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Dublin 2036


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Ireland is one of my favorite places to visit (of course it helps that my wife is from Dundalk about halfway between Dublin and Belfast). Dublin actually kicked around the idea of bidding for the 2012 Olympics in the early 2000s.Don't know any details other than the plan centered on the now defunct Stadium Ireland project along with an Olympic Village along the waterfront.  Then of course the crash of 2008 happened. 

Unfortunately, while a Dublin Olympics would have a magnificent torch relay along with a bevy of history in a hypothetical opening ceremony, Ireland lacks the infrastructure and the finances to consider a bid. Dublin lacks a large multipurpose arena, athletics stadium, upgrades would be needed to Irish rail just to name a few. The only way it might work was if it were a bid than encompassed the entire island including Belfast. It was precisely this lack of infrastructure that caused World Rugby to dismiss their 2023 bid along with the powerful influence the GAA holds over funding. The GAA nearly revolted when a rugby match was played at Croke Park. It's a shame too because a hypothetical Irish Olympics could have some spectacular venues (RDS Arena for equestrian, Phoenix Park for beach volleyball or archery, Aviva Stadium for rugby or football).

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