed to sending a full Australian team to Beijing, as told by a Seven Network spokesman to the Sydney Morning Herald's Georgina Robinson, even with China's and BOC's very strict COVID-19 enforcement:


““Having already produced Tokyo 2020 during the pandemic, we’re fully prepared to deliver another electrifying broadcast during Beijing 2022. Seven will have the largest Australian contingent on the ground in Beijing, including presenters, reporters, cameramen and techs to ensure Australians don’t miss a moment of the action. The depth and breadth of Seven’s Beijing 2022 broadcast is unprecedented in Australia. It will be the biggest Winter Olympic event in Australian history and will be broadcast on over 20 dedicated channels across Seven and 7plus, all live, free and in HD.”


Comparisons between Eurosport UK/Ireland's and the BBC's upcoming Beijing 2022 coverages. Of course, British and Irish residents must deal with Discovery’s £1bn deal for exclusive European rights to the Summer and Winter Games means viewers must sign up for its £6.99 a month Discovery + app for complete coverage. (a £4.99 a month package and a £29.99 annual discount is also available) Discovery is promising subscribers access to up to 15 simultaneous events and special “pop-up channels” for the most popular sports such as ice hockey and curling, however. Discovery does plan to touch upon China's human rights issues. The BBC has 300+ hours on BBC1 and BBC2 with additional coverage available on a second live digital stream on BBC iPlayer, Red Button, and the BBC Sport website. The British national broadcaster, "unable to compete financially for sports rights with the likes of Discovery in an era of licence fee cuts, faced complaints from viewers who were unable to enjoy the same free access to unlimited streams that were available during London 2012 in comparison.":


Eurosport Germany will offer 1000 hours of live programming across all platforms, of which almost 300 hours available on free TV on Eurosport 1 alone--and the only broadcaster in Germany to report 24 hours a day non-stop from the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics on several channels. The digital channels play a central role: all events of the Olympic Winter Games are available in the live stream with Eurosport on Joyn PLUS+. Discovery+ is the streaming home of the Olympic Games in many international markets. On eurosport.de and on the channel's social media channels, Eurosport presents content tailored to a wide variety of target groups, including on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok.Something ZDF and ARD can't do as public broadcasters. Two daily live shows--"Hambüchen & Friends: The Olympic Show" and the " Olympic Hockey Night"--round off the live sports offer and offer viewers classification, entertainment and analytical depth. Plus it talks plenty of info about The Cube's new groundbreaking innovations for Beijing 2022:


Discovery in Spain will present its Beijing 2022 coverage through Eurosport and DMAX as "the House of the Olympic Games" with the documentary series Road To Beijing being presented:


Not a lot details yet officially coming from NOS (we'll get that very soon), but we do know the NOS reports live on NPO 1 for about 14 hours every day. From about 3:00 AM to 5:00 PM , Beijing Live can be seen on NPO 1 NOS with a live report of the most appealing sports, with the focus largely on the Dutch participants. In between there are summaries of the sports that have been played, interviews and the latest news. The TV broadcast of the NOS can also be seen via the live stream via Gids.tv. 

The entire broadcasting rights of the Winter Games are in the hands of Eurosport, which also has all the live streams. In addition, the sports of ski jumping and biathlon can be seen live at Eurosport exclusively. Due to the time difference with Beijing (it is seven hours later) there is a lot of sport in the Dutch night and during working hours. That is why there is a broadcast full of highlights every day around 19.05 , NOS Peking Today . There are also interviews and reports from Beijing.

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OK, here's the final part about Henry Schut hosting another nightly Olympic talk show on NPO1/Nederland 1 that I forgot to write onto the previous due to time constraints from the general overview NOS coverage from TV-Gids. NOS does not have the rights to show biathlon and ski jumping--Eurosport holds the exclusive rights to those. Here it is...

Also during these Winter Games there is a talk show of the NOS every day. In NOS Studio Beijing, Henry Schut receives athletes, (former) medal winners, coaches, analysts and guests from outside the sports world every day around 9.30 pm Dutch time. The Olympic Winter Games in Beijing can be seen live on NOS on NPO1 and NOS.nl (also via Gids.tv) from Friday 4 to Sunday 20 February from approximately 3 a.m. to 5 p.m.



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Nothing new at all that politicians would set its sights on a TV broadcaster when the Olympic host nation in question is a controversial one with some very questionable and wrongful practices that are anathemas to human rights. This saga is obviously the latest even with NBC commits itself to "geopolitical issues" segments that "will provide perspective on China’s place in the world" during its massive coverage. Several others around the world like Germany's ZDF and ARD are pledging to do likewise in keeping with Germany's consistent and admired international moral authority like when criticizing over the Uyghurs' treatment (more on all this later) 


RAI Sport's "rich and complete" commercial offering for its Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics coverage on RAI 2, RAI Sport, RAI Play, and RAI Radio 1. Stuff's pretty much divided between RAI 2 (programming somewhere 2-10 Italia time/CET with a daily magazine show airing 18.50-19.35) and RAI Sport (presentation coverage between 10-17.00 Italia time/CET) on the TV side of things--making it almost 50 hours each for both in the combined 100 hours. Get two breaks, a billboard, split screens, and 2 tops. RAI Radio 1 looks like will handle it through editorial discussions with maybe some Italian athlete footage: 



Australia seems poised to have a really good Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics performance based on what Seven is promoting. Hope so and maybe win at a gold medal again here with excitement about Australia's Winter Olympic athletes mounting. Seven's Australian TV coverage will be live, free, and on 7, 7plus, and HD in not just Australia's biggest Winter Olympics production in its 66-year relationship with the Olympics but also its biggest project in 2022. Broadcast actually starts Wednesday, February 2 with Australia mixed curling duo Dean Hewett and Tahli Gill making Australian curling history starting versus the USA

20 dedicated Olympic channels across Seven and 7plus, all live, free and in HD, broadcasting more than 1600 hours of live content. Daily coverage will begin from midday AEDT on weekdays and 10.00am AEDT on weekends, until approximately 2.00am AEDT in again a favorable time zone for Australian viewers. All the latest Olympic highlights, news and exclusive athlete interviews each day with Australia’s #1 breakfast show Sunrise before Johanna Griggs, returning for her third Winter Olympic Games coverage, with David Koch and Natalie Barr will be live to Mark Beretta immersed in Beijing, steers Seven’s broadcast from midday. Former Olympic sprinter Matt Shirvington and sport broadcaster Emma Freedman, both covering their first Winter Olympic Games for Seven, then taking the reins each afternoon. Hamish McLachlan and Abbey Gelmi, will take audiences on an exhilarating prime-time segment run of competition at 6.00 following 7NEWS with the Winter Olympic Games. Basil Zempilas and Commonwealth Games gold medallist Georgie Parker will bring viewers all the thrills and spills for 7's late night Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics segment. Weekend action covered starting at 10.00 AEDT co-hosted with Mel McLaughlin, Jason Richardson, and Australian women's aerials gold medalist Lydia Lassila (making her Winter Olympics covering debut as well) live from Beijing. A runaway hit during the Tokyo Games, Shinya returns with a new name: The Summer Chill. Hosted by Andy Maher with sporting royalty Andrew Gaze and Jacqui Cooper, the wintry edition will be seen on several nights across the 17 days of the Games.

7's commentary team line-up includes Olympic aerial skier and 24-time World Cup winner Jacqui Cooper making her Olympic broadcasting debut and gold medal hero Steven Bradbury, who steps into Seven’s commentary box to call the speedskating events (along with short track) 20 years after his incredible come-from-behind win at Salt Lake City 2002. Joined by a host of Australian Olympic greats including Katya Crema, David Culbert, Scott McGrory, Stephanie Prem, Michelle Steele, and Jono Brauer, alongside decorated Australian athletes Mia Rennie, Ryan Tiene, Mitch Tomlinson, Luke Kneller, Michael Kennedy, and Dirk Nannes. Steve Hewitt, the father of inaugural Australian curling team member Dean Hewitt, will call the highly-anticipated mixed doubles curling event as his son and teammate Tahli Gill make history in Beijing. Accomplished callers Alister Nicholson and Matt Hill round out Seven’s commentary team, while 7NEWS’ Matt Carmichael, Jacqui Felgate and David Woiwod report from the Games. Also includes international English-language play-by-play and analyst sportscasters obtained from the OBS international feed.

Digital ecosystem characteristics here for 7's Beijing 2022 coverage for consumption include 7plus, 7NEWS. com.au and The West Australian, up to one billion minutes will be streamed across the 17-day period, with multiple modes of viewing: live, dedicated replay channels, event replays on demand, Winter Minis (compressed replays for each sport) and short-form highlights, interviews and athlete features. This massive broadcasting project will feature a consistent experience across multiple platforms allowing Australians to stream across any device of their choosing. Other 7plus new and improved features include:  Watchlist and Destination Sport Pages, Continue Watching for signed-in users watching a full sport replay and pick up where they left off via the continue watching carousel located on their home screen, Captions: Live and VOD (including multilingual), Chromecast and Airplay compatibility through the 7plus app, 7Interactive enabling with Freeze Frame ads on devices, CTV Enhancement streaming experience, Live Channel Navigation on the web, Detailed competition schedule, live results page and medal tally.

Keep up to date also with all the latest news, the biggest and best moments, and exclusive content, on the 7Olympics social channels on Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok. Not to mention 7's Olympic podcast series from hosts Mel McLaughlin (No Turning Back returns) and Lydia Lassila (The Heart Of Winter): 


Iceland's RUV's Beijing 2022 coverage kicks off February 4 with the live Opening Ceremony presentation at 12pm Iceland time followed by team figure skating from 14:10-17:50 (2:10-5:50pm) on RUV and not on the two pre-Opening Ceremony days. After that, RUV2 joins the next day with more live wall-to-wall Winter Olympics coverage alongside RUV's, except when interrupted by News With Sign Language and Blackport. RUV won't be as consistently nonstop multi-hour as RUV2's. Sometimes RUV will have sports like women's ice hockey but won't return for several hours with additional Beijing Olympic footage. Some days RUV would allow for multi-hour Beijing 2022 coverage, at times starting in the morning, at other times later in the afternoon in Iceland time. Like in blocks. Some days RUV2 wouldn't have as much Winter Olympic sports hours to air as RUV goes more all out. Iceland will send 5 Winter Olympians to Beijing (3 in cross country skiing, 2 in Alpine skiing--2 women, 3 men overall) through its ISI and will follow them closely and their events and show from the various disciplines at the games on both RÚV channels. RUV will have a nightly recap show at 20:05 called Olympic Night hosted by Helga Margrét Höskuldsdóttir, repeated later at 0:55. RUV's Beijing 2022 Olympic sports coverage will be varied with ice hockey, Alpine skiing, snowboarding, figure skating, speed skating, bobsled, luge/skeleton, cross country skiing, biathlon, ski jumping, short track, and curling.

Discovery+ Denmark announces yesterday comedian Mahamad Habane, makes his Olympic host debut teaming with Mette Cornelius for Beijing. They will co-host a pre-Olympic 8-episode show called Pa Glatis on Discovery+ Nu, where they visit Danish athletes at home and abroad to learn more about their disciplines,  with Discovery+ streaming where everything can be streamed including the focus of all Denmark's 62 Winter Olympic athletes, the largest team Denmark ever sent. By his own admission, Habane doesn't know much about sports including the Winter Olympics. So this is a great way to learn for him given that he's a "curious person". Mette brings the high professionalism with Mahamad's humor after falling in love with the Winter Olympics four years ago with Pyeongchang as she helps make it "highly exciting from a Danish perspective. During the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, Mahamad and Mette will co-host "Mette, Mahamad and the Olympic Guest", where they focus on the events in Beijing with a daily guest in the studio. At the same time, viewers come home to the living rooms, just like during the successful Summer Olympics, visiting the athletes' families, friends and childhood clubs, which help to ensure the perfect Olympic atmosphere.  

Discovery+ Denmark's Beijing 2022 sportscasting team includes former Danish Olympic participant in ski cross Sophie Fjellvang-Sølling and former Olympic skipper in curling Lene Nielsen, who will both comment on their respective sports for Discovery+ Denmark. Zak Egholm will comment on ice hockey, and it will be very special, as he watches the on-ice Danish ice hockey icon, Frans Nielsen, has just announced that he will end his playing career after this season:


Over at the Danish free-to-air TV side with DR and TV2, the Beijing 2022 opening ceremony will take place on February 4 from 12:55 Danish time/CET and is shown live on TV2 and tape delayed from 15:45 on DR1--no announcement on who the hosts will be on both. Interesting, this way. Couldn't see other shared TV channels worldwide doing this.

It was originally the Discovery Networks that bought the pan-European rights to the entire Winter Olympics 2022. But in Denmark, Discovery since opted to sell the terrestrial TV rights to DR and TV2. Beijing 2022 Danish TV programming is thus on DR1, DR2, TV2, TV2 Sport, and the new TV2 Sport X that the Danish can watch these Winter Olympics. Moreover, there does not seem to be such a major sharp sports division, as was the case during the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics last summer. So DR and TV2 are changed, for example, to show Denmark's ice hockey matches. Generally though it seems TV2 exclusively has live biathlon while DR exclusively telecasts cross country skiing. DR's and TV2's coverage can also stream the Winter Olympics on their respective streaming platforms DRTV and TV 2 Play: 


All the coverage of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics is going to be available free from any device on YouTube throughout Latin America in 17 nations (excluding Brazil) February 4-20 through the Marca Claro channel. Opening, closing, summaries, featured content, up to five winter sporting events live simultaneously, 24 hours a day on the Claro Brand channel on YouTube. Maybe it will take care of February 2-3. Residents there will be able to choose on which device to follow their favorite athletes, from their smartphone, tablet, computer and even television, possessing the freedom to decide when and where to watch the Winter Olympics and choose which Winter Olympic sports discipline to enjoy thanks to more than 650 hours of transmission:


Singapore won't send any Winter Olympic athletes this go round to Beijing like it did four years ago with its debut in Pyeongchang with its lone one in short track speed skater Cheyenne Goh. But that's not something that'll stop Mediacorp. As Singapore’s Olympics Network, Mediacorp is the official media network for the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games--Beijing 2022--and will deliver the incredible coverage of these Winter Olympic Games from Feb 4 to 20 Feb across its multiple platforms including Mediacorp’s over-the-top video service, meWATCH, Channel 5, and Mediacorp Entertainment's YouTube channel. News updates on the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games will also be available across Mediacorp’s News platforms including CNA, CNA938, Today, 8World, Berita, and Seithi.

Mediacorp's meWATCH will carry the most comprehensive coverage of Beijing 2022 in Singapore, where not only Singaporean residents catch live action across meWATCH's 9 dedicated channels for Beijing 2022, you can also look forward to exciting daily game highlights, and winning moments on-demand. For around-the-clock updates on the latest from the Beijing 2022, check out the 24-hour Olympics News Channel.

Channel 5, the principal Mediacorp English TV channel hub, will broadcast the Opening and Closing Ceremonies LIVE on February 4 and February 20 both at 8pm respectively, as well as daily highlights from Beijing 2022 from February 5 to February 20 at 9.30pm and at 2pm. The Opening and Closing Ceremonies and highlights of the Games will also be available on Mediacorp Entertainment YouTube channel. As usual, the Winter Olympics doesn't register much historically to many in Singapore, except when Goh was competing in her only heat at the women's 1500m.

Mediacorp does plan to carry just about all of the Winter Olympics sports largely centered on its meWATCH. The following sports will be shown either LIVE or delayed in our daily coverage: Biathlon, Bobsleigh, Curling, Ice Hockey, Luge, Skating, Skiing, subject to availability of the coverage from the host broadcaster. And don't worry about missing any Beijing 2022 sports: Video-on-demand coverage of Beijing 2022 will be available on the free meWATCH app for both iOS and Android devices, Smart TVs, computer, or right here on mewatch.sg/Beijing2022 anytime, anywhere. This requires a mandatory but simple and convenient sign-in registration to meWATCH to watch for free, also via your meCONNECT or Social account, obstensibly to enhance and allow to improve our services by providing a more targeted and personalized experience for Singaporean viewers like a personal watchlist, pause and resume watching on multiple devices, and download and watch online to Wi-Fi. meCONNECT is Mediacorp's single sign-on platform to access our digital services (Channel 5's portion doesn't require meWATCH sign-in).

The schedule of the Beijing 2022 Olympic Games coverage is available at mewatch.sg/Beijing2022. The “Game Schedule” function allows users to zoom in to their favorite sports quickly. Can also add a reminder for upcoming events to one's calendars prior to the start of the event:


China Mobile Hong Kong, a telecom operator, secures exclusive digital on-demand VR Beijing 2022 rights in Hong Kong (requires subscription/sign-in):


From February 4 to 20, Latvian Television (LTV) will broadcast the Winter Olympics in Beijing, allowing Latvians to follow the disciplines of the most popular sports, as well as the achievements of Latvian athletes. Insight into the most important moments and behind the scenes of the competition, as well as analysis of events will be shown in the original broadcasts produced by Latvian Television--like special news releases, Olympic Games studios programming, and Winter Olympic Games reviews. The most important and popular broadcasts of the Olympic Games for Latvian viewers will be shown both live on LTV7 and REplay.lv, and on replays, this time not only on TV and computers, but also on mobile devices! 

The brightest, best, and popular moments of Beijing 2022 for Latvian viewers will be recorded, unique video materials and reporters will be created in China for LTV7 by journalists David Ernstreit, Matiss Timofeye, and Raimonds Gekišs after touching down in late January. Maris Rīmenis, Anatolijs Kreipāns, and Jānis Stepītis will comment on the especially important competitions with the participation of Latvian athletes in Beijing 2022 like bobsleigh, ice hockey, short track, figure skating, luge, cross country skiing, skeleton, speed skating, nordic combined, Alpine skiing, and biathlon. 

Every day, anchors Uģis Joksts and Juris Valdovskis will report on the most important achievements in Winter Olympic Games news direct from Riga. Discussions with experts and athletes at the Olympic Studio will be chaired by journalist Reinis Ošenieks. The evaluation of the results during the Latvian national hockey team will take place in the Hockey Studio. A summary of the most important events of the day will be shown every night in the program "Review of the Olympic Games". 

That grand Beijing 2022 opening ceremony coverage of the Olympic Games will take place on February 4 simultaneously live LTV1 and LTV7 at 13.00 (1pm) Latvia time. The Beijing 2022 Olympic Games are expected to receive news from the Latvian Olympic team and forecasts for the start of our athletes. The live opening ceremony will begin at 13.50. LTV7 will also provide sign language interpretation for both the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games. 


Some newer Eurosport France details emerges: Eurosport is now providing an ultra high definition channel to enjoy the 109 Olympic events in the best conditions. On this 4K channel, more than 110 hours of live will be broadcast, including the opening and closing ceremonies. Over at the social media networking realm, Eurosport will offer instant monitoring of these Games. Articles and videos 24 hours a day, live competitions, video meetings, or even a daily podcast, “Olympic time” … the content announced is varied. Assembled a team of around 20 specialists including anchors, special envoys, and podcast hosts along with the sports analysts to present and animate these Winter Olympics. Eurosport France will also be on Twitch teaming up with Rivenzi (real name: Théo Reunbot), one of the best-known French players on the streaming platform, and his acolytes–including Aymeric, Raoul and Yann – will host several live streams dedicated to the news of the Games every weekend. They will be “accompanied by Eurosport experts to decipher the whole event with expertise, good humor and pedagogy ”. And French anti-racist comedians and pals Zatis and Kalvin help broadcast a series of video vignettes that will bring the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games to life through their eyes to bring their complimentary and extraordinary humor mixed with serious issues like tolerance and racism. Zatis and Kalvin's videos will be available, before and during the Games, on the Eurosport app and on Eurosport.fr as well as on social networks:


VGTRK holds the Russian rights to telecast the Beijing 2022 Opening Ceremony, likely with Dmitri Guberniev hosting, on its Russia 1 channel with Channel 1, in turn, conducting the closing ceremony. Both live. The most popular and beloved by the audience winter sports--hockey, biathlon, figure skating and cross-country skiing--will be divided between Channel One and Russia 1. Bulk of the Beijing 2022 coverage will fall mainly on Match! TV and its affiliated sister TV channels--but will not have the rights to figure skating, Russian Olympic Team hockey games, biathlon, and cross country skiing. 

Channel One will open Olympic broadcasting from its own studio right in Beijing. In addition to the Beijing 2022 competitions, Pervy will also air again Olympiad Diaries, and on digital streaming/online platforms two regular thematic shows with experts in figure skating and hockey like with the USA, Canada, Germany, Finland, and Latvia. On February 4, Channel 1 will broadcast the team figure skating tournament (starting with like short programs for men and couples, rhythm dance for dance duets) as its Beijing 2022 broadcasting debut sport. On February 5, the channel will show the mixed biathlon relay, and on February 6, the men's skiathlon. Not quite as wall-to-wall usually from them

Match TV's press release reported that its channels of the subholding will broadcast live men's and women's hockey tournaments (again, excluding any Team Russia matches), bobsled, luge, skeleton, speed skating, short track, alpine skiing, freestyle skiing, snowboarding, curling, ski jumping, cross-country skiing. In these events, 81 sets of medals out of 109 will be played:


Telesport will partially broadcast the 2022 Olympics for Russia. Curling and women's hockey matches are currently available on the schedule. Likely the ones prior to the Opening Ceremony:


Tatyana Tarasova, legendary figure skating coach and daughter of the great Soviet ice hockey architect Anatoly Tarasov, will cover the Beijing 2022 figure skating competition for Channel One Russia (Perviy Kanal) but remotely from Moscow like with many commentating teams. In her case direct from her Moscow home with equipment coming soon. Just as well: she has underwent some serious health problems in recent times:


TVN Chile's Beijing 2022 price advertising press kit with mention of the advertising spots. Says its opening and closing ceremony presentations will come live on 7-11am Chile time. But its Winter Olympic sports competition won't be much with 3-hour blocks each on Saturdays and Sundays at 15-18:00 (3-6pm--6x on those days combined). And only 1 hour a day for Fridays at 1-2am (3x) and for Monday-Thursday at 1:30-2:45am (8x). Surely the weekday presentations will be in wraparound highlight mode but will surely have some focus on Chile's 4 2022 Winter Olympians--Alpine skiiers Henrik von Appen (2018 Chilean flagbearer) and Emilia Aramburo, cross country skiier Yonathan Jesus Fernandez, and freestyle skiier Dominique Ohaco. Pedro Carcurro will be involved in this. Goal seems to be raising 18 million Chilean pesos:

https://www.tvn.cl/incoming/article5159844.ece/BINARY/AUSPICIO JJOO INVIERNO - TERCEROS 2022

TVN Chile's Beijing 2022 digital advertising press kit. 24Horas.cl is involved here with streaming and more comprehensive coverage perhaps. Also it notes five Chilean athletes Beijing-bound with freestyle skiier Stephanie Joffroy and Alpine skiier Mathilde Schwenke included not Aramburo:  

https://www.tvn.cl/incoming/article5159846.ece/BINARY/AUSPICIO JJOO INVIERNO DIGITAL - TERCEROS 2022

Germans and Austrians will get some Eurosport 4K Beijing 2022 100-hour viewing too like the French. Starting February 4 with the team figure skating competition onward to the closing ceremony February 20. Eurosport 4K shows all top events from the sports of figure skating, alpine skiing, ski jumping, biathlon and cross-country skiing as well as the opening and closing ceremonies. But no ice hockey? That's a shame:


Estonian Beijing 2022 TV coverage starts late night/early morning live on 3:50 with the team figure skating competition's men's and women's short programs and ice dance rhythm competition to 9am Estonia time with Taavi Libe, Liina-Grete Lilender, and Margus Hernits and then with the youth-oriented Flame Catchers on Postimees Media-owned Kanal 2. Next afternoon on 13:50-16:25 after Flame Catchers again is the live presentation of the Opening Ceremony direct from the Bird's Nest with your Estonian TV commentating hosts Taavi Libe and Riho Järvelainen and then replayed at 22:00 (10pm). Official days of competition for Kanal 2 (aka K2) starts at the 8:10-12:30 programming mark with men's normal hill ski jumping,  Cross-country skiing, N ski change 15 km, and biathlon mixed 4x6 KM. Commented by Kaarel Nurmsalu and Ivar Yurtšenko (ski jumping), Margus Uba and Vahur Teppan, with Timo Tarve will get mediate emotions and reactions along the track (cross country). Margus Ader and Karl Mihkel Eller with Marko Kaljuveer will bring immediate Olympic impressions from the track (biathlon). Then at 3:25 goes back with the team figure skating with men's free and women's short.

Saw no press release yet officially announcing the coverage with schedule and announcers and need to see if K2's related TV channels are participating like with Tokyo 2020. Since Tokyo, I noticed there were some changes on that front.

Supersport is showing the Beijing 2022 coverage. Just now checked the online schedule. It's showing all the curling, women's ice hockey, freestyle skiing moguls qualification, and men's downhill Alpine skiing training  on SS Variety 1, 2, 4, and Grandstand in the early days. But not so far classified under its own Winter Olympics zone. Will delve much more very soon. Hopefully by the weekend. 

Right as Discovery Norge team (including TVNorge and Eurosport Norway) was about to send its 44-member team to Beijing at this time, it changed course and decides to reduce that to 20 and move all its commentary teams to be remotely based in Oslo. Citing similar reasons from NBC and CBC:


NOS officially announces its Beijing 2022 Olympische Winterspelen coverage details. Presenting 240 hours on NPO1/Nederland 1 (with 150 of that live) and 90 hours on NPO Radio 1 plus 1 24/7 newsstreaming via NOS.nl, the NOS-app and NOS Teletekst. Already mentioned the NOS' Winter Olympics Olympische Podcast batch. Won't have biathlon and ski jumping, as those are exclusively Eurosport's. Yes, look for plenty of speed skating, the most popular and successful Dutch winter sport for years now, on it. NOS Peking Live starts the NOS Olympic broadcast day daily roughly from 3-16:30/17. The presentation will be based from Hilversum anchored by Sjoerd van Ramshorst, Rivkah op het Veld, and Gert van’t Hof.  Then comes NOS Studio Peking with Jaap Eden IJsbaan in Amsterdam that becomes more of a speed skating show (and short track). This speed skating show presentation is handled by Henry Schut with analyst Mark Tuitert, Erben Wennemars, Annette Gerritsen, and Rintje Ritsma are the guests providing reports, opinions, and analysts. NOS speed skating commentary will be provided by Erik van Dijk, Herbert Dijkstra, and Martin Hersman. Short track is handled by Jeroen Stomphorst, studio analyst Niels Kerstholt, and commentary from Joris van den Berg and Cees Juffermans. More details next time:


Also coming more detailed next time is the upcoming Swiss Beijing 2022 coverage in German, French, and Italian. Starting briefly with SRF going with nearly 300 TV hours on SF2 starting early in the morning and mostly for mostly 18 hours daily based in Zurich. Radio SRF3 handles the Swiss-German radio production side. Beginning February 4 there:



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BBC Sport shows off its impressive, new, and innovative virtual reality ski resort studio at its Media City headquarters in Salford, England for its 300-hour TV Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics coverage. It's a 84 sq. m virtual studio space and uses a Viz 4 and Unreal Engine integration using the Viz Fusion keyer along with the Mo-Sys camera tracking system. Unreal Engine provides the virtual landscape and rendering and Vizrt’s Viz 4 and Viz Arc provide the control of the studio, including any AR. Evolved from the Tokyo version.

Plus, John Murphy, BBC Sport’s creative director for motion adds: “Our studio (Pres 2) which is based at Media City, Salford is a four-camera greenscreen studio with a locked-off fifth ceiling camera which we have brought in for the Winter Olympics; it gives us a bigger viewpoint from one of the positions in the studio”:


More great details and info on Discovery's rapidly evolved and augmented Eurosport's The Cube mixed reality studio for Beijing as it adapts a more decentralized remote production. Not to mention how quickly complicated things with the infrastructure too get all across Europe:


SKY Sport NZ's Rikki Swannell makes her second Winter Olympics sportscasting appearance and looks forward to see New Zealand winning more Winter Olympic medals. But isn't when it comes with the strict COVID-19 tests and protocols like the nose swabbing in Beijing. There will be a smaller SKY Sport contingent in China this time with only Kristina Eddy and Jeff McTainsh joining Swannell. New Zealanders don't give the Winter Olympics the same popularity or attention like with the Summer Olympics, so a small contigent will be sent. But Pyeongchang 2028 bronze medalists freestyle skiier Nico Porteous and snowboarder Zoi Sadowski-Synnott are real medal contenders along with talented downhill slalom skiier Alice Robinson, who is getting attention with each passing day.

As for the NZ Beijing 2022 TV coverage on SKY Sport NZ and PRIME NZ, SKY, as previously mentioned, has six Olympic channels with live content from 2pm through to 4am NZT. Viewers can also stream Olympic coverage on SKY Go and SKY Sport Now. Highlights and best moments will be available on Sky Sport Now and free to access on SKY Sport’s YouTube channel. Prime’s free-to-air Beijing 2022 daily TV coverage will include Kiwi athletes competing at the Games as well as other events and highlights starting February 4 from noon to 3am--and place some priority on NZ athletes: 


ARD announces Helene Fischer's "Now Or Never" was selected as its Beijing 2022 coverage song:


HRT2 in Croatia will transmit the live Croatian presentation of the Beijing 2022 Opening Ceremony from the Bird's Nest starting at 12:55 Friday, February 4. When translated, not sure if Viki Ivanovic will serve as the OC host if read right:


It appears that SportsMax's Beijing 2022 coverage in the West Indies will be on SportsMax and on the SportsMax app. Not on SportsMax 2.



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Just with Austria, the Austrian Olympic Committee, and ORF, Ukraine's NOC and Ukrainian public TV channel UA: FIRST conducted and televised its own farewell party for its Beijing 2022 Ukrainian athletes in Kiev this past weekend under an impending cloud of Russian aggression. Nevertheless, there was a lot of fun to be had with kids playing some hockey with some Ukrainian hockey players Konstantin Simchuk, Oleksiy Zhytnyk, and Serhiy Klymentyev coaching them, and making decorations. The party took place at three Kiev locations: the TV center "Pencil" (studio and hub), as well as on the rink VDNH.  Members of the Beijing 2022 Ukrainian Olympic Team visited, conducting interviews and offer master classes on their respective sports where applicable, as did upcoming UA:FIRST Olympic coverage TV presenters Daria Kuznetsova, Dmitry Lazutkin and Denis Zerchenko, host Yulia Pazenko talking to Ukrainian sports stars, other UA: FIRST/Public Broadcasting personnel like Mykola Chernotytsky and Minister of Youth and Sports Vadym Gutsait. Not to mention NOC President Serhiy Bubka was also present. The presentation of a commemorative coin dedicated to the Beijing Olympics and the handing of the Ukrainian flag from Ukraine's Summer Olympians medalists synchronized swimmer Ksenia Sidorenko and fencer Igor Reizlin to its Winter Olympic counterparts.

Members of the 2022 Ukrainian Olympic Team that visited included skeletonist Vladislav Geraskevich, figure skater Ivan Shmuratko, short track trackers Ulyana Dubrova and Oleg Gandei, Olympic medalists biathletes Valentina Tserbe-Nesina and Olena Petrova, who conducted a master shooting class, and bobsleigh athlete Lydia Gunko. Olympic athletes who are at training camps and competitions abroad were able to also join the broadcast. Biathletes Olena Bilosyuk, Dmytro Pidruchny, Olympic freestyle champion Oleksandr Abramenko, as well as winners of the Youth Olympic Games, ice dancing couple Oleksandra Nazarova and Maksym Nikitin will be in direct contact with the studio. Some spoke about their hopes for their first Olympic Games.

As Mykola Chernotytskyi, Chairman of the Board of the Ukrainian Public Broadcaster, says generally at the party about the upcoming coverage...


In Beijing, UA will use the experience we have gained before. It will be a great cross-platform work: television, digital, radio - all will cover the Games. Our priority is to show competitions with the participation of Ukrainian athletes. There will be four parallel broadcasts on digital at once and everyone will be able to choose their sport. We do our best to make our viewers happy with the broadcasts and performances of our athletes 

Larysa Ryabova, producer of the UA: PERSHYI creative association of sports program, notedly adds that Beijing will have three TV crews, a digital platform group and a radio representative as the exclusive and official Ukrainian broadcaster of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. Every day on all platforms the Public Broadcaster will tell the most interesting things quickly from the scene. Olympic analysts and expert opinions will also be available to viewers in the Olympic Games Studio program, which will be broadcast twice a day.

Contains accompanying nearly 23-minute video from that very same party with interviews and press conference with Ukrainian athletes:



UA: FIRST plans to air the IOC-minimum Winter Olympic requirement of 100 TV hours of its Beijing 2022 coverage with strong emphasis and priority on the 45-strong Ukrainian Olympians starting February 4. Four separate channels with competition broadcasts will also be available on the Digital Social Sports digital platform (one of the players is UA: FIRST). Daily broadcasts will begin at 6:00 am Kyiv time and will last until 5:00 pm (Ukrainian time). All competitions with the participation of Ukrainian athletes will be broadcast as a priority. 

Twice a day at 10:30 and 17:00 on the UA: PERSHY TV channel, the Studio of the Olympic Games will be broadcast with presenters Yulia Pazenko and Denys Zerchenko, as well as Anna Rizatdinova and Dmytro Lazutkin. In the morning studio segment, the audience will receive the latest news from the ice arenas of Beijing from journalists of the Public, and in the evening they will sum up the results of the competitive day together with the guests of the studio. The Winter Olympic sports day will end at 9:30 pm with the Diary of the Olympic Games , which will be created by journalists directly on the scene in Beijing.

Public Sports will prepare for the audience already known formats from the Olympics in Tokyo - a daily digest of "Olympics in 300 seconds" with Vitaly "Vilat" Volochay and a series of vlogs "Ours in Beijing" , which will prepare on the spot journalists Serhiy Zakharchenko and Ekaterina Godunova. During the Olympics, the number of weekly releases of the "Commentator" podcast will increase, where key events of the Olympic Games will be discussed.

Radio Promin will officially cover the events of the Olympic Games. The daily project "Olympic Stories" is waiting for the listeners, and the latest news of the Games will be covered by Vadym Korzhenko - every night in the program "Planet of Sport".


The Ukrainian Public Broadcaster team will host three TV crews, journalists of the digital platform, and one journalist of Radio Promin. Included in this roster are from the TV group presenter and Olympic journalist Daria Kuznetsova, experienced journalists Yevgeny Karanov and Yevgeny Perestenko, as well as cameramen who have worked at many Olympics and other major sports forums: Svitlana Koval, Yevhen Zhuravlyov, and Viktor Kabkov. Journalists of the Digital Sport digital platform Serhiy Zakharchenko and Kateryna Godunova, and Radio Promin journalist Vadym Korzhenko will also work at the Beijing ice arenas. In Beijing, there will also be editing hardware for the operational preparation of materials, which will be prepared for television by an experienced editing director Igor Ryzhenko. The working group of the Public Broadcaster is headed by the editor-in-chief of the creative association of sports programs UA: FIRST, Olympic team leader of the Public Olena Kuznetsova.


TVP Polska (Telewizja Polska) just announced several hours ago that it will not only have 200 TV hours of Beijing 2022 with experienced commentators, journalists, and ex-athletes, but TVP will also send six reporting teams to Beijing, China accompanying the Polish athletes with hopes to improve its 2 medals haul from Pyeongchang. Three teams will work in Zhangjiakou County, where that the ski jumping competitions will be held first. TVP's studio will be located on the hill with Marcin Rams being the host accompanied by ski jumping experts Mateusz Leleń and Wiktor Pękala with Przemysław Babiarz and Stanisław Snopek as reporters, perhaps hoping Kamil Stoch will repeat his ski jumping gold. Also included with competitions in Zhangjiakou are cross-country skiing and biathlon. In all these disciplines, there certainly will be no shortage of white and red starts. And TVP people for them: Filip Czyszanowski, Michał Chmielewski, and Aleksander Roja will cover the action. Both the opening and closing ceremonies TVP presentations will be co-hosted by Piotr Sobczyński and Przemysław Babiarz. 

In Beijing, speed skating and short track are held there. Poles in these disciplines, headed by Poland flag bearer Natalia Maliszewska, can afford to win medals, which is why TVP reporter--Aleksander Dzięciołowski will also be present to report it. Similar with alpine skiing. This spectacular discipline will be competed over in Yanqing. Polish sports fans are hoping for Maryna Gąsienica-Daniel, who is doing better and better in the World Cup competitions. Jakub Pobożniak will be the TVP reporter for the skiing competition on the slopes

Journalists and former athletes/analysts for TVP include including Jarosław Idzi, Piotr Dębowski, Jacek Laskowski or Sławomir Kwiatkowski.  Among them are, for example, the two-time medalist in panchens, Luiza Złotkowskaor other Olympians: biathlete Magdalena Grzywa, alpine Katarzyna Karasińska, specializing in free skiing Karolina Riemen-Żerebecka or bobsleighists Tomasz Żyła and Mateusz Luty. 
Experts in the studio will comment on the events on an ongoing basis. Among them will be, among others Janusz Krężelok, Ewelina Marcisz (ski jumping) or Wiesław Jobczyk and Roman Steblecki (hockey). The programs will be hosted by Sylwia Dekiert, Maciej Kurzajewski, Jacek Kurowski, Rafał Patyra, Mariusz Jankowski, Maciej Jabłoński, and Maciej Adamiak. List of TVP Beijing 2022 commentary team appears on the second link:



Although TVP speed skating commentator Piotr Dębowski did say last week on Twitter that many TVP commentary teams largely will not fly over to Beijing for many sports due to the pandemic, if you noticed from the last point. Instead will be done in TVP's Warsaw studios:

At the Eurosport Polska/TVN24 side, they have two special Beijing 2022-themed live daily programs produced for Eurosport and Eurosport Player: The Beijing Report will start on Friday, February 4 at 8:35 am, right after the news service, where Polish viewers will find Beijing 2022 reports from special envoys of Eurosport and TVN24, comments from sports stars, results and all sorts of curiosities. This program will be hosted by Paweł Kuwik from Eurosport. On the same day, at 5:20 pm, Studio Pekin will make its debut. It will be hosted by fellow Eurosport journalist, Michał Korościel. Here in the program, the guests will summarize what happened at the Olympics on the previous day. Both will air twice a day for the duration of these Winter Olympic Games:


Eurosport Poland offers not just Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2 showing various Winter Olympic sports this February but 4 additional channels--Eurosport 3 (ice hockey), Eurosport 4 (figure skating, speed skating, short track), Eurosport 5 (curling), and Eurosport 4K (containing the most important winter sports competition, as well as opening and closing ceremonies). First additional three Eurosport channels are in HD with Eurosport 6 going 4K, obviously. Offered by Polsat Box with settop box features for its subscribers like Time Shift, reStart, and CatchUP. Eurosport Poland's Beijing 2022 commentary team, including Olympic gold medalist cross country skiing champ Justyna Kowalczyk as the headlining face, are Tomasz Sikora, Tomasz Jaroński, Magdalena Pałasz, Jakub Kot, Krzysztof Biegun and Wojciech Topór, Mariusz Czerkawski and Katarzyna Woźniak. Live, straight from Beijing, the coverage will be conducted by the duo of Marek Rudziński and Igor Błachut:


Doesn't say very much about its plans. But Gustavo Huerta, co-host of the morning news program 24AM, will share the TVN Chile Beijing 2022 hosting duties with Pedro Carcuro. Like he did with Tokyo last summer. Expect his same sleeping strategies to be in effect again in Beijing. Assuming he's going there:   


Five Greeks will act as a major focus on Greece's ERT's Beijing 2022 coverage--Apostolos Angelis (Cross Country Skiing), Giannis Antoniou (Alpine Skiing), Maria Danou (Cross Country Skiing), Nefeli Tita (Cross Country Skiing), and Maria Eleni Tsiovolou (Alpine Skiing)--right when they march first in the OC's Parade of Nations. From ERT2 and ERT3, which will have the main volume of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic TV program, as well as from the ERT Sports sports channels from the digital platform ERTFLIX, the viewers will watch a total of 250 hours of live broadcasts presented, from dawn to the end of each day. In addition, from 23:00 to 01:00 Greek time, ERT3 will broadcast the most important events on a daily basis. Your ERT Beijing 2022 commentators are Giannis Anagnostopoulos, Maria Gika, Nikos Gomolis, Akis Ioakeimoglou, Takis Kouloumbis, Alexis Kostalas, Periklis Makris, Michalis Manouilidis, Petros Mavrogiannidis, Iosif Nikolagos, Tos Nikolaos, Nikos Tsonis, and Dimitris Chatzigeorgiou. All starting with the team figure skating on February 4 and then hours later with the Opening Ceremony.

From ERT, Greek viewers will watch the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and of course the big sports matches from the 15 different sports of the Winter Olympic Games and specifically the seven of snow (Alpine Skiing, Ski Jumping, Biathlon, Cross Country Skiing, Nordic Combined Ski, Snowboard) and the ice eight (Figure Skating, Hockey, Curling, Speed Skating, Short Track Speed Skating, Bobsled, Luge, Skeleton). I noticed freestyle skiing and ski cross aren't specifically listed with them here--but may be combined with a sport or two here like ski jumping:


ASTRO Malaysia's Beijing 2022 coverage promo indicating with all the emotions, passions, action, artistry, and athleticism shown that it's going to be on ASTRO Supersport (Channel 810), its Sports Pack of channels, and the ASTRO GO app+ Sooka +On Demand. Sounds like the narrator here is American: 

YLE, as already established here, won't have any Olympic ice hockey on its TV2 channel thanks to that deal with Discovery, which possesses the exclusive Finnish TV/digital/streaming rights to the sport. So no Lions men's and women's Beijing action. Nor anything between 19-21:00 daily. Even the Swedish language coverage. No matter. YLE will have many Winter Olympic sports to offer on the visual and radio side starting as early as Wednesday, February 2, when the mixed doubles curling broadcasts will begin. The broadcast of the opening will start on Friday February 4 live at 2 pm on TV2 and Yle Areena with Jenny Matikainen hosting (along with the closing ceremony). Yle Puhe also follows the events of the opening. TV2 is the main YLE television channel for the Olympics for Finland. The Beijing 2022 broadcasts will be seen from the early hours of the morning. Random Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic sports will also be shown on TV1. Almost 300 hours of competition broadcasts are promised on television. Two YLE online streams will be ready for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics from YLE Simena hosting two simultaneous competition feeds. The competition broadcasts will be shown in the Areena for more than 162 hours. In addition to the live broadcasts, the most interesting events of the competition can be found in clips on the Areena, the YLE app, and on YLE Sport's website. Competition starts from 7am-5pm for YLE to get live.

YLE actually does have Beijing 2022 ice hockey broadcasting rights--on the radio. The men's and women's Lions hockey matches including all the other ones will are covered live on Yle Puhe and Yle X3M. These Olympics, including hockey, can be widely heard on YLE Speech as Olympic Radio. Olympic Radio continues the tradition of decades and broadcasts, planned for this one, for more than 160 hours. Don't worry about the Swedish side in Finland, that has not been abandoned:  On the TV side, the Games are also broadcast in Swedish in several sports (I hope YLE FEM), and Svenska Yle follows the Olympics on Yle X3M on the radio.

Petra Manner, Sami Laine, and Riku Salminen are seen as the returning hosts of YLE's Olympic studios. YLE's Olympic Radio Studio is run by Henri Pitkänen, Jussi Paasi, Hanna Juopperi, Aki Laine, and Jouko Vuolle. The types of skiing and hockey are described on site from Beijing. YLE's nerve center s Pasila's Studio House, which is used to make the studio parts of the Games, most of the reviews, and online content. YLE's popular Sports Studio will convert into the Olympic season for February. Every race day from 5 pm to 6 pm, TV2 celebrates the Sports Studio repeats. A compilation of the hottest race event of the day is still up for grabs at 6 pm. Usually commenting on the highlights and the Olympic day's interesting moments by experts.  

The Sports Studio will also bring together YLE Sports experts, interesting guests and contact the race city of Beijing. Sports Studio repeats will be shown on TV2 every day from 9-10 pm. The evening will end on the television side with a compilation starting at 10 p.m., featuring one or more species competed during the day. YLE's Beijing 2022 events page offers the most interesting topics of conversation every day. The progress of the competition days is followed moment by moment in the article, where the chat is open for discussion from 7 am to 5 pm daily Finnish time. Measure your Olympic knowledge in the classic Race Nutrition Quiz. And take part in the broadcasts with the YLE camera, through which Finns can send greetings to the studio or incentives to Olympic athletes.

Features below a list of YLE commentators and analysts/experts on YLE TV2 and Areena, YLE Radio, and its Swedish language commentary.  


Back to Switzerland. More info from the Swiss-German SRF on its 300-hour Beijing 2022 coverage on SRF2 while placing more focus on the Swiss athletes that goes 18 hours a day. Live transmissions on SRF2 start daily on Saturday February 5 between 2 a.m. and 3 a.m. and usually lasts until 4.30 p.m., when Annette Fetscherin and Sascha Ruefer lead through "Beijing live" as co-host anchors directly from the SRF studio in Beijing. Live programming from SRF2 also includes the opening ceremony on Friday, February 4 (12:50 p.m. Switzerland time/CET) and the closing ceremony on Sunday, February 20 (1:00 p.m.). Both of those events will be co-presented by Michael Stäuble and Manuel Köng. Following the live reporting, the highlights of the day and partial recordings of competitions that were not shown live on TV follow in "Best of Beijing" up to 8.05pm from 4pm. Closing it out is the Beijing Today Olympia magazine show, co-hosted by Olivier Borer and Daniela Milanese, starting Friday, February 4th to Saturday, February 19th, 8:05 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. and Sunday, February 20th from 3:05 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

That show starting at 8.05pm presents most important action, reactions, and assessments of the day from the studio in Zurich - and look ahead to the upcoming highlights. Also part of the sports magazine is China correspondent Claudia Stahel, who sheds light on the peculiarities and traditions of the Olympic host country in a separate column. In addition to sports reporting, SRF also takes a critical look at political, economic and social issues relating to the host country China in other programs.

Speaking of Stauble, once he concludes his SRF Beijing Closing Ceremony duties with Kong to conclude Beijing 2022 and SRF's broadcast, he's retiring to conclude his nearly 33-year SRF career filled primarily with Formula 1 and ski jumping commentary known to a wide Swiss audience. He reported on a total of 14 Olympic Games. In Beijing it will be used in ski jumping as his final Olympic sport assignment. 

SRF also offers a comprehensive range of Olympic games on the online and social media platforms. At srf.ch/sport and on the SRF Sport app, Swiss sports fans can put together their own personal Olympic program anytime, anywhere. Nine online channels with live streams and live tickers show the TV programs from SRF, RTS and RSI as well as additional competitions. Thanks to this service, users can follow their favorite event live even if it is not on TV. In addition, the content of the nine online channels on srf.ch/sport is available for individual retrieval until the end of the Olympic Games.

SRF journalist Jan Weisstanner reports directly from Beijing on the social media and online platforms. His focus is on looking behind the scenes at the Olympics. In addition, ski expert Tina Weirather and ski expert Marc Berthod can be seen regularly in live interviews on the SRF Sport Instagram channel. And finally, news, video highlights and results as well as previews, reactions and assessments round off the full Olympic service on SRF Sport's social media channels and online platforms.

SRF radio moderators Marco Thomann and Philippe Gerber as well as sports editor Lionel Mattmüller are the voices of the Olympic Winter Games on Radio SRF 3, your Swiss German live Beijing Olympic radio source. They will be leading through the Olympic program in the morning prime time from February 4th to 20th in the Zurich studio. In addition, sports reporter Rachel Beroggi and sports reporters Christoph Sterchi, Reto Held, and Reto Wiedmer report live on the sporting events. From 5:00 a.m. until the end of the competition day in Beijing, China, Swiss listeners can experience all Swiss medals live. In addition, there are regular updates on the sporting highlights as well as reactions and background information on the daily Olympic all-round service on Radio SRF 3. On Radio SRF 1, hourly sports summaries from 5:00 a.m. provide information on the current Olympic decisions:

https://www.srf.ch/sport/mehr-sport/in-eigener-sache/in-eigener-sache-beijing-2022-srf-rueckt-olympia-in-den-fokus#:~:text=In eigener Sache Beijing 2022,%2C Reaktionen%2C Analysen und Hintergründe.

Normally, Discovery Denmark's soccer play-by-play Zak Egholm calls the action from the grass. With Beijing however, he's getting up to speed in getting ready and prepared to call the Olympic ice hockey apparently for the first time. Comes at a very special time with both the Danish men's and women's hockey teams making their historic and exciting Winter Olympic competition debut:  


Calendar of what Swedish viewers will find when Sweden's Blue and Yellow (Blagut) are competing in Beijing at the Olympic party and its highlights starting next week on Kanal 5, Kanal 9, and Discovery+. More Swedish commentators and experts than ever:


NRK Radio currently has Vinter Studio on NRK Radio 1 and NRK Sport and The Olympic Dream series on NRK 1. NRK Sport Live presents Olympic Special, each of various Winter Olympic sports. NRK Sport Radio in Norway will handle all of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics radio coverage in various sports with a Norwegian bent naturally, ending each with Olympic Today with the day's highlights at 9pm Norway time. Starts with Norway-USA mixed doubles curling live at 0:00 Norway time on February 3. Could NRK Sport be airing the Opening Ceremony with the Olympic Flame Is Lit program next Friday at 6am?

On the Swiss French front, RTS will grant a combined 800 live free hours on TV, radio, and online/digital/mobile. RTS2 will present 250 hours, nearly 50 hours less than SRF2. RTS2 provides more than 15 hours of programs every day on TV. Starting with the opening ceremony (February 4, 12:50 p.m., RTS 2) which journalists Frédéric Scola and Joël Robert commenting live. With a seven-hour difference between Switzerland and Beijing, the Olympic competitions begin every night between 2 am and 3 am and are commented live until 3.30 pm. Anchors, play-by-play callers, analysts, and reporters from the studio in Beijing, mainly by Frédéric Scola. Delayed or replay competitions then complete the daily offer until 6 p.m. In order to review the highlights, the podiums and all the highlights of these Games, two daily meetings: 12.45 p.m. with a special page presented by Elodie Crausaz and Olivier Dominik; and Au cœur des Jeux (RTS 2, 8:10 p.m.), a thirty-minute magazine hosted each evening by Marie-Laure Viola and Fabrice Jaton.

From February 4, the RTS Sport website and application will make available, in addition to live TV, a package of six channels dedicated to the Olympic Games, accessible only on these platforms and offering different sports. Every day, the RTS sports site and application thus provide access to 50 hours of competitions, to which are added all the replays, summaries, the best excerpts, interviews and reports.
With a very favorable time difference, Morning at RTS-La Première is a privileged meeting place to take stock of the first podiums of the night. Reporters are involved in information meetings throughout the day and at any time in the event of a Swiss medal. Sport Première will also be on Olympic time on Saturdays 5, 12, and 19 February from 7pm.

To provide complete and solid coverage of the Games, RTS plans to send 28 people to China, including 14 radio and TV journalists, 5 consultants, plus technicians and producers. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the RTS reduced its staff present on site by 20%. With its team in Beijing and that as the majority working in Geneva, the editorial staff of Sports mobilized a total of 70 employees to cover the massive event. Contains commentators list with several of them based in Geneva:


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BBC Sport's Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics promo. You would first think, if it weren't for the quick intro of the BBC logo at the beginning, you would presume it would be Eurosport's since it prominently promotes The Cube with the ice cube. Had you seen the BBC 2022 publicity stills, this further covey the presentation. Places obviously great emphasis on ice and snow with the sports. Excellent animation. Although part of me thinks the snow animation was done with sugar instead.    

There's still some nations and areas around the world that we don't have more all-encompassing details. Mexico, South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa (did mention about the SuperSport channels showing them but will delve later here), Thailand, Mongolia, Hungary, much of Latin America outside Brazil and Chile and of You Tube and Claro Sports, Ireland, Belgium's French part, BEIN Sports in MENA, Lithuania, SKY Pacific, India, Portugal, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan

We'll deal with Mexico first. Not long ago, the big commercial Mexican TV networks like Televisa and TV Azteca and then SKY Mexico and Univision Deportes on the cable side used to cover the Winter Olympics, mostly all day long, with dozens of reporters on the air, specialized programs, summaries and more hours of transmission, which brought them closer to many sports unknown to the nation where there's almost never any snow and very little strong Winter Olympic pedigree despite multiple appearances. (recall those Canal 22 and Canal 11 Sochi 2014 promos that presents a fish out of water existensialism with the winter sports athletes in Mexico) However, the decrease in Mexican advertising guidelines and rates and the changes in the strategies of Mexican television stations (like the arrival of Netflix in Mexico) have been reducing the presence of these Olympics on Mexican televisions, but after some attempts by public television, such as Channel 22 and Channel 11 in 2010, Claro Video bought fully broadcast rights to the Olympics in 2014, including Winter Olympics Games, such as the 2022 Winter Olympics that start on February 4 in Beijing. Surely, Mexican Winter Olympics fans are wondering right now, because for one thing, they lack access to behemoth NBC

Mexico is expected to send four athletes including figure skater Donovan Carrillo, its first male figure skater in 30 years, with perhaps 2 alpine skiiers and a cross country skiier. Overall it's 3 males and 1 female in skiier Sarah Schleper, who will carry the Mexican flag with Carrillo in the Opening Ceremony. So it would provide some incentive to show from those above four, especially figure skating as arguably the most popular winter sport for Mexicans. Right now, outside of Claro Sports, no other Mexican cable or open television channel has confirmed the total or partial transmission of the Beijing 2022 Olympic Games, although there could very soon be breaking news in the coming days before the OC. Maybe closing their negotiations. But you never know sometimes. The channels in which Claro Sports is broadcast are: 336 in normal quality and 963 in high definition (HD) in Mexico. Mexicans (and other non-Brazilian Latin Americans) can experience all the excitement and watch through two live feeds 24 hours a day, plus they will have access to up to five live winter sporting events streams simultaneously. Spectators will be able to decide for free how when and where to watch the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics thanks to the more than 650 hours of transmission that Marca Claro and Claro Sports will have of the event. The Opening Ceremony starts at 5:30am Mexico/US/Canada CT with the subsequent competition going from, also on Mexican CT, same as it would from the USA and Canada: late primetime evening to morning.

A few months ago, some Samsung televisions have an app called TV Plus, through which more than 20 open channels were added to these televisions, transmitted through the television's internet connection (wifi or ethernet), where Claro Sports has several channels. In this system, four channels were previously enabled to watch the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games live. So this helps. Practically all smartTVs allow us to download applications such as YouTube and Claro Video, to be able to watch these broadcasts through the television's internet connection and thus be aware of the athletes, developments, and the agenda of the Beijing 2022 Olympic Games. Don't forget the Claro Brand and Claro Video and YouTube apps on computers, tablets, smart TVs, and smartphones. You'll get the news as soon it arrives:



Brazil's Globo has three of its SporTV channels, which can dedicate themselves to the competitions of the event, presenting this Winter Olympics edition. With this, the idea is to broadcast 160 hours of the Olympics as a whole, in addition to special programs about the event. It is worth noting that both closed (SporTV) and open television channels (Globo) can be viewed on the GloboPlay streaming service. Another point worth your attention is that Beijing's time zone is GMT+8, that is, eleven hours more than Brazil:


Along with Regino Hernandez, Eurosport Spain assembled a stellar team that in Spain will be made up of recognized names in Spanish sports such as Spain's other medalist in Pyeongchang--Javier Fernández. In addition to them, Sara Hurtado, Ander Mirambell, Carolina Ruiz Castillo, Paúl de la Cuesta, Reyes Santa Olalla and Luis Fajardo will also be at the helm of the Eurosport microphones. All of them, including José Manuel Tallada or Marta Senra as the voices that narrated the last Spanish medals, will convey everything that happens in Beijing so that Spanish fans do not miss a second of the competition. Eurosport will offer a total of 109 tests from 15 winter disciplines, as well as the opening ceremony on February 4 and the closing event on Sunday 20 as part of the 1000+ hours: 


Shame that Slovaks won't be able to promote significantly and see skiier Petra Vlahova on the slopes due to her injury coming very close to the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics with the upcoming RTVS coverage. Vlahova was the big Slovak face but there's other like the Slovak hockey team. Unlike with Tokyo last summer, RTVS produces with production coming from both Beijing and Bratislava. RTVS reports directly from Beijing in the early morning hours until around noon, and taking this into account, the national broadcaster have ordered so-called Comcamas, ie commentary cameras, at selected sports venues. "We will comment on all the essential competitions directly from the Olympics," Hajko explained.

The complete Olympic program is broadcast by RTVS exclusively and completely on the new TV program channel service: Sport. Premiered just before Christmas! The daily broadcast will always start at the start of the daily Olympic competitions, between 3.00 and 4.00, and will end at approximately 16.00 Slovak/Czech time. A block of records from the most important competitions will follow, and every day at prime time at 20.15, RTVS will bring the ZOH 2022 Summary Studio with a view to the most important and interesting events of the day, combined with flooding reports from RTVS staff in Beijing. RTVS' Beijing 2022 project will be supplemented by special features. Viewers in Slovakia can look forward to the continuation of a documentaries series by Stan Ščepán entitled Gold, Silver, Bronze. The first part will map in detail all of Anastasia Kuzminová's medals, the second part will belong to the great medal surprises of Radoslav Židek (Turin 2006 - silver in snowboarding) and the third will be dedicated to Pavel Hurajt (Vancouver 2010 - bronze in biathlon races with a mass start). RTVS also premieres a documentary about the performances of the Slovak national hockey team in Lillehammer 1994, Turin 2006, and Vancouver 2010 entitled Slovakia: Hockey Under The Rings. The successful Citronáda show will also continue, in which the former Slovak hockey representative and currently entertainer Richard Lintner will comment on current events in a relaxed form with guests known in Slovakia and abroad. Professionally high in its quality and execution, what's televised on RTVS Sport will also be made available on its streams and also will be on HD.

Marcel Merčiak, Pavol Gašpar, Marek Marušiak, Vladimír Genda, and Tomáš Košec make up the commentary set directly in the venue. Matej Hajko will also sit behind the commentary during hockey matches. Expert analysts Boris Valábik (hockey) and Veronika Velez Zuzulová (downhill skiing) will also be present. Three RTVS reporters Barbora Žiačiková, Dominik Kríž, and Ľubomír Ondráš will focus on Slovak athletes in particular. RTVS Sport's main faces of the Olympic broadcast from the Bratislava studio will be the certified moderators Ľuboš Hlavena and Oľga Konečná. In these studio entries, the moderators will connect live with Slovak representatives, coaches and other members of the Slovak Olympic Team. In this Olympic broadcast, RTVS naturally place emphasis overall on the Slovak team. In the composition of the Olympic program, preference is given to sports in which Slovakia is represented and brings the audience all sports broadcasts with the performances of Team Slovakia. From January 28, a special subpage will be launched on the RTVS website, where viewers will find information about the Slovak Olympic team, current information from events in Beijing, the complete Olympic Games program and interim results, as well as a live broadcast.

The Winter Olympics will also resonate significantly on Radio Slovakia. RTVS sends two radio editors to Beijing--Matúš Čunderlík and Svetlana Barátová. The hosts will inform directly from the venue of the event mainly about the performances and results of the Slovak Olympians, through live inputs or interviews with athletes, members of the implementation teams and the management of the Slovak team at the Olympics. RTVS will also bring all the matches of the Slovak national hockey team under the five circles to the listeners on the Radio Slovakia radio broadcast. Every day from midnight, Rádio Slovensko will map live events live directly from Beijing, while the moderated Olympic Studio of Rádio Slovensko will always start at 4.30 am. In the radio broadcasts, listeners will learn the latest information from Beijing throughout the day until late in the afternoon. Olympic totals from every day will always be heard after 18.25 in the Sports Slovakia of Radio Slovakia:



Will hit more into the Czech Republic more but will tell you not just CT Sport will cover Beijing 2022.  The entire Olympic event will also be available on SPORT.CZ, through daily online reports and the regular Frosty Beijing studio, which will be moderated by Libor Bouček. Of course, there are online reports from daily matches of hockey teams and biathlon races. In addition to the ČT Sport station, Eurosport Czech Republic will also offer live broadcasts via  Eurosport Player-this paid service costs viewers CZK 129 per month, the annual subscription costs CZK 639. During the Summer Olympics in Tokyo, the digital radio station Radiožurnál Sport was launched last year. Of course, it will also cover games in Beijing, including live hockey matches, especially Czech ones. Radiožurnál will also broadcast again Olympic Magazine, with Martin Procházka, Kateřina Neumannová, and Ondřej Moravec serving in the role of experts:


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Yeah, Turkey is another nation that has yet to info released.

Ceska Televize (CT) will show 240 hours of Beijing 2022 in its non-exclusive broadcast. CT had to negotiate with Discovery with the hopes of acquiring more hours after Pyeongchang 2018 from 190 hours and will entertain reruns and delayed broadcasts. This way, Czech viewers and Olympic fans will see games with an emphasis on disciplines with medal ambitions of Czech representatives and the start of Czech athletes in Beijing. Still it has to deal with limitations and restrictions with Discovery. Those 240 hours will exclusively be on CT Sport.

Based on the license agreement, Czech Television will produce a program focusing on the participation of Czech Olympic athletes, namely on the ČT Sport station and on the website. However, the program on the stream must match the TV program according to the terms of the sub-license. "There is also an exception, which we managed to agree in Tokyo, that in the case of a concurrence of two sports in the medal phase and with the Czech participation, you can exceptionally use another stream for live broadcasts," explains the top host anchor of the Olympic broadcast Robert Záruba.

Due to the same time lag as at the Tokyo Olympics, a substantial part of the live broadcast will take place mainly in the morning in the Czech Republic. In addition to the premiere program, Czech Television will also offer an hour-long summary of the Olympic day and reruns of the most important competitions. "The ČT sport program thus combines live broadcasts with afternoon recordings and evening reruns. In addition, CT broadcast the Hour of Beijing daily at 6pm in the evening, in which we will offer the audience an overview of all the races and competitions of the day. It will supplement the short cuts with the responses of Czech athletes and the anchor's contributions of our reporters from the venue, ”adds Záruba.

With regard to the division of winter sports into three different locations, Hodina z Peking will consist of three editors Robert Záruba, Michal Dusík, and Petr Kubásek, as well as other reporters. For spectators who did not have the opportunity to watch the premiere program, the Olympic Evening from Prague with guests and experts in Kavčí hory will always start at 8 pm. It summarizes all-day events and offers even the most important reruns. Barbora Černošková and Jan Smetana will take turns in presenting the segment. With regard to the pandemic situation, Czech Television sends five commentators, three expert commentators, and seven reporters directly to the venue. In addition to the classic commentary positions on sports venues, some of the games will also be commented on by editors from Kavčí hory, where other experts will join them:


Capturing all the excitement and emotion of Team Finland and other nations' athletes with the Pyeongchang 2018 footage (except hockey, which YLE does have the Finnish rights to on the TV/digital side but does with YLE Puha and YLE X3M), YLE's proudly announces its major Finnish Beijing 2022 media coverage on TV1, TV2, Areena, YLE Puhe, yle.fi/urheilu, and YLE-Solvellus with this promo:  

RTV Slovenija presents more than 200 hours of Beijing 2022 coverage and programming on TV SLO 2, Val 202, and MMC (rtvslo.si/oi2022). TV SLO 2 airs that more than 200 hours during 16 dedicated days with many live events and emphasizing the Slovenian athletes and their performances. At night, we will watch alpine skiing competitions live on TV SLO 2, also with reports from the press area. Around 8am we will start the accompanying study program from Ljubljana, led by Sara Benkovič and Tomaž Kovšca. In it, TV SLO 2 will accompany all the most important final decisions, especially those in which Slovenian athletes will also participate. The guests of the study program will add an expert view of what is happening, and the journalist teams will take care of the statements of our athletes and the preparation of stories from the background. The afternoon and evening will be followed by live premiere recordings of the final decisions, which could not be shown live due to the overlap of events, scheduling priorities, and abbreviated reruns of the most interesting night and morning final decisions.

On Television Slovenia's TVSLO 1's front, informative sports shows get expanded, news from Beijing will be completely fresh after the First Diary at 1pm and according to the Reports at 5pm. Olimpijski dnevnik, a half-hour show with Sašo Jerković will upgrade Šport at 7.50 pm. At the same time, all those liable to pay the RTV fee are already able to watch the Olympic Games on the programs of Television Slovenija anywhere within the European Union. 

Wave 202 will once again be transformed into Olympic Radio. You will catch all the performances of Slovenian athletes with live broadcasts from the venues in Beijing, where reporters Dare Rupar, Igor Tominec, Uroš Volk, Marko Cirman, Tomaž Langerholz, and Boštjan Reberšak will be. Between 10.00 and 15.30, Val 202 will spread the Olympic atmosphere throughout Slovenia every day like it happened with the Tokyo project. Aleš Smrekar and Anja Hlača Ferjančič will be the leaders of the field studio called Beijing at Home. During the Olympic Games, they will visit Kranjska Gora, Kope, Velenje, Celje and Brežice, socialize with current and former Olympians, and visitors to fan centers will be able to try their hand at some Olympic sports while watching Slovenian performances. Every day at 7 pm Wave/Val 202 will summarize the Olympic program with a special show, which will be available to Olympic enthusiasts on val202.si and in podcast applications.

On the rtvslo.si website, it haa prepared a special support www.rtvslo.si/oi2022, which is entirely dedicated to this year's Winter Olympics in Beijing. On it, our users will find many interesting content, interviews and chats. There will also be an Olympic SOS - statistical portal, where we will answer readers' questions. Slovenians will also be able to watch the events from Beijing live on MMC, as all broadcasts that will be on TV SLO 2 will also be broadcast live on MMC. The MMC team will be on call 24 hours a day so you won’t miss anything. Another thing online is being able to see all the interesting excerpts from the broadcasts, statements and analyzes on our new portal 365. MMC journalist Tilen Jamnik will also be on the scene in Beijing:


HRT produced the original Beijing Diary (Pekinski Dnevnik) back in 2008 when the city held the Summer Olympics. Now of course we can expect a Beijing Diary sequel coming in a winter version that will air on HTV2 in Croatia. The show will run in the evening, after 10 pm Croatia time, and will last about 45 minutes, summarizing the day's events with emphasis on the Croatians' performances. Martina Validzic will reprise her own column from Tokyo and will be in charge of interesting Beijing stories and all other interesting things and the atmosphere that is happening around the Games while holding down her associate member Sports Editorial Board post. Host is mentioned below. First edition is scheduled for Friday, February 4, at 10:15 p.m. on HTV2 after the Opening Ceremony:


Ivanovic herself points out that only 13 members of the HRT Beijing 2022 production talent team will head to Beijing--Croatian Television and two Croatian Radio journalists. The team includes journalists, cameramen, editors and one producer. HRT will focus of course on skiing, but also hockey, biathlon, cross-country skiing, ski jumping, bobsled competitions, luggage, figure skating as well as free skiing and snowboarding "stunts" and wherever the Croatians are competing on HRT2.  Broadcasts of the Beijing 2022 competition on HTV2 will start at around 2am Croatian time, and some broadcasts, such as hockey, will end only in the afternoon with a time difference of 7 hours. After that, viewers will be able to see a series of recordings of the most important morning competitions, and then an evening show called "Beijing Diary", which will be scheduled daily on the HTV2 (as mentioned above).

The HRT on-location team, like with all the rights broadcasters' must deal with China's imposing and incredible restrictions and demands with COVID-19, making "the organizational part is therefore the most complicated," says Viki Ivanović, who is joined by Marko Šapit, Stjepan Balog, Bruno Kovačević, Daniel Križ, Ivan Dorijan Molnar, and Martina Validzic in the Chinese capital with him. From Zagreb, some sports will be followed and called by Luka Petrinec, Edin Mahmuljin, and Hrvoje Hrengek, while the evening show "Peking Diary" will be edited and hosted by Robert Jelečević and Mihovil Horvat. 

As of February 4, Croatian Radio will also dedicate a significant part of its Second Program (HRT-HRA2) to this great sporting event. The very same time difference of 7 hours is in favor of the radio program because the listeners will have a complete report on all the events in Beijing in prime time and in the most listened show "Morning Chronicle" (Jutarnji Kronika) at 7am. Reporters Krešimir Gotlin and Vladimir Horvat on Hrvatska Radio will report direct from Beijing at the moment when something important is happening and tasked with following and reporting on the Croatian athletes wherever they're competing (like primarily in skiing), and certainly during the morning in the show Good Morning, but also later, not only with results, but also with statements, reports, interesting stories that will not be necessary related only to sports--Sports and music shows on Saturdays and Sundays from 3 pm to 11 pm on HRA-2 will be especially dedicated to the Winter Olympics.  Gotlin is making his 10th Olympic broadcast as Horvat makes his debut there:


As difficult as it production has been with corona, HRT has managed to succeed in this project thanks to Bruno Radović, Robert Šoštar, Gordana Tuđman, and the main director of this Olympic project on HTV is Davorka Fuzul. This link extends more details and more photos from the previously one:


Turkish Beijing 2022 TV coverage and all the competition with it actually will be broadcast live on TRT SPOR, TRT SPOR Yıldız, and trtspo.com.tr as the Turkish Olympic Committee sends 7 athletes to Beijing (6 in Alpine skiing and 1 short track):


Marko Kaljuveer, the head of Estonia's Kanal 2's Olympic program, says his Beijing 2022 broadcasting and production team has learned from their Tokyo 2020 experience and will use that for Beijing. Estonian TV channels Kanal 2, Duo 5, and Russian-language Duo 7, Postimees, and KUKU radio are the only official Olympic broadcasting partners in Estonia and bring the most exciting moments of the XXIV Beijing Winter Olympics home to more than a million Estonians for 170 hours in Estonian and also in Russian starting February 4-20:


You're literally in the Beijing 2022 action doing great, winning moments in various Winter Olympic sports and venues in this Eurosport promo:

From February 4 to 20, 2022, Bulgarian viewers will watch live on BNT live broadcasts and daily studio programs of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. The upcoming Games will make the Chinese capital the first city to host the Winter and Summer Olympics. 110 hours of original production will be broadcast on BNT 3, with a main focus on the competitions of Bulgarian participants and the finals in the most interesting disciplines, and some of the competitions will be broadcast on BNT 1. Continuing the Olympic TV broadcasting tradition to Bulgarian viewers since Tokyo 1964 with the highest of quality and free of charge. More details are forthcoming in a matter of days: 


Based on the ELTA Taiwan Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic TV schedule, It seems ELTA will show everything under the channels Sports 2 (CH 201), Sports 3 (CH 202), and three specific channels called Winter Olympic 1, 2, and 3 to cover them--and alert Taiwanese pay-TV viewers on when the Chinese Taipei Beijing 2022 athletes are competing. That, and VOD:


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Certainly was a part of Seven's massive release of Beijing 2022 coverage broadcasting media info. But this solely focuses on the Seven Network's Beijing 2022 Australian sportscasting/commentator team. 20 years after Australia famously got its two Winter Olympic gold medals! Steven Bradbury, the first Australian Winter Olympic gold medalist and part of the first Australian Winter Olympic medalists in Lillehammer 1994 with the 5000m relay--a bronze, is there as the headline commentator in short track and speed skating. No Alissa Camplin. But there's Jacqui Cooper, who at that very time was widely favored to be Australia's first gold medalist in Salt Lake City, Lydia Lassila, Shirvo, Mel McLaughlin, Andrew Gaze, Basil Zempilas, Emma Freedman, former cricketer Dirk Nannes, Mark Beretta, Alistar Nicholson, BBL commentator Andy Maher, Abby Gelmi, Hamish McLachlin, Johanna Griggs, Mia Rennie, Katya Crema, Steph Prem, Matt Hill, curler Dean Hewitt's dad Steven, Scott McGrory, Michael Kennedy, Mitchell Tomlinson, David Culbert, and Ryan Tiene.

Noticed that Bruce McAvaney is not involved. Clearly this is moving towards a younger generation starting with this project. Weekdays it'll be starting at 12pm AEDT and on weekends at 10am live and free on Seven and 7Plus (no 7 Beijing 2022 promos yet from Australia?!):  


Still trying to discover who is presenting the Australian Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic radio coverage. Tried ABC, but I instantly reminded myself of how ABC opted out after over 65 years of ABC Olympic Grandstand in 2020-2021 despite appeals from the AOC to reconsider. Not sure if the Macquarie Radio/Nine Network Radio-owned stations like Sydney's 2GB are involved. 

BBC Sport's Beijing 2022 comprehensive media schedule with BBC1, BBC2, BBC3, BBC iPlayer, BBC Red Button, BBC Sport website and mobile app. BBC Radio 5 Live will handle the major moments on the side (will seek info on how it does it). Digital side starts things February 2-4 on BBC iPlayer, BBC Red Button, and BBC Sport website and mobile app (mixed doubles curling, team figure skating, women's ice hockey, and men's and women's moguls) with the Opening Ceremony kicking off things on the TV side on BBC1 at 11:30-14:15 GMT: 


In the case of this new Beijing 2022 Olympic edition, spectators from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, the Dominican Republic, Uruguay, and Venezuela will be able to see all the Beijing 2022 competitions live, through two live signals 24 hours a day. From the opening to the closing they can be broadcast through the Marca Claro channel on YouTube throughout Latin America. On the YouTube side that's providing technological support, the company indicates that there is no intention to add new subscribers to its YouTube Premium membership, they do admit to having greater loyalty with Internet users. "Although there are users who want to take advantage of the option of not having commercials with the subscription, what we see most interesting with this type of event is the way in which they consume the content, for example we have noticed that they consume more content on television than this type of sports,” Juan Pablo Robert, manager of Strategic Sports Alliances for YouTube Mexico, told Expansión.

Claro Sports and Marca Claro have the rights to broadcast the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics on pay television and digital platforms, in addition to the support of a team of sports specialists, analysts, and commentators. On the Claro Sports TV side, the two live signals will be on for up to 640 hours combined with access to five different winter sports simultaneously live: 



Full 1-minute version Marca Claro/Claro Sports Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics promo. Since lots of the target Latin American Spanish-speaking nations almost never have any snow (except for say Chile during the Northern Hemisphere's summer) and we can't expect any Olympic medals coming from Latin American athletes, this promo obviously exaggerates for comedic effect using the brutal blizzard to underscore the still-unusual aspect of this publicly in Latin America, both outdoors and indoors in the offices struggling to bundle up when looking at Winter Olympic action, while also poking fun a bit on corona as a few of Claro Sports sportscasters appear with the #ClaroConTodo campaign interspersed with Pyeongchang 2018 various sports footage. Appears in Mexico's Dish Network on Claro Sports on channels 336 / 836 HD Claro Sports 2 en el 337 / 837 HD February 4-20: 

Discovery+ Italia streaming will offer its Beijing 2022 presentation and coverage with 1200 hours for up to 6 simultaneous channels dedicated to all 15 disciplines and all 109 scheduled events, from start to finish. Italian Olympic enthusiasts are able appreciate Discovery+'s customization offerings like with Tokyo 2020 and it's possible with Beijing 2022 to browse the APP windows, choosing from the live competitions, the On-Demand program to review the most exciting moments, extra contributions, with the possibility of listening to the interviews and insights. A place accessible at any time and through all major devices: smart TVs, tablets, smartphones, PCs. Will give special emphasis on Team Italia present in Beijing under this Italian expedition: 72 men and 46 women. But SKY Italia subscribers, however, will only have 300 hours overall instead of 1200.

Moreover, Discovery has also entered into agreements with other players in the video-television market. All the programming of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games will in fact be available on TimVision thanks to Eurosport Player. Furthermore, all Eurosport subscriber customers in possession of the TimVision Box, will have the exclusive Eurosport 4K channel, for a unique visual experience of the best competitions of the Winter Olympics. Discovery + is also already available on Amazon Prime Video Channels. Prime Video subscribers will be able to choose to subscribe to discovery + directly through the platform.

Linear channels Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2, almost entirely dedicated to the Games in the 19 days of the event, will guarantee a total of about 365 hours of live coverage with the best of the competition, and will be available on Sky in HD, on channels 210 and 211 , and also in mobility on Sky Go, streaming on NOW and DAZN:


Can't forget about the Eurosport/Discovery+ Italia's deployment of big name crop of experienced commentators ready to call the action made up of the historical voices that have accompanied Italian fans for several years: Massimiliano Ambesi and Dario Puppo (multisports), Gianmario Bonzi and Camilla Alfieri, Daniela Merighetti, Francesco Paone (Nordic combined), Silvano Gadin and Fulvio Valbusa (cross country skiing), Zoran Filicic, Giorgio Rocca, and Silvano Varettoni (men's alpine skiing), Gianmario Bonzi, Daniela Merighetti, and Camilla Alfieri (women's alpine skiing), Guido Monaco, Michele Pedrotti, Alessandro Zisa, Diana Gaspari, and Marco Lorenzi (curling), Michele Bolognini, Johnny Lazzarotto, Giorgio Prando, Stefano Room, Michele Strazzabosco, Gianluca Tomasello, Carola Room, Vitali Kutuzov, Giacomo Nicolodi (ice hockey), Riccardo Roversi, Kevin Kok, Alessandro Barbero (snowboard), Michele Antonioli (short track), Alessandro Genuzio and Stefano Maldifassi (skeleton/luge/bobsled), Marika Poli and Angelo Dolfini (figure skating), Luca Broggini and Sergio Anesi (luge), Riccardo Roversi, Dmitrii Sartor, Camilla Alfieri and
Silvano Varettoni (freestyle skiing). Rachele Sangiuliano and Zoran Filicic provide the commentary and continuity with reporters Irene Curtoni and Valentina Marchei sent to report from Beijing.

Ambesi, Puppo, and Paone are doing multisport duty. Ambesi alone is doing 4 disciplines--biathlon, ski jumping, figure skating, and Nordic combined. He's why Ambesi hold the position of dean of winter sports. Puppo has biathlon and curling. Paone will do with analysts Nordic combined and ski jumping. I don't believe they'll be doing it on location in Beijing but in Milan instead; we do know here Curtoni and Marchei are bound for Beijing as reporters:   


Should be noted with this update that Brazil's SporTV will actually offer 230 hours including Globoplay and GE getting involved (up from the 160 hours solely from SporTV). Zero Grau is a new program was created especially for the event and will air daily at 9pm Brazil time. In charge there is Carlos Gil with commentator Guilherme Costa and some guests. There will be more than 14 hours of programming per day, most of which will be on SporTV 2, which will also broadcast both the Opening and Closing Ceremonies live. All with open signal on the GE (Globo Esporte). Narrators/anchors Sérgio Arenillas and Natália Lara will have the mission of being the public voices and faces of the SporTV Beijing 2022 broadcast. 

Starting on February 4th, Globo TV, the free broadcaster, plans to offer sports such as figure skating, Alpine skiing, and snowboarding to the Brazilian public. In all, 150 professionals will be involved in the coverage. Ten of them will be in China following the day-to-day competitions, including reporters Guilherme Roseguini, José Renato Ambrósio, and Rodrigo Franco. Everaldo Marques and Daniel Pereira will lead what will go live on Globo, which will have at least three hours of coverage daily in the Olympic dawn, between Jornal da Globo and Hora 1. All points here with SporTV as a reminder from earlier involving from Brazil. All at a time when Brazil sports its best Winter Olympic team ever with the ranks of 11 athletes--but won't be expected to win a medal:


Really enjoy the BBC Sport's ski resort virtual studio look? I did. Brought some additional info involving that but focusing on the Vizrt Viz Engine technology being used for its creation after the BBC "converted a small studio space at Media City into a green screen area with a virtual design (by Jim Mann and Toby Kalitowski) and enhanced rendering technology to deliver an immersive, enhanced experience for audiences”:


M4 Sport and its free web streaming channels on m4sport.hu handle the Hungarian-centric Beijing 2022 tv/digital media coverage that starts February 2. Four years after real Hungarian sporting history with the first-ever Hungarian Winter Olympic gold awarded due to the Liu brothers' short track success.  M4 Sport is preparing to show even more content live about the Winter Olympics, says Dávid Székely, M4 Sport manager. A great staff of commentators has been assembled for the broadcasts, and three regular anchor presenters welcome viewers during the daily program. At dawn they can meet Victoria Victoria, Bence Mohay in the morning, Andrea Petrovics-Mérei in the afternoon. In addition to the broadcasts, it is important for the company to reach out to Hungarian athletes immediately right on the spot, which is why its 11-strong staff travels to Beijing wherever they're competing. Five M4 Sport Beijing 2022 commentators--Jenő Knézy (hockey, ski jumping), Dávid Székely (alpine skiing, cross-country skiing), Ákos Varga (curling, hockey), Tamás Vásárhelyi (short track speed skating, figure skating), and Gábor Wéber (bob, skeleton, luge)--are covering more than one sport here. In addition to the live broadcasts, several staff will work on the spot in Beijing so that Hungarian athletes can be heard immediately on public media channels. In addition, viewers can see regular daily summaries. The studio show “This Happened at the Olympics” returns and will be shown on M4 Sport at 7am, 11am, and 5pm Hungary time/EET.

In addition to M4 Sport, news and results from the Winter Olympics are regularly reported by Kossuth Rádió Sportvilág, which can be heard from 10:30 pm on weekdays and from 9 pm on weekends, but of course the M1 and the Danube National Sports News will also follow the Winter Olympics events. No geo restrictions on M4 across neighboring nations in Europe unlike Finland. Available to those who can watch the sports channel of the public media via a cable television subscription, so Hungarians across the border can also use Hungarian commentary for our compatriots and unique to Hungary's media in this case. M4 Sport's coverage is supposed to start February 2:


Asking about the Romanian coverage from TVR? Romanian viewers will have TVR, the official Romanian broadcaster for Beijing 2022, broadcast the biggest, the most important, and interesting events at the Olympic Games, especially those in which Romanian Winter Olympian athletes participate in and qualified for, other spectacular events and finals in figure skating, alpine skiing, ski jumping, hockey, short track, curling, and snowboarding to watch live on TVR1 and TVR2. All commented by some of the the most valuable sports commentary journalists in Romania will be able to watch live on TVR1 and TVR2. TVR broadcasts from the Beijing 2022 Olympic Games beginning on February 4, when, on TVR1, viewers can watch live the opening ceremony (at 14.00 Romania time), and on TVR2, from 19.10 starting with the first team figure skating competition segments. Then, on TVR, Romanians will be able to see, also live, the sports and events with Romanian participation, but also the most interesting sports and finals. At TVR1, Romanians can watch alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, biathlon, sledding, hockey, speed skating, bobsleigh. TVR2 viewers will enjoy figure skating broadcasts, ski jumping, but also short-track or hockey. During the Olympics, daily from midnight on TVR1, the daytime competitions will resume, and on TVR2, also daily from 19.10, it will review the most interesting tests of the day. 

Journalists Monica Bucur, Sorin Hobana, Vlad Arhire, Cristian Mîndru, and Emil Hossu-Longin will use the microphones of TVR broadcasts. Also, the former skater and coach Marius Negrea, a former participant in the Olympics, but also a traditional collaborator of TVR in figure skating broadcasts, will certainly not be absent from the commentator's microphone at the Beijing 2022 Olympics, when he will team up with Monica Bucur. They will be joined along the way by other prestigious commentators and analysts ready to be announced.

TVR Moldova will handle the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics transmission coverage to the Republic of Moldova:


Peru's Grupo ATV Beijing 2022 promo alerts and indicates to Peruvians that the Opening Ceremony will be live on Global at 7am Peru time with competition showing this coming Saturday and Sunday both also at 7am on ATV Canal 9 as part the exclusive Grupo ATV Beijing 2022 coverage only on Global and ATV Canal 9. So far this is the only up-to-date recent info I can find through searching online regarding Grupo ATV's Beijing 2022 plans. Even less than TVN Chile's in neighboring Chile. Surely we'll get more as we get closer to the Opening Ceremony. Doesn't even mention when the daily coverage ends. Maybe it's just a few hours of daily highlights:

Similar to what I posted already and very recently regarding Eurosport France's upcoming Beijing 2022 coverage but presents more info on Kevin Rolland, Jason Lamy-Chappuis, Cleo Henin, and Rivenzi while brining more colorful press kit pages:


Fabi Hambuchen & Friends Eurosport Germany program now extends to a podcast format that will be available everyday starting February 4 like talking to Eurosport Deutschland's commentary team:



Just now checked with TVA Andorra's schedule this week. Yeah, they're showing the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. But just like with the Tokyo 2022 Summer Olympics, TVA is strictly going to be about only the Andorran Olympians and the sports they're in outside of the ceremonies in TVA's second Winter Olympics transmission. Coverage starts live at 12:55pm Andorra time Friday with the Opening Ceremony to 15:10pm with 21:40-23:50 primetime replay. Saturday is only women alpine skiing at 8:40-9:45am, 17:05-18:10, and 21:10-22:15. Sunday will only see men's alpine skiing at 7:55-9:45, 17:05-18:55, and 21:45-23:35. Andorra is sending to Beijing 5 Winter Olympians--3 women (Alpine skiier Candela Moreno, snowboarder and flag bearer Maeva Estevez, and cross country skiier Carola Vila), 2 men (Alpine skiier Joan Verdu Sanchez and cross country skiier Irineu Esteve).  

Belarus' Belteleradiocompany's TV channels like Belarus 1 and the sports channel Belarus 5 plan to transmit over 220 hours of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic action with emphasis on not just the 5 Belarussian Winter Olympians but also the popular Winter Olympic sports like figure skating and biathlon to Belarussians. Plans to show the bigger and interesting sports on primetime: 



CANVAS is showing the Dutch/Flemish-language presentation and early report of the Beijing 2022 Opening Ceremony in Belgium this Friday starting at 13h00 Belgium time with Christophe Vandegoor and Kevin Van der Perren:


Excitement grows with each passing day over how Finland's Lions men's and women's Olympic ice hockey teams will fare as serious Beijing 2022 medal contenders. And, as a reminder, TV5, Eurosport 1, Eurosport 2, and Discovery+ are the only visual places in Finland to see the entire Beijing 2022 Olympic tournaments with all the games starting Thursday afternoon, equipped with its stellar, star-studded lineup of studio and in-game commentators and filled with Finnish puck stars: 


TV5 Mongolia's TV schedule has the channel showing the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic action early prior to the Opening Ceremony with live mixed double curling starting on February 2 at 20-22:00 Mongolian time with Norway-Czech Republic. Then Thursday with more at 9-11 (USA-Italy), 14-16 (Australia-China), and 20-22 (Switzerland-Great Britain) and something at 17.20-18 under the Beijing 2022 banner (maybe some figure skating if not a preview). More mixed double curling Friday at 8:30-10:30 (Sweden-Australia), 13:30-15:30 (Canada-China) before the Opening Ceremony live presentation at 19.30-22.10 to close out the day.  Saturday will see at 9:00-11 more curling with the Czech Republic-Italy, at 13:40 with the Czech Republic and Switzerland, cross-country skiing, and biathlon, and back to curling again with the Czech Republic-Switzerland repeat at 20:00. Sunday on TV5 got at 9:00 Norway- China curling, cross-country skiing at 14:15, and concludes with USA-Switzerland curling at 20:00. Starting during the Olympic competition days after the OC, TV5 will air every day a 1-hour daily review shows of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games sometime between 22-23.

2400 hours including what comes from broadcast partners TSN and Rogers SportsNet. Opening ceremony will be broadcast live Friday on CBC TV and CBC News Network beginning with the pre-show at 6:30 a.m. ET. Full coverage will be streamed on CBC Gem and the CBC Olympic website. CBC is offering multiple live streams, including those with commentary in East Cree, dedicated Descriptive Video, and American Sign Language. Missed the event, CBC TV will air an encore broadcast at 7 pm Canada/USA/Mexico CT. Initially, I read on Radio-Canada's press release that Inuktitut was planned to be used for the Opening Ceremony. Breaking news of Canadian medal winners, full streaming schedule, TV schedule, event results by day, comprehensive coverage of each Olympic sport, athlete bios, in-depth features and an updated medal count, by country, Olympic Wake-up Call and While You Were Sleeping are just many of the features to expect for the CBC's English digital coverage.

(If you are in the northern United States or other international regions, such as Bermuda, that regularly offers CBC TV, you can watch CBC's coverage of the Olympic Games on CBC Television):


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