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Do you think the Paralympics closing ceremonies should play the British anthem?


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British anthem is one of "national" anthems on the earth and well known as "God save the queen" widely and beloved especially in brotherhood countries.But why do they need to use the "anthem" just because the paralympics came from the UK and why do you think so?That sounds very regional.

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The Paralympics now have new "worship ancestors" after Roman-era busts were discovered in Stoke-Mandeville, home of the Paralympics.  

Archaeologists in the U.K. discovered Roman statues of an adult female and and adult male, as well as a Roman statue of a child's head, while working on Britain's high-speed railway project.  / Credit: HS2

"Once-in-a-lifetime" discovery: Archaeologists find rare Roman statues (msn.com) 

Maybe they'll include the new discoveries in their Flame Lighting for Beijang?

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