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A future Winter Olympics in Denver, Colorado USA


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Denver, Colorado USA was originally suppose host the 1976 Winter Olympics; however, they ended up withdrawing from hosting the games due to financial cost. As a result, Innsbrunk, Austria hosted the games instead.

Although Denver has never considered bidding for the Winter Olympics again (to the best of my knowledge), could you see a Winter Olympics being held in Denver, Colorado? Why or why not?


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God I hope so, desperately.  It would have to be a wide-area bid, and theres nothing wrong with that.  Steamboat Springs for the ski jumping, vail/breck for the ski/snowboard events.  The stadiums for the most part in Denver are already there.  The biggest cost would be the necessity of widening the interestate from Denver to the primary mountain resort region (which frankly, needs it desperately anyways).  It would be an awesome games.  

The NOlympics movement is palpable there though, I just dont see it happening.

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On 2/26/2022 at 10:22 AM, Brekkie Boy said:

What was the venue situation in the lead up to 1976?   Were some in place, were some already being built?

Stupidly...a new terminal at the then Stapleton International Airport. 

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